Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Part 5 : Meri Pehli Khataa...



Armaan was sleeping on his stomach in his room although it was 2 p.m. His sleep was disturbed by some noises. He frowned and put a pillow on his ear. But when the voices did not shush he got up angrily. He moved towards the window and opened the curtains only to find a mob of people outside his house protesting.


Anjali was leading the mob in the protest. All those people supported Riddhima and were angry. Riddhima was just standing beside Anjali quietly. Billy and Ananya along with Kunj stepped out of the house and tried to calm the people down but no one was ready to listen to them.

The voice of sirens forced everyone to shush for a while when the police arrived. However they soon started shouting again. They wanted Armaan to come out. Some of them, driven by rage even threw stones and broke some of the windows of the mansion.

Armaan finally came out. The people tried to rush towards him but the police barred them to do so.

Billy: Ye sab tumhari waja se ho raha hai na... iss sab ko ab sambhalo ge bhi tum hi...
Armaan: Aap ko fikar krne ki zaroorat nahi hai... aapki izzat pr koi anch nahi aye gi...

The crowd was chanting words against Armaan saying: Armaan Malik haye haye.. Armaan Malik murdabad...

Armaan looked at riddhima who too in return looked at him. His strong, angry and full of hatred gaze met with her nervous, naive and glum eyes.

After only a momentary lock of eyes of two entirely different worlds, the strong one averted its gaze in order to save itself from collapsing and being destroying.

Armaan looked at the crowd and something struck his mind. Something that could save him. Something that could save his family's respect.

Armaan: aap sab ko lagta hai na ke mene is larki ka rape kia hai?

The crowd quietened.

Armaan: yehi bataya hai na isne aap sabko? Par sach to ye hai ke iss larki ke paas koi saboot hi nahi hai mere khilaf... Ye sirf apne gunah mere sar thop rahi hai...

Riddhima's eyes had tears flowing out by then. Anjali was consoling her.

A man from crowd: Tum ye sab sirf khud ko bachane ke liye keh rhe ho... par hum jante hain tumhare jesa ameer baap ka bigra beta yehi kuch krskta hai... Tumhare khilaf kitne scandals hain... sab ko apne pese ke dum pr chup krwa dete ho...

With this the crowd again started shouting at him. A few even threw stones at him. One stone had hit his forehead and blood oozed out from that spot. Armaan's eyes were filled with rage.

Armaan: aap sabko lagta hai na ke mein gunehgar hun? To theek hai mein apni ghalti sahi krne laga hun...

He moved towards the crowd who by then had turned quiet. Armaan moved towards riddhima and came face to face with her.

Riddhima was once again standing in front of that very person with the distance only of about a few inches. Anjali held her by the shoulders as she was getting weak seeing him in front of her. She felt dizzy as all the events of that unfortunate night played in front of her. Tears were continuously flowing down her cheeks.

Armaan was standing in front of a girl whose name even was unknown to him. He was standing in front of his victim. He was standing in front of a girl who had no importance in his life. But he was here, not because he wanted to but because he had to in order to maintain his hollow reputation.

Both stared at each other in silence until Armaan spoke and Riddhima looked down but even while speaking Armaan kept staring at her.

Armaan: Aap sab kehte hain na mein ne is larki ki zindagi barbad ki hai... isse zamane mein zaleel kr dia hai? To aaj mein is larki ki zindagi sawar dunga aur isko izzat dunga.... Malik khandan ki bahu bana kar....

His words echoed. Riddhima's head shot up. Her lips, previously pursed parted in shock. Before she could utter anything or even think to say something Armaan made a move that changed her entire life.

Armaan ran his thumb on the wound on his forehead. His blood dripped on his thumb. Armaan looked at hsi thumb then at Riddhima. He then placed his thumb on her forehead and she closed her eyes, bit her lower lip and tried to register what was happening. Armaan moved his thumb upwards and filled her hair parting with his blood.

To be continued


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