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part 25 : Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

Ridhima told them what happen with her after which she hear him calling out to her with small fearful whispering voice. She turn around to see him coming out of the room with the support of the wall to be on his legs. He was holding onto the wall with one hand for support to keep standing on his own legs while other hand that was on he left hanging in side rested on the door hem reaching near the door steps of the room in attempt to find ridhima.

He was about to lose his balance and fall hard on the floor when ridhima moved with big steps almost running Up to him to hold him before he made a fall meeting floor with more pain.
As ridhima stooped him from falling and supported him to stand back properly on his feet, he was holding her hands from elbow that were resting on his shoulder supporting his stand. Looking at her with fear and desperate eyes he voiced his fear and curiosity “Kahan Chali gai thi…. Mein itna dar gaya tha ki vo sab sapna tha… please stay with me, beside me. Don’t leave me ridhima. Do go away leaving me behind anywhere please. I can’t face anything all alone. Please stay with me.”
Hearing him ridhima was once again dragged back to the pain she have forgotten a while back due to all the ragging anger that was built up in her earlier in day. But when she didn’t answer him, it didn’t bringing any bit peace to him but more of fear in his way. Not getting any words out of her he looked at the place where she was looking holding him securely and unknowingly holding him bit more tightly then before as if promising herself of protecting him from the bad world’s eye.

But as armaan followed the direction of her eyes he saw two more people standing in front of him. They were already in their casuals dumping their FBI Jersey back in other room before having called ridhima so it never give armaan any idea about them being FBI. He remember those FBI agents that where part of his torture schemes Alex came into scene long back but she never came face to face with him and Shelby appeared helping to him in starting and it was year back that made him forget all but few people remain in his mind. But looking at them he saw something in their eyes that scare armaan causing him to step back in hiding behind ridhima holding her more tightly then he was holding. Now both of them have the tight grip on each other that wasn’t hurting but comforting them. Ridhima who came out of her thoughts with armaan’s shift behind her looked him tilting her head, armaan too looked down at her then raising his hand a bit he pointed his figure at Alex and Shelby with afraid face without any word. Ridhima for once look at his Aiming figure then turn back and try to hold armaan’s shoulder to calm him down. But to her surprise armaan holds on to her hands before she can execute her thinking into action and started moving inside the room with one hand on wall again while other holding ridhima’s wrist before they moved in totally armaan utter to made the other ladies hear “Don’t take ridhima away from me. I won’t let you take her again. I will not let you take her away. I will fight with you if you take her away. She won’t go she is with her armaan now.” Saying so he moved in closing the door behind his back he hugged ridhima close to himself closing his eyes for some minute as he wasn’t willing to leave her and when he got tired of standing for long he rested his back on the door still hugging her. Ridhima was little surprise with armaan’s reaction towards them, then with authority and braveness he spoke last words made her zone out for moment but she came back to reality when he hugged her tightly to himself, finding it difficult to express her happiness about him being taking a stand for her made her quoting that ‘he will fight with them even when he can’t stand properly with the pain’ made her so happy that she too hugged him back with all the happiness in the world.
Ridhima’s happiness can’t be measured for the moment that she is living in. hugging him back resting her head on his heart with closed eyes her mind was running with thoughts “People keeps running in search of happiness forgetting that they just passed by every moment in their race that could have provided them lots of happiness. They forgot that no big things can provide that long lasting happiness which these small moments left behind them before vanishing away in thin air leaving thick air of happiness and healthy relation.”
 It might seem a smallest of thing to every other person in universe who would witness the same moment while ago but for ridhima this was something that can’t be described in words volley.
Printing all his words and action on her heart and soul she once again she came back to real world with armaan resting his back on door still holding onto her. She came out of the hug a bit with hands still resting around his waist holding him as she was holding back while hugging him, he opened his eyes feeling ridhima move a bit away looking in his eyes she lost herself once again in him.
Controlling her admiration for her own husband she made him walk up to the bed side. Making him sit on one end of the bed she sat on the other end she look at him who was already looking at her, she called him with gesture by patting her laps asking him to lay down which he instantly followed.

It was sometime now when they both heard a knock on the door. Armaan with the knock looked at door then back to ridhima when ridhima nodded a bit looking at him watching her. He lower his eyes but remain calm when Alex entered the room, but never left her one hand from his grip. Alex looked at him with smile but armaan didn’t reacted neither with smile nor with fear. “I came in just to give something to eat to both of you. It’s been long since you both had something so.” Saying so Alex went away closing the room behind herself. Once she was out Shelby look at Alex with raised eye brows watching which she replied “He is all Calm and composed. Though he isn’t replying for anything but he isn’t reacting in other ways too” Shelby looked at her with smiling face. “She is his strength” Shelby commented on Alex Statement making her smile “I guess” replied Alex before then both settle themselves to have something in their empty stomach.

