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chapter 38 : My soulmate my wife

He left everything… which belongs to
him ..and it’s his punishment… but
he was the man who leaded his life

on his terms and this time also he'd
chosen this punishment himself but
didn't let anyone rule his life...
After Armaan’scar drove away… Atul
and Akash ran out and went to
Airport.. but they were late. Armaan’s
plane took off 30 minutes ago…..they
came back at home and to see their
dejected face everyone got their
Ridhima got up at morning with a jerk
as if she had seen a nightmare …
but she didn’t know her nightmare
had gone-forever…… Ridhima sat up
on bed and recalled for once what
happened last night… she recalled
this memory only once in her life.. in
next she remembered this one… as
if she swept all memory and kept
them lock into a treasure.
Though Ridhima was not well but she
went to office and then she got to
know Armaan has resigned from his
post in India’s office. When she
came back at home , saw Nidhi was
crying sitting in leaving area…
Ved was silently sitting with her…
but Mrs. kapoor was trying to console
her…. Ridhima was about to come ask Nidhi why she was crying but before
that she got to know that Armaan left
India forever…They also saw Ridhima
was walking in but Ridhima didn’t react
on that issue.. not then not after
passing years……
It’s Has been 2 years……………Armaan
let India.
After that Armaan never called to
anyone of his family members…. But
he was in touch with them… through
mail…he was always take cares
what’s going on in Indian’s office
and rest of branches… he sent mail
to his dad , in details or works and
he did the same thing with Akash
also…Armaan was his friend come
brother..,, but he never failed to
send gift Akash & Ritu on their
special occasion like marriage
anniversary or birthday….but he
didn’t call him for once…. If anyone
from India was lucky to hear his
voice was Aman…. He only talked to
him directly on phone whatever
information he needs to know he get
it from him…. But he made sure one
thing no one gets to know
this……….Billi always pleaded
Armaan to come back and say sorry to
his mumma, forget all but moved
ahead……..and everytime Armaan just
eluded this topic from his replying
mail… Ananya was still angry on
Amaan... Neither she tried to call
him nor ever asked anything… she
was angry on him because he hurt
his mother a lot, at first giving
promise of him to her, to break this
marriage… then again left
everything… he never understood
how did it felt to a mother when her
son stayed away from her years after
years…. When a son became so
stubborn and chose a painful life
ignoring mother’s advice…..
Milan, Italy………
Armaan got up parking his car on 22th
floor ‘s parking lot and walked
towards his door… it’s midnight….
He opened door and walked in.. …
it’s his regular time to come back
home from work….
Milan is called Mecca for fashion….
Armaan has set up a big fashion
house in Milan where directly Italian
designers worked for BM company
And Armaan was living last 2 years
here, in Milan… though he told his
family he was going back USA but he
didn’t go there… Armaan made himself
so much busy in work to forget his
past that he didn’t keep 10 minutes
for rest in his work schedule ………
Armaan was living a life of recluse……
but he was happy with it…. Armaan
threw his coat on bed and walked to
window… it’s late October ….winter
was flying from Canada… then he
went to landphone and pressed
button of answering machine ……
one by one massage played on…..
Armaan was losing his tie,
unbuttoning his shirt….
Ammy , kaise ho ? [It’s Nidhi's
voice ].. Armaan instinctively got
shocked and turned back.. walked to
Nidhi : Ammy, it seemed you forgot
us… but how could we forget you
,Ammy you never missed you Dii…
never you remembered your Dii
once ? never you feel to meet, at
least talk to us,… hum.. pata hai..
you don’t miss us… but I do… I
won’t waste your time for long…just
called you after knowing that you
don’t want to talk with us… to
inform that You’re going to be Mama
very soon ……. Take care of yours ,
bye your Dii….
Ar : nahi Dii.. I miss you a lot….
Armaan instantly stretched his hand
and touched phone set… as if it’s
Nidhi herself… He was smiling to
know that he is going to be mama
and simultaneously his eye welled
up that after how long he heard his
Dii’s voice….. then he heard
another massage….
Akash : bhai. How are you ? I don’t
know why you’re doing this to us…
but we miss you a lot.. please come
back.. and It’s found your address
and gave to Dii… please don’t be
angry… we really miss you a lot…
nothing is complete without you….
And bhai, we’re going to be Mama,
very soon.. me and Ritu are
planning what to gift Dii and our
unborn niece or nephew …. Call me
to let us know your plan and also
give us some good idea .. only you’re
best in it and you know Atul’s super
flop in this category ,,, he will open
his mouth before Dii…. Take care…
and lot’s of things to share…..
Armaan felt tug into heart… after such
a long time he heard his family
members… Armaan walked back on his
position… He opened window and
chill breezy wind blew over him..
In last 2 years he made sire he never
remember HER, and that’s the
reason he never talked to his
family… He seldom lost control over
his mind and then did more and
more work… and after a time work
engulfed him thoroughly that he
forgot actually he was a human
being and still could feel.. his
feeling still alive…
Armaan wanted to call back his Dii,
talk to her, to know how she is doing
, lot of things but then withhold
himself because if he once talked to
Dii he might get weak , what he
didn’t want…. But it’s not working
…. Armaan looking straight through
fog recalled past memory which he
had spent with Nidhi…. and one by
one memory crossed his mind and
he didn’t understood when he lost
his control on it.. …
