Friday, 20 January 2017

part 26 : Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

Armaan and ridhima were walking out of the airport terminal rolling their luggage out with the trolley held by ridhima with one hand, other hand of her was in armaan’s grip as he was getting
scared of all the new people around him. Soon they both were out to see every family member was standing there waiting desperately for them, seeing them walking out nandani and keerti rush towards them with both men following them. Seeing someone running towards them armaan hide himself behind ridhima holding onto her more tightly. Ridhima first look in front as she was looking at armaan before and seeing their family coming towards them and armaan hiding from them was a kind of surprise for her. She knew he is afraid of new people but she didn’t expected him to be scared of his family even when he never got scared of her.

Giving a look at them she looked back at armaan who was looking at their family popping his head a bit up from behind her shoulder as a scared kid do when they hid themselves in their mother back getting scared of someone. Seeing armaan reacting like this family gave a questioning look to ridhima but all she can do was look confusingly embarrassed. Nandani tried to approach armaan but armaan hold ridhima’s shoulder pulling her a bit back with him trying to escape from nandani’s touch that made tears to come back in nandani’s eyes. Ridhima put her palm onto armaan’s hand that was resting on her shoulder who looked at her with her touch and saw her nodding towards him. Knowing ridhima won’t be letting anyone hurt him and he trusted her with himself so he came forwards from ridhima’s back now standing beside her. Looking at it everyone was surprise but once again when nandani maa tried to touch him he hold ridhima’s hand in fear. Getting it as indication nandani maa closed her palm in a fist then pulled her hand back passing a sad smile to hide her pain.

They were standing there still no one was moving or wording out anything so Not getting what they should do karan gesture them to start for home. Getting the indication Shubhankar did the honor of taking the luggage from ridhima’s grip to put them in the car while karan escort them towards the parking. As armaan was afraid of letting ridhima off his grip so karan asked keerti to come with him along with nandani while Shubhankar can bring armaan ridhima in their car. As soon as they sat in the car nandani broke down revealing her pain she felt when her baby moved away from her not letting her touch himself, keerti was emotional herself after seeing her baby sister and armaan too was like her small kid only but anyway she controlled and handled nandani lending her a shoulder to cry eventually consoling her side by side.

Reaching home karan asked ridhima to take armaan up in their room and have rest for the day. Agreeing to him with sad smile ridhima hold armaan’s hold on her and took him in the room where they lived after they were married. Reaching in the room ridhima made armaan rest making him lay on the bed saying she will freshen up first then will help him, she told him that she will be back in sometime and with that she moved to freshen. Coming out she look armaan sleeping with her dupatta in his hand and pillow in his arms hugging it.

She walk up to him caressing his face removing his long grown up hairs move away from his forehead. He defiantly need a haircut as these exceedingly growing hairs give him look that done’ suit him but he wasn’t letting anyone near him that make a task for her to get his tidy hair back. So she decided about being a hair stylist herself so he can get his tidy and handsome looks back. She was thinking about all this when she heard a small knock on the door followed with a faint call of her name from the other side. Giving a look to armaan she moved to open the door to see both keerti and nandani maa standing there, she welcomed them inside the room for which they hesitated know armaan wasn’t liking them near him but ridhima ensured them to come in he was sleeping.

Walking in both the ladies moved near armaan looking at his messed up hairs and frowning face nandani bend down to cares his face to remove his frown but then airport incident flashed in front of her eyes which made her pull her hand back without touching him. Ridhima keerti both saw nandani’s pain for not able to touch her own son even when he was just few steps away from her. They all know who much she have waited for her baby boy to come back home getting free from all the false accusation but now when he is back she can’t even touch him but just stare at him with moist eyes. Ridhima who was standing near the door only after welcoming them in, came forward towards nandani to see her hand out stretched wanting to feel her son is real in front of her, keeping her hand over nandani’s hand ridhima pushed her hand down making her to touch armaan then holding her palm in her palm she caressed armaan’s face. Nandani look towards ridhima with tears in her eyes. She moved his hairs back from his face and started caressing armaan’s features without ridhima’s guidance any further making his frown vanish while a peaceful look came back on his face. All three ladies present they saw the change expression on armaan’s face and emotional play on nandani’s face which made them smile. “Maa He is just scared of everyone when he is awake due to his mind have been freeze it those days of the jail. But his unconscious mind knows you and wanted you near him that’s why see yours hand on his face made him forget his frowning even in his sleep.” Ridhima exclaimed making nandani nod with teary smile on her face while keerti who was settled near armaan’s head felt armaan moved and resting his head in her laps, making her smile at him.

Ridhima was standing near them looking at them with affection and moist eyes. Armaan’s mind is what making him scared playing with his emotions while his unconscious mind expressing his real emotions. His frown was replaced with nandani’s touch bringing out his emotions towards his mother and he rested his head with so much confidence in keerti’s lap even in sleep knowing the one he have rest his head on will never hurt him bring out his emotions towards his sister like figure sister-in-law.  Ridhima was having a smile on her face seeing them caressing armaan with so much love that they have lost in the year time.

After sometime the ladies diverted their attention towards ridhima trying to ask her about what all happen out there in Mauritius with them, about how they lend up in the mess and how they were treated and how where they able to make it through all this. Ridhima told them everything from the starting, everything about armaan leaving for meeting while some people forcefully visited her in room in armaan’s absence. Then her being kidnapped and taken to new area after months of staying in every place from where she tried to run number of time but remain unsuccessful till the las day attempt when she collided with Alex and Shelby who helped her. They how they helped her to meet armaan. How they brought armaan out of the jail and in what condition he was in. she told them how he was treated in the jail and also the conspiracy that made them the part of it. Even told them all the help that Alex and Shelby provided them once they all meet up in Shelby house.

