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One shot : Devil Played the Cupid

Ridhima found out the truth of armaan. She knows that her armaan never cheated on her. He always wanted to be there of his basket. But His injury made him leave her in that critical time when he was in need of her the most. She hates herself for ever believing in the words of her father. She hated herself for doubting her armaan who tried every possible way to be with her and protect her from every danger and hurt.

Ridhima decided to go in search of armaan to Panchgani to bring him back to give him his special gift his basket his reason to breath. Ridhima didn’t care for anything or anyone and decided to go on her own self when Sid follows her to see about her safety.

Ridhima and Sid reach Panchgani and found themselves heading towards a village nearby. Ridhima didn’t know but her intuition brought her to this village. When they reach the village few Goons tried to miss behave with ridhima but Sid tries to protect ridhima When few of the village people reach their and goons bug off and ridhima and Sid were asked to head with them…

There was some kind of festival going on in the village.
Mukhiya ji girl radha served water to both ridhima and Sid.
Ridhima have it with small smile.

Mukhiya – betiya aap koun ho.
Ridhima – ji vo mein Doctor hun. Dr.Ridhima.. ji mein yahan kisi ko dhundne aai thi…
Mukhiya – kisse dhund rahi hain aap betiya…
Ridhima – ji … vo ek min..
Ridhima took out a photo from her bag and showed it to Mukhiya.

Ridhima – ji aapne inhe kahin dekha hain …
Mukhiya – aap koun ho betiya.
Sid – arey aabhi toh bataya aapko Mukhiya ji ki ye ridhima hai aur mein Sid.

Mukhiya – aap inhe kasie jaante hain.
Mukhiya ji asked looking at ridhima while pointing towards the photo.
Sid – ji aap inhe jaante hain.
Sid ask about armaan.

Mukhiya – aap kaise jaanti hain inhe.
Sid – ji vo…
Ridhima cut him in between
Ridhima – ji ye mera bahut ache dost hain… aap jante hain Na ki ye kahan hain… please mujhe bataiye kahan hain ye

Mukhiya – maaf kariyaga betiya mein aapko nahi Bata sakta ki aapko doctor sahib kahan milenga….
Ridhima – please dekhiye mera unse milna bahut jaruri hain
Mukhiya- maaf kariyaga betiya par hum mazboor hain.

Sid – please Mukhiya ji Bata di jiye..
Mukhiya – mein nahi Bata sakta beta.
Sid – aap jante hain ki ye kitni dor se aapne dost ko dhundte hua aai hain…
Mukhiya – par beta
Sid – Mukhiya ji aap jante hain ki aapke doctor sahib kis halat mein hain…
Mukhiya – ji mein jaanta hun bet bahut ache se janta hun…. Par beta mein nahi Bata sakta..

Ridhima – kyun nahi Bata sakte hain aap humein ki armaan kahan hai.
Mukhiya – doctor sahib ne humein kasam di thi betiya aapki.
Ridhima – Meri.
Mukhiya – ji…. Aapki kasam di thi ki mein agar kabhi Kisi KO unke baar mein bataya toh…

Ridhima – meri kasam kaise...  Aap mujhe jante hain…
Mukhiya – ji aapki bahut saari tasvir hain doctor sahib ke ghar mein. Charo deewaron par aapki hi tasvir hain betiya. Unhi se doctor sahib baatein karte rahte hain Jaise maano aap hi wahan ho unke sath... aapne saare din ki baatein aapki tasviron ko batatein hain ….
Bahut pyaar karte hain aapko doctor sahib….

