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One shot : Our sunshine

    Saavi - Sunshine

“Saavi baby why are you crying” ridhima asked seeing her baby girl making a crying face. “Da…daa….” Ridhima pouted hearing the broken words of her little girl who was looking at her mom wanting her to understand her half spoken words simultaneously pointing her little hand towards the door of the house.

“Aww my baby… aap bus dadda se hi pyaar karte ho… mumma se pyaar nahi karti Saavi” ridhima spoke pouting more to which Saavi looked at her mumma with the crying expression just disappear from her face. Looking at her mumma’s face with innocent face.
Patting her hand on ridhima’s cheek Saavi spoke “maa…. Daa.. dho…maa” ridhima smiled widely getting the meaning of her baby’s half spoken words.

“Armaan ke bina bilkul nahi reh pati hain Saavi… itna pyaar karti hain apne dadda se.” said padma from behind. “Haan maa. Bahut pyaar karti Hain ye armaan se aur armaan bhi bahut pyaar karta hain apni baby se” ridhima spoke still playing with naina.
“Hain na baby aap dadda se bahut pyaar karte hona” shying away with ridhima’s word Saavi hugged her mumma as if she understood her mother’s word and is shy to accept her love. Ridhima laughed at her little ethics “Aww my baby is shy” baby moved back in her mother’s arm looking at her.   Tapping her cheek she moved towards her mother face to give a wet kiss to her mother. Moving back again she Saavi said with her one hand still tapping ridhima’s cheeks “maa….daaa”
“Acha ji toh ye aap mujhe rishwat de rahi thi dadda ke pass jane ke liya. Aur mujhe laga meri Saavi mujhse pyaar karti hai.. par Saavi ko toh bus dadda hi chaiye mumma nahi.” Ridhima faked sadness seeing which Saavi too made a crying face thinking she hurt her mumma. Kissing her mumma cheek once again she hugged her mumma.
In a mean while the doorbell rang. Before anyone can open the door Saavi looked towards the gate and clapped her hands saying “daaa….aaa” and when Padma open the door it was armaan only on the door. Seeing him Saavi was over enthusiastic “daa” jumping in her mother’s arms so ridhima left her on the floor free to move on her own. Saavi raced herself towards her dadda while crawling as soon as she was near him armaan picked her up swiftly he throw her up in air and caught her again when she descended down making her giggle loudly. It was her favorite thing to have when her dadda came back from his work. “How is my sunshine… kya kya kiya meri sunshine ne… Mumma ko tang toh nahi kiya na.” armaan asked hugging Saavi. Moving inside he hugged ridhima kissing her forehead settling down on couch he made Saavi sit on his laps facing him. “aaj Saavi ne dadda ko bahut miss kiya… Saavi roi bhi dadda ko Miss Karte Hua” ridhima said in baby voice as if giving voice to Saavi’s feeling. “Aww. My baby. I am sorry dadda ko kaam that oh dadda ko Jana padha. Par dadda promise karte Hain dadda time pe ghar wapas aayenga”
Saavi who was looking at her dadda bend her head down and hugged him around his tummy. Armaan smiled at his baby ethic caressing her head he placed a kiss on the top of her head.
 “Saavi aapne dadda se jyada pyaar karti hain” armaan spoke while playing with Saavi who was holding her fluffy soft toy in her hand looked at her dadda with so innocent eyes she was about to pass a wide smile to her dadda when she look at her mumma who enter just in time saying “Ji nahi Saavi apni mumma se jayada pyaar karti hain.” Saavi looked at her mumma then looked back to see her dadda. Who was for sure frowning but having cute expression on his face.
Armaan resort back seeing ridhima walking up to them while sitting on the bed from other side. “Ye aapki Galat fami hain Mrs. Malik Saavi apne dadda ko pyaar karti Hain sab se Jayda.” Armaan proudly said paying his full attention to saavi playing with her while ridhima too started playing with her baby along armaan “Galat fami toh aapko hain Mr. Malik Saavi apni mumma se hi pyaar karti Hain apne dadda se jayada”
“Ye Kya baat hui. Tum se kyun pyaar karegi sunshine jayada, aapne dadda se karegi sunshine sab se Jayda pyaar” armaan declared while saavi keep looking from her father to her mother who were fighting, with cuteness too much reflecting from her eyes. “That’s because Mr. Malik sunshine mera saath tum se jayada rahi hain 9 months.” And that give armaan a trick to roll her words back to her “Haan toh vo tumse 9 months tak pyaar kar rahi thi aab sunshine ke dadda hain toh aab sunshine apne dadda ko hi Jayda pyaar karti hain”
“Armaan I am telling Saavi love her mamma more” ridhima said as if fixing the topic once and for all but she was in front of armaan “And I am also saying Saavi love her dadda more”
“Saavi love her mumma”
“Saavi love her dadda”
“Saavi love her mumma”
“Saavi love her dadda”
And Saavi the poor innocent girl who was playing with her toy happily while back still have toy in her hand but all her attention was on her mumma and dadda looking at them from one side to other. She can’t speak to silent them moreover she was hearing only 2 words common in both her mumma and dadda’s saying was Saavi and love. So concluding things in her adolescent brain she spoke out in broken words “saa… lub saa…”

