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part 23 : Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat,

Alex Reached Shelby house with Ridhima alongside before she took her inside she asked ridhima to freshen up providing her few cloths to wear on after having bath. Ridhima tried to deny at first then when Alex forced her she have to agree with hesitation to bath in new place.
She Look around careful for the windows or camera around but then getting satisfied she closed the door and went to freshen up. She took little time mean while Alex look for something to eat. She have already called Shelby to know the status of the Town Hall Seeing its under control according to Caleb it will take 4 hours more for the Drama to start up. So Alex told Shelby she will come back making ridhima at ease with security arrangements, to which Shelby gave positive response.
Once ridhima was out all freshen up Alex ask her to have something to eat providing her few things to eat. After everything is done Alex asked ridhima “Ridhima… Can we talk now… or you want to talk later” ridhima who was looking down look at her and said “Can we talk later… Please.” Alex knew she might need to have time in peace for something she might have gone through so much in the past one year. So nodding to her she asked her “Ridhima I want you to meet someone… come” Ridhima got scared again, all the fear that was fading with Alex presence and her calm nature again came rushing back listening to her. She have gone through a lot of things in the one year that she is now afraid to meet any new person in this unknown country, the country that serve nothing but plain pain only. She shake her head holding onto her hands in fear “Don’t Worry ridhima. It’s now one new to you. Come with Me” Alex ensured her about the person whom they going to meet.
Ridhima walked with Alex holding her hands with fear in hear eyes pouring out. Soon Alex opened the door of one of the rooms in the house. With the opening sound created by the door. The person present in the room voiced “Don’t please… I have done nothing. Don’t take me please.  I have done nothing. Please leave me. Don’t give shocks please they pain me… please leave me…. I need to find ridhima… leave me… please…. Please…” listening this ridhima looked inside the room raising her eyes from the floor. She tried to look everywhere in the room but found no one in her view, unknown to herself she left Alex hand walking inside with small steps. Soon she saw a body in one corner of the room all curdled up like a ball saying in weak voice. She reached up to the person settling down staring at the person. Person was still whispering ‘to leave’ begging when he felt the hand on his own hands. First he was scared with the touch and tried to move away without looking at the person, but to him person seem adamant to leave him alone. While he kept whispering a begging to leave him.  Ridhima then put her hands on the face of the person to make the person look at her. Out of fear of been beaten up once again the person closed the eyes with frightened. But when he felt the hands on his face are still not beating him up for long time he opened his eyes. Looking in front of him he was blank for moment, but then he came out of his numb mind with her hands caressing his face. He was confused with her sudden appearance “Tum sach mein ho…” is all that he can voice out of his system after all the begging since a year. To make him sure ridhima whispered “Armaan… Mein Hi hun… Aur Ye kya kar rakha tumne aapne aapko”  she asked him forgetting all her fear and pain at once, hearing ridhima asking about himself armaan look down at himself but then look back at her and all he did was to hug her with left strength in him.  Ridhima hugged him tightly trying to make him and herself feel the presence of the other one trying to remove the whole one year of their life.

Alex who was standing at the door was surprised to see armaan not moving away from ridhima getting scared as he did got frightened with others presence while ridhima to got strong all of sudden who was fearing with the thought of even meeting of someone few minutes back. Alex smiled Whispering to herself “Love do make people Strong and week at the same time. But it do tell you when to be strong and when to be week… Love is surely something”. She got a call From Shelby asking her to come soon they got another lead, to which Alex told her that she will be there in few minutes. To inform ridhima about the security and her departure she move in where they both were sitting in one corner. “Ridhima I….” but before she can continue she saw armaan holding ridhima tightly with her hands and hiding behind her as if she was his shield “No… Don’t give me shocks… Don’t take me. I did nothing… Please leave me… Ridhima…. Leave me” Ridhima was confused with his this behavior but she will find that out latter for now he needs her presence more than her words. Alex was once again surprise thinking “Its only ridhima that can vanish all his far. Senator now your game will be over soon and you will pay for playing with life of innocent people.” She came out of her thought with ridhima shaking her to say what she need to say so that she can leave soon as her presence was making armaan more vulnerable.
“I am leaving ridhima. A big drama needs to end today. Anyway there is a lady officer out who will be there for the security of you two. I will be back soon” ridhima just nodded making Alex surprise once again thinking “they both are each other strength not only ridhima that make armaan feel safe but its armaan too that make her feel safe. They both are vulnerable within themselves but for other they stood strong making fear of the other one vanish without doing much of the efforts.” Thinking all this Alex left the house with Armaan ridhima’s thought in her mind.

