Monday, 23 January 2017

Part 8 : Meri Pehli Khataa...

"Beta Balwinder sahab ka phone aya tha wo chahte hain ke sab functions hon.", Shashank informed.

"Theek hai to aap log sab functions rkh lein haldi, mehndi roka... bla bla.. lekin mein unka part nahi hongi.... Don't u all get it.... me khtm krna chahti hun ye sb jald se jald. Aaj sangeet parsoo shadi that is it.", Riddhima said.

Shashank sighed.


It was the day of the wedding. The house was the definition of luminous today. Flowers were filling the air with fragrance. The Maliks had already reached the venue. Armaan was sitting in the Mandap.

"Be strong ridzyy," ANjali assured Riddhima who was sitting in her room all dressed up. Riddhima's eyes were glum and there was no smile on her dull face. But just for her sister she forced a slight smile.

It was a day of tragedy for Riddhima. A day when the little dreams she was left with were shattered too. This day marked the start of her suffering. Or at least this was what she thought.

Riddhima was made to sit next to Armaan which was an ordeal for her. Soon enough as per the traditions they got married.

Everyone was bidding good bye to Riddhima and crying. But she did not cry. Only one tear dropped from her eye. A tear of misery. A tear of unhappiness. A tear of suffering. A tear of irony. A tear of mistrust. And above all a tear which she shed on something that she believed to be her funeral. That one drop that fell from her eye was heavier than anything and everything for it carried all the burden that had engulfed her heart for quite long now.



Riddhima was sitting in Armaan's room. The room was decorated with flowers and candles.

The door creaked open and Riddhima's eyes fell on Armaan who entered. Her vision was a bit blur and she felt dizzy. He came forth and sat, moreover laid, on the bed in front of her.

"Tumhari himmat ki dad deni paregi wese. Jis insan se sabse zyada nafrat krti ho ussi se shadi krli," he said while chuckling a bit. Riddhima did not reply. "To miss Riddhima gup.... na na na... Mrs. Riddhima Armaan Malik welcome to hell.", He said with hatred filling his words as they rolled off his tongue.

Riddhima hissed at the fact that her name was now associated with him. Dizziness took over her. She fell back on the bed. A white colored foam came out of her mouth.

Armaan immediately came towards her. "Riddhima, get up," He said patting her face. He sighed and closed his eyes. And when he opened them no doubt they were filled with anger and loath. He pursed his lips in anger. "Damn you Riddhima," he said angrily and then picