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chapter 36 : My soulmate my wife

Ar: ohh !! shit.. tomorrow they
will go there to ask Ridhima’s hand
for Atul.. yup, Atul had told me that
last night.. how could I forgot that ?

Atul !!! [ he gritted teeth felt to
punch on his face].
[He hurriedly got down to find Atul ,
somehow to stop him then stopped ]
Ar : one second.. she wants to
see me there instead of Atul.. what
does it mean ? She’s accepted
me !!!! She LOVES ME !!!!
For first time Armaan Malik
blushed……. Armaan threw mobile on
bed and rushed out… when he
reached middle of the stairs then he
has realized it’s hardy 6.05 am.. and
none of his family members woke up
yet… he felt dejected and returned
back to his room….
Armaan Malik who used to
run fast , matching equal speed of
time, today all restless.. walking
forth-back… couldn’t even do some
works to pass time…. Armaan was
waiting when his family will get up..
he once even thought to each &
everyone’s room and woke up them…
but then thought it’ll be so
exaggerated … wait for them to get
It’s said when you’ll wait for
anything then time seems will stop
and when you’re in hurry time will
pass like speed of light- 186,000
miles second… Armaan didn’t even go
f0r morning exercise,
It’s 7.00 am… Somehow Armaan
managed to pass this 1 hour…. All
woke up and gather to do morning
Aarti… Armaan also hurriedly climbing
down and stood with his family
before Ganpati idle.. Nandani was about
to faint to see Armaan… Akash and
Dadii passed each other a shocking
look .. Atul & Akash disbelieve look…
Armaan saw it and glared at them..
gestured to concentrate on
worship… all finished worship and
sat back on sofa….
Ananya : Mohan, start making dough ..,and
chopping vegetables…. I’m coming..
[Mohan walked into kitchen].. anyone of
you want to have anything special ??
Atul : me, [ he raised her hand up]
pudding .. Aunty and also
Ar : shut up, Atul, Mumma, you
sit here, I’ve something important to
say you all…
Ananya : if it is related your marriage
then I’m least interested.. and
suddenly what’s the necessity
comes up that you’re here to
discuss with us ? you always have
done what you want.. now what
new ? .. Nandani , I’m going to
kitchen if you have done here then
join me there…
Nandani has full interested to
listen Armaan but wasn’t ready to
ignore Ananya’s word.. so she also
stood up and followed her..
Armaan [ gritted teeth] : yes, It’s
about my marriage and you’ve to
hear me mumma.. [ but Ananya didn’t
stop].. mumma.. I want to merry
Ridhima … she is my secret
Ananya stopped on spot instantly…
and rest of all stood up to hear this
sudden blast.. utmost shocked..
Atul : what the ,Armaan you can’t do
this to me.. we’re going her house
to proposing our marriage alliance …
Armaan [ gritted teeth and clung fist] :
just shut the hell up… you don’t
even dare to think about her.. she is
Billu : stop it !!! [ Billi who was
listening till now silently shouted up
on both child]…
Dadi : what is this ? Ammy, you just
change your mind anytime ..
Ananya : it’s not any game we’re going
to play, Armaan.. you’ve done one’s
life doom once.. not anymore..
Ar: what the hell is going on
here ???… OK , fine !!!.. It seems I’ve
to get married alone without my
family… ok I’ll handle it… [Armaan
turned to leave in anger &
frustration ]
Atul wanted to say something but
Akash gestured him to keep quiet ,
it’ll be good for health also..
Billi : wait Armaan[ Armaan stopped
and turned to his dad]… tell me
briefly , what’s do you want
,exactly ?
Ar : Dad, I want you all go to kapoor
mansion and give a proposal of me
& Ridhima's wedding… I liked her ,
want to get married her… and I’ll
marry her & only her[ he said it
looking Atul]..
Billi: and what about Ridhima ?
Ar: same as mine…
Dadii : Ammy, I hope you know what
you’re doing and also know all
about her.. [ paused].. Ammy, she is
already wretch… don’t give her more
Ar: I won’t Dadi.. I promise she
will be happy with me.. I hope
mumma will understand my feelings
and will make all arrangements..