Armaan and ridhima who were fighting with themselves look at their baby and then looking for a second at each other they look back at their sunshine. And the little girl got scared thinking she said something wrong or did something wrong in speaking in between her parents that they stopped and looking at her in silence she was about to cry when both armaan and ridhima smiled. Picking Saavi in his arms armaan settle back with back resting on the bedpost and ridhima moved closed to the duo while the small tear that came in Saavi eyes drop down as she blinked her eyes looking at her parents.
“Aww my baby got scared” armaan said and as if understanding it Saavi rested her head on her dadda tummy while looking at her mumma’s side. Ridhima bend down and kissed her baby girl ever so delicately. “My baby is loved more by herself.” Ridhima asked baby girl and she rubbed her hand on her eyes looking at ridhima while moving her head up and down as if she was replying after understanding her mumma’s words. Ridhima laughed at her adolescence. Armaan too joined them and then trio have a bit of family time while armaan and ridhima was pampering Saavi more giving her all the reasons to smile all the time.

Getting tired of playing with her parents Saavi yawn with wide open mouth eyes shut with her little palm hit her head from backside on her head. Ridhima picked her up in her arms and patting her to sleep with soft Lori murmuring in her ears making her fall in smiling sleepy land. A while later she put her down in the center of the bed. Armaan who was sitting checking his mobile saw his little Sunshine smiling in her sleep and ridhima admiring her still patting lightly on her baby tummy.
Armaan kept his phone aside bend down and blow light air on Saavi’s Face. She frown in her sleep for the first time and ridhima lightly hit armaan on his shoulder “Kyun pareshan kar rahe ho use. Sone Do na. Uth gait oh royegi phir” but armaan is ARMAAN MALIK so how can he hear anyone.
He did it again so ridhima to repeat her action as armaan did. This time armaan spoke up “Kya yaar basket dekho Na… See she is making such an adorable face.” Armaan blow air light again on Saavi Face. Ridhima as told by armaan saw Saavi Reaction. Saavi when felt air on her face she rubbed her little hand on her cute little nose making her parents go into Aww adoration mode. This time ridhima too tried blowing air and that little baby was rubbing her nose once again.

Later when in sleep she got tiered rubbing her little nose she woke up making a cry face all ready to cry out her lungs but before her voice came out armaan scoop her in his arms. “Aww My Baby mumma ne tang kara meri sunshine ko….. Koi nahi hum Mumma ki haap kar denga”

Ridhima was having Aww expression on her face seeing armaan loving their kid with so much care but her expression changed to be left stunt hearing armaan putting all the blame on her shoulder without looking at himself. It was he who started all this and he put her in blame light. “Jhooteeee Sharam nahi aati choti si bachi ke samne jhoot bol rahe ho.”

Armaan was swaying their sunshine in his arms back to sleep saw her closing her eyes moving back to sleep so when he heard ridhima speaking he signaled her to shhsh as Saavi was moving to her sleeping mode once again. Ridhima made tedha medha face at armaan babbling things to herself but later smile when armaan’s voice hit her ears drum. He was singing same Lori that Ridhima sing to their baby girl to make her fall asleep.


Ridhima was in the kitchen with Saavi Sitting beside her on babysitting chair cooking something special when armaan came back from work and directly went to kitchen keeping his keys away. Entering inside he hugged ridhima from behind making ridhima smile and relax in his arms for a while. Saavi who was playing with her toy left it and kept looking at her dadda wanting to gain his attention all to herself. When she didn’t gain it she through her toy with full force towards her dadda making hump-ing sound so that her dadda how have conveniently forgot about her will look at her.  She can be a very possessive daughter at times wanting all her parents’ attention on herself.

