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part 21 : Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

On other side according to the orders of Clayton Haas the maltreating towards Armaan increased every week making his living vulnerable. Before it was only the Hanging and ice bed but now they have started giving him Electric shocks too. Armaan was all going into depression with repeated
martyrdom from everyone around him. He was like a lifeless body lying in the corner of the cell from where he only gets up from corner when authorities would lift him up to maltreat him with one or the other punishment. They would lift him from the corner to beat him up or for giving him shock after which they once again dump him in same corner. Where his fellow prisoner would beat him whenever he felt to take his frustration out.

Still he never agreed to them. Making their anger reach to heights causing the increment in his punishments once more. This time they all are also tiered of this violence that they need to do with him so they took out a new way to maltreat him. They looked lifted his lifeless body and dump him in a room where there is no proper light just a small light coming in or ventilation is also missing its presence from the room. Armaan lay in one spot only where they dump him when he felt something moving nearby but he wasn’t able to see it at first. But a minute later he realize that it was some retail moving and on closer look he saw it was a snake that was moving her and there. With the fear of it Armaan tried to call out for someone but no one heard him as the voice that came out from his throat was like a whisper and he have felt with no strength to even speak up after all the sufferings. With the fear he go stick to the one corner of the room trying to soak into the wall but as it was impossible too with even no help coming in he hugged his own leg near to his chest with flowing tears out of fear and all the pain and suffering he was facing from nearly and year now.

After being in that room for hours he was taken out and again thrown in his old cell. Other prisoner who used to beat him once again did beat him. Even the food for Armaan was cut down for one time in a day. With electric Shocks were still on but the ice bed was long gone with the hangings.

Clayton Came once again and ordered them to keep the dark room punishment on from him with the sock treatment and lesser food. Clayton was on his toe in torturing Armaan to bits he never allowed anyone else to be around Armaan except his assigned men with special security codes. One day when Armaan was given Electric shock Clayton was standing there only observing from distance. When he got a call from someone looking here and there to see if someone was there Clayton Pick up the call “Hello….” And we hear some mechanical voice

“What are you up too… we told you to make fast” Voice said. “I tried so much but what i am supposed to do when he isn’t read to agree with anything we say” Clayton defended himself to which voice said “Better make it fast… you are losing time Mr. Chief. Time is running out of your hand. Bring me the results” Clayton got an order once again to which he tried to reply “I am trying my best to do everything his torture are increasing daily but he isn’t opening up. I think u should let him go”

With anger voice said “Don’t tell me what to do and what not to, You do what I say and as till now you kept it to yourself be it like that only else you know what I am capable of doing with him” clayton got scared but said n strong tone “I am doing as you are saying since day I stepped into it. Now you need to keep waiting till he agree to all the charges”

“I have been waiting from months now. That man isn’t agreeing or you aren’t doing the needed things to make him agree. But the delay you are causing is now will make your family and friends step near their end” Voice claimed making Clayton loose his patience “You can do it… it’s been ages now that this young man without any fault is getting maltreated from us just because some calls that I am getting…” clayton said in frustration. To which he heard “Do try to mess with me i have already given you enough proof that these calls aren’t just some random call, you have already lost you friend Natalie Vasquez now I think you don’t want to lose others as well, you were too curious about it and was stepping into the area which didn’t lay in my comfort zone so chuck it off and keep doing as I say to keep people you loved alive to love you back”

Clayton was lost on words but heard a tone of call being cut out. When he turn back he was shocked to see his fellow mate standing just behind him with a face that give tension to him.
“What are you doing here…?” Clayton asked in normal tone as they are raised like this in Training period. The one standing behind looked at him with suspicion and observing tone “Nothing just thinking about this stunt that you are pulling off under the nose of everyone making thing around complex.”

Clayton tried to say something “No…. Don’t try to give a word a push from your mouth now.” She said to which Clayton said “Look Alex I can explain it”. But she japed up her from saying anything but her words. “Okay, if by ‘explain’ you mean lie again then no, I'm not going to do that. Instead, I'm going to figure out what you're up to and how it connects to this Case. Cause right now, you're a little too close and a little too crazy for my comfort and the Services of FBI. I'm warning them about you. That sound you hear? It's your career finally being flushed down the toilet.” Saying so Alex left the place

Clayton Tried to stop her but she never stopped. Clayton made a call to someone “Alex's about to bring charges against me. Please tell me you caught a break in this decryption process.” And he got a reply “Its highly secured one I am doing it but the difficulties of breaking it is high with numerous dynamic attacks with file is attached slowing the process” Clayton said “Make it fast Caleb I don’t think you will be able to get the burden of innocent life being destroyed” Talking to Caleb over the call he was walking when he came by the class of new recruits of FBI those were brought for real life example and challenges such was the day today.