What Armaan had to say he has done
…Armaan went back to his room….
now again impatiently he has to wait
for few hours.. when tomorrow will
appear and they will go kapoor
mansion….. Armaan thought once
called Ridhima and assure her that
they are all coming in evening……
though he didn’t yet know what his
family will take decision but then he
stopped to think it’ll be surprise for
Ridhima and he really want to see her
surprised expression ….. all red due
to blush …..Armaan brought out a
photo frame of Ridhima , this picture
he had captured during Nidhi’s
Sangeet time
Armaan slumped into his recline…
held Ridhima ’s picture before his
Arnav : miss, Ridhima Gupta
,,Today I’ll make you more red,
Next day… …
Ridhima was working at office… this
whole day for once Armaan didn’t
appear before Ridhima. Ridhima's eyes
whole day ,every where searched him
but didn’t get to see one glimpse..
.. .. It’s after noon…Ridhima was still
working in her cabin… she
simultaneously thinking about Armaan
and also her divorcee.. ..she didn’t
know whether Armaan will come or
not,, and if they come then, she will
step in a new relationship but when
she was still plunged into her past
relationship. Maybe not legally , not
heartily , not mentally , not even
emotionally but sorrowfully with
grief memory… Ridhima’s train of
thought pulled by knock on door….
She looked back..
Peon : Maam.. this is for you ,[ he
walked in and pass chit to Ridhima)
Ri : for me ??!!! who sent it ???
Peon : Ji Armaan sir, he told me to handed
it you..
Ri : Mr Malik, per kaha hai woo ?
Peon : he left..
Ri :chala gaya !!! ok.. you may
Peon left , and Ridhima unfolded it…
Ar : no need to do work much
today.. go home and take some rest..
who knows after today will get
enough time even to get rest , [ he
drew a wink sign there]
Ridhima’s jaw dropped but later she
blushed and smiled… she picked her
purse and left for the home, her car
already there in parking lot….,,
Ridhima reached at home… locking
door she was about to go up then
again someone pressed calling bell .
….Ridhima opened it and found a
courier service –delivery boy was
standing there…
Delivery Boy : Maam, it’d for Ridhima Gupta..
Ri : ji main hun…
Ridhima signed and received courier
..she walked upstairs… throwing her
purse on bed, …..
she checked sender’s name and
when she found it was “ Laxmi
devi’’ her hands started shaking
instantly..body was trembling due to
fear… she knew what it could be…
she recalled all that memory, her
cry, her Bua's illness , each and
everything…. She was scared to open
it.. It’s a chit where written by her
bua that she sent a photo of his
and on opposite of photo …. her ex-
husband’s full name was written…
with his identity… But today she has
to do it.. either now or never…
Ridhima opened it…
And Ridhima brought out her ex-
husband’s photo from envelop… as
a result of her reaction just tears
rained down her cheeks… she
pressed that photo against her
chest,, and whispered something
which was not audible
Late evening….
Malik family let kapoor family knew
that they are coming their place to
visit them…and also gave some hints
for reason of sudden visit , thought
it’s was not as Nidhi & Ved
already knew it long time back…..
Mr. & Mrs. kapoor greeted them all…all
have their seats around sofa in
leaving room… it’s only Atull who
sulked , rest of all are happy.. Nandani
is in dilemma , should she feel
happy for Armaan or sad for Atul…
Armaan’s eyes were searching his lady
love, nowadays he totally
transformed into a Romeo…
Akash [ scarcely whispered] : bhai,
relax, Bhabhi is here, will come
before your eyes soon..
Ar : Shut up Akash, I’m not
searching her… just looking around..
Akash : really ? !!! so what’s new
furniture have you detected in Dii
house.. [ Now Armaan glared Akash
and Akash turned his look to his
Mr. kapoor : So, how are you all ? aur
bataiye keise ana huya ?
Billi : we’re all good and would be
best just if you accept our proposal..
Mrs. kapoor : and what’s that ? we
heartily will try to do something for
you as we’re relatives..