Armaan looked at Saavi with surprise, she is sitting in the kitchen too playing in her babysitting chair earlier but know she was having little tear in her eyes without crying sound coming from her mouth, seeing her dadda wasn’t looking at her before. Armaan instantly moved towards Saavi trying take her out of her baby chair but Saavi with little tears try to hupp her dadda trying to show case her anger to him. Armaan tried once again but again was hupped by his little sunshine. Armaan turn around to act as is he is going away leaving his baby behind and that triggered Saavi to cry more. Armaan when heard her cry this time with voice to turn back towards her without another though and picked her up cuddling his sunshine in his arms so close to his heart cursing himself for making his baby cry.
“Aww My baby missed dadda so much” armaan asked making Saavi Take her head off his shoulder so he can have a look at her face her looking at her face wiping her tears away. Saavi again hugged her father back moving her little arms around his neck with nose rubbed on dadda shoulder on his shirt.
Ridhima who was looking at them leaving her work turning off the gas hit armaan lightly on his arm chiding him for making their baby cry. Saavi saw this and instantly taking her dadda’s side trying to protect her dadda from her mamma she hupped ridhima for hitting her dadda.
Ridhima’s eyes were wide open seeing her daughter action while armaan smile brightly seeing his little sunshine taking his side hupp-ing her mamma away for hitting her dadda dearest. Grinningly at this armaan showed his tongue to ridhima teasing her “Dekha my baby love her dadda more than her mamma.” And with that teasingly armaan hit ridhima’s arm playful “Meri Beti Hai Saavi” and as soon as his sentence got over he too was hit by little palm on his shoulder. Armaan looked shocked at Saavi who was looking at his face only then she extended her hands towards ridhima wanting to move in her arms. Ridhima burst out seeing armaan still standing with empty hands up and eyes wide open.

Ridhima kissed her baby girl then looking at armaan she asked “Toh aap kya keh rahe the Mr. Husband” armaan came out of his shocked state and both armaan ridhima burst out laughing.
“Hmm Toh hamari Saavi ke mamma dadda ki, Saavi ke ilawa koi hupp nahi kar sakta. Bus Hamari Saavi apne mamma dadda ki hupp kar sakti hain.” Ridhima asked nuzzling on her little face tinkling her. Armaan too moved very close to ridhima moving his one arm around ridhima’s waist and other on Saavi’s little head he kissed her on nose. Saavi looked at her parents who were smiling back at her and blushing at this she hide her face in her mamma’s shoulder. Backing up once she tried to look at her parents face and seeing same smiling face looking at her so she hide her face again.

One Night Ridhima wake up in the middle hours of the night as it was Saavi’s meal time. Wake up ridhima gave a look to the clock hanging on the wall in front of their bed, the hands of the clocks rest at 4 indicating it’s the 4am. Ridhima wondered that Saavi daily wakes up crying a bit for her meal by 3 or 3:30 max but now the time exceed then her regular time. Ridhima looked beside her to find Saavi laying between her and armaan with her legs on Armaan’s face and her head was near ridhima’s tummy. Ridhima smiled lightly at her baby girl. She picked her up lightly to correct her position and even to make her have her meal but when she touched her she felt Saavi’s skin having more warmth then the usual days.
Holding her careful ridhima laid her in her laps and then checked her forehead to check her temperature making her to move her hands back. Ridhima moved out from the bed taking Saavi in her arms she moved to the other side of the room to take out the Thermometer off the Medical Kit to check her body Temperature. Moving on her side she made Saavi lay on the bed with pillow on the side of her so she don’t fall in her sleep ridhima move to wash thermometer before using it. She came back towards Saavi and put the instrument under Saavi’s Arm Pit to check. She can’t put it in her mouth as being such a small she can even bite on the thermometer so not risking it she was checking it that way.

