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chapter 40 : My soulmate my wife

Ar : take them all out and placed
where to lay…. And where are rest of
servants ? If we are short of servant
then hired more….. women of this

house are not to do this heavy
works…… people should take care of
themselves and know how to use
workers ..It is not necessary to do all
works by own ….
Though Mohan was totally blank … he
hardly got Armaan’s word but for
whom these all words were SHE
surely understood… Mohan walked in
and picked them all out… just then
that little boy again ran in the room
before could mad Ridhima e a move…
he hugged Ridhima’s knees .. and
spoke up .. Armaan walked to onward
and acted he was busy unpacking
his stuffs but indeed his ears were
full set on this conversation..
Little boy [ Kabir] : Mami, Atul mama
has come… and calling you
[ Armaanto hear this unconsciously
clenched his fist and eyed at Kabir
…. And Kabir gestured Ridhima to
bend down .. and Ridhima
surprisingly looked at him but did
so… through eyes she asked him
what’s the matter ??.. Kabir looked
at once to Armaan then Ridhima … drew
Ridhima’s face close to him ]
Kabir : Mami.. who is that man ?
[ though he tried to whisper but
both Ridhima and Armaan also heard
him … Ridhima took couple of
moments to reply ]
Ri : It’s you elder Mama…
Nidhi Mashi’s brother
[ she replied softly & politely and
Armaan was little surprised that how
easily she replied when he thought
she won’t prefer to talk about
anything related him … .. then again
Kabir Asked ]
Kabir : why he is so late to come
here ? is he also a lazybones like Atul
Mama ?
[ Be honest Ridhima might be
laughing out to hear this question if
it happens in a normal situation but
right now she just effort an arch
smile. Armaan also heard this one and
he was more angry to know that
Kabir was comparing him with The
Great Lazybones Atul but right now he
was more curious to know what
Ridhima replies ….]
Ri : No, he is not like Atul a
whit !!!… He doesn’t live with us ….
And why he is late I don’t know you
must have to ask him .. now if you
want to know that then go to him or
not then come with me .. ..
Kabir placing index finger thinking
what to do while Ridhima heard
someone was calling her from
downstairs… So without giving Kabir
sufficient time to think and decide,
she just picked him up and walked
out…. Armaan looked her leaving….
Armaan sat down on recline like
statue for couple of minutes….
Ridhima's last few words were ringing
in his head….he was trying to
decipher of her words
Ar: what did she mean by that
we’re not alike a whit ??? Does she
mean Atul is better than me ? what
he knows about me ? does she know
How much I love her ? why she lied
that she doesn’t know why I’m late
here ? as if she is glad to see me ?
as if she was waiting for my arrive…
It was not she told me never wished
to see my face then why this lie ????
Armaan in anger put off his coat and
threw it somewhere in the room
then stormed out as if he has only
one work left.. .. Pull & pin then get
all answer of his question from her
end…Armaan was looking for her that
from corridor he saw her…
Ri : That’s not fear ,Atul I’ve
told you help us in household work,,
but you’re just busy to keep well
your reputation ??
Atul: Reputation ??
Ri : that you’re the great
Lazybones … even Kabir also knows
it ..
Atul : that’s not fear… I went to
airport to receive Akash and Ritu
Akash : haan Bhabhi.. he came to
pick up us… Ok.. don’t worry now
we’re here.. will help you ..
Ritu: haan, Bhabhi.. you’ve done a
lot alone… now you take rest and
just tell me what left to do,,…I’ll do
rest of part….
Ri : wao.. so sweet of you .. but
really have to do a lot.. still couldn’t
finalize foods menu… I hope Chachi
ji won’t cut me in pieces …
Atul : don’t worry ..we’re here.. will
save you …
Ri : at first you save yourself to
her.. She was finding you like lost
cow… go…
Atul gulped and started looking here
and there if chichi ji was somewhere
to near him just then he has noticed
Armaan standing on corridor and
looking at them..though due to nise
Armaan couldn’t hear their words but
he could easily sensed how much
Ridhima was sharing a comfortable
relation with everyone of his family..
How she was playing an important
role in his family but It’s only with
him she detached all relationship…
Atul: Armaan !!!! [ Atulshouted from
his lung..and pointed figure toward
him.. ,,Akash and Ritu both
followed that direction .. when Armaan
understood they all watched him ,,
he walked back in the room]
Akash : BHAI!!! When did he came ?
[ to Ridhima ] how is he ?
Atul : OMG!!! Why didn’t you tell us ?
when he reached ? why he is late ?
where he was ? how many he will
live ? or he came forever ??
Ridhima [ glared at Atul] : why ?
when ? how ? whatever you want to
ask him ? at least ask him also few
questions ? he is supposed to reply
not me ? How long I’ll reply these al
question on behalf him ???
Akash : Sorry ,Bhabhi ..… [
comprehended the situation and
position .. she lowered her voice
before anyone could notice her in
the hullabaloo].Atul.. let’s go ..