Ridhima have tears in her eyes listening to Mukhiya.
Sid – aap jante hain aapke doctor sahib ko Sirf ye hi theek kar sakti hain...
Mukhiya – betiya please hum se aisa anarth Na karaiye… hum ne aapki kasam khai hain betiya humse aisa anarth Na kariye.. Humein acha nahi lag agar hamare kasam ke karan aapko kuch hua toh…

Ridhima – mera maarna toh waise hi nishchit(decided)  hain Mukhiya ji….. aapke doctor sahib ne toh mera khayl rakh kar aapna pyaar nibha diya par mein aapna pyaar Shayad nahi nibha pai jab usse meri sab se jayada zarurat thi mein uske saath nahi thi….
Ya toh aapko diya hua wachan tooth kar mein usse mil kar marungi
Ya phir
Usse bina mile hi aapne aapko khatam kar lungi mein …..
Aapne doctor sahib se keha Dena Mukhiya ji ki yaa toh vo aapna wachan wapas le kar mujhe aapne sath le jaye warna kal subhe meri arthi koo kandha dena aa jaye vo… aapne doctor ko keh dena Mukhiya ji uski ridhima ya toh uske sath rahegi warna is duniya mein nahi rahegi.
Mein chalti hun Mukhiya ji bus mera sandesh aapne doctor ko de dena ….

Mukhiya – betiya aap Yahin rukh jaiye is waqt akele kahan jayengi.
Ridhima – meri chinta mat kariya Mukhiya ji mein aapna khayl rakh lungi.
Mukhiya – betiya aaj rukh jaye…. Hum aapko ye nahi Bata sakte ki doctor sahib hain kahan par itna bolenga ki aaj rukh jaiye Shayad kal ki subhe aapke jindagi mein ek nai kiran le kar aaye….

Sid – ridhima itni dur aai ho toh rukh jao na..
Ridhima wasn’t hearing what Sid said but she was thinking over what Mukhiya ji have said and she getting the hidden meaning behind his words got what the old man wanted to say….

Ridhima – ji theek hain…..
Mukhiya – JA radha didi KO aapne sath le JA tum dono ek sath so Jana…
Radha – ji babu ji…
Radha – Rohit…..
A boy younger then Radha came there…
Radha – JA Rohit bhaiya KO aapne sath le JA… aapne kamre men araam karne de bhaiya ji KO…
Rohit – ji didi….

Radha – chalo didi…
Ridhima nodded and followed radha….

It was Night time.

All were sleeping peacefully in Mukhiya ji House...
Ridhima was standing in the open area beside Radha’s Room and was looking at moon….

Seeing her and armaan in the moon face romancing and hugging each other.

Suddenly a very light tune came floating in the air gaining Ridhima’s attention.
This is the song. Song of her love. Song that armaan for the first ever time sang for ridhima when he realized his love for her.  This is the song that every time played in their heart whenever they came close to each other. This song has a deep meaning that brings a life in her dead soul.

Ridhima closed her eyes for a moment and heard the song feeling it in her soul in her heart.
When Suddenly She opened her eyes realizing the gravity of the things around her.

She instantly remember the Mukhiya ji’s words
“Aaj rukh jaiye Shayad kal ki subhe aapke jindagi mein ek nai kiran le kar aaye “

Ridhima – Does that mean ki ye song….  “ARMAAN “

And within a second ridhima was running towards the door of the house to follow the tune floating in the air.
Sid who has come out of the room to drink water saw ridhima running out of the house he tried to stop her but she was already out of the house. Sid felt the urgency of time and followed ridhima.

Ridhima was running without thinking of the climate and the area. She never noticed that she was getting soaked but the Snow falling over her head and making her tremble in windy night. All she would think of right at that moment was of her armaan was near her.

Sid was following behind ridhima but he was having little difficulty to cop up with her speed due to winds and snow falling. But he tried his best be with ridhima.

Sid – ridhima….  Ridhima rukho….
Rukh jao ridhima…. Ridhima…. Riddhima……
Sid kept calling ridhima but she never stopped.

Soon ridhima found herself standing in front of the house. And she with all nervousness and excitement open the door and call out for armaan…
Ridhima – Armaan … Armaan kahan ho tum… Armaan dekho Tumhari basket aa gai…  Armaan…
But he was not around...
Soon ridhima was lost in the house looking at her photos hanging on each and every direction on the wall covering full room with her images. There is no single frame of any other person not even his frame.
Then her eyes fall on the Gift that armaan once gifted them to ridhima on special occasions as the token of His pure and unconditional love…

Ridhima’s emotions got better on her. She went towards where those gifts placed. Taking them in her hand ridhima feel those against her skin then after sometime hugged them Close to her heart. Then getting grip on her ridhima wore on the jewels. Payal kangan and also a ring that armaan have given her while they were with the minister’s daughter during shoot out.  Ridhima was gone mad searching for the same ring when she came around after that attack and was acknowledge from Shashank that armaan left. She never believed it always tried to search for him but then it didn’t prove Fruitful. So the last thing that ridhima wanted then was to keep the token of their love with her that was the ring but alas she never found it then but know she knew why she wasn’t able to find it back then.

