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chapter 37 : My soulmate my wife

Malik family left that moment…
reaching home all went each other’s
room.. no one could ever think this

fiasco will come up… no one has no
words… Ananya , Billi, Dadi were the
most sad person, not directly but
indirectly they were also guilty ,, how
much they loved Ridhima and wanted
to make her daughter in law of this
family anyhow .. but their ill fate
she was the elder daughter in law of
this family and they ditched her…
At night…
All were sitting around dinner
Nidhi : I think we should talk to.. Ridhima at least me…
Ved : no need.. none of us will
say or ask anything to her…specially
you Nidhi .. let her compose herself
and sweep all those bitter memory
Though Ved didn’t mean to hurt
Nidhi .he just want to keep her
away from Ridhima for few times..
Nidhi will make her recall Armaan
that’s why.. and Nidhi also
understood the reason but still she
felt bad… she had no idea one these
all fact will reveal before them like
that she will be stick into
Bamboo….. Ridhima didn’t come
down, Nidhi sent her foods into her
room… ..
Next Morning….
It seemed someone had died ib Malik mansion… these was no
sound at all… at early morning
Nidhi walked in and directly went to
her room…. She slammed her
door…. Armaan who was awoke whole
night, sitting on his recline, he
heard this sound…. he was little
surprised to hear sound from
Nidhi’s room and in early morning
as she was not here…..Armaan stood
up and walked in her room …Nidhi
was crying sitting on bed…
Armaan[ shocked] : Dii !!! you here,
at this hour, what happened ?? [ he
walked to her and saw she was
crying] ..Dii you’re cry ? why ?? what
happened ? what are you doing
here ? ..speak up.. damn it ??
[Armaan tried to held her hand but
Nidhi shove his hand off]
Nidhi : nothing happened, why
you’re bothering now… what you
have to do you’ve had done…
[ Armaan stepped back ]
Nidhi : I can’t believe my brother
could do something like that.. I’m
feeling ashamed for your deed.. I
don’t have courage to face Ridhima,to look into her eyes… why ?? why Ammy
you had done it ? why ? why didn’t
you once try to talk with her, then
today this day won’t have to face…
See Ammy… one day you’ve ditched
her despite of that she has no
fault.. and today she declined you..
you’ve lost her once again and won’t
get back ever…. This is your
punishment… and as we’re your
family.. I’m your sister.. so we must
have to get some punishment…. I
won’t go back there… now you’ll be
happy.. will feel how does it feel ….
How could I go there and face
them ???
Nidhi started cry bitterly… Armaan
heard all silently then walked out of
the house…. After few minutes one
by one all members get to know
About Nidhi's arrival… they tried to
calm her… as they were so upset
and ashamed … they didn’t
understand how to face kapoor family…
It’s been night….Armaan went out at
early morning and didn’t come back
at home yet… and no one bothered
to call him and know whereabouts of
him..though Akash wanted to do but
Ananya strictly warned him… so he
kept silent…
Whole day Ridhima was in her room..
and no one disturbed her… it’s late
evening… she walked out and
entered in Ved’s room…
Ved: Ridhima , come in..
Ridhima [ walked in] : bhai, where is
bhabhi ? she suddenly why left for
Malik Mainson?
Ved : she didn’t tell me before to
go.. may be wanted to talk with her
Ri: bhai, there is nothing left to
talk..I don’t want anyone from any
family ever talk about this issue or
feel bad.. it’s past.. that’s it… you
go there and bring Bhabhi back…
she doesn’t need feel bad for
Ved : I’ve called her she wanted
to stay there tonight.. I’ll go
tomorrow and pick up her… ummm
what you have planned to do next ?
Ri : what next ? tomorrow
Monday..will go office… if only they
wouldn’t have terminated me yet ? if
they do then will have to find out
new job.. ok bye.. good night..
Ved :Ridhima , do you have talked
with Bua ?
Ri: haan… she is all ok… want
to come here to see you & me…
Ved : ok.. next Sunday I’ll go to
bring her..