When he reached there He heard the executive of the institute saying “I am tired of this. And you should be, too. You are being trained to carry a weapon, to respect the power of a gun, to understand that it is a privilege to be earned, not a right given to anyone who... Take the rest of the day off to process and recuperate. Remember why you're here, because though the horrible reality exists that there will be another Innocent people aimed in future and soon all of you will be able to do something about it.” That Made Clayton felt helpless more and more for being in clutches of some one that is doing only bad to the country Name.

But then he walked away from there into a cabin to do his needed work. He was on the call with someone Suddenly Alex Came into his cabin with a push opening and closing the door behind her saying “I'm staring at an insane person. That's the only logical explanation. Why are you doing all this Clayton? Ever since I have heard you talking on that call to who-so-ever it was, I tracked down all your month back activities and you have been doing much more that threatens the law enforcements. What are you up to Clayton, why are you fixing Mr. Malik for all those fake charges? The one FBI suspected found dead weeks back then what now.”

Clayton try to some clean towards Alex perspective “Look there's still a Person Faking all this out there, Alex, who's been forcing me to carry out a plot that seems to be targeting the Mr. Malik. They're threatening that they're going to kill all my friends if I don't follow through. They've already killed Natalie Vasquez. If you don't believe me, just try tracking her down. She's gone.”

Alex looked at him with irritation then said “Hand over your badge to me Clayton. Just do it... and your sidearm, as well. And go home, and don't leave town, and the next time you see me, it'll be with other agents by my side to haul your ass into prison. You have come clean all long even being all fishy since this case started as the records shows. You even made Natalie Break into our office with that bomb on her vest. And even stolen certain Classified Information which threatens the security of nation so now I am behind you, you are no more walking away clean imaged from my front.”

Clayton Look helpless but even then he tried to speak his mind out but Before he can do that Alex pushed him from shoulders a bit to go away from his cabin “Now Excuse me.”

…Shifting of Scene Back to India…

Everyone were on their respective place of work. Karan and Shubhankar were in office. Coming out a meeting cracking a deal with all difficulties just from last few months it was all very difficult for karan to crack deal with ease. Earlier companies he deal with offer them the project due to all their innovative and efficient ideas but all those ideas seems to vanish in thin air. But he never give up even then.

As karan was walking out he was a person walking into some cabin, Shubhankar was saying something but he never heard it with clear mind and walked away with his own numb mind. Walking into his cabin he rip off his court from his body keeping it on the chair behind while losing the tie he walked into attached washroom. Washing his face standing with support of the platform he stare his own reflection in mirror. When with the water from the wash flow down with tears accompanying them.

“I failed Armaan, I failed badly today. I am not able to save my own blood my own flesh from all those torture. I am helpless Armaan. I am not able to find a single way to help you out of this shit. I am not able to save you Armaan.  I am very useless father. For everyone I have achieved everything in my life but for me I have lost everything Armaan. After losing you I have lost everything. I can’t even think of what have been going through, how you are keeping, how they might be treating you. I am not able to imaging how you have been surviving all this without any of you fault. I Failed Armaan. A father failed in his duties for his son.”

*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* Flashback *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

That day I got a call which lead me to take my stepping foots back I was forced to do so. I have sent Shubhankar to apply for my visa so that I could reach you out as soon as possible. After Shubhankar left I got a call with private number which just spoke their words and warning but never stopped to hear me back. They have kept Shubhankar under their gun point aiming to kill him. I first thought it might be some prank but then they filled me with every single detail of him about what he was wearing, where he was and what he was doing. I got scared and tried to find outer way but never get my hands on something perfect that would save my both babies. I can’t reach you out putting my other baby on stack. I have to stay back for some time thinking it all will pass it never passed. Day I send him for visa later denying to apply, before that day only I got to know that keerti and Shubhankar were going to have baby. I would not put an unborn child through all this I mean I can make him orphan even before his birth. Due to all those threats I force Shubhankar to come and stay with us in Malik’s residency. Even warned your friends to stay off this as they were in danger too. I tried to learn who the one behind all this is but nothing helped, there was no one that can help me in either ways.

*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* Flashback Ends *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

I am helpless to save one son but I can’t loss other one with other family members as well. When I tried to secretly find way to help you son I was given a warning with a small accident of nandani which made me stop all my efforts. I am sorry soon I failed to be a good father you think me about me as. You use to put me as your god but I failed to be father even. Please forgive me Armaan… I failed... I failed totally.”

