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Part 12 :Teri meri prem kahani

The episode start with armaan

Armaan enters malik mansion
Ananya do some rituals

armaan finally enters

Billy:mein bohot nervous thi beta kya mera beta iss ghar mein wapas ayega

Aub tum agayi
(Billy have tears in his eyes)

Armaan:come on dad sab kuch tik hain

Armaan console billy and goes to his room

A dog runs faster and starts licking him

Armaan:breezer arre yaar bas mujhe kuch nahi hua

He hugs him

Armaan:missed you lot baby
Breezer shouts and give a reply

Armaan:you know chocos right

Breezer wags his tail speedly

I saw her she is shilpa Malhotra
Bachpan mein kitni moti thi aub turned into sexy women

Armaan smiles

Armaan takes his mobile from the pocket

Armaan see shilpa ph no its will saves as shilpa the torture

He smiles and edit it
And changes into chocos

Aub yeh tik hain

She dont have my new number now
Let me call her and tease her

Armaan calls shilpa

Shilpa pics up the call

Shilpa:hello this it shilpa malhotra here

Armaan will remain silent

Shilpa:hello are you there

Armaan will again remain silent

Shilpa:tumari khamosh bhi mujhse baat karthi hain Mr Armaan Malik

Armaan gets shocked
(Asmani rang ho
Pyar ki bhoong ho....)

Armaan:oye hoye

Shilpa blushes

Armaan:you have dirty mind chocos why are you blushing

Shilpa:i'm not blushing

Armaan:hahahah arre haan tum tho bb match mein mujhse haar gayi na


Armaan:tu meri servant mein teri master tu mera doctor mein teri patient

Shilpa laughs

Shilpa see sid entering the house sadly

Shilpa:armaan i will call you later bhai bohot sad hain

Armaan :ok bye see you in college

Shilpa goes to sid room

Shilpa:kya hua bhaiya

Sid:kuch nahi hain princess

Shilpa :bhai mein achi taraf janthi hoon bolo kya hua hain

Sid says what he did


Sid:i know you are going to scold me now

Shilpa:pyar karthi hoon riddhima se

Sid:Nahi nahi aisa hain hain

Shilpa:sirf dosth


Shilpa:socho bhaiya ache se socho tumari mind se nahi dill se apni dill mein haath rako aur phir ache se socho
Tum jo bhi decision lelo mein tumari saath hamesha rahongi

Sid :tum itni achi kyun ho shilpa

Shilpa:i'm princess bhai not because my hubby is prince because my brother is a king

Sid hugs shilpa

Sid: shilpa why only bad things happen to you

Shilpa:chodo bhai tum kab riddhima ko bolne wale hoon

Sid:tum kab armaan ko apni dill ki bath bolne wale hoon

Shilpa:bhai tu pagal hain kya

Sid shows shilpa's dairy

Sid read
"Tu mera armaan hain" yeh tumne sirf dosth kileye write kiya hain shilpa

Tears roll from her eyes

Sid with tearly voice

Sid:kab se kar rahi hoon usse pyar

Shilpa:bachpan se

Sid:par tumne usse kyun nahi confess kiya

Shilpa:bohot dar gayi bhai shayad ussne mere propose reject kar liya tho uss ki friendship bhi toot jayengi
Bohot dar lag rahi hain

Shilpa leans on sid and shed tears

Sid keeps his hand on her head and consoles her
(Pyar hain ya
Saaza hain mere dill batha toot tha kyun nahi dard ka sinsila )

Malik mansion

Armaan takes all pics taken with riddhima and throws away

At morning

All gets ready and reaches collage

Armaan enters the collage

Rahul rushes to him

Rahul:kaise hain tum

Armaan:tik hoon rahul ek dam perfect

Rahul:thats great

Atul anjali muskhan and nikki reaches armaan

Atul hugs armaan
So tightly


Atul:arre yaat lagi tho nahi na

Armaan with a smile replies :nahi

Mushkhan and nikki talks with him

Anjali:tume patha nahi ridz kitni tension mein thi

Armaan:i'm sorry mujhe class jana hain

And moves away from there

Rahul:atleast leave him now for god sake anjali

Everyone leave
anjali:mein armaan ridz ki dill ko mila ke rahinge

Lunch time

Armaan searches for shilpa

And finds her with sid

Armaan :chocos

Shilpa:kya hain bunty

Armaan:come i will intro you to my friend

The episode end

Anjali:ridz know lot about armaan .ridz jaize koi nahi jo armaan ko janti hain

Riddhima:Anjali di will you stop it behave yourself please

(Shilpa come closer to anjali)

(with anger tone)

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