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part 22 : Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat,

The Scene starts with the Ringing Cell in the hands of Clayton standing beside Alex Parrish with Caleb sitting with the Decoded Voice and Shelby Looking at them all one by one. Before Clayton can pick the Call up Alex did the honor of answering the call with a whispering “Hello”.

 “Who is this?” asked the voice not getting Clayton’s voice on the other side to which Alex Replied “This is Special Agent Alex Parrish. Clayton isn't in charge anymore. I am. So I hope you enjoy the sound of my voice as much as you do his because you're going to be hearing a lot of it... at your arrest, at your arraignment, with my finger waving at you from the stand and then one day...” but she was cut short but the voice talking “You love your speeches, don't you, Parrish? But I'm the one who gets to talk, not you. Now, step away from the window and let's get down to business.”

Alex Looked shock at the little cracked up information of her activities and whereabouts from the voice. Recovering From the shock she put the Phone on the speaker when they all heard voice saying “You know you weren't supposed to include anyone I didn't tell you to, Hass. So you're both going to make it up to me by bringing me what I need to tonight's town hall.” “Town hall… What you want us to bring in the town hall… You wanted Mr. Malik behind bars he stands there now what you want into town hall.” Questioned Alex to hear “That was all about Alex. Mr. Malik was only set up the real plan was something that you will get to know about in few hours from now when after you deliver that package to me in the town hall” voice said.

To confirm it he asked “Are we clear?” in Fear Clayton Spoke in hurry tone “Yes, yes. We are clear” “Good… Now I don’t like to keep myself repeating for one thing. So Clayton will do the needed talk warning you Alex. One smart move from you and you will soon meet you r loved once in the heaven. So hurry up your steps and get it going. You will be rewarded for your corporation soon heavily” Voice said before disconnecting the call. The doorbell rings indicating the delivery of the package the voice was talking about. Opening it they could see small boxes that is seal can’t be opened up in the package.
They all shared the look but these boxes can’t be detected by any means without authorities help but they can go to check them out. So left with no help they need to place them as told. Soon Shelby who too was there hear her phone ringing picking it up she heard the same mechanical voice that she earlier head blasting from Clayton’s phone “Hello Ms. Shelby Wyatt… I have a Work For you which is to be done by you today in an hour if you want your parents sitting in California chilling with your younger sister” with fear she have to agree with the voice knowing the capability of the voice from Clayton and Alex. “What I have to do.” She asked as in mean time she received a video capturing her family vacationing with the laser pointing on them “Good. So all you need to do is to bring Mr. Malik you of his cell to the place near the town hall Under the Registration ‘ALBE CUBES’ then move back to you duties without a single turn backs. Am I clear Ms. Wyatt” all she whispered was a small “yes”.

Caleb who heard it all from Clayton's call to Shelby’s Task call spoke up. Guys this is not just about Malik (Armaan) it’s something big. I have tracked the Town Hall Reservation for couple of days and today there will be the Senator Election Speech by next Wise President. They all looked at him trying to figure out the plan of the Voice. Suddenly Shelby asked Caleb to play the voice once again. Hearing to it she spoke “Now I remember it where I have heard this voice. It was from Mr. Hawwa Office. The one of his employee was having this weird way to talk. I remember him shouting at someone who happens to hit his shoulder by mistake making certain documents fall in front of my eyes. And he was in fear while picking up. But that time I was so occupied plus I received call From Clayton to come back Next Moment.” Shelby said hearing which Clayton spoke “I received the Call to call you that instant from the Voice.”