Shelby n Alex entered in the room where armaan and ridhima were to give away the stuff that belongs to them which was kept with FBI due to armaan’s imprisonment. But seeing them approaching towards himself and ridhima armaan was scared, which came out of him in the form of his screaming on high voice.  “Go away… don’t come…. Stay away…. Ridhima you come beside me… They can’t take you away. Go away…. Stay away… Don’t come here… Leave us… Go...!” Not letting them anywhere near ridhima he moved himself in front of ridhima not letting ridhima move a bit from behind him as if protecting her from them. Both Girls Freeze in their place with bag was left behind Alex tried to move near armaan to make him understand things but he never give a dam to hear her but he throw a pillow that was kept near him on Alex which she escaped digging down. But armaan try to find something more to throw at her and found something on Side table, he was about to throw that too on Alex but ridhima from behind hold armaan’s hand not letting him throw anything on them.  Armaan was in state that he might not know or acknowledge the fact that ‘what they have did for them but ridhima have the sanity to appreciate them for what they did to bring them together once again, most importantly to bring him out of hell though late but they did’ not forgetting the fact ridhima hold armaan’s hand so he didn’t through anything on them. Armaan felt his hand been hold back by ridhima so he looked back at her turning his neck, looking in her eyes  he saw her shaking her head in No. Indicating him not to throw anything, with that she took that thing which he was about to throw and kept it back on its original place. Armaan become silent to see ridhima’s silent plead to not throw stuff and be nice, turning around he hugged her keeping his head on her heart while ridhima too hugged him keeping one hand on his face while other on his shoulder pulling him to herself.  Ridhima asked them “Thank you so much for the Luggage. Can we talk after sometime please…?” Seeing Alex nodding her head before turning back on her heels to leave the room Ridhima called them again “Sorry Alex Shelby. I…” but Shelby cut her in between “it’s okay Reedheema (Ridhima) we can understand. Take your time we will be outside whenever you want to talk.” Ridhima nodded with smile at them but armaan remain silent hiding himself into ridhima holding onto her waist tightly with his arms. Once the Girls were out of the room ridhima cares his hairs and shoulder with both her hands “armaan” she called him softly like a whisper to feel him not move “They are out armaan” hearing which he moved releasing ridhima from his tight grip. Looking back at place where the girls were he relaxed seeing the place vacant.
Ridhima Cares his hairs calming him much more before speaking she hold his face in her palms making him look in her eyes “armaan..! They both are the good girls. Why are you scared of the,” but armaan shake his head in no. not wanting to agree with ridhima “Armaan. They really are good girls. Acha Tell me who brought you here.” Armaan keep looking in her eyes for bit then pointed his figure towards door indicating to the place where Shelby was standing whispered ‘Girl’ telling in own language of sign That Shelby was the one who brought him in here. “And tell me Who bought me Here when you were all alone here” again he stare at her for seconds before indicating his figure again to place where Alex was telling her Alex did. “So when they brought you out from the Hell and then they brought me here for you and we both now have each other because of them after so long so tell me, are they bad girls or good one..! Hmmm.” Lowering his eyes he whispered “Good girls” ridhima smiled at his cuteness even being in such state he can have his mind clear only with ridhima she was his strength and sanity. “So do you want to hurt good girls” armaan shake his head in no whispering the same no in Words too “No.”
Ridhima saw him looking down in guilty feeling so she asked him to look in her eyes “Armaan look at me.!” And when he did look she asked “I know my armaan is the best person in the world so will You be good boy as they are good girls. Hmm” armaan nodded his head at her words. Ridhima smiled fully at his nodding head, kissing his head let him hug her back again.
……..Flashback Ends……..
Later Ridhima came out of the room to ask Shelby if she could make a call back at home. Giving a nod to her she forwarded her house codeless to ridhima letting her call. Taking hold on it she dialed back to India, with what she moved back to the room as promised to armaan that she will be back in few minutes.

