Thursday, 12 January 2017

part 48 : Dard ka rishta


at evening when riddhima came out of the hospital saw arman was there . her eyes searched sid but he was not anywhere .she pretended like didn’t see arman and turned to go inside but in a while arman came running to her and uttered holding her hand : “riddhima,ghar chalo.”

riddhima uttered trying to free her hand : “mujhe tumhare sath nahi jana.”
arman uttered tightening his grip : “riddhima ,its enough..chupchap ghar chalo,yahan tamasha mat karo.”
riddhima anger increased more hearing arman’s words. she uttered angrily : “mai khud ja sakti hun aur mai nahi tum tamasha kar rahe ho.”
arman uttered in an annoyed voice : “toh akele ja sakti thi,sid ka sahara kyon liya? mujhe neecha dikhane ke liye? agar next time usey tumhare aas paas dekha toh mujhse bura koi nahi hoga.”
riddhima mocked angrily : “oh toh tumne usey dhamkaya hoga isliye wo yahan nahi hai par yeh mera personal matter hai kiske sath aaun jaun..
arman uttered : “tum meri patni ho ,ab kuch bhi tumhara personal nahi hai.”
riddhima was about to reply but anjali was coming so she started looking other side.anjali came to them and addressed arman : “tum abhi tak ghar nahi gaye arman? tumne kaha ki bahut tired ho toh u should go home and take rest.”
arman uttered : “thanks anjali jo tum mera itna khyal rakhti ho.yeh baat apni dost ko bhi sikha do zara.”
anjali laughed hearing it and uttered looking at riddhima : “tu abhi tak gussa hai?
riddhima uttered angrily : “isne koun sa mahan kaam kiya jo mai khush ho jaun?
anjali uttered looking at arman : “sach me arman,tumhe koi mahan kaam karna chahiye tha riddhima ko khush karne ke liye. ek kaam karo,wahan terrace par chale jao aur kud jao wahan se.”
before arman could say ,riddhima uttered angrily : “maine aisa nahi kaha.”
anjali uttered smilingly : “okay..toh phir..ummm...arman wo jo car aa rahi hai full speed se,uske samne kud jao.”
arman ,who was enjoying all this,uttered immediately : “ok..
but riddhima caught his hand tightly and uttered in an annoyed voice : “anji,tu janti hai yeh pagal hai..aisi baaten kyon kah rehi hai?”
arman laughed in heart but uttered in a serious tone : “anjali thik keh rahi hai,jab kisiko meri parvah nahi hai toh mera marna..
but riddhima cut his word immediately and uttered : “hai..sabko tumhari parvah hai ,sab tumhe pyar karte hain aur aisi buri baatein kabhi nahi kahna chahiye.”
arman uttered looking at riddhima’s eyes: “achcha batao kise meri parvah hai..
riddhima replied looking at the ground : “mumma ko hai,dadi ko hai..sahil ko aur tumhare doston ko hai..
arman asked immediately : “aur tumhe?”
riddhima didn’t reply and stepped to their car.she opened the back door and sat there while looking other side. Anjali whispered looking at her :” riddhzi jyada der tumse gussa nahi reh sakti,don’t worry.”
arman smiled and went to the car saying her bye.
arman looked at riddhima through the mirror while driving the car. she was looking through the window. she wore a red –yellow colour salwar suit and kept her hairs open which was disturbing her due to the air which was coming through the window. arman closed the window but heard riddhima’s angry voice : “window kyon band kiya? khol do.”
arman uttered lovingly : “ bahut thandi hawa hai,tumhe thand lag jayegi riddhima.”
riddhima uttered angrily : “mujhe lagegi toh tumhe kya?”
arman uttered smilingly: “phir tumhe jukam(sardi) hogi .”
riddhima questioned : “toh?
arman uttered : “toh mai tumhare karib kaise jaunga?”
riddhima uttered angrily : “mai waise bhi paas nahi aane dungi.tum bhul rahe ho mai tumpar gussa hun.”
arman laughed and chukled : “i know meri riddhima mujhse jyada der tak naraj nahi reh sakti.”
riddhima uttered angrily : “tumne galat socha hai..aur is tarah mujhe buttering karne ki koshish mat karo,mai gadi se utar jaungi.”
arman knew riddhima could do it so he kept quiet. now he was driving the car silently.suddenly riddhima yelled : “gadi roko..jaldi roko..
arman got worried what happened to her so stopped the car he stopped the car ,riddhima opened the door and moved down quickly and ran to the stall of roadside. arman took sometime to understand what was going on and when he understood,he yelled from there: “ se kuch nahi khana..wapas aao.”
but riddhima didn’t look or come arman parked the car and went to riddhima and snatched the plate from her hand and yelled angrily : “u know na riddhima,jab bhi khati ho,beemar padti ho.”
other people who were standing there,looked at them.but riddhima yelled ignoring them : “mera plate wapas dare u!tumne mere hath se plate cheena kaise!
arman uttered angrily : “kyonki mai janta hun tumhe kya problem hai...aur..
but riddhima yelled angrily : “mai jo marzi karungi,tumhe rokne ka koi haq nahi.”
arman uttered with same tone : “mujhe haq hai kyonki mai tumhara pati hun..
an old lady : “beta,pati ki baat manni chahiye..
other lady : “pati bhagwan saman hota hai beta..
riddhima uttered angrily : “ foot..!
and stepped to the road.arman kept the plate and paid then turned but surprised to see ,riddhima was walking on the road ,didn’t sit in the car.he mumbled : “iska dimag aaj full dmage hua hai..bahut satayegi..”