But as they say happiness doesn’t stay for long an evil eye is always eye the person with happiness to destroy the moment of the life and happiness. And same happened. Soon ridhima felt week and felt darkness in front of her eyes leading ridhima to fall unconscious on the floor with shivering lips and body due to cold floor and wet cloths.

Her eyes were opening a little she tried her best to keep her eyes lashes wide open soon she was armaan entering in the room and looking little shocked to ridhima who was on the floor.
A little slit formed of her eyes due to half opened eyes in sub conscious state.
After ages she saw armaan... Her armaan. Her life….
All she wanted right now was to run in his arms. To hug him. To love him madly. To slender herself to him and his love. But was she able to do so. No… A big NO…..

Her body is not supporting her any of the moment while her mind was screaming at her body for not responding to her brain and heart. She was having a battle with in her where her body was left alone to face both heart and mind bitching about her own body for not able to react to any of them.

But her inner fights and bitching came to a small halt... Only to Halt Not to stop…
She felt as heavenly after ages as armaan carried ridhima from floor towards bed in his arms. She felt armaan’s’ heartbeat against her skin she wanted to encircle her arms around him and to never let him go away from her ever. But what happened next make her heartbeat to make a halt all she wanted was to and not to let him lay her on the bed and move away. But now when her own body is ditching he r.

Soon she felt armaan sit beside her on the floor on his knees while catching hold of her hands in his hands and spoking to her… She wasn’t able to hear any of his words but her heart knew what he will be speaking.

Armaan – Basket…
just one word from him made his eyes moist. The realization and feel of her hand between his after ages was breaking him into pieces...

Armaan – basket… Kyun aai ho tum yahan…. Mein janta hun ki tum aapne papa se lad kar aai ho… par meri ridhima toh aise nahi thi na… vo toh aapne papa se aapne armaan se bhi jayada pyaar karti thi Na …. Toh aaj meri basket aise kaise kar sakti hain…. Basket mein ne hi mana kiya tha Dr.Shashank ko kuch bhi batane ke liya… Mein mentally stable nahi rahenga ridhima… Bahut jald ek immature bacha ban jaunga… aur mein tumhe dukh nahi dena chahata. Mera rahte tum kabhi ag nahi bhadti toh mera ko jana pada basket.. Mera pyaar khud-Gaarj nahi tha …. Nahi tha mera pyaar Khud-garj Mein toh tumse jindagi ke baad bhi pyaar karna chahata hun basket.. Par mein tumhe dukh nahi de sakta basket… Please apne armaan ko maaf kar do basket apne armaan ko maaf kar do….  Par muhe jana hoga basket please apne armaan ko bhulna nahi , nahi toh tumhara armaan saanse lena bhul jayega… I love u basket and hamesha karta rahenga…. Par aab mujhe jana hoga…
A tear fall on Ridhima’s hand.

Armaan’s gaze fall on the ring Kangan and Payal ridhima wearing…
Armaan took off the payal keeping it in his pocket armaan took off the kangan too and put them in his pocket near his heart. He was about took off the ring too but something stir in his heart and he never took of the ring and went away after tucking a blanket over ridhima seeing the climate armaan tucked 2 blankets over ridhima knowing that she is too much prone to cold. Ridhima was so badly breaking inside seeing armaan leaving.

After a moment of armaan’s exit Sid came into the frame…
And seeing ridhima tucked in the bed nicely and still she was shivering. Sid called out her name while patting her cheeks. In response Sid just heard ridhima calling out for armaan…

Sid ran out of the room and looked around. Due to the snowfall he didn’t have clear view of armaan. But From his physic he knows it was armaan walking away… Sid soon light the fire in the fireplace in the room and then ran after armaan closing the door behind so that room would get little warmer for ridhima.