Back in Mumbai
Everyone was settled for dinner at dining table, when suddenly the phone rang up breaking the silence of the house that is usual thing now-a-days. Everyone looked towards the phone, Shubhankar tried to get up to see the caller but he have their 2 months old Son in his lap (Keerti was Pregnant as I Told in Karan’s POV in some parts back) so keerti got up from her seat to attend the call stopping nandani who was about to get up leaving her dinner.
Picking up the call keerti whispered “Hello” but the voice she heard from the other end made her numb to form any word for the person who was calling. Seeing Keerti not responding the caller any further after initially greeting Nandani came up to her to see who it was for which she shake keerti a bit bringing her out of her revive “Who is it keerti” to which keerti whispered in such a small voice as if she was trying to believe herself if it was her only or she was imagining it “Ridhi”. That was it nandani took phone from keerti’s hand and speaking into it she put the received down with speaker button on.

Whereas on the other side ridhima who have dialed home waited patiently for the call to be picked up, soon her patience was answered by the small “hello” she can’t forget this voice every or to be perceives she can’t forget the voice of any of the people where she have called they are her family after all. Hearing keerti greeting unaware of who the caller is, ridhima spoked up “hello Di… It’s your ridhi Di.” The silence prevailed over the line for few minutes, no one spoke anything to each keerti was numb to speak anything hearing her baby sister speaking from the other side when the people there declared her dead, but her baby sister was calling her out she was trying to believe that her baby sister is alive which she use to claim always but was losing hope with every passing day. But today her ridhi is calling her out. While ridhima knew what she might be going through emotional time so she too waited got her di to come to the terms that she really is hearing her ridhima. Then she heard nandani maa’s voice from the other end asking keerti who was calling them to which she heard her sister whisper her name ‘ridhi’ bringing the tears back into her eyes that she tried to control but wasn’t able to win from falling tears.
Armaan who was looking at her talking on the phone saw her crying silently, to support her he moved a bit towards her and hug her to himself holding onto her hand ten wiping her tears away shaking his head in no asking her not to cry. But ridhima was too much emotion for moment hearing her di whispering her name that she can’t control.

Next she heard nandani maa speaking “ridhima beta. Kaisi hain beta tu. Sab theek to hai na.. tu theek hain na beta. Pata hain hum sab ka kya haal hain yahan. Tu hai kahan beta. Kuch bol na beta kaise hain” while speaking to her nandani have kept phone on loud speaker so she can talk with everyone in the house. As hearing nandani speaking ridhima’s name made karan and Shubhankar get up from their chair walking up to them. Karan too can’t hold himself back to ask her how she is “Ridhima beta… kaisi ho beta… kahan ho beta aabhi...” Shubhankar to spoke “Princess kaise hain beta… pata hai hum sab pe kya biti hain kahan thi aab tak tu. Aur ye Mauritius wale ulti seedhi baateing kar rahe the.. kaise hain princess.”

Ridhima was too much over whelmed with their desperate voice showering the concern on her “Mein theek hun maa papa. Jiju. Mujhe kuch nahi hua hain. Mein bilkul theek hun aap log chinta mat kariya bahut jaldi mein wapas aap sab ke pass a jaungi” they all were talking to ridhima asking her how she was, where she was, what and how everything happened with her. Keerti was too much into daze that she kept hearing everyone asking ridhima numerous question about her and she was answering them. But nandani hold her from her shoulder bringing her out to real world asking her to talk with her sister for which keerti asked the very first question “Ridhima, armaan...?” she asked ridhima to tell her about armaan.
Ridhima smiled at her di while others in the Malik house felt guilty for forgetting their own son completely. Ridhima looked at armaan who was looking at her only smiling at him with tears still resting in her eyes she spoke up “Armaan Is with me only Di. Hum dono ache hain di” ridhima didn’t wanted to say anything about armaan’s health to them over the phone when they are sitting miles away from them. Nandani was in tears now hearing about her armaan after ages “Ridhima armaan se baat karwa na beta kaisa hain vo” ridhima gave a nodded over the phone as if they can see siding the phone a bit from her ears ridhima spoke to armaan “Armaan Nandani maa Baat karna chahati hain tumse.” But as armaan was not believing anyone other than her said while shaking head “No…” ridhima tried once again to make him talk to Nandani maa but once again he rejected taking the call, breaking nandani’s heart In pieces with the thought ‘Today my son don’t want to talk to me. And it’s not his fault at all. I have failed him as mother. I wasn’t there for him when he needed me, I have failed him today lost my other son too today’ with the same thoughts she looked at karan with anguish written all over her face. Ridhima tried to give an excuse to nandani maa so as not to make her feel hurt but the damage was already done. And soon the call ended with bit more words while ridhima inform them about her getting back to home timing.


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