Atul and Akash just like child ran
toward Armaan’s room ,, while Ritu
held Ridhima's hand ….what she
went through no one could image ….
It’s not easily for her but she was
trying her best to be normal …
Ridhima: umm.. Ritu. go to your
room.. room is ready.. at first take
rest , have something then will do
Ritu nodded and walked toward
living area where rest of elders were
sitting…. To meet them before to go
in her room …. Ridhima needed some
alone time for herself so she just
walked out… Armaan slumped into
recline … He knew he was not
supposed to react like that… He
couldn’t think about Ridhima
anymore…. He has lost valid rights
long back ago… And now her
thought couldn’t cross his mind
also… As she is someone’s wife
now…. His cousin brother’s wife… To
think about her now will be sin for
him ….when this thought engulfed
Armaan just then Akash and Atul
together ran in the room as if both
were in race who could entered in …
Akash : bhai.. you’re here ?
Atul : hey, Armaan how are
you ?
Akash : bhai that’s not fair ? you
came here but didn’t even make a
call to me ? didn’t you get my
massage ? do you know how much
we miss you ?
Armaan was glad to see How much
they still loved him… he knew they
missed him a lot.. they’re easily
telling him what all they felt in his
absence but how could he tell him
in what torment he went
through ??? How could he told them
there was not even a single second
he didn’t remember them… He
wanted to leave everything and just
to run here.. but he couldn’t… his
deed didn’t let him to come here…
back in his house with his family….
Ar : hi, At.. I’m good Akash… I’s
out of town .. that’s why couldn’t
make call to you.. How is Ritu
doing ??? [he replied in a death
voice ]
Akash : she is doing well and she
liked your gift a lot… Thanks a lot
for coming bhai.. Dii was missing you
like hell …
Ar : no need to thanks me..She is
my Dii also ….I could feel her as well
you all do .
Atul: Really ?? then why even you left
us ??? why you didn’t call once in
these years ? did you bother to know
how we’re doing ??? Don’t lie
Armaan… [ Akash immediately
pressed Atul’s hand to make him
stop ].. do you return home
permanently or will leave again ???
[ Armaan couldn’t take Atul’s question
though Atul has no fault but right
now to his eyes Atul is Ridhima’s
husband which he just simply could
accept heartily ]
Armaan [ Gritted teeth] : WHY ?? If I
come back permanently is it
problem for you ??? Then hear me
clearly ..YES.. I’m back ..At home…
What you wanted to get you got it
now just stay away of me ….
Akash : bhai , you’re getting him
wrong… [ Armaan got his foot]
Ar : Akash,,I know very well what
he wants and means ,,BTW.. let me
meet to dad.. ..I’ll see you later ….
Armaan passed last glare to Atul and
walked out… At first Atul was
astonished then hurt .He still didn’t
get while last time he came India
since the time why Armaan hated him
so much … what he did wrong…
Akash : hey, Atul don’t feel bad.. you
know bhai ,,Don’t you ? he never
means that harsh word which he
uses to taunt …. Give him sometimes
to get easy…..
In study room ….
Billi: It’s not fair toh stay away
from family and punish them for
Ar: Dad, I don’t want to hear or
talk anything about that
matter… ..you just tell me how is
work going on here ? and we’re not
collaborating this year with Shah
Industry ?
Billi : Well, It’s going fantastic !!
It’s Ridhima's decision that this year
we’ll work some new company … for
something innovative ..
Armaan[ surprised] : She still works at
A_M ?
Billi : what are you saying ? She
never left the job ..In fact now She
is the Head of Selection board… now
I don’t do much ..She is handling all
you can say… I’m truly impressed
Armaan. How could you find out
hidden talent into her..It’s you who
has full faith on her and recognized
diligent, fidelity towards work…in
last two years we’ve won almost all
competition…. [ Past memory has
started crossing Armaan’s memory …
Armaan also head and read success
news in business magazine of BM
but never bother to know who is the
behind of all these ]… She is
discreet and has frail on her work….
What do you say ?
Ar : hummmm [ he just nodded
couldn’t say more]
Billi: It’s always true behind the
success of every man there is a
woman ,,She proved it again … It’s
won’t be exaggerate if say that for
while Billi was praising of Ridhima
then Armaan clinched his fist again in
anger because this successful man
according to him was Atul not he..
Billi brought him again square
one from where he was trying to
sweep all memory and control his
anger –frustration for at least how
many days he is here…
Ar : Dad.. ok I’ll talk to you
Billi: but .. listen…
Saying this Armaan rushed out of the
house… he was feeling suffocate ..
that’s reason he didn’t want to
come… Just then his eyes caught a
figure .. from far away he could say
It’s SHE… but what is she doing
here alone sitting on bench… Armaan
looked here and there was there
anyone, specially Atul or any kids with
whom she might be playing… but
there was no one.. everyone was so
busy in the house and rushing here
to there… Armaan thought should he
go to her and check but was in
shilly-shally… what If she reacts or
say something to him which he
wants to hear least… Armaan turned
to go back but couldn’t.. after few
steps , he changed his direction ,,He
slowly walked toward lawn ..