After a minute she read the level of mercury indicating her fever is at 100 causing ridhima to panic. She without other thoughts in mind kept the thermometer as it is on the bed and left to go down for bringing cold water strip to be kept on her head. Armaan wake up with the sound of door that was caused behind ridhima’s exit from the room. He have a sleepy mind initially but when he caress Saavi’s head he too felt it hot when his eyes fell on the Thermometer beside Saavi. Reading the level he got up instantly from his Sleepy mind and moving down the bed her takes out the Medical Kit to find out a mild Fever Medicine that can be given to his sunshine. Taking the Water bottle kept beside him with the Glass her pour some water in the glass and then slipped the tablet in the glass trying to dissolve it in water. So he can make Saavi have medicine without waking her up. But the time her have dissolved the tablet ridhima too walked in with the bowl that was having ice water in it. Ridhima saw armaan having water and she knew that he might have taken out Saavi’s fever Medicine without the word more armaan tried to make Saavi have the Water Having Medicine while ridhima kept the wet strips on Saavi’s head.

Saavi was sleeping unaware of her own sickness. While armaan and ridhima both where hell worried for her. Ridhima keep changing the strips for an hour and the medicine given to her was also showing it effect on Saavi’s health. Her fever was coming down and it was back to normal once again. Armaan new ridhima had a long day earlier and now she was drained emotionally too. So without asking her to take rest he quietly goes to ridhima side as before Saavi was in middle and both her parents were looking after her. Moving Closed to Ridhima armaan sat beside her, they haven’t spoken even a word to each other all this while as both didn’t trust their voice and for now they need all their attention towards Their little baby girl so both were silently taking utter most care of their sunshine. But now when she is all okay armaan hugged ridhima lending her a shoulder to rest her worry on.

He kept caressing Ridhima’s head slowly-slowly making her fall in dreamy world. Thought she tried to fight with her heavy eye lid after all she is a mother then who can she fall asleep when her baby is ill. But armaan too was adamant to make her fall sleep thought it take him more than usual time to make her sleep with his cares in her hairs but in the end he was successful. When she was asleep in his arms sitting armaan made her lay on bed carefully not breaking her sleep. He knew being a most caring loving mother one can be ridhima will fight with all her sleep and tiredness to be with her baby to take care of her and her need even when she herself knew that she won’t need anything as their baby is sleeping.

After making ridhima sleep armaan moved to other side of the bed. Caressing his sunshine’s head with utter most love with small tear shining in his eyes. They say that father are stronger then mother but it not the same case when their kids fall sick. They are attached to their kids as much as the mothers are. If not all then surely armaan is one of such fathers. He pretends to be stronger and unaffected under the gaze of Ridhima but when he knows he can be week after her falling asleep so she doesn’t fall more week. And now was that time picking up Saavi in his arms he moved in the room rocking baby girl in his arms. Getting tiered of walking armaan settle on the rocking chair with Saavi in his arms covered in blanket securing her from cold night and when he fall asleep sitting on Chair he never knew.

Next Morning Saavi wake up early making baby voices causing ridhima’s sleep to run away. Looking beside her didn’t found either of Saavi or armaan. But then she heard Saavi’s chirpy voice from her side. Getting up from bed she moved towards the duo. Saavi who was trying to wake up her dadda with her baby sound to have some play time with her saw her mumma standing beside. Instantly she raised her hands towards ridhima indicating her mumma to take her up in her arms. Ridhima picked her up checking her forehead she left relaxing breath and Saavi who didn’t knew anything about the last night sickness due to her sleep was all chirpy now. So she too copied her mumma action putting her small palm on her mumma’s forehead Saavi too tried to breath as he mumma but her breadth was out from her mouth rather than her nose as ridhima’s and then she smiled at her own little success of copying her mumma dearest. Seeing her baby girl smiling ridhima kissed her forehead with all love. Saavi felt a kiss on her small legs with ridhima felt something touching her tummy so she and Saavi both looked down and saw armaan who have kissed Saavi’s little legs. Feeling Ticklish Saavi’s laughed making her parents admire her more without any tension as off last night.

What is parenting? 
Loving your kid! Caring for them…!! Or just fulfilling their needs with money…!!
It’s neither of that. Parenting is all about teaching your kids numerous things with every step of life with love and care and learning on who to deal with the situations your kids face. There isn’t any book that can teach you excellent parenting it’s your love and care for you kids that let you know what it is to be Parent and know what you parents goes though  at similar situations back those time when they were kids. Being a Parent means giving a part of you away and groom it with love and selfless Care. 
Parenting is a circumnavigating the globe without Map…. But always the express left being in this journey is “Oh What a Journey” 


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