Ridhima kept hugging armaan as he wasn’t letting the hold on her go. She tried to move from him so that she can bring something for him to have into his system, he looks like he haven’t eaten anything properly from ages but he wasn’t ready to leave her. “No… don’t go please… they will again give me shocks… please don’t” he begged ridhima every time she tried to go from there. She got no other way to get talking with him so she just shouted on him “Shut up armaan. Stay Quiet No one going to take you anywhere. Stay here silently I will be back in a minute. I am going nowhere. I will be back okay.” By the ending her shout became hollow seeing his cute afraid face looking at ridhima like a scared kid looks at his mom shouting at him. Ridhima got up from floor caressing his head for once she made her way out to bring something for him to eat on. Armaan who was sitting in the same corner looked towards door to see ridhima coming or not very impatiently he have no strength and courage to go looking for her. In a while he saw her coming so he moved his hands a bit in air as if calling her to hug him back. Ridhima put the tray on one of the side table of the bed in the room, moving towards armaan she asked him to get up but he didn’t as he have no energy in him to lift himself up from floor so ridhima bend down supporting him to get up. Making him sit on the bed careful she lifted the tray in her hands and tried to feed armaan something, after having just few bites armaan refused to take more complaining of full stomach. “Armaan you just have 5 bites of it and you are already full” all he did was a nod. Nodding his head her hugged ridhima again.

Alex Reached the Town Hall to see Shelby and Caleb Talking to each other in a fearful tone. While Clayton is missing from there. Alex Reached up to them “What happen guys what’s the problem… why you both are arguing like this.” They both look at each other than at Alex before speaking “Alex Senator was eventually planning all this all bomb thing in the Town Hall Tonight Just few minutes before her not-so-accidental Late Presence here. But just now Clayton got the track on something.” Said Shelby while Caleb just continued further “Yes, the moment he figure out that we called you out at once. And the person who was involved in all this with Senator was…” Caleb looked towards Shelby so that she can tell the name of the person to her “Alex it was Simon. He was the one who built all the plans on the Town Hall, even on Grand Central.” Alex looked shocked with the development of the case. “She is right Alex. Simon was the one behind all this designing and plotting of whole of this Blasting.”
“I can’t believe it Simon of all the people. But why would he do that” Alex asked them. “That we are still known too Alex. Clayton have gone to find him.” Replied Shelby, as soon as she ended her line they received a call from Clayton Saying to come on the Location He Forwarded them. “But what about the dynamites that were asked by us to deliver here.” Shelby asked to them to which Alex Said “Don’t worry they are for sure not meant for here. They will be targeting Grand Central Today according to What Clayton just told us I am sure Simon is targeting mass numbers not just few.” Nodding towards each other they reached the address they have received from Clayton. But reaching there they found no one, but a Laptop attached with few other processes running on. When suddenly a voice boomed into that system. “So you finally traced me. I thought you people were excellent enough to hold me ages back but you disappointed me back then and even today by figuring out everything at the last minute. But nothing can change now, just few hours left to give a final blow to the nation. You have no time to find me or the bomb. It is planted where none of you can find it. So good bye guys.”

All the three of them were hearing him after he finished Alex spoke up “Why are you doing all this and why the hell have you involved Malik’s in this. What was there fault that you dragged them in and now you are targeting the whole mass of innocent life in danger? You won’t be able to let the bomb go we will disarm it before it goes off.”

Simon Replied “Even if you find the nuke, you can't disarm it in time. It's your fault, Alex. You were supposed to get caught with it. I didn't want to be here, but here we are. Anyway I'm not ashamed of what I've done.” To which Alex replied “You're not ashamed of trying to killing hundreds of innocent people?” but she heard him laugh sarcastically “No Alex I am not. Anyways they will die to save millions, to kill the cancer that is the FBI before it takes the country with it. Are you really proud to wear that badge (Being FBI Agent)?” He asked Alex “Of course I'm proud being the one of the Country Protector”
In disgust tone Simon argue back with them “You're proud of the organization that tried to blackmail Martin Luther King into killing himself, put the Japanese in internment camps, instigated Omaha, and let flawed DNA put innocent people behind bars? You're proud of that Alex… Clayton…? You want to defend that guys?” he said giving example of the past in which FBI manipulated into the investigations setting up the innocent people in jail without committing a crime just to hide FBI flaws.
“Clayton, you were so busy at Quantico trying to get redemption for killing your son that you never saw me making you into a scapegoat (Bali ka bakara). And you make a great scapegoat, Alex, because you believe in this country even after it thought you were a terrorist after the Omaha incident. You still love America, and you think it loves you back, but it doesn't. Never did. But now you won't be there to see it burn down to ashes, I will free your life to see this all.” He said trigging his Gun trying to AIM his shot at her from his hide out he is able to see them all.
Caleb have sneaked from there with the advantage that Simon never knew his involvement all this while “Your gun trained on a man that you think was bad in his work, but you weren’t sure. And you're scared to admit it Clayton. Maybe it's because you know you were wrong back then.” He said hinting to the Clayton for killing his son. To which he heard Alex ask “What are you talking about Simon?”