and ran to the car.he sat quickly and followed riddhima but as riddhima saw he was following her .she walked in speed and caught a lonely ,muddy road.
Arman yelled : “riddhima..wapas aao.
But riddhima didn’t hear and walked hurriedly.arman mumbled helplessly : “is saitan ko pata hai mai car idhar nahi le ja sakta. Ab kya karun,yahan gadi aise nahi chod sakta .”
He started searching some place where he could leave the car safely. After some ime he got a place,parked his car and ran to the road where riddhima went. Now its dark all around and no one was there. Arman got worried for riddhima. He knew this place was not safe even in evening too. He started searching her while calling her name but she was not there.arman ran to that side where riddhima went but didn’t find her. Suddenly his eyes went on a place which was not so far from him.riddhima was sitting there turning her face other side and caressing a lamb while talking to him with a low
voice .at first arman got surprised,then tried to understand it was riddhima or not and when he believed she was,he got angry so much. He came to her and yelled in an angry tone : “riddhima!!
But riddhima addressed the lamb : “shonu,kah do isey ki mai bahri nahi hun,chillane ki jarurat nahi.”
Arman yelled angrily : “toh mai itne der se tumhara naam lekar gala faad raha tha,tumne kyon nahi suna batao?
Riddhima addressed the lamb : “shonu ,bata do ki meri marzi..rasta chalte koi bhi mera naam lekar pukarega toh mai usey reply karungi? Batao toh shonu?
The lamb looked at arman once and nodded his head in na.
Now arman burst in anger ,he yelled : “mai koi raah chalta nahi hun,aur yeh shonu shonu kya laga rakha hai? Mujhse tum baat nahi kar sakti?
He came in front of riddhima and suddenly dragged the lamb’s ear and yelled pushing him : “ja bhag yahan se..
The lamb started bleating : “baaaaaaa….”and ran from there to save his life.
Riddhima yelled angrily : “tumne shonu ka kaan kheencha! How dare you!
Arman uttered angrily : “ab tumhare bhi khenchunga agar sidhi tarah mere sath ghar nahi gayi toh.”
Riddhima yelled stretching her big almond eyes : “haww!ab tum mere kaan khenchoge!
Arman was going to reply with an angry tone but suddenly he lost himself in her almond eyes and her pouting face. He nodded in yes while trying to control his smile. Riddhima stomped her feet and uttered :’huh!” and about to go from there but in a while arman caught her and picked her in his arm while uttered : “aise le jaunga agar nahi gayi toh.”
Riddhima was trying to say something but arman uttered in a scolded tone : “chup! Bilkul chup! Agar ek bhi word kaha toh neeche gira dunga.”
Riddhima got scared and kept quiet .arman came to the car and made her stand while uttered in same tone : “ab chupchap baitho car me aur ghar chalo. Mumma ke 10 miss calls hain,pata nahi kitna tensed hogi wo.”
He called ananya and informed her that they were stuck in some work and now going to home.
Hearing ananya’s name riddhima sat in back seat quietly and arman drove to their house.
At night after dinner when arman came in his room,saw riddhima was sleeping in couch. He lied on the bed and ordered her in an serious tone : “I know tum soi nahi ho.chupchap yahan bed par aakar so jao,wahan back pain hoga.”
But riddhima didn’t reply and pretended that she was sleeping. Now arman lost his temper.he got up and uttered: “its enough! Bahut hua..
And came to riddhima and picked her in his arm and dumped her on the bed and uttered in an angry tone : “chupchap so jao! Jyada nakhre ki toh!
Riddhima moaned in pain and yelled angrily : “tum.. tum rakshas ho!
Arman looked at her confusingly and asked : “kya!
Riddhima pouted : “you are a big giant!
Arman laughed and jumped on the bed and fell on top of riddhima and uttered squzzeing her : “kya kaha? Mai giant hun?
Riddhima uttered trying to push him : “haan..
Arman uttered like a warning tone : “aur ek baar kahkar dekho.”
Riddhima uttered : “100 baar kahungi..u r a giant…giant ho tum..
Arman uttered : “ok,than be ready for my giant avtar…
Saying he pushed her against the bed while trying to slip his hand in her nighty but riddhima yelled : “don’t touch me..hato mere se..
Arman uttered trying to kiss her : “nahi hatunga..mai ab giant ban gaya hun..
Riddhima tried to push him but as his hot breathe touched her cheek,she started losing herself in his manly scent…arman understood his charm started working on riddhima so he didn’t lose this chance and pulled her close in an intimate embrace, forcing his lips down on hers hungrily. Riddhima forgot she was angry on arman or she was fighting with him a while back… She found herself nuzzling his neck, compelled by the elusive scent and taste. Arman kissed her long and deep, his passion flying through her, leaving her breathless and aching for more than a kiss.and in a while their sweet love session turned into passionate one. Riddhima dragged him into her and they lost in their most pleasure moment.They clung to each other, molding their bodies as one until the raging fire of passion consumed them.

It was mid night,when arman opened eyes ,looked at riddhima’s closed eyes and satisfied face,dragged her close to him and sank into a deep sleep.

Love u all

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