Flashback …………
Ar: Dii.. stop it.. it’s all good in
drama but not in real life… I don’t
believe in all these love . fate…
destiny … it depends on us, on our
willpower and hard work…
simple.. !!!
Nidhi : nehi… you’re wrong… oneday
you will meet her ..
Ar: you’re crazy… go and talk to
Ved ji ju… eat his head.. poor
man !!!
Nidhi : Ammy [ pouted]
Ar : what ??
Nidhi : today you are not trusting
me but one day someone will come
in your life and steal your sleep…
you can’t breathe without her… you
will feel if you don’t get her then
your heart will stop beating … you
will see her in awake and in
dream…. You’ll fall in love with her
deeply .. one she will mean
everything to you… that day you’ll
believe me…
Armaan just smiled and nodded “ tum
pagal ho Dii ,aisa kabhi nahi hoga “
Flashback ends…
Armaan still shook head and repeat
same line as he was lost in his
present… he reiterated that line few
times then realized his was in
present… His Dii was not before him
YES , his Dii was right.. It happened
with him ….
Armaan wiped his tears from corner of
the eyes and dropped the Idea to
call Dii… .. but he called
Anjali if he was in touch with is
any close one that Anjali but Anjali tried to talk with him
several times about Ridhima and said
him move on but whenever she tried
to ask or tell him anything related
HER or his family he either cut call
or changed topic and last time he
warned Anjali that if she ever
open this topic then he will close
connection with her also… and in
this fear Anjali stopped talking
about this matter and henceforth
never opened that topic….
Anjali : Ammy !!! It’s 3 am of night
.. [Anjali countered in sleepy
voice ]
Ar: I know lazybones .. listen ..
I’ve called you to tell that before to
go India next weak meet me once…
you have to do my one work .. ok..
Anjali : I won’t do… why don’t you
go to India ? Does Indian
government put an embargo on your
entry in India ? C’mon Ammy , ek
Indian Ladki ne Dil hi to tora
hai… !!!
Ar : shut up Anjy…. [Armaan closed
yes and clinched fist--- how could anjali understood woo Indian Ladki
not only break his heart but also
closed Armaan Malik’s heart
now he stopped feeling ]….Otherwise
I’ll terminate your modeling contract
with -BM international project…
Anjali : Ammy.. this is not fair… it’
unprofessional behavior ….
Arnav : just do as I say… [ Armaan cut
the phone]
Armaan has planned to buy gift for
Nidhi and will send then through
Anjlaii. he can do it by other way
but he wanted to know how Dii was
that’s why he was sending Anjali
who will narrate to him all in details
…. Armaan tried to concentrate on his
regular work but someone flashed
into his heart .. though it’s
obviously haunted him mind… but
he found solace into work…. BUT
today Nidhi's voice had broke down
all embankment…
Armaan kicked on closet door… threw
cloths on floor and walked out from
his cabin…. Starting his car he was
going down making circle around
pillar of the tower… It’s midnight
and fortunately hardy people are
due to weather otherwise Armaan will
meet an accident due to his speed
and almost insane way to brought
out car from 22th floor parking
lot…… Armaan drove fast ,breaking
limit speed after 30 minutes he
stopped his car on a desolated road
and walked out of the car…. And It’s
raining …. To welcome winter in
Europe … but he didn’t care for
anything…. Neither the temperature
which is 10’C not his heath……..
leaning over car…. Armaan brought
out a picture…
He was lying to him to everyone
that he forgot HER but indeed he
carried her with him for each and
every moment…. Armaan drenched
into rain for so long…. For each and
every moments they have spent
together… each and every moment
he had intended to spend with
her……he didn’t knew how long he
was there then he came back into
his apartment… called his manager
Ar : Robert, book my early ticket
for Paris in the early morning shift…
Robert : Sir as per your schedule
you’re supposed to go Paris 4 days
later …
Ar: I know.. just change
schedule and book ticket… I want
leave as soon as possible… hurry
up… and send a driver to take my
car back from Airport…
Yes, Armaan again escaping … he
couldn’t stay here for long… that’s
why he going to Venice , only work
will swallow him up and he might be
able to keep away his grief more
than torment for few times………
Armaan without any reply to Nidhi or
Akash left for Paris within next 3
Ridhima just came back from Office….
she was about to change her dress
the Nidhi knocked on her door and
walked in…
Ri : Dii… come in !!! [ Ridhima
held Nidhi and made her sit on
bed] why you came here
should call me… and I was about to
go to meet you just after changing
Ridhima lives in Malik Mansion …
Malik’s one wish at least was
fulfilled.. Ridhima was daughter in law
of this house… and she address
Nidhi now Dii and as her husband also
called her Dii…. Nidhi was living
Malik mansion due to her
pregnancy.. she was not doing well
nowadays and in kapoor house there
was hardy people to take care her.
That why Ridhima insisted Ved to
send Nidhi here….
Ri : Ha, Dii bolo ..
Nidhi[ hesitated ] : umm…. [ she
took Ridhima’s hand into
her] Ridhima I’ve called Ammy and
insisted him to come back here, at
least for once to meet with us..
hope you’re not angry with me.. I
mean I.. [ interrupted ]
Ri : Dii. It’s ok… he is your
brother and it’s his house also… you
don’t have to give me any
explanation to me…I’m ok with it…
[ she forced a smile to make Nidhi
feel better]..really..I mean it…
Nidhi : thank you …
Ridhima : you’re always welcome……..
Nidhi : where is Atul ?
Ridhima: he is coming… he got down
on way to buy your medicine ….. ok..
you sit here don’t go out alone… I’m
coming out in 5 minutes…
Saying is Ridhima entered in
washroom to get fresh..Nidhi passed
smile and waited for Ridhima ……….
To be continue……………


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