Ri : ok…
Ridhima went to her room… Ved
was little surprised to see Ridhima’s
all normal behavior as if nothing
happen.. but he was happy she
wants to move on and concentrating
on work….
Ridhima walked in her room.. it’s
dark… before she could switched on
, one pair of strong hand wrapped
around her body.. one was on her
mouth and one around her waist…
Ridhima froze in a jiffy due to fear
and became cold to even move… but
when she could recognized these
touch she started struggling.. to get
off hand from mouth and scream …
she flung… and tried to bite palm
but nothing was useful rather his
hold tighten and Ridhima felt
breathless… he didn’t show any
mercy to her… roughly he pulled out
her Dupatta and tied her mouth
with it and picked her up on his
shoulder holding her hip.. and
walked out through back & dark
path of the kapoor mansion…. No one
get to one the daughter of this
house has been kidnapped …
Armaan dragged out Ridhima from his
car and put off Dupatta from her
mouth spun her then holding her
upper arms tried to capture her
lips..Ridhima was screaming loudly..
and tried to move her face.. she
won’t let Armaan to touch her.. but
couldn’t cope up with his strength
.. Armaan tore her sleeves and then
from her back…. Her inner’s belt was
visible to him now…
Ri : nahi.. nahi.. please leave
me Mr. Malik you can’t do this
to me… if bhai get to know then he
won’t spare you…
Armaan tore her dress from front
side… now her cleaves and half of
her bosom was visible.. Ridhima
consumed to much fear that was not
able to open her mouth.. she was
dying… she was about to lose her
most precious thing and by that
man who just made her life hell…
but one last once she tried to safe
Ri : Please, Mr. Malik don’t
do this… you can’t do this to me..
for god’s sake don’t doom me… bhai
won’t spare you… you can’t do this
to me… leave me.. let me go.. why
you’re doing this to me ? what I’ve
done ? what’s my fault ? how many
times you will dishonor me ? don’t
misbehave with me… you can’t do
this to me… you won’t get peace in
your life… you can’t do this to me…
She was repeating same line again
& again.. She was pleading from core
of her heart… and she was about
to faint but Armaan shook her with his
all force and pined her against
wall… Ridhima opened eyes and
looked at him…
Armaan [ roared ] : WHY ?? WHY CAN’T
MY REAL CHARACTER ?? you loved
your ex husband… without knowing
him…. He was all good to him.. but
you’ve rejected me after knowing me
….. So now why you’re stopping
me ??? why I can’t do it ? where
was your bhai on that time ? what if
your ex-husband tortured you or
will be a characterless person who
didn’t even love you, then what your
bhai will do to save her dearest
sister ???
What if your ex husband was a
womanizer ? a characterless person ?
What if there is no similarity in
between him and you ?
What if you loves someone else ?
What if your married life with him is
not successful ?
What if you want to get rid of this
relationship yourself ?
Armaan paused and took breath , he
was only looking into Ridhima’s face
not even moved his eyes on her
reveal body….
Ar: don’t I’ve rights to choose
my life partner ? why I’ve to accept
what our elders imposed on us ?
Ridhima what if you love someone
and want to spend life with him not
with your never seen husband ??? I
want to make free from this cage
what our grandparents , you parents
imposed on us…
You have a life and all rights to
choose your life partner …. That’s
why I divorced you.. to make you
free from this meaningless bond
where two people were bonding on
other’s wish…. … I wanted to meet
you and tell all then thought it’ll be
more awkward… we never seen each
others… maybe you’ve forgotten this
child marriage … if we meet with
each others then it’ll draw a sharp
line in both of ours life.. world is
small… who knows if we again meet
then both of us will feel awkward
and unnecessarily… That’s why I
thought it better we don’t meet…
You’ll forget who is Armaan and will
find out a person as per your wish,
your choice and will live a happy
life… as I wanted to do same…
That’s the reason I’ve divorced you
and didn’t meet you ever… I want to
give you a better life and free from
this meaningless , name sake
marriage where two people didn’t
know each other.. didn’t even know
was there any kink of similarity ,
compatibility ….