Sid ran faster to catch hold of armaan who was walking away from his ridhima… Sid didn’t know the reason of armaan’s running away from ridhima. All he knew was that ridhima have putted her relations at stake for this man…. Leave alone the relation she have put her life at stake for meeting him and here he is being such a jerk running away from her without caring of her condition…

Soon Sid caught hold of armaan and when armaan turned around Sid slap armaan hard on his face…
Shocking armaan…. But when armaan Regain his sense he tried to punch Sid hard on his face but Sid hold his hand in his hold and spoke angrily to armaan.
Sid – Kaise insaan ho tum armaan.
Armaan – kya matlab hain tumhara... Aur tum hote koun ho mera se aisa baat karne wale…
Sid – mein insaniyat ke naate tumse aise baat kar raha hun ….
Armaan – kya chahate ho tum,…
Sid – mera chahne Na chahane se kya hota hain armaan. Jiske chahat se tumhe farak padhna chaiye usse toh marne ke liya chod aaye tum wahan…
Armaan – kya matlab hain tumhara….
Armaan asked scared
Sid – vo hi jo tum soch rahe ho… wahan ridhima ki halat bigadti ja rahi hain aur tum ho ki yahan se bhag rahe ho. Kayaron ki tarah….

Armaan – kya hua hain ridhima ko ….
Sid – tum khud hi dekh lo… mar rahi hain aapne armaan ke bina.
 Armaan ran back towards the cottage where he left ridhima.

Reaching there armaan was shocked to see that ridhima is shivering badly in between the layers of quilt.
Armaan panicked and ran towards ridhima tapping her face armaan tried to bring ridhima to senses.
But in between ridhima just mummer armaan’s name and felt unconscious again shivering more badly.

Sid kept his hand over armaan’s shoulder to make him see towards himself.
Armaan turn his face back to see Sid with blur vision with tears restricting his view.
Sid – armaan ridhima ko Tumhari jarurat hain …
Armaan – par mein… mein kaise…. Ridhima…. Basket…..
Sid – armaan I guess u know everything as a doctor as a human and as her love u know what u have to do… ridhima tumhari hain aur tumhari responsibility bhi hain …. Mein ja raha hun aab tum sambhalo apni ridhima ko ….

Sid went away giving armaan ridhima their time and love back.
Armaan look here and there saw the fire is already set on to make the surroundings hot but nothing helping ridhima. Armaan kept his hand on ridhima’s forehead which instantly was caught by ridhima’s hand.

Armaan knew that now he have only one solution to keep ridhima alive but what he can do he can’t take ridhima in his arms without her permission without her concern he can’t take her to himself. He loved her heart nature and cute nose that flicker with every passing second but he was never behind her body.
He do hug her he do kiss her forehead but there was never even a bit of physical need.

Armaan was so confused that he can’t break ridhima’s trust in this matter.
Armaan pick ridhima’s phone lying nearby and dialed a number.

Phone Conversation
Armaan – hello….!!
Voice – hello koun…..
Armaan – atul mein armaan bol raha hun …. Yaar mein bahut badi muskil mein hun help kar de…
Atul – armaan…. Kaisa hain bhai…
Armaan – atul yahan ridhima bahut jayada kaap rahi hain… bahut jayada tabiyat kharab ho rahi hain uski… Pulse drop ho rahi hain and breath mein bhi difficulty ho rahi hain usse, Mein ne as pass sab try kara.. fire kambal sab par kuch nahi ho raha hain… mein kya karun atul… mein basket ko nahi Kho sakta… bol Na atul….
Atul – armaan tu janta hain tujhe kya karna hain…
Armaan – par atul ridhima…
Atul – tujhe sab pata hain armaan bus ab ridhima ko bacha le armaan…
Armaan – hmmm…..

Armaan cut the call then locked the door of the cottage.
Armaan came back towards ridhima and took her in his arms placing her near fire place.