Shubhankar who was saying something to karan saw him walking away without paying attention to what he was saying sigh but left towards his cabin Losing the tie he sat on his chair opening a file he was reading the clause of some project. His eyes was even being on file wasn’t reading single word but it was staring into space.

*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* Flashback *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
That day I was going to apply for visa for papa… I was in my way when suddenly papa called me asking me to return back without stepping into the office even for once. I was shocked to hear him not wanting to apply for the approval of his visit to Mauritius. I tried to talk to him but he was not ready to listen to me even for a second so I thought to go back to home and talk to him. Asking what made him change his decision so suddenly. I was heading back to Malik residence when suddenly at some red light signal in my way some one step into my car from the back door. Putting the gun on my head he forced me to drive to some lonely place without showing any kind of smartness. I pulled to stop my car on his words when at the stopping he walked out of the car without word but left an envelope behind him. I was about to through that away but then something catch my attention causing me to open it. When I opened it my hands tremble reading the paper and seeing the photographs attached with it. Thoughts photography’s showed that Armaan was all the way behind ridhima. Since the first time they meet. It was having photography and manipulated documents, even more things that can prove Armaan guilty bringing him and his life to end. They all weren’t true he knew it... He knew his baby brother. He can’t do anything he have full faith in him. Before he could take any action recovering from the shock he got a call from private no. from it I heard something and call got disconnected not hearing me for once.

Voice said “I have send u a gift Mr. Rai keep that with you safe else you r brother will be dead by hands of FBI and that will be one of the hell ending to his life. I have send you the copies of everything. Try once to be smart and everything will be in hand of the FBI there. And one last thing Stop Applying for visa that will waste your money only as it will never get through for verification but will bounce back as rejected every single time. Dare you inform any one about this little talk and you will be as orphan once again as you were back in your infant age. This time your coming soon baby and your wife will be also in my list not just your parents.”

*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* Flashback Ends*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
“I was helpless Armaan… I tried to do something but every time they came to know about my actions. I was trying to find a way once again some days after but they warned me with a small accident of maa. I know you would always want maa to be save. Sorry I can’t put all life near me in danger. I am sorry buddy. Please forgive your brother once Armaan… I am not able to bring you back safe but I hope some angle in world will do that for you on your behalf. Please forgive me I won’t be able to lose everyone rather its better you…. I am sorry Armaan I am very greedy and pathetic brother one could ever get who think of himself only I am sorry Armaan. ”

…Shift in Scene to FBI agents…

Clayton and Caleb were sitting back into clayton’s apartment Provided to him both of them were staring at the phone knowing they will be receiving the call any moment now... but before that Caleb’s watch made the Ticking sound to which Caleb shifted his eyes from phone to the watch saying “Time's up. We got to warn everyone.”

Clayton spoke up in fear “They're all in danger now. Oh, my God. How Will we warn everyone?” but his thoughts break with sudden call to which picking it up he without listening anything started his numbering “If you have to hurt someone, it should be me. Not my friends. Me, you understand that?” but to his surprise he heard “Why would I do that? You did exactly what I asked. You're proving more useful than I imagined Clayton. I'll be in touch.”

“But, I...” Clayton tried to make his sentence with the volley of the words but before that call got disconnected and as soon as call ended the door of his apartment got knocked “Open up. It's Alex Parrish.”

Clayton and Caleb share a look before he moves to go and open the door for Alex. Getting the passage to walk inside Alex walked in leaving Clayton stand near the open door only, soon Clayton closed the door coming out of the surprise of her sudden visit saying “Look, Alex, I can explain.” He made a moved towards her.

But Alex spoke up not letting her explain “Okay, so after you left, I tried Natalie's cell. No response. I tried her ex-husband, called her family, No one's heard from her in days. It's as if she just disappeared. Okay, so I traced the e-mail that she sent asking for "emergency personal leave." It didn't come from her computer or her phone. It was bounced from a remote server... untraceable. There's no reason why Natalie would do something like that, which means she didn't do it, which means I had to consider it he horrible possibility that you, unstable, out-of-control, Paranoid Clayton Haas, FBI's least wanted... weren't lying, incorrect, or insane. You were simply telling the truth.” Clayton sigh hearing her with relaxation of a bit.

But the pause Alex took only let his breath in relaxation but next statement of her made him shocked “So I swapped the information’s, and now before I'm arrested and tried for treason alongside the two of you, will someone please tell me, did I just poison some information of the Authorities?” Hearing her not stop all this while talking nonstop in frustration of all her blabbering he shouted to bring her volume to mute “Oh, my God, Alex. Just shut up and stop talking! Are you ready?” Clayton said indicating her to be ready for

Making certain faces as if preparing herself Alex said “Um...Yeah, go ahead. It's your turn.”