Alex heard them both said “Hold on. Shelby saw him fearing before her eyes while collecting papers and next instant Clayton you happen to hear from Voice that means he was fearing of something he knew. May be he knew something which we need to know. But he didn’t seems to be the master planner. Shelby firstly you find that person out and trace him. And you go to the Field Office and figure out your task but never take Malik Out do something. Caleb you keep us updated about the tracking of the information Shelby will be sending you and keep us updated right away. Clayton we both have to get gong to Town Hall Keeping your eyes own package that we have to set to see who comes to pick that up.”    
These Four Put there Feet’s into the work Alex assigned them on to while remain connect to each other on the Conferences Call With hidden Communicating Device. As asked Clayton slipped the package under the Seat told to him. When she was done placing the package she walked down the Hall while having a conversation with Alex when Drew Appear in front of him. ‘What you put under that seat Clayton. Are you not done with the Stunts in the past that you pulled out? Never mind I will see to it myself let me go and check myself.” Alex Who was in conversation with Clayton Heard Drew So she have to step in to help Him out for the moment. “Drew Senator’s (A senator is the state's representative) security teams want you on her escort.” Drew saw Alex but before leaving he asked her “Clayton Slipped something under seat F15 do check it Alex” Seeing her nod Drew Left the place.  

Caleb Called them saying they have just placed the dynamite in the Town Hall in the large Amount Hearing him Alex Run back to the place to see the package is already gone from there. While on the other side Shelby go hold of the man who was fearing back in the past in front of her. Catching hold of him She tried to making him word out his knowledge about all the going Drama. He spilled the beam that he got a call from a Private number asking him to install the fake evidence against Malik in various forms using technologies, as he was the Technical Person in his Job.  Shelby took his phone as an evidence lucky enough he was carrying an Apple Product with him.  (PS - Though IPhone never compromise with their security of the users may it be of some terrorist even but here I want apple to break its encryption.) Shelby Fasten her speed to make it deliver to Caleb so he could decrypt into the phone’s history and private number generation. A Pro of being in FBI is that You Got hold over all the hidden Process from the Common Men Out in World. Soon he was decryption while Shelby runs to the field office to do something with the Malik’s Exit from the Cell.

She Brought the scared Malik out of the cell then putting him into the car she drove away, Driving upto her apartment as it fortunately is near town hall, she made him (Armaan) walk with her in guest room he was so scared to even settle down on bed, he just got curled up into himself in the corner of the room Shelby tried to make him understand but he was in too much of fear. Giving up on him for a moment she got up to walk out of the room closing the door behind but heard a small whisper “Don’t… please” she looked at him for a second trying to know what he want to say then she left the room open remembering all the torture he went through.  When she was in her way to town Hall she again got the call From Voice “Wyatt that Malik is out of his cell from last 30 minutes but never reached to the destination I asked you to bring him What are you up to Wyatt, I want him free Today” Shelby Said “I am on my way to bring him i.e. was stuck it’s not easy to bring Malik out of the custody without bring it to anyone’s notice.” “Make it fast Wyatt. I don’t have time for your delay neither you parents have that much time for you to get stuck round, I hope you understand what I mean” “I know” are the only words she can speak for now. She reached the Town Hall, seeing Alex and Clayton in the Hall she moved to them to update them about Malik. She was informing them when Caleb called them, getting connected to the line Alex, Clayton and Shelby responded to him.
“Tell me you got into the decryption of the cell I deliverer you” asked Shelby the first thing getting in line. “That’s what I called you for Guys. I broke into it. And any guesses who would be wanting to kill senator with the Dynamics and Blaming Malik after all this” asked Caleb staring at the screen of his system. “I don’t know may be some one of her competitor or someone who have hate rate for Malik and Senator both that bring that Malik in too” replied Clayton but then Caleb was in a mood to play for a while “Okay…! But you are wrong buddy… What I give you 3 clues” “Caleb you are in a play mood then it’s not the right time to have fun. Senator’s life is at stake and so is of thousands of people who going to be attending the election… Can you spill the Beam?” asked Alex but even then Caleb was all chilled out “Relax Alex We all have much more time then we think it we have. Okay I will be giving my First Evidence”.