Simon confessed “Your son was a good man, Clayton. I know you were never sure, but he was. After Omaha, he wanted to come clean so badly. So did I, but Michal (Their head back in fresh recruit days) pressured us not to, just like his superiors pressured him. Can you imagine what it was like for me? Your son and I both of us wanted to bring justice to the people got caught in fake guilt”
They all kept hearing him with Caleb was hunting in his search as he have seen the reflection of Simon from where they were earlier “I was brand-new, just out of this place, it was my first mission in real to protect my country and its Country man and that's the first thing that I see... corruption, cowardice towards the loss of life! I did what I was told, and that's what my career became to cover mistakes and framing instead of real Help. Instead of bringing people to justice, I covered up their mistakes and my own and kept getting promoted for it, for messing up then clearing my own mess and others too.”
Caleb who have by now reached Simon tracking him pointed his gun on his (Simon) head said “You didn't just cover things up. You framed people. You killed people!” Alex Clayton and Shelby look around hearing Caleb all of sudden instead of Simon. They too reached up the spot where they both where. Simon have a gun in his hands still saying “I had no choice!” he tried to come clear and find a way to escape but can’t.
“That’s what everyone say Simon. But it was never the matter of Choice in one way. Life brings out various options but all you choose it the easiest way that implies killing more innocent people. Framing them in the Crime they never did.” Alex Said aiming her shot on him. “I never have multiple option. I was given just a single option to choose on.” Simon said back. “And what you get with Framing Malik’s in this bombing of yours.” Clayton asked. “It was never for Malik. It was all about gupta.” Simon replied.
“What gupta it was about.” Shelby asked to hear “It was for ridhima not for Malik” they heard Simon to which Shelby again asked “What ridhima did to you Simon She was just a Visitor in your country who came for her honeymoon only “that enraged Simon “She is gupta blood. She was Ridhima Gupta. I just wanted her in misery I kidnapped her to torture her but I was not able to get any time to do so, due to the case reaching to FBI all thanks to that Idiot Drew who happens to be there when all this happened.”

Alex asked “What innocent girl did to you that wanted to make her life hell and tortured Malik into it setting him for kidnapping her”. Simon gave it a laugh before continuing “Malik came into it when he saw my man wheeling her out, trying to get them sketched for FBI so I set him up in the plot of kidnapping, with the given advantage that in this unknown country who will be behind ridhima except him. The Person pressurized Michal into setting innocent people in Ohama case was none other than Shashank Gupta father of ridhima Gupta that poisoned the System within. It was just the fate that brought his Daughter in here while I was planning it all. But since then I was not ready so I kept dragging things into months long” Simon Confessed all his secrets bringing out the whole year of investigation and torture to an end. “Simon I wish you would have not done any of this, you were the person I adored while helping any of the friend in need but today you inverted your image in mind of ours. You not just put thousands of the New York Citizen in danger. You put Malik’s into your plan staking the International trade relationship in danger. It’s now the same FBI that you disgraced will sentence you to death in front whole nation. Before that tell us the place where you planted the Bombs” Clayton said to him. Hearing it Simon replied “You have just 20 minutes around the clock to Find it and disarm it before thousands of life gone to ashes. Nation can’t hang me without my Will” with this he pulled gun out of Caleb’s hold shooting himself in head committing suicide.
They all looked at his body but then run in different directions to find the bomb. They all searched for it every possible places Alex spoke into the Device that connect all of them in for communicating “Caleb Where you would have plant it if you have been in the place of Simon.” Caleb thought for Second then said “If I have problem with FBI then I guess I have planted into the…” before he can say it every one spoke all together “New Recruit Graduation day Ceremony”.
“Guys we have wasted 5 minute run to the Next building top floor” Shelby Said and soon all of them stand in front of the bomb which was disarmed by Caleb just 2 second before it goes off. Bring them all a relief.

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