I didn’t want you sacrifice your life ,
your wish , your dream.. just to
fulfill our elders wish.. there lots of
girl have to strangle their dreams
and accept their parents wish..I
didn’t want you to do same… you
have all right to lead your life
happily with whom you love… And I
wish same thing for me… to choose
my love and spend my life with her…
to live my life whom I love …I
couldn’t accept this imposed
marriage which our elders imposed
Armaan stopped … he was panting for
anger, frustration, … he took breath
then slowly pulled back.. but didn’t
break eye lock with Ridhima He
loosed his hold….
Ar: I wanted you to live a happy
life then and now… choose a nice
person who is eligible for you… ALL
THE BEST Ridhima you once said my
face, my name give you torment ..
wish you get all happiness you
deserve in life… now forget ever you
meet a tormentor named Armaan you
won’t have to see my face once again
in your life..
Ridhima was without blank looking at
him till now… Armaan left his her
hand and stepped back… he turned
to other side and his eyes were
searching her Dupatta…. But
suddenly he alert when he felt her
weight on his shoulder…. Before
Ridhima's senseless body slip on
ground Armaan held her…. Then
picked her up and walked to his
He carefully sat her on seat and tied
seat belt… then again came to that
place and picked her Dupatta…. The
way secretly Armaan got in kapoor
Mansion same way he again walked
in Ridhima's room… in the car he
wrapped her Dupatta around her
body…. He lay her down on bed… he
knew she was hurt but he has no
right to heal her pain…. He covered
her with blanket , check AC then left
Armaan returned home last night…
near 4.00 am everyone slept off…
Next morning…………..
All were sitting around sofa… no
one has idea when Armaan returned
in home… everyone was talking and
what should to do now… Billi ,
Ananya , Atul, Dadi ,Nandani were
concern for Armaan also.. but they
couldn’t ask any thing as Ananya was
no reedy to know or hear anything
about him…
Dadi : Mohan, when have ammy has
returned ? have he had anything ?
Mohan: I don’t know Dadiji..
Dadi: to pata karo..
Ananya: Mohan, you go.. don’t have to do
Dadii : Ananya at least…
Dadi stopped and looked onward to
stairs.. at first Ananya then rest of all
follow that direction…. Armaan was
walking down with a BIG luggage
which one he has brought when he
returned back from USA. Armaan
stopped before them… all were
shockingly looking at him….
Ar : dad.. I’ve signed and forward
new project file to you.. and
withdraw my name from RS project…
[ then looked at Nidhi] Dii, I’m
sorry for me whatever you have to
face… convey my sorry to Jaja ji….
[ then he left his luggage and
walked before Ananya]… Mumma… I’m
leaving… henceforth you don’t have
feel ashamed for me… [ he forced a
smiled ] I won’t trouble you ever…
You wanted Miss. Gupta to be get
married with Atul… do it.. Atul is a
nice guy… get them married soon….
Dadi, Nandani Aunty. bye… and sorry to
trouble you all a lot… hey Akash &
Ritu wish you a very happy married
life…Atul congratulations…
Except Ananya, everyone stood up and
surely felt so bad… no one wanted
this happened.. not even Ananya she
was shattered that her only one son
was going again far away from her
but she just couldn’t stop him…
Akash: bhai.. listen..
Billi : Armaan.. talk tome ..
Nidhi : Ammy.. meri baat suno…
Atul: hey,Armaan wait…
Nandanii :Arnav beta ruko..
Dadi : Ammy iss tarha maat jao…
Neither Armaan turned back nor heard
anyone’s request.. he grabbed his
luggage and rushed out ,,, got in car
and his driver drove his car so
fast….. Armaan didn't even think twice
or turn back when he was boarding
in Plane.. in next 10 minutes his
plane took off...
He left everything behind him…
which belongs to him ..and it’s his
punishment… but he was the man
who leaded his life on his terms and
this time also he'd chosen this
punishment himself but didn't let
anyone rule his life...
To be continue……………


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