…Back In Mumbai…

Both Karan and Shubhankar were threaten about the life of the ladies of the home. Nandani was about to face accident in front of Shubhankar eyes that broke his resolute to help armaan, while keerti was played upon in front of karan making him to step back in his way to help armaan. They never came to confront the other member of the family. Nandani keerti kept asking them about how they are helping armaan which only gain them a plain lie that can’t be detected. “Karan why don’t either you or Shubhankar go there and help out armaan to sort things and find ridhima out.” Asked nandani with emotional voice missing her son and her Daughter-in-law. “I have put men on work nandani what do you think I don’t love my son. Do you think I don’t care for my daughter ridhima? I love them as much as you do. Stop asking me same questions every day.” Replied karan in frustration of hearing same question every day making him feel guiltier on his own fate, he was facing many things that can’t be told to her which make him more and more helpless. Firstly he isn’t able to protect his son then he is unable to share his sorrow his guilt and his helplessness with anyone in front of anyone. He went away from there showing anger to her but it’s all helplessness inside that was breaking him inside. “I am helpless nandani. I am sorry for shouting on you. But it was not me but my helplessness, my broken self and my guilt getting a little was out of me for not able to help my son and daughter.”

Keerti who saw this was concern about all these ongoing issues that are breaking them all. She saw Shubhankar enter the house with few packages of daily needs. She saw him walking in his room she walked behind him in the room closing the door behind he waited for him to freshen up. Once he was done she asked him “Shubhankar can I ask you something” he gave her a nod while flipping some applications in his mobile. “Shubhankar is there something wrong going on in all these thing. I mean I have never seen papa this angry and outraged. I mean I know armaan and ridhima case made everyone tensed but I feel papa is hiding something. He is changed for something. He loved armaan and ridhima so much he was all did everything to go there and sort things few days back but suddenly he cut short all his efforts to nil. There is something can you please do something Shubhankar. I have already lost mom dad now I can’t loss ridhima too….” Shubhankar said “I am sorry keerti but papa strictly said not to apply for visa for anyone. I can’t do anything keerti.” Keerti who heard him said “I have only ridhima can’t you do something… can’t you fake some business trip and go there to help both of them.” Shubhankar who was trying to be calm and dismiss the thought of going or helping them knowing all the live threat to the family said “I am glad to know keerti that you consider me nothing to you. Ridhima is and was only one for you. I was nowhere for you right. Papa said no so I can’t do anything. Plus they have said ridhima to be dead forget her.” Keerti looked at him shocked “You took me wrong Shubhankar I was not saying so. It’s just that I am felt venerable so just it came out and I know my baby sister is alive, she isn’t de… she is alive. Please for once you go and find out please….” “I am not going anywhere keerti. She is dead they announced it. Bring that in your head. I am not going anywhere I have work to look after.” Keerti got hyper hearing him “Fine you keep working Shubhankar I won’t disturb you. You have work but I can get holiday for my family. Book my ticket for there I will go and find ridhima there and then that can make armaan too to come out of the custody. You have work more important than your family but I know the importance of the family which sadly you don’t know.” Saying to keerti left the room in rage. He keep looking her retiring back till the door his its frame getting closed breaking his view. Tears flow from his eyes “I am sorry keerti. I can’t do anything, may be you are right I don’t know value to family that’s why I can help or save my baby brother and my princess from all these pain. But I can’t loss maa and papa and even you. Sorry keerti”

… Armaan In cell…

Armaan was lying in the pain in one side of the cell without anyone else in same cell. He was not able to move even his body with his will as ever single part of the body was paining. But he was still moving his hand that was causing him unbearable pain but he was not in his stable mind so he was getting pain with moment but he was not stopping his moments. He was even not sure what was causing him pain he was obvious to the reason causing him pain. His throat was felt as if shrinking inside due to the thirst he was feeling but again he was in no mind to know what was happening to him. Someone in the Cop came in and make him have things to keep him survive. All his torture were now minimized to null as all they can do was having no effect and for further torture no strength was left in him that he could bear with.
This mind was numb to everything that happens with him or near him. There was nothing that his mind can think of he kept staring in the space with blocked mind to every thought

All the pain were as If his friends that he stays with and every single movable thing be it a smallest of insect or human were his biggest enemy with his mind set that was came with all tortures he suffered from a half a dozen months now. Even a small ant scared the shit out of him giving him all the flashback of snake running near him causing him to scream without voice and cry the day out of himself.

…Back TO FBI Agent’s Apartment...

