Tuesday, 10 January 2017

part 24 : Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat,

It was few hours now but armaan wasn’t leaving ridhima while ridhima’s fear of getting caught again vanished as if Glow-worm (jugnu) vanishes in day light. “Armaan what happened to you. Why you are like this all thin and starving like” ridhima asked him while caressing his hair to which he just tighten his grip on her as his fear came rushing back to him with her question. “Armaan” she again
tried but he didn’t say even a single word but shock his head in denial. She let it go for the time being thinking to ask it later. He was all week in move himself on his will but suddenly some thought came rushing to him and he sit back on the bed near ridhima’s leg which she have earlier extended for armaan to lay on.
He moved near her then looking at her he lifted his hands roaming it on her face and shoulders as if checking her wellbeing. “Tum… tum theek toh ho Na ridhima. I… tumhe kuch hua toh nahi Na…?” he asked her still looking all over her to see any sign of injury. Seeing him looking out for her with such strong emotion of care even lifting himself to move with all pain give her teary eyes. “Ridhima…” armaan called out to her seeing in her eyes hearing her not speaking with moist gathering around her eyes “I am fine armaan. It’s you who look more suffered one. Please you lay down you need rest.”

Armaan shake his head in no “No… You lay” ridhima tried to resist his demand “But armaan you need rest. I will….” But armaan didn’t want to hear her excuse so cutting her words he said just a simple single word “Please” hearing his pleading ‘please’ she just lay down beside armaan. But armaan who was sitting with bed post support now with pillows behind him to make it comfortable for him just patted his laps when ridhima was looking at him. Indicating her to keep her head on his laps to which ridhima tried to speak but all she saw him replying was with shaking head in no with hands still patting his laps.
Ridhima was so touched with his immense care even in all this phase that she kept her head in his laps hiding her face in his thin stomach. Silently crying over her fate and past of the maltreated for almost a year long. She tried to cry without making it obvious to armaan about her weeping but he knew it but said nothing but keep caressing her head with affection and care while one hand rest on her shoulder making her fell all more secure. They both didn’t asked other one any questions for the past year but in heart they both know the other one have suffered too with themselves. For the moment they both want to run away from the memories or even from the question that was hold in their heart and mind, all they wanted for now and life was each other. They may be not in love still be they have suffered days and months long because of each other, for each other, with each other may be they were miles or kilometers or just a block away who knows, but they were away still together into all these suffering and now all they can find is the silent care in each other after suffering together they want to bring peace together, to bring happiness back together.
Ridhima went to sleep while crying her eyes out with armaan’s caressing hands. Armaan felt her crying getting into sobbing and eventually it stopped making him know of her sleepy state. He wanted to lay down too but wasn’t able to move his body in anyway partially due to not wanting to disturb ridhima and partially because he have no strength to move himself thus resting his head back he went to sleep. Being in all sleepy state he slides down in one side resting his head on ridhima’s waist while ridhima still rested her head in his laps holding one of his hands in her grip.
They both slept with mind freeze in the past that made them have just a little piece of peace. Armaan in sleep moved his hand from one place to other trying to find the comfort from the pain and uneasiness that was gripping him once again causing ridhima’s sleep flew away from her eyes. She open her eyes moving her face to look above to see armaan resting his head on her stomach now moving his one free hand again and again in sleepy state and murmuring something ridhima tried to pull herself a bit up without disturbing him to hear him, so she put her wait on her elbows lift her upper body to hear him murmuring “I…. did nothing…. Ridhima… she need me… leave… please… no shock….. It pains…. Snake in room… Help me… snake… ridhima...” his broken words made some sense to ridhima as she heard him earlier saying the same but why he was afraid so much and what the heck the snake he is murmuring.  He kept murmuring the same in his unconscious state groaning in pain in between making ridhima to think about waking him up.
Ridhima tried to wake him up hearing him groaning to which he slowly opened his eyes to see ridhima in front of his eyes. First he kept looking her trying to digest that she really is with him then whispered softly “It paining ridhima… Bahut Dard ho raha Hain.” He said with crying with tears bring the same in her eyes too. “Shhh…” ridhima hugged him making him rest his head against her heart “Sab theek ho jayega armaan… We will go to Doctor Aur phir dekhna sara pain khatam ho jayega. Phir hum wapas aapne ghar chalenga. Hmm... Bus thoda sa time lagega na armaan. Shhh… Don’t cry. Everything will be okay.” She tried to provide him comfort but he was crying in pain.
He don’t remember any of the universal saying ‘mard ko dard nahi hota’. He even forget the spoken fact ‘Man never cries in front of girls’ he forget the fact that ‘He is man who need to be strong to handle his family’ for now all he remember is that he was having pain in every part of his body and he is in front of the women with whom he can cry, share his suffering with and even can ask for solace from in his pain. “Bahut Dard hota ta ridhima… They use to hang me and beat me, they made me sleep on ice bricks… they even gave me electric shocks, I keep telling them that I have done nothing but they never believed in me. They even put me in room with snake in it. Bahut Dard hota tha ridhima… Abhi bhi Bahut dard ho raha Hain… kuch karo na please ridhima… aab aur nahi saha ja raha… please ridhima kuch karo na…” he was crying and hugging her back while ridhima kept her one hand on his checks to hold his head still over her heart and other hand holding him from his shoulder pulling him more into herself. Armaan’s every words bring a fresh tears to fall from her eyes with his. Her heart and mind scream in his pain silently unheard to him but its rage was blasting her within but she have no way to let it out. She wanted to talk to him so she bring his face a bit away from her holding his face in both of her palms but she saw him asleep with tears strained face. She made him lay down on bed carefully but keep looking at his face while caring his face with affection.
She heard some commotion in the house just outside the room then the door of the room got opened with the clicking sound making ridhima to hold armaan’s hand in fear for a moment before seeing the person on the door. But when she saw Alex and Shelby on the door she relaxed a bit. Alex wanted to talk to her but seeing armaan sleeping she just indicated ridhima about her (Alex) need for the moment to have words with her (Ridhima).