Hearing about their father’s profession was the reason behind the suffering they faced made keerti hate her father for time being but then hearing ridhima’s point of view she didn’t hated him but didn’t even forgot about his deed that lead his children in hell. If there was no hard feelings for him then there is not even the soft feeling left behind in keerti’s heart.

Keerti who was listening to ridhima’s words about their suffering gave into flowing tears. She cried expressing her pain of childhood where they kept waiting for their father but he never came on time on any occasion leave about time he many a times didn’t even showed up. “Papa use to never be there for us Maa. When I was small I keep waiting for him to come and wish his daughter on her birthday or on her achievements in schools or something, like every other kid I waited for him too to show up on parents-teachers meeting but he never did.” Hearing keerti ridhima moved and settle herself down on ground near keerti’s leg putting her hands on keerti’s lap trying to smoothen her but keerti keep speaking her pain “Not even on any of the festivals. We know he was working for his family, but he never realize that his family needs him too not only the money he produce, but when ridhima was born he use to take a bit of time sometimes but still keep kept missing all the times which a child wants with her father while growing up. He runs behind money and profession, his profession gave us nothing but pain back then as kids missing on him and even now after he is gone his profession is giving us pain even now.” Her tear fall down form her cheeks which ridhima tried to wipe away rising her hand but before she can do that the other hand did the needful. She looked down to see armaan was wiping the tears from keerti’s eyes shaking his head in no, asking her not to cry. Keerti looked at him with pure innocent love getting more emotional on his gesture she just bend done and kissed his forehead where her tear landed before waking him up, pouring her love towards him. Bhabhi-devar is the purest relation that a girl got to share after her wedlock thus was armaan-keerti relation.  Ridhima too was touched with armaan’s gesture, he was scared for letting anyone touch him other than her a while back and now he is laid with his head in keerti’s lap while wiping her tears asking her not to carry. Ridhima wondered in her thoughts ‘Armaan…! There are still many a things I have to learn about you and you strong inner self. The love he harbor for his loved once is still lying in unknown depth of his heart, which I want to know one day which only I will be knowing.’

While she bend down to kiss her devar like son after knowing his sufferings she broke down once again while resting her forehead against armaan’s with guilt of her fathers deed made him suffered and pain knowing his pain all over year just for some revenge. Armaan’s one hand was in nandani’s grip which he held onto and pulling it forward he kept nandani’s maa hand on keerti’s head while giving a look to his mother as if asking her to console his sister like Bhabhi. Knowing what armaan wanted to say nandani tried to console keerti. Putting her hands on keerti’s shoulder nandani made her lift her face up and as soon as she lifted her head up she hugged her maa tightly taking out her pain. While armaan’s hand went into ridhima’s hand, he might be in fear, insecurities since long but this emotional roller coaster ride was bringing him back out of his shell slowly and gradually. She was told nandani that ‘his unconscious mind knows them and wanted them near him’ she was sure now it’s not just her but his family or it’s their family are with them to help him recover from all the past they had.

After sometime ladies get hold over their emotions while smiling they asked armaan about getting fit very soon as they have lost lots of time to make him run around and they have done enough work now it’s his and ridhima’s turn to work around. Armaan was coming out of his shell but he wasn’t out fully so neither saying anything nor giving any smile to them he simple nodded his head in small yes. But the ladies are happy even with his small nod if not smile or word at least he responded to them in positive way not repealing them away from himself as he did on airport.

Both the ladies left the room leaving ridhima behind with armaan. Closing the door ridhima moved towards bed with smiling face which gain her confusion expression from his face which was asking ‘what happen that make her smile’ to her. Ridhima came and settle on the bed beside him facing him, he kept looking at her with same expression on his face to which ridhima answered “armaan..! When we stepped out of the airport you were scared to even let maa touch you which sadden her but when keerti di was crying you made her calm down and even rested your head peacefully in her laps and not getting scared of her as you were with maa back then” as it was 2-3 days that he is out of the hell and ridhima was taking proper care of his bring him some strength to talk and even do little things. So he spoke up “I feel scared… this room is secure” armaan spoke his heart in broken sentence not wanting to extend it more he put it into small simple words that could have explained her everything. Ridhima smiled at him know him and his relation with her di is much stronger than any other devar-Bhabhi relation. She knew the strong-ness of his and her di relation from the long time even before then actually meet, as keerti hold some more enthusiastic energy while she talk to her about armaan after meeting Shubhankar. She use to tell ridhima always what kind of person he was at that time, telling her how much welcoming person he is who welcome anyone with open heart, always helping her around to make her feel a part of their family, how he keep pushing his brother to spend some time with her and he himself sometimes join them making their time more memorable with his care and joyful nature.

She knew keerti tears and his subconscious mind made him step up from his fear. It’s not the room that bring him into the security feeling, it’s his love and care for his family that made him not able to see his Bhabhi in tears. He loved everyone in his family to bits that is bringing him back to life step by step. She is sure that soon he will be back to his life and himself as he was a year back. As for the airport scene it might be just that he have seen them all after ages that might have made him back away from them. Concluding his action in her mind she felt positively happy for now his coming back to family is what she wanted later they will deal others too together while her holding her hands and their family backing up on them.

Later having dinner in their room itself they both went to sleep holding hands as they use to do when they were new in the relationship. Next day when she woke up she saw armaan’s side was empty. She though he might be in washroom so she kept waiting for some time but even after 15 minutes when he didn’t came out of the washroom she got up from bed to check the washroom to see if he is there or not.

But armaan was nowhere around the room to be seen. She look around to find him but found the door of the balcony closed from inside. It’s when her eyes fall in garden out of the room’s window. Walking out from the room she make her way towards garden, reaching there what she saw made her run to the spot where her eyes where stuck.


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