opposite of her that he could see
her face at least…
Ridhima was weeping there silently…
in this two years she never cried ..
not before anyone not even secretly
… as she has promised to her Bua
she hence will never cry.. but now
couldn’t choke back her tears to roll
down… To see him before eyes it’s
became hard like stopping breathing
Before Armaancould get a good view
of her Ridhima wiped her tears and
stood up.. slowly walked in the
After 5 hours………. At the
Ridhima was in the kitchen.. making
seets for kids… elders are working
but kids are disturbing them … so to
clam them and make busy Ananya told
Ridhima to send then in lawn for play
and then make something sweet and
give them to have …. They will be
busy for long time....As most of the
servants were busy to finish
tomorrow’s preparation so she was
working alone in kitchen ….
Ar: mumma..Mumma…
[ Armaan walked in calling Ananya and
stood on doorway to see Ridhima
then noticed only she was alone in
the kitchen and then She was
standing on a stool to bring out
Sugar pot from top pantry –
counter.. Ridhima looked at him once
the continued her work and replied
from there]
Ri : She is out house …
Armaan wasn’t expecting her to reply
him.. He was about to turn and
leave then saw Ridhima swayed once
but before to fall she clung counter
handle… Armaan unconsciously
extended his hand to catch her and
sound didn’t come out ..He got
angry to see her again working like
that and alone .. He strode to her ..
Armaan [ looking up- gnashed teeth
and spoke up in full of fury tone ] :
where the hell your damn husband ?
couldn’t he help you ?
Ridhima [ looked down at him] :Don’t
you dare to talk anything about my
[Her voice as showing equal anger
..and to see this much
possessiveness of Ridhima for Atul
Armaan became mad.. Armaan lost his
sense….. Men are always men…
never could change their instinctive
characteristics ..Same rule for Armaan
applicable.. .. how much he tried to
cast himself in other aspect but his
persona will be same as expected….
Armaan holding Ridhima's waist at first
dropped her down and he, himself
climbed up on stool… Ridhima was
flummoxed but didn’t say anything…
Armaan brought out Sugar jar and
slammed it on kitchen counter
beside burner then tuned his gaze
to Ridhima when his eyes were full of
rage and his blood was boiling ]
Armaan [ gritted teeth- pointing finger
toward Ridhima ] : Show this attitude
to your husband and told him to
help you in need .. use this anger to
make him realize his responsibility
toward you [passing a black look he
walked off]
Ridhima : my husband has no time
for me !!! He is busy on his own
Ridhima replied in normal tone.. but
Armaan stopped then and there and
turned back to her… to decipher is
it her reply OR statement ..And If it
is then what does it mean . why Atul
has no time for her and if so then
why the hell She got married to him
..before Armaan could Ask any further
question Ridhima picked a bowl of
jelabi and walked out… leave a
bewildered Armaan
Armaan walked out when he regained
his present sense… Her one line was
haunting into his mind…. Atul should
thank to Goddess that he was not
there before Armaaan's eyes otherwise
that day would be his last day of
life…. Armaaan walked in his room.. he
need change .. need a cold bath …
to wash out all this thought.. He
didn’t want to think or interfere in
between them …. Because he didn’t
want anyone pointed finger toward
their relationship OR Ridhima's
integrity OR utter something wrong
which will hurt Ridhima's dignity-
honor- self-respect… He always took
care of these and will do henceforth
Armaan unpacked his luggage and to
put them into cupboard he opened
door absentmindedly … He was
about to bring out a hanger but
sight of something just stopped his
pulse …….. Ridhima's Sari, was
hanging on hanger… he was certain
these all her attire after checking
rest of stuffs…. Everything belongs to
her was here… and one side of
cupboard was vacant as if it’s for
Armaan when he will come use this
Armaan dropped his pressed & folded
shirt-pants on ground… Now Ridhima
‘s that line “my husband has no
time for me !!! He is busy on his own
life ” was hammering on his head…
If he stayed here for long without
solving this puzzle either his heart
will stop beating OR he will be
insane forever……… Armaan strode
downstairs … He was looking for her
everywhere… He scanned entire
living area, hall room , peeped in
kitchen , slammed guests rooms door
and peered in but she was
nowhere… Armaan then remembered
he has seen her to go out of the
house .. May be went to outhouse Or
lawn… Armaan rushed to main
entrance … He was about to bump
with a man … … But managed to
avoid ….
Office staff : Good afternoon Sir,,
[ Armaan has no mood to be greeted
by his good afternoon.. He just
started at him].. Sir this confidential
file for Mrs. Malik she asked for
it… [ staff offered file to Armaan]
Ar : for mumma ???
Armaan was surprised to know this as
Ananya was never involved with any
kind of office work then what it
could be … Armaan took the file and
looked at the name written on
it..Which simply took his BREATH
froze then and there AS DEATH AS
Staff : No Sir !! .. Mrs. Ridhima Armaan
Malik !!!

To be continue……………..

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