Ridhima gave a look towards armaan who was sleeping then she slip away from the bed to go and see what Alex and Shelby have say. Moving out of the room she saw Shelby sitting on the couch while Alex was standing near her talking about something. Ridhima just walk up to them and stood folding her hands on her chest without speaking a single word. Shelby saw her standing there so she gestured Alex about her. They asked ridhima to have a seat so that they can have a proper conversation with her but she gave a deaf ear to them. So once again they asked same from her to which once again they got no reply or reaction.
Shelby started the conversation “Ridhima We need to talk to you to know the details from you about all that happened in the past” but they heard words rushing out of ridhima’s mouth without a second delay “Why haven’t armaan told you all, about all the happening in the past. Didn’t he told you everything?” Shelby and Alex looked puzzled so they made an eye contact for merely a couple of seconds before looking back at Ridhima “What…! Armaan knew things about all that. But all this year long he kept saying he wasn’t involve in this from day one he is saying so. Now you saying he knew things, which he would have told us.”  Alex questioned to which ridhima gave a sarcastic laugh to them “Oh! So you knew that he have done nothing. He said that he is innocent on day one and keep saying that. I thought he never said that but would have told you about his planning and all”
They got confused with ridhima’s volley of words was she confessing it was her husband or she knew nothing about all that happened. To clear out her confusion Shelby asked “Are you confessing that it was your husband behind all this kidnapping of yours” just to trigger Ridhima’s self-control “He did nothing. He is purely a victim of the shit Authorities of yours, he was plotted into it with whoever it was. He was innocent one still is. He was fearless, adventurous, caring and most happy going person but your bloody system made him so fearful that he can’t even hear of people visiting him. He is getting afraid of every little thing around him. What kind of people you are and what kind of System you guys have to treat innocent people for months bringing them Hell while alive. Did your Shitty Authorities cross check all the evidence you received that were nothing but decorated with computer, Did it ever crossed your heart or mind to believe him for once and see thought his glasses. He kept saying the same thing for year but you guys never give a shit about it, and why will you people will after all its just other brown guys being frame it was none of you family or friends. Have you never got sympathy with him, you people treated him like a piece of the shit torturing him so much. You people locked him up for no crime of his, not that only you torture him like not even animal is treated like. You hang him upside down, made him sleep on ice bring his nerve system to shut to lot extend, you gave him electric shocks even that wasn’t all for you people that you even through him in a room with snake in it and after all those torture you cut short his food even.  What kind of people you guys are, do you even have hearts.” Ridhima’s anger came blasting on Alex and Shelby shocking them. Alex “Look ridhima we know we all made a mistake…”but she was cut short in between “Mistake... You call it mistake. I am Sorry Ms. Alex but this is the crime that you people committed being the crime controller.”
“Okay as you put it, we did committed a crime but it was unintentional. But for now we need to know everything so that we can catch hold of other people involve in this we have hold the main culprit but still he wasn’t alone so we want to know other people too. We want to help you now, I know we have made lot of guilty decisions in past time but know all we want to make sure to help you” Said Alex trying to make ridhima speak “If you want to help me just bring me the passports and other belonging of us that I believe must be in custody by now. That’s all I want from you people and this country, I have received a lot from this place which we both will never be able to forget in our lifetime.” Shelby tried to say something to ridhima but Alex Stopped her keeping hand on her shoulder. Alex then calmly asked “You will get your every belonging within 2 hours in clock and we will arrange for you Tickets too. That can be smallest thing we can do for you both as your redemption of all the faults.” Ridhima nodded to them then she was about to move back towards room when Shelby asked “Ridhima if you don’t want to tell us about them and the happening then we can’t force it out of you but they will remain free roaming around without any punishment I thing you won’t want that too.” Ridhima looked back at Shelby then sigh moving back to the place she was earlier in and started her side of story from the day they set their foot in Mauritius till the day she collided with them. Ridhima have her eyes sat in space looking at nothing in particular but her mind runs back to the day they landed in Mauritius, remembering it all she started giving out every information to them.
“That day when armaan left for the meeting I remain in my room with the thought to rest back for a while as last night I was working on the meeting details.  I slept for some time but then I was disturbed by the door bell ringing. I was a bit sleepily but never the less I opened the lock of the door. And suddenly with the push the person opened the door with so much of the force that it hit me on my head and I fall back on floor. They were 3 people disguised”
Shelby asked in between “How you came to know that they were disguised” ridhima looked up at her for a second before moving her eyes back in space in with mind back in past “As the mustaches of one them was tearing out of his skin. I was shocked for being able to do anything. Recovering I moved myself up on feet and tried to get grip on the cell phone kept on the bed. I was trying to reach it but then one of them put his foot on my hands disabling me to get my phone. I tried to set myself free pushing him away with which he fall back. Getting the opportunity I caught hold of the phone but other one pulled my leg making me fall and phone in my hand break in piece with force hit of my hand on floor that was holding mobile. I tried to run away from them for my room to get help but they blocked me. I kicked 2 of them but 3rd one knew defense at great level so he remain strong and he made me inhale something that made me go into unwanted sleep for a while. And when I opened my eyes I was in some old factory tied up in a chair. For Couple of days they keep giving me food but I rejected their offer, I tried to run away many time but each time I end up in same condition all tied up in chair. But they keep changing my location. Once I was successful in running long distance away from them reaching on of the FBI person but he on the note of helping me took me the same place where I was been before running away.”

