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part 10 : Teri meri prem kahani


Armaan will be seeing shilpa

Shilpa:tume paka yaad nahi hain

Armaan:i dont know kon ho tum

Shilpa :ok i will not say until you get discharge

Armaan:kya dekho mujhe suspence bilkul pasand nahi hain

Shilpa:mein jaanti hoon

Armaan:tum jaanti ho?

Shilpa:hmm i know a lot about you armaan but i feel very sad that you dont remember me

Shilpa leaves the room

Armaan:akir kon hain yeh

In college

Everyone will be in the class

Teacher : atul
Atul:present sir


Armaan nahi hain kya

Rahul:vo usse accident hogai

Teacher:is it so oh my god he is a very good boy

Rahul:good boys ki value kahan mam aaj kal

Riddhima sees rahul

And riddhima feels very guilty


Teacher:anjali why are you shouting at him now

Rahul:truth tastes bitter mam

Atul:enough guys please

Muskhan: please dont make a issue rahul

Rahul:armaan ki jaan aup logon kileye issue nahi hain kya

Atul:rahul please

Rahul sits

Teacher:students stop your fighting what happen the best gang of college is fighting i cant believe my eyes

Sid see riddhima

Tears roll from her eyes

Teacher:shilpa malhotra

Sid:absent mam

Teacher :why sid

Sid:wo actually vo armaan ko

Everyone see him

Sid clear his throat

Sid:she is suffering from fever

Teacher: ok

Riddhima see sid

Sid smiles

Riddhima:anjali di mein aaj sid paas ja kar bet thi hoon

Gets up

And sit near sid

Riddhima:kya hua sid itni tension mein kyun ho

Sid:me and shilpa got to know a secret yesterday

Riddhima:kya secret

Sid:actually ridz armaan is our childhood friend


Sid:yes armaan and shilpa are so close to each other

Riddhima: is it so


Prof:sid and riddhima out


They both get out and sit in stone bench

Sid:actually jab shilpa was born humari maa margayi aur hamari papa bhi ek car accident mein mar gayi that time we were left alone that time not even a single relation came for our help that time bilvendra uncle is my papa's friend he took us ananya aunty took care of shilpa like her own child me and armaan are same age .not just now even when we were little we used to fight
And when i turned 12 and shilpa turned 11 our grandparents who stayed in america came and took us with them and armaan was really heartbroken to get separated from shilpa and shilpa was very angry on me and dada dadi for seperating armaan from her

And then after few year our grandparents too passed away

And when we came back to mumbai bilvendra uncle was not in the same house so me and shilpa stayed all alone completed our 12th and entered college

And jab armaan hospital mein thi tab meine uncle aur aunty ko dekha uss time i didnt think it was right time to say it so when we reached home i told shilpa and she remembered him
So she went to hospital to take care of him
Patha hain riddhima you guys are too lucky to have parents

I never knew how a fathers touch will be nor how a mother's love will be its so ahh

Tears fall from his eyes

Without even having second thought riddhima hugged sid

Riddhima cares his hair

Sid too hug her back
(Jo tu mera humdard hain .......)

Sid diggs his head in her neck

Riddhima keep on caring his hair

Sid slowly start kiss her neck

Riddhima gets shock by sid's action

When sid again sid kiss her ears

Riddhima pushes sid

Sid come back to his sense

Riddhima gets up and run away from there

Sid keep his hand on his head and sit on the stone bench

Sid:oh shit yeh meine kya kar diya

In hospital

(Armaan get discharge hence it was not very serious injury )

Shilpa helps ananya in packing things

Ananya leaves

Armaan catch shilpa's hand

Armaan:akir kon ho tum

Shilpa:ok ok i will say

Armaan:jaldi bolo


Armaan see her with a shock expression

Shilpa:you remember me now bunty

(Armaan gets to know all their childhood memories and how they got separated )

Tears roll from their eyes

Armaan drag and hug her


Shilpa:finally you remember my pet name

Armaan:i'm sorry choco's i should have scolded you like that what all i fight with you that stupid match and what ever i said you

Shilpa:its ok bunty you didnt do anything


Shilpa:bunty will you leave me

Armaan:why ?why should i ? I wont

Shilpa:hey armaan i cant breath you are holding me so tightly ouch

Armaan leave her

Both smile at each other
(Hayye rabba tu hi meri jaan
Tu hi meri manzil
Tere ishq mein Main kurubaan.....)

Shilpa:itni jaldi chodiya

Armaan:phir se should i hug you

Shilpa:nahi tu ja aur put your shirts on go

Armaan:choco's come here


Armaan:till now your are the first girl i hugged

Shilpa:zoot mat bolo playboy i know very about you tu kaise chameleon jaise rang badalthe rehethi hoon

Armaan:haan par teri favorite chameleon

Shilpa simply beats armaan

Shilpa:chal pagal javo

Armaan takes his shirt and tries to wear
But he cant

Shilpa:wait i will help you

(She helps him shilpa come in front and buttoning his shirts )

Armaan and shilpa were very close to each other

Armaan and shilpa see each other

(They feel something more than friendship )

Armaan touch her face and remove her hair which keeps on flying in her face

Shilpa close her eyes

(Tum paas aye
yu muskurayi .....)

The episode ends

How is it guys
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Guys once i finish this story and start my new ff pyar dosti hain aurr ek new ff which is going to be suspense

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