Friday, 20 January 2017

Part 7 : Meri Pehli Khataa...

Riddhima was escorted down the stairs dressed in a fancy and beautiful dress by some girls. She looked breathtaking. Why wouldn't she? After all it was her engagement today. But the fact that there was not the slightest bit of excitement visible in her eyes was because she was getting engaged to a monster as she thought. She was made to stand next to Armaan.

The mere feeling of standing next to him made her breathless. The air became thick for her and it lacked oxygen. She could not stand the thought that the air she was breathing in was touching him before coming to her. This gave her palpitations. She started coughing. Armaan did no help and just stood there.

Anjali came running towards Riddhima and helped her off the stage. While Riddhima was getting off the stage she looked at Armaan who was staring at her with a slight tinge of amusement playing on his face.

Riddhima was once again standing on the same stage beside the same person for the engagement ceremony. She put the ring in his finger, not looking at him at all. Armaan watched this too with amusement.

"Mujhe pata hai tum mujhse bohat nafrat krti ho," he said putting the ring in her finger, "par it is funny ke phir bhi tum kuch nahi kr skti."

Riddhima looked up at his face. His eyes bore no emotion. They were just spherical and dull blue balls which made him see. "Mein kuch nahi kar skti isliey mujhpr hassi arhi hai. Lekin ek din tum rou ge kyunke Bhagwwan sab kuch kr skte hain.", she dared to say.

Yeh kasoor mera hai ke yakeen kiya hai
Dil tere hi khatir rakh chhod diya hai
Yeh kasoor mera hai ke yakeen kiya hai
Dil tere hi khatir rakh chhod diya hai
Tu hi sabse kareeb hai mere
Tu hi mera naseeb hai ab yeh mehsoos kiya hai
Tu hi sabse kareeb hai mere
Tu hi mera naseeb hai ab yeh mehsoos kiya hai
Yeh kasoor mera hai ki yakeen kiya hai
Dil tere hi khatir rakh chhod diya hai

"Papa mujhe bas jald se jald shadi krni hai. ye fazool k functions rkhne ki zaroorat nhi hai.", Riddhima stated.

"Par beta...", Shashank tried to reason but Riddhima was adamant on her decision.

"Agle hafte ka mohrat bohat shub hai.", Pandit told.

"Ye to bht achi bat hai. Mein abhi mithayi laya Pandit ji." Shahsnk said before getting up.

Riddhima turned to go but she halted when she heard Pandit ji say something.

"Abhi nafrat hai... magar nafrat ko mohabbat mein badalte der nahi lagti.", He said.

Riddhima turned to him confused,"Ji?"

"Aaj rat chodvein ki raat hai. Tumhari kundli ke hisaab se aaj ki raat 12 baje tumhe tumhara jeevan sathi mile ga. Yaad rakhna... kya pata nafrat mohabbat mein badal jaye.", Pandit ji told and then went away smiling. Riddhima was left in a pool of thoughts.

It was a windy night. The moon had showed up its beautiful face already. Riddhima had been staring at it for quite a time. Suddenly there was a cloud cover and the night was engulfed by darkness.
Riddhima moved away from the window.

Bg-Jiya Re from Dehleez

More jiyaaa... Mein kya tere bin
More jiya.... tu mera palchim...

(But she stopped when she heard some noise.She turned around and was baffled to see Armaan getting into her room.)

Likhun mein tere nam sari umar
Main chahun tujko hi athon pehar
Basaun teri galiyon me apna ghar

(He got in with a jump. Riddhima was staring at him with anger, weakness and astonishment. He looked at her with a look that could not be deciphered.)

Jiya re basa hai tera roop ankhon mein
Jiya re sochun mein tujhe chand raton mein
Jiya re khoya mein rahun teri baton mein

(The cloud cover dispersed and the moon once again shone. Riddhima looked at the moon and from it a Armaan.)

The music suddenly stopped for a while when the clock made a noise. Riddhima turned her head towards it and realized it was twelve. Her head shot back towards Armaan.

Jiya re... jiya re... jiyaa re...

( She looked at him and he was already staring at her with confusion and impatience. She was shocked and upset.)

Armaan: what??
Riddhima: tum... tt..tumm yahan ..
Armaan: mujhse kya sharmana ... hone wali bivi ho meri...
Riddhima: ttumm.. jao yahan se...
Armaan: mein bas ye kehne aya tha... ke shadi ka ko function cancel nahi hoga... kyunke tumhara to pta nahi lekin meri ek reputation hai.... aur us reputation ko maintain krna hai mujhe...
Riddhima tearfully: Tum bohat bure ho.....
Armaan pinning her to the wall: Mujhe acha hona bhi nahi hai.... aur..Mein kitna bura hun ye to tumhe shadi ke baad pta chale ga.... Shadi ke baad tumhe smjh ayega ke mera naam khrab krne ka kya anjam hota hai kyunke is shadi ke baad tumhari zindagi tumhari nhi meri ho jayegi...

He left her and left.



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