Wednesday, 25 January 2017

part 27 : Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

Ridhima saw armaan from the room windows while she was looking for him. For which she made a move to go to him and when she reach there she saw armaan watering the plant she have planted year back just beside his ansh bhaiya’s tree. Seeing this ridhima made a run toward armaan from the front door of the house until him and without any indication beforehand she hugged him from back.
Holding onto his chest from back she let her head rest on his back shoulder while armaan felt ridhima hugging him so he left the watering can on the ground to hold her hands that where hugging him.

He turn around only to be hugged by ridhima once again with teary eyes. She moved a back little after few minutes looking at him. He saw tears in her eyes, misunderstanding it armaan just spoke up trying to clear his intentions to her “I just… watering” he said while pointing towards the watering can and then the small plant near the big tree. Ridhima looked at in his eyes when he tried to explain, but then she wiped her tears away with smile leaving its traces on her lips and twinkle in her eyes “I saw that armaan, I am just that… I am overwhelmed with this small act of you. I am so happy with this gesture you showed towards this small tree which we have planted as my parent’s remembrance by watering it”

“They caring for bhaiya” was just the small reply that came from him which made ridhima hug him once again with lots of happiness in her. It was she who came up with the idea of planting tree in her parent’s remembrance, it was she who planted it back then beside ansh bhaiya’s Tree, it was again her whose parents were symbolized by the same baby tree. But who remember about watering it, this time it wasn’t her it was him. He is the one who remember of taking care of the love with which she planted it. All she can say to him was a small whispering “Thank you” not knowing any other expression of word that could have expressed her overwhelming happiness and some un-decrypted emotions. Armaan nodded his head hearing her thanking him with smile on her face, with this nod ridhima moved her hands from his waist to his face and then putting her thumb and forefinger on edges of his lips she stretched his skin making a smile appear on his lips initially by her stretching then by his inner self. Armaan settled there under the same tree which symbolize his brother presence in his life while ridhima follow his lead knowing no one in family will let her work so without taking anything on her hand which will be denied with in second of her hold on she relaxed back with armaan sitting beside him on the grass. As she settle beside him one of the fruit from the top of the tree came falling down beside armaan while other one fall in ridhima’s laps. Both of them looked up smiling while looking they shifted there gaze towards each other widening of each other’s smile more. And they both cherish the fruit once washing it from the watering can lying nearby.

After sometime ridhima helped armaan walk inside when they saw karan and Shubhankar standing on the door looking towards Armaan Ridhima making their ways inside. Seeing them ridhima greeted them “Good Morning Papa/Jiju” to which they replied putting their hands on her head blessing her and speak “Good Morning” looking at armaan’s face who was looking inside at something more interesting then greeting them. Everyone present at that moment look towards armaan first then they follow his gaze but found nothing there as such which would have make him hold his interest on. Ridhima shake him a bit to which he looked towards her seeing her eyeing towards their front he looked there to find his father and bhaiya standing there, seeing him looking towards them now they both spoke “Good Morning once again” to which armaan just smiled a bit whispering “Good Morning” to them but before they both can say anything more his attention again went on the same way which way he was looking before.

They left the words without taking them out of their system but asked ridhima armaan to have breakfast. As soon as they moved in ridhima made armaan settle on the dinning chair. Once he was settle down perfectly ridhima moved towards kitchen to be stopped at once only at the door step by nandani “Stop right there Ridhima” keerti who have her back towards door turn back to see ridhima standing a step back of the kitchen door trying to step in but hearing maa she stopped there only. By now both the sisters are well aware of nandani maa’s nature so there was no awkwardness after her words came out but an adorable pout was welcomed on ridhima’s lips, which was soon gone as she spoke her mind “I will just help putting dishes Maa” ridhima tried to reason Nandani maa before pouting back hearing her say “No need of it.. Keerti and I will do that happily. Plus you are not at all allowed to do anything other than to take seat on dinning for the breakfast. That would be enough of work for now.” As her adorable pouting face didn’t work on maa she tried to trick keerti into her words to agree upon. But before keerti could have said anything nandani maa said “Keerti can’t do anything don’t look at her like that. She have no authority to over heard me in this matter so go back and take your seat” ridhima’s small little plan in helping them failed so she went away from there speaking “This is cheating… One day it will be me over there and you both while be here. Place of our standing will shift then U will see. Cheating” complaining like a small baby ridhima went away making both the ladies split in laughter after sharing a look. As ridhima wasn’t that away yet from kitchen she spoke in bit high voice to make them hear her words while walking away “My Day will come soon and don’t laugh. Hunh..!” this small shout from her did nothing but to bring more laugher in keerti and nandani maa’s way.