Scene started with the papers spread out on the coffee table with coffee mugs emptied beside all those papers with all the 3 Alex Clayton and Caleb sitting Around. When Alex Kept the Photographs in her hand back on the table with other papers “Wow. That is a lot to process you are good at this Clayton and Caleb You too.”

When Caleb Speak up “Yeah. The conspiracy goes all the way back from a month when they were about to come here” to which Clayton spoke up “The Culprit...” to be cut from Caleb saying “We've been calling them the ‘Voice.’ But initially I thought it was someone from their family, but it could be... it could be anyone there or here.” Clayton was having expressions of thoughtfulness seeing him Caleb asked “What are you thinking?” in return Clayton questioned back “About what…?”

Alex got up from her seat and walking till the little bar area in the apartment making herself a little drink asked “How you lied to a Congressional committee when you said that
Armaan Malik was the one acted behind this kidnap? Or the bomb that was strapped to Agent Vasquez to keep you in line. Or maybe you want my thoughts on you sneaking Vasquez and that bomb into our office to steal classified Information from the Authorities. I mean, I hope there was nothing important on there.”

Clayton Defended himself “I had no choice.” To hear him spoke such an immature sentence Alex with hint of sarcasm in her words said “Ah, yes.” With the pause for having a sip from her drink she said “That convenient recurring line of anyone you say has been forced to work with this ‘Voice’ since it all began.” But clayton remain silent on this as he was himself very much frustrated as he have no choice left other than to follow the ‘voice’ being one of them only while helping them.

Suddenly Alex caught onto something in her mind clayton said in the starting of the whole conversation which she voiced out “You yourself just informed me that this terrorist, with whom you apparently share a cellphone plan, detonated Agent Vasquez, threatened the life of everyone you say you care about, and tasked you into further tricking me that you believe to be certainly, is harmless.” Sipping once again her drink she spoke up “How can you be sure that those information a swapped aren't dangerous?”

Caleb who was working nearby with something looked up from his laptop screen “Your team analyzed them.” Alex looked at him with thoughtfulness. “And this terrorist said that if anyone else learned about what was going on, their lives would be in danger, too. And yet you still told Caleb and me about it all.” Clayton just looked away with irritation expression “I can't figure you out, Clayton. I mean you have no fear in having just admitted to a dozen federal crimes, not to mention if I look closely enough, accessory to murder, and if you're at all to be believed, you've just willingly hung a target on my back to save your own without compunction.” Clayton looked towards Alex and she continued “So, if you were me, would you believe a word you just said? Hmm?”

Finally Clayton spoke up with the sarcasm hinting from his voice “I don't know, Alex. What do you think?” to which Alex Replied “Well, yeah, I believe you.” Then picking up her court she walked towards the door speaking “And now I'm going to go brief the Director.”

Hearing that both Caleb and Clayton blocked her way to exist saying “You can’ someone from inside FBI is involved the second you going to inform the Director they will came to know about this. Alex you are gambling with the life of every person I care about including ‘Drew’s’ life too” Hearing the name of Drew Came Alex Stopped moving forwards and said “Okay. I'll hold off telling the Director for 24 hours, but there's one condition, non-negotiable. I'm in charge of the investigation. Anything that happens from this point forward, my call.”

Clayton was left with no other choice but to make a deal with Alex to remain on the safe side rather to let those Culprit know anything about their plan “Done.” To which Alex said “I'll get us put on that detail.”

Thanking Alex, Clayton moved back to the door to go down stairs as he have been demoted from the security sections after Alex Complain with proves to the Director.  Alex moved in when Drew approached her “Since when do you and Clayton have conversations that don't end in screaming? You up to something?” He asked get suspicious of them having a talk with each other after all the past they shared “Yeah, like trying to get him kicked out of the Bureau once and for all.” Drew made a smiling face saying “That shouldn't be too hard after that crap he pulled yesterday. And me stupidly believing he changed. Anyway I wish I could help, but I have a meeting with the Secret Service.” Nodding to him Alex made a call to Clayton.

Saying so Drew made an exit while Alex made a call to Clayton informing him about the meeting drew have to attend indicating that they surely going to act faster than needed.
Soon they got some lead to follow on to from Caleb. He called Alex and Clayton back from the field office as he was able to decode the voice of the person but it was never heard by any of them. Shelby was getting suspicious of the Alex and Clayton walking out of the office together so she too followed them. On other hand reaching Clayton’s apartment they asked Caleb to play the voice but they were not know to the voice, they haven’t heard it before, But then Shelby who get inside breaking into his apartment exclaimed I know this voice. I have heard it somewhere I can’t remember it now....


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