Dadi: umm.. here we’re proposing
to get Married Armaan and Ridhima
as we know all about her
past and we have no problem with
that…Armaan likes Ridhima beta as
much we also do.. we always wanted
a daughter in law like Ridhima , now
we’ll be previliged if you accept this
Ved: Dadii ji, I’ve something to
say… [ all looked at him]
Dadi : ham sure after al she is your
Ved: Dadi, we’re also happy with
this proposal.. but the whole
decision will depend only on Ridhima
whatever will be her
decision that’s also ours… will
accept that heartily without any
pressure ..
Ananya : Don’t worry,Ved.. we will
also heartily will accept Ridhima's
decision.. there is no pressure ..
Mr. kapoor: Nidhii, beta, bring Ridhima
beta here…
Nidhi: ji, papa… [after few
minutes Nidhi and Ridhima together
walked there ]
Dadi : Ridhima beta, come.. sit
here… [ Ridhima felt little uneasy ,
she passed a smile to NaDadi but
didn’t go there, rather sat beside
Ved.. only Armaan noticed her this
uneasiness ]
Ved : Ridhima , they are here with
proposal of you and Armaan’s
marriage ? so what’s your decision ?
and it will be ours…
Ananya : do want time to think then
you’re all free to take your time as
much you need..
Ridhima : thanks a lot aunty.. but I
don’t need time to take decision will
I get married to Armaan Malik
or not ? [ all were little cautious to
hear her voice but Armaan was under
shock because from where this “
NOT” comes up]
Mrs. kapoor : say beta, what’s your
Ridhima : It’s NO.. [ Armaan thought he
heard wrong .. all looked with each
other as they have faith Ridhima will
say Yes, as per Armaan’s reliance]
Nidhi : Ridhima, are you sure ? I
Ved : it’s your final decision..
have thought thoroughly ? [Ridhima
got her feet]
Ri : Yes, bhai.. I’ve.. who without
seeing me, without giving me any
chance, without telling me my
mistake, just dumped me like a
thrash … he is none other than Mr.
Armaan Malik
Mr. kapoor:WHAT ??
Ved: how could you know ? I
mean so sure ?
Each and everyone gasped under
utmost shock and stood
up… ..specially Malik family could
believe that Ridhima was their ex-
daughter in law… it was as much
hard to digest as much painful …
Ri : see this [ Ridhima handed
that photo and chit to Ved]…
[ then turned to everyone] Yes, Mr.
Armaan Malik was my ex-
husband… he is the man for him my
Bua was ill today… [ then looked
straightly into Armaan’s eyes] it’s you
once without bothering to give
minimum honor, without seeing me ,
sent me divorce papers ….
Today I, Ridhima Gupta
rejected you Mr. Armaan Malik
You’re not worthy to
become my husband …
Ridhima passing a painful look to
Malik family as result they bent
their head out of guilty ,.. she ran
towards upstairs…
For few minutes all were completely
silence… they still under shock ,
couldn’t believe fate has planned to
play this game with them… Ved
was the first one to break this
Ved : I think there is nothing left
to talk… and to be honest I don’t
even want to hear or discuss
anything about this fact… he greeted
them all and left the place…
Billi [ put his hands together ] :
we’re sorry for what happened
here… now we’ll take your leave
Mr.& Mrs. kapoor also put together
hands.. as they are his son’s in laws
so they couldn’t insult them more
than it.. better they leave..they even
not wishing to talk with them now..
Ridhima for them their daughter and
they just couldn’t think Malik
family was the responsible for all
torment of her life.. if this thinks
would have revealed before Ved’s
wedding so Mr. kapoor surely think
twice to get Married Ved with
Nidhi for sure.. as his mental
condition was on that stage. .
Malik family left that moment…
reaching home all went each other’s
room.. no one could ever think this
fiasco will come up… no one has no
words… Ananya ,Billi, Dadii were the
most sad person, not directly but
indirectly they were also guilty ,, how
much they loved Ridhima and wanted
to make her daughter in law of this
family anyhow .. but their ill fate
she was the elder daughter in law of
this family and they ditched her…
To be continue…………….


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