Armaan – I am sorry basket… mujhe maaf kar dena…
Armaan took off his vest and he too lay beside ridhima then pulled her towards himself.
Ridhima was still shivering even when armaan was bare chested giving his body warmth to ridhima rubbing her back and arms to keep her warm. Armaan was left with no other option but to pull the wet Saree off ridhima. Ridhima was getting under control with warm settling inside her but again there were some more barriers that cause ridhima to shiver. Armaan was totally in guilt of doing such a thing with his ridhima his basket without her concern.

Armaan looked around only to find some hanky lying around
Armaan picked that hanky up and tied it on his eyes before removing all the barriers between them to keep her warm.

Next Morning

Ridhima open her eyes with little pain in her body due to weakness.
Ridhima when woke up found something very soft yet strong below her head. She raise her head little up to see where she is lying.

Next moment she came face to face with armaan. He was lying below her. She was lying on top of him. But why the hell his gorgeous eyes are hidden behind that stupid hanky. Ridhima moved her hand caressing his face ridhima’s eyes filled with tears to see her love after such a long time in front of her eyes. Ridhima moved down from armaan’s body when she felt something rub directly against her skin.
Ridhima looked down in the quilt and was shocked to see her in this state she was laying without her cloths in armaan’s arm on top of him.

Ridhima’s tear fall over armaan’s face causing armaan to wake up instantly.
Armaan woke up with ridhima’s tear on his cheek and his own tears appears in his eyes behind the hanky. Armaan panicked when he felt ridhima not close to him.
Armaan – rid… ridhima… bas…. Basket…
Armaan got no reply so he moved his hands around without removing the cloth off his eyes.
Still he didn’t have hold over ridhima but he can sense ridhima near only.
Armaan moved more hastily nearby wanting to get ridhima’s touch to know her emotions.

Crawling 2 steps in left side armaan felt ridhima’s hand lying on the ground.
Armaan took hold of her hand in hast in his own hands and settle there only.
Armaan – bask... Basket…. Basket… armaan took hold of her shoulder without touching her in other way and shakes her.
Armaan – basket kuch toh bolo…. Basket…
Ridhima looked at armaan still lost in herself saw him with cloth on his eyes still.
Armaan – basket please kuch bolo bhi…. Mein ye sab nahi karna chahata tha basket mera Vishwas karo…. Mein aisa kuch nahi kar sakta tha…par mein tumhe marte hua bhi nahi dekh sakta tha basket…
Basket kuch toh bolo… mein mar jaungi basket agar Tumhari nazron mein gira toh kaise khud se nazar milaunga… mein mar jaunga basket… kuch toh bolo…. Basket….

Armaan was crying speaking all his fear out shaking ridhima to bring her out of her thoughts.
He was himself badly shaken up inside sensing ridhima’s silence all around that was piercing him like anything.

Armaan – basket….
Armaan whispered last word and dropped his head on the floor. Hitting his head on the floor knowing he had lost all the trust love and respect for himself from ridhima.

Armaan – mein mar jaungi basket….. Mar jaunga….
Ridhima – armaan...
Armaan heard ridhima calling him out.
Armaan lift his face.
Armaan – basket... Mujhe maaf kar do… mein… basket mein….
Ridhima looked at armaan crying badly out of his guilt which may or may not be right on his part. She cupped his face in her palm.
Ridhima – armaan ….. Shh….
Ridhima tried to remove the cloth of his eyes but armaan stopped.
Armaan – nahi ridhima… please
Ridhima pulled armaan towards her and hugged him. Armaan was first not able to know anything as he was lost in his deep down guilt for breaking ridhima’s trust. But when ridhima keep caressing his back with her hand armaan was little relaxed but still sobbing in her arms.

Ridhima – armaan….
Armaan – mujhe maaf kar do ridhima… mein….
Ridhima pushed armaan back a little away from herself.
Armaan again got panicked.
Armaan – ridhima… mein …
Ridhima put her fingure on his lips.
Ridhima – armaan… mein jaanti hun tum kabhi bhi aisa kuch nahi karogey jis se mein hurt hun… mein janti hun kuch aisa jarur hoga jiske rahte tumhe ye step lena pada.. Please armaan guilt maat feel karo…
Armaan – par basket mein… mein ne tumse bina puche vo sab…
Ridhima – armaan jis din mein ne tumse apne pyaar ka izhar kiya tha usi din apni jindagi tumhare naam kar di thi. Aur phir hamari sagai ke din apne aapko bhi tumhare hawal kar bethi thi mein.