“Tell Me one thing that it was all started with Misleading towards Malik Case isn’t. Shelby Can you tell me the date it started on.” Asked Caleb to which Shelby replied “It was mid of June ummm. June 25th but why..?” “Correct it was 25th June. Alex do you know where Senator was on 25th Last month” was another question Caleb Throw to them “Uhmm… If I remember correctly then she was paying a visit to some of Charity event in Manhattan” “Right she was visiting the charity event on 25th June in Manhattan which was unfortunately happened the day before she reached there. Then the question is where and why she went without any security when she knew she was the one going to elected in the election next. Plus the Software that was been used For the Voice Decryption using that Man in Mr. Hawwa office was from…”

But before he can say anything Alex said it “Brandroot that is the Software based Company Senator Runs”  “Correct Parrish (Alex) and the Private No that is present in the Phone of that person is also Decrypted as Senator’s”. “So all this While it was Senator that was doing all this, but for what…?” was the Clayton’s Question. “To Gain the Sympathy of the People to gain more votes in Favor. But what Malik have to do with all this….!” Shelby asked in the curious tone. “May be they got to know something that she don’t want to come out or just to put a blame on brown guy to come clean herself” Alex Claimed. “The Question is then where is Mrs. Malik. I mean she want to set armaan in to walk clean but then kidnapping of Mrs. Malik was all the different thing I guess”

They were talking about Ridhima when out of nowhere a lady banged in them who was looking behind all scared. Balancing herself she run past them. All the three of them looked at her back then shared a look when Shelby exclaimed “Wait... She was Mrs. Malik.”  “What” Clayton and Alex exclaimed in surprise. “Yes I know her from the photos we fetch while investigating from the hotel room back then” said Shelby. “Okay…! Clayton Yours stay here and call Caleb to come soon we are going behind Mrs. Malik. I think she is need us.” Saying so Alex asked Shelby to come with her, they both Goes behind Ridhima”  They were behind her but she was still running all scared of something or may be someone that might be behind her making her frightened. Shelby saw her hiding somewhere in the under constructing building all aloof of the crowd.

“There, She hid herself in there constructing area” Shelby alerted Alex who lost track on Ridhima while colliding with some man walking by the same area from where they passed by while running. They both moved to the place Shelby have pointed to, moving there they saw curled up in one corner behind the boxes kept nearby to make herself hidden from other people. Reaching up to her Alex kept her hand on Ridhima shoulder to bring her out of her zoned out mode. But as soon as she kept her hand on ridhima shoulder it scared her more instead of relieving her. “Ridhima we are FBI we are here to help you don’t be scared of you” but instead she moved back to their surprise. “Leave me... Please why are you behind us. Please leave me. Please” she begged in front of Alex n Shelby who were shocked to hear her begging to leave her when they are telling her they are from FBI.

“Look Ridhima we are From FBI we will help you not harm you” Shelby tried to talk to her. “They said same thing when they kidnapped me. I know you both are with them too” replied ridhima. “We are not them ridhima… We are really hear to help you trust us. We are the good one, we will find the people who harmed you but for now you got to believe us. Please.” Alex Tried to bring her to believe them. For a moment ridhima kept thinking staring at Alex. There was something in her that make ridhima believe her and Shelby. Soon Shelby extended her hand towards ridhima who was still cuddle up to herself, soon ridhima put her shaking palm in her hand getting out from her earlier place.

“Ridhima I think you need to freshen up and take rest then we will talk and find out people who was behind you for what. Hmmm” Alex suggested looking her vulnerable condition, to which ridhima nodded. “Great then Shelby Where have you kept him” Alex asked Shelby to which she replied “My Home… it was near Town Hall So I took same way to prevent any further alert to them”. Alex praised her for the thought “Great thought Shelby. I will ask Caleb to take Ridhima there as well and then we will…” her words vanished in middle when she felt a grip on her hand. Looking at her hand she saw ridhima holding her hand in her grip shaking her head bow down shaking it in no. “What happen ridhima” Shelby try to know her actions reason. “I… I won’t go…. Go without you…. Please.” Ridhima said looking at Alex for moment before looking back at ground.


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