Alex asked ridhima showing the photo of Simon “Was he this person from FBI who took you back to that place” but ridhima shake her head in no after giving the look to the photo then looking away her eyes feel on the wall with a photo frame that hold numerous people in it. Looking at it clearly she said “She was the one that took me back to the place She said pointing to a women in the frame” Shelby voiced the name getting the person ridhima was pointing her figure at “Senator Claire” ridhima give a look to her and then nodded her head “But she was on call with someone after tying me on chair, she was saying ‘She almost reach your office and Alex and Shelby were just steps away from me when I saw her, if you can’t do the job then back off. I can’t mess this up, I don’t know what you want from this girl but whatever it is keep her in place else we both will be screwed up’
“That’s all I heard her saying while she walk away. And yesterday I don’t know why but they all were celebrating with wine and other alcoholic things that made them fall in sleep. I was untied for having food earlier which they forgot to tie me back. Having gaining the opportunity I flee from there climbing down from the window pane reaching the balcony of adjacent room I flee from there. But as I reached the headquarters I saw FBI agent on the stairs outside of the office, I reached up to him to ask his help but fortunately I read his badge saying ‘Simon’ and I moved back to run away from him. I have hear his name many times in my stay there to remember it for long but never say him. I was running away from him when he run after me to catch me before I reach to someone that can make his all plan go into bin. When while running I reached up to you people and I guess then he stopped following me as you both were there. And when you both showed me you names to make me trust you I got my trust on you as ‘Claire’ on that call named about you people in a way that made me know that you both are right people to trust on. And From there onwards you know.”
Ridhima finished her side of story when she heard armaan calling her with small fearful whispering voice. She turn around to see him coming out of the room with the support of the wall to be on his legs.


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