Armaan – ridhima mein aisa kuch nahi karna chahata tha…
Ridhima – mein jaanti hun armaan… mera armaan aisa kuch nahi kar sakta.
Armaan – mujhe maaf kar do ridhima…
Ridhima – armaan….
Armaan – maaf kar do mujhe…
Ridhima – armaan...Shhh…

Ridhima again hugged armaan. And rocked his like a mother rock her child who is very much afraid from something seeking her love and care.
Now armaan wasn’t crying but neither he was okay.
Ridhima tried to remove the cloth of his eyes again, he again restrict ridhima from doing that.
Armaan – basket vo tum… pehle… vo…
Ridhima – jante ho armaan …. Tumhare liya mera pyaar, ijat (respect) and abhiman aur bhad gaya hain. Tumhari jagha koi aur hota toh pata nahi kya hota. Par tum Shayad duniyan mein akele insaan ho jo kisi bhi situation ka fayeda nahi utha sakta…
I love you armaan.
Armaan preferred to stay silent for now.

After few Minutes

Ridhima armaan were sitting in each other arms all dressed and freshen up.
Both of them were silently sitting inside the cottage with armaan sitting resting his back on the wall with ridhima in between his legs leaving all her weight on armaan to handle her.

Ridhima - armaan…!!
Armaan – hmm…!!!
Ridhima – armaan tum kyun mujhe yun chod kar chale aaye yahan… tumhare mujhe par bharosa nahi tha ki mein tumhara khayal rakh sakti hun ki nahi …
Armaan – nahi ridhima aisi koi baat nahi hain… bharosa toh khud par nahi tha… jab pata chala ki mein apni mental state kho dunga aur aapne aas pass walo ko hurt karne lagunga toh mein yahan chala aaya. Kyun ki mein sapno mein bhi tumhe hurt karne ki nahi soch sakta basket…
Ridhima – ek baar bhi nahi socha ki kaise rahoge yahan….
Armaan – jine ke liya tum thi Na mera pass….
Armaan said pointing towards the wall filled with ridhima’s photos all around.
Armaan – aur phir hamara pyaar tha Na mera pass jine ke liya...
Ridhima – tumhare pass toh hamara pyaar tha par mera pass tumne vo bhi nahi choda.
Papa se bol Gaye ki mera se keh de ki mein apahij hun isliya tum mera sath jindagi nahi bita sakte the… kyun armaan.
Armaan – kya karta ridhima tumhe dukh mein nahi dekh sakta tha… aisa Na karta toh Shayad jindagi bhar tum mujhe dhundne mein nikal deti.
Ridhima – tum mera pyaar ko nahi samjhe aaj tak armaan..
Armaan mein tumse pyaar Karun ya nafrat karun par tum mera wajood ka hissa ban gaye ho…. Kuch bhi kar lun mera wajood meri jindagi baar sath chalega…
Armaan – I am sorry basket… par tumhe jaana padegi ridhima. Mein tumhe yahan nahi rahene de sakta meri condition bigadne lagega thode time mein.
Ridhima – I don’t care armaan. For now hum dono yahan se jayenga aur tumhare treatment ke liya best doctors ko contact karenga. Aur dekhna hamara pyaar Tumhari takat banega jo tumhe Tumhari illness se ladne ke liya takar dega. Mein takat banungi tumhari Na ki tumhari kamzori. Ye mera wada hain khud se ki mein aapne armaan ko puri tarah theek kar ke hi wapas le jaungi apne sath wapas Mumbai.

Hearing his sensitive fragile basket been such a strong headed women all of a sudden just to fight for their love he too got his strength to fight back with her, for her. They both hugged each other getting strength to be all strong in coming painful days.

“Love is just a not a happy time sharing, its sharing of pain suffering with smiling face to let the other person get going strongly fighting all sorrows to grab all the happiness at the end of tunnel”


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