Hearing her shouting “My Day will come soon and don’t laugh. Hunh..!” both Shubhankar and karan share a look to each other as they were settled on the couch laying little away from the dining table, while armaan look towards the way from where the voice came in. Looking her coming with sulking face karan Shubhankar too laugh which they tried to suppress seeing ridhima looking at them irritated. She settle down beside armaan while karan Shubhankar failed controlling their laugh so ridhima with pouting face looked at armaan who was already looking at her, but he passed a small soft smile towards her making her forgot her pout and smile copying his softness in her smile.

Soon Nandani keerti came out with breakfast in tray seeing which both men too came joining the table. Ladies keep plate down in center they were about to serve it to armaan but he moved back a little once again giving them silent pain with his action. Ridhima kept her hand on his hands but he shake his head. He got up from the chair getting misbalanced on his legs but never the less he hold on to the different things on his way to his room but soon ridhima was standing by his side helping him out to reach up to the room with steady steps without falling.

Soon they both reached their room armaan settle near the window platform made with sitting arrangement. Ridhima closed the door behind herself before walking towards him. Ridhima settle down on her knees and looked up at armaan putting her hands on his knees making him look at her. As her silence demanded he looked at her but within a minute he turn his face back looking outside. Ridhima called him out just to get a nod from him giving her acknowledgement of him hearing her out.

She was herself in dilemma of what to say or what to ask from him, she knew the torture he have gone through would have made any sane person totally insane but still he is holding his mental stability it’s his insecurity and pain that is making him behave a bit rude or rather saying a bit lonely from everyone around him. She don’t know what to say to him see the pain of the family that they were enduring seeing him like this in pain and neglecting them. She can even ask him why he is behaving like this with them she knew he is in much more pain and saw much more in past while no one was there for him. To hold him or to tell him everything will be over, it was totally strange country and so were people he was surrounding with who plotted him into all this without believing in his words.

Seeing him not taking his pain out in front of her ever since they landed in Mumbai as he was expressing all his pain and suffering back there. Ridhima got tears in her eyes seeing his painful look staring outside. Her tear fall on his hand making him look back instantly towards her, holding her from shoulder her made her stood up on her legs as he too got up from his sitting position. Making her walk towards the bed still holding onto her, they both settle on the bed and armaan hugged her while she just keep crying hugging him back.

She kept crying while he kept caring her hairs still keeping her close to himself to separating her even for second. In between he made her have a sip of water but didn’t stopped her from crying, the pain needs to be poured out if it’s kept save inside it would make the life a living hell. It was rightfully said “Pain demanded to be felt before it let You Move on With Smile”. He knew this stored pain should be taken out of her which his silence did. His silence on his call and pain in his eyes break the ice of her inner soul. He wasn’t speaking even a single word but soon he heard ridhima’s soft murmuring “leave me… stay away… leave…. Armaan…. No… touch…” she have fallen asleep while crying while her murmuring never stopped. Armaan shake her to make her wake up from her painful sleep, ridhima got confused for second but soon recall all the moment before she fall asleep. She looked towards him then again moistness gather in her eyes staring at his face there was something on his face something in his eyes that were asking her desperately to take her pain out to confide her experience, her pain, her struggle in whole some his eyes want her to confined herself in him “They beat me for few days armaan. They use their belts to beat me up, treated me like a dog. It used to pain a lot armaan, it used to pain a lot. But then one day a man walked in seeing me he called the same men who used to beat me with belt and he slapped them. I was getting a hope that this person will let me go but he didn’t. He send them away and advanced towards me.” More fresh tears falls, she was talking and crying that was making her chock to which armaan cares her head while making her sip water after which she continued “I thought he is here to save me and will make me free form the chair I was tied too with scratches on my body but to all their beating but that man… (Pause gulping the lump formed) that man tried to force me…. He tore the sleeves of my shirt away… he even opened up few buttons… I was crying armaan. I was crying so much. I wanted to die that very moment, I wanted to be killed before anyone could touch me. I don’t know if god hear me out the very next moment a lady came inside the room and seeing the scene she instantly pulled the man out of the room closing the door behind. I was too much afraid armaan I was dying every moment at that time. I was crying and crying over my fate. I tried calling you but I knew you wouldn’t be able to hear me. But then that lady came back inside advancing towards me she said nothing but she button up all the buttons of my shirt. After few hour there was a new pair of cloths that was bought in by the same lady. She freed my hands tying the rope from my waist not letting me escape but gave me window to change my ripped cloths. I was so scared armaan. I was so scared. I wanted to run away from there. I didn’t know than that where will be wat you will be, will you be searching after me, how you would be searching for me, will you be able to get me or I will be able to get back to you or our family. I knew nothing armaan. I was just….. ” without completing her own words she just broke down more and hugged him tightly trying to find her peace, her solace in her life partner. Armaan who was hearing her was also crying feeling the pain she have gone through it was no less than his pain, he was physically beaten up but with her it was not just physical harm but the emotional and her pride, respect was at stake.

“I am sorry ridhima” he spoke breaking the long silence between them with just sound of crying echoing in the room. Ridhima looked up at his face filled with tears “Why you are sorry armaan… there is nothing you would have done. This was fate that was written in your journey of life, it was meant to happen.” He just shake his head in no “I should have. Meeting. I should have stayed… sorry” his guilt was coming up covering up his fear underneath hearing ridhima’s painful days. She just raised her hand wiping away his tears that flowed more with her hands on his checks giving her tears a push to move out of her eye lids.

“You don’t have to be sorry armaan. But just do one thing for me or for us, do stay with me please I… we both have gone through so much please stay with me don’t leave me behind again” hearing her armaan just rested his head over her head whispering “Never… Sorry” with these painful wordings, feelings the environment that was created made them exhausted bring sleep on their eye lids.

(I know you people will thing they are sleeping more than they are awake but after a lots of torture physically and emotionally people tends to get exhausted and sleep more)

Keerti who came up to give ridhima their breakfast heard their words from the start of the conversation till the silence that prevailed around. She peeped inside with her own eyes giving away her pain and tears she moved in seeing them sleeping holding onto each other securely with tears traces left there marks on their faces. She keep the breakfast on the bed side table so that when they will be wake up feeling hungry they can have their breakfast.

Caressing their faces ones with her palm keerti moved away not to disturb them while moving out she closed the window putting on the curtains wanting nothing to disturb their sleep. Switching on the AC she pulled cover them with thing sheet making their sleep more comfortable. Wiping her tears away that have appeared once again she moved out of the room and then made her way towards her own room.

But due to her own emotional high waves she didn’t noticed that she have closed the door behind her with bit loud voice making ridhima’s sleep break who woke up with confusion. Registering the noise was from door she moved leaving armaan hold a pillow instead of her now she moved to see who it was. Moving out of the room she saw keerti moving towards her own room, there was something in her walk that made ridhima follow her thinking something was wrong.

Soon she was standing outside of her di’s room she was about to enter when she heard her di’s loud voice which is very rare thing for her to hear. She was about to go from there thinking it’s her di’s and jiju’s personal matter she don’t have right to interfere but then she heard her and armaan’s name from her making her stop outside and eardrop on their conversation which leave her in pure shock after hearing every words that came from the other side of the door.


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