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chapter 35 : My soulmate my wife

Ar : that’s what I feel for you..
It’s my feelings .. my wish.. my life ,
my desire, my emotion.. and all for
you.. I will be happy if you accept

it But I’ll be the happiest person if
you do what you want .. do what
Ridhima was looking him.. she was
bewildered .. she didn’t understand
is it all true or just her
imagination.. Armaan made her fell
like that by his never seen soft ,
caring , self less behavior.. Armaan
has seen her shilly-shally
condition… Armaan knew for her to
reply instantly was very hard….he
thought something to do to make it
easy her …. Armaan walked towards
dressing table.
He brought out a candle bowl and
lit it… kept it on table… then
turned back to Ridhima..
Ridhima was lost from long back.. she looked at
him to know why he had lit candle..
he slowly walked to her.. stood
before her for few seconds as
preparing himself for next part..
then he softly placed his palm on
her cheek.. rubbed it bit.. took her
face into his hands… and drew her
towards him.. his each and every
single gesture was full of affection &
love…. Ridhima’s hand automatically
placed on his back to make
Armaan [ looking it her yes ] : I want
to live my life with you…
I want to smile hugging you ..
I want to cry out embracing you…
Each and every single moment of my
life want t to spend with you…
You ‘re the reason of my joy, you’re
the happiness of my life..
I want to leave my last breath
keeping head on your lap…
I want to cherish all beautiful
moment of my life only with you …
[ paused ]
If you accept me, be my love , let me
be your life partner then float the
candle in the pool water…. And If
you think I’m not worthy to get your
love than blow off the candle …
Armaan slightly leaned over Ridhima ,
softly rubbed his cheek with her
and walked out of the room leaving
a flustered Ridhima … Ridhima blankly
looking at him.. watching his left..
Armaan walked in alter.. Akash and
Ritu stood up to take phere.. .he
was gazing towards fire… imagining
his and Ridhima’s wedding… Atul came
to Armaan and tapped on his
Atul : Armaan, where is Ridhima ?
Have you seen her ? [ to hear
Ridhima’s name from Atul, Armaan
gritted teeth]
Ar you don’t have to be worried
for her.. she is there ,where she
supposed to be..
Atul : means what ? where ? I want to
talk with her ..
Ar : don’t you think, you’re
pestering her too much ..
Atul : no, I’m going to propose her for
marriage.. In fact day after
tomorrow we’re going to kapoor house
for our marriage proposal..
Ar : just shut up Atul !!! [ Armaan
couldn’t withhold his anger for
long..and Atul flinched back]
Atul, I warn you, stay away from her…
[ saying it he walked towards his
business associates ]
Atul : what the !!! Armaan ko kya
huya ??
Ved was looking here to there for
Ridhima … then he came to Nidhima
Ved : Nidhi , where is Ridhima ?
I’ve not seen here nowhere ? [ Armaan
who was standing back facing then
heard all ]
Armaan [ in thought]: where she left ?
what took her so much time to float
candle ?? [he was damn sure Ridhima
will float the candle ]
Nidhi: there she is… [Nidhi
pointed towards Ridhima , who was
hesitantly come towards them
..Armaan turned back.. try to read her
face, but her face was clueless ]
Ved : Ridhima , where you’re ??
Ri : ooh, bhai ..I’s inside… let’s
go there.. [ she pointed towards
alter ]
Ridhima didn’t look once towards
Armaan but she could easily feel one
pair of eyes were gazing her….
through her skin to heart ….. Akash
and Ritu were circling around fire..
..and rest of family members were
standing around alter…… throwing
rose & marigold’s petals over their
head… Armaan and Ridhima was
standing opposite of themselves ….
When Ridhima was only loking either
down or on them then Armaan’s eyes
were fix on Ridhima while throwing
petals ….. Atul walked to Ridhima ,
stood beside her and sometimes he
was throwing petal’s on her head.. ..
Armaan was watching it and his blood
surely was boiling.. if they were not
any marriage ceremony then surely
Armaan would have been killed Atul
Akash and Ritu finished all rituals
and priest announced them as
Husband and wife… During whole
wedding time Armaan was imagining
him and Ridhima's marriage in every
rituals while Ridhima was still
remembering her past… she still
couldn’t come out from the cage of
Armaan whole time try to read her
face, but he couldn’t trace anything,,
he wanted to run in the room and
see blowing candle floating on pool
water.. but somewhere he was little
afraid… so he decided he won’t go in
before she left …
Al guests started giving bless to
them and then had foods. It’s time
to bid bye.. all guests one by one
started biding bye …it’s time
toleave Ridhima
Ri : bhai, will you wait for long,
then I’ll leave with aunty –uncle..
Ved : I’ll start now.. just let’s see
once Nidhi.. but why you’re in hurry
to leave..
Ri : nothing , just feeling
headache …. Ok let’s check Bhabhi…
I’m going to car..
Ved walked to Nidhi and Ridhima
towards parking lot.. Atul called her
from back..
Atul : Ridhima, pls , wait… [ Ridhima
turned back and saw Atul, she
Atul : hey, you’re leaving , so early..
I’ve something to say you..
Ri : um m..Atul please not
Atul : ok.. ok.. then can we meet
somewhere out , tomorrow ? any
restaurant ? any place you prefer ..
Ridhima [ was not ready to go out
with Atul but she can’t deny him
directly ] : umm..I’ll let you know
tomorrow after checking my work
schedule …
Atul: ok…
Armaan saw Atul stopped Ridhima he
became furious now.. he was about
to go there then from back Nidhi
called him..
Nidhi : Ammy, where are you going ?
Ar : umm.Dii I’s fining you ..
Nidhi: me !! why ?
Ar : ummm.. [ then ved
reached there ]
ved : Nidhi will you come with us
or will stay more days here ? Me
and Ridhima are leaving ..
Nidhi : now !! stay more times.. yea
..I’ll go home tonight..
Ved : no, Ridhima not feeling
well ..
Ar : why ?? what happened ?
[Nidhii & Ved both surprisingly
looked at him , he always rude with Ridhima before them ].. I mean she
was all ok few minutes ago.. so
Ved: got a bad headache… ok
then go…
Nidhi bidding bye to all left with
Ved and Ridhima Armaan also run
towards his room before anyone go
near poolside… but when he
entered in his room he was
shocked… mostly confounded…
because neither Ridhima floated
candle into pool water nor she blew
off… candle was at same place where
Armaan had left for her…
Ar : what the !!! what does it
mean ?? why she did it ? or she
didn’t even touch it..
These both thought made Armaan
restless and angry also… he grabbed
his car key and walked towards
door.. but on door way he
remembered she not well and
mostly it’s he who said to follow her
heart.. he promised himself he won’t
force her….Armaan threw key anywhere
on floor in the room.. slumped into
bed… he couldn’t wait for long to
know what does it mean… why she
did it ??... Armaan grbbed his
mobile phone and called her..
Ri : hello..
Ar : hi… are you feeling well ? I
mean how is your headache ? had
med ?
Ri : hummm.. it’s fine now ?
Armaan sleepy ?? [Armaan was scared to
ask her, he was scared to know
negative reply ]
Ri : no.. [ she was all calm now]
do you want to ask me anything ?
Ar : hum.. what does it mean ?
Ri : it means I need time..
Ar : for what ?
Ri : to decide ..
Ar : how long ?
Ri : don’t know… maybe one
day or one month or more..
Armaan [ in thought : how could I tell
you I don’t have more time to left..
please don’t take too much time that
I’ve to lose you ].. Ok take your
time… I’ll wait for you..but don’t
make it too long Ridhima [ he
sounded more plead than request ..
Ridhima couldn’t decide anything
that whole night and spent a
sleepless night…. Armaan’s condition
was same.. whole night passed
turning and tossing…. Ridhima sat up
on bed early morning.. she knew
only one person could tell you
what’s right …
Ri : bua kaise ho app ? [ how
are you ?]
Bua :Ridhi !!! so early morning !!!
what happened dear, what’s wrong ?
you didn’t sleep at night ??
Ri : no, Bua I didn’t [ she
didn’t hide anything ]
Bua : Kyun ??
what’s wrong ? [Bua , sounded
tense and anxious ]
Ri : bua couldn’t understand
what to do ?? I like him.. I feel
good when he’s around me.. he
made me confident.. he was the one
brought back in me, my all lost
strength…. I lost all hopes scared to
even knit dream … Bua he made
me strong, independent …. He made
me feel special.. he loves me… I
want to accept it.. I want to move
on forgetting my past.. I want life a
normal life like others… I want to be
happy… with him…
Bua : then what’s the problem ,
ridhi ?? kyun accept nehi kar rhi
ho ? [ why you couldn’t accept him ]
Ri : bua. I want to sweep
away that man’s name memory from
my mind forever….and I couldn’t do
till I know him… he always will
haunt in m mind.. ..
Bua: what do you want ?
Ri : umm.. pata nehi.. but I
want to know him.. just for once.. for
peach of my mind..
Bua: thik hai.. main kuch karti
hu [ ok, I’ll try to do something ]
Ar: hello.. [ it’s hardy 6.00 am..
Armaan’s mobile was vibrating and he
got up.. rubbing his eyes ,without
checking collar ID he received
phone ]
Ri : hello.. Armaan, Good
Ar: Ridhima
To hear Ridhima’s voice at early
morning, Armaan sat up on bed with a
jerk.. as she was not all last night
so he became anxious…. But then
he has noticed she wished him
:Good morning” and also it’s she,
who had called him and last but
not the least,, she addressed him “Armaan“.. none of these behaviors
went with her character…
Ar:Ridhima !!! are you ok ?? haa,
Good morning.. sweet heart ..
Thanks to break my sleep with your
sweet like honey voice..
[Ridhima surely felt nice the way
Armaan uttered her name… he
expressed lot of emotions- love, care,
concern, into it.. and later he flirted
…. Which made her blushed ]
Ri : I’m fine… can you come in
my house ?
Ar : of course..I can come
anywhere for you, once you tell,
darling [ Armaan has started his old
Ri : with your family…
Ar [ perplexed ] : Family ??? !!!
Ri : I want you come in my
house instead of Atul tomorrow …
good bye.. [ Ridhima cut the phone ]
Ar: Ridhima , babe ..listen… she
cut the phone .. what the !!! what
she said ? instead of Atul !!! why Atul
will go to her house, and what will
my family do there ?? ..
Armaan itched his hair and was
thinking then suddenly he recalled
Ananya & Dadi’s conversation..
Ar : ohh !! shit.. tomorrow they
will go there to ask Ridhima’s hand
for Atul. yup, he had told me that
last night.. how could I forgot that?
Atul !!! [ he gritted teeth felt to
punch on his face].
[He hurriedly got down to find Atul ,
somehow to stop him then stopped ]
Ar: one second.. she wants to
see me there instead of Atul what
does it mean ? She’s accepted
me !!!! She LOVES ME !!!!
For first time Armaan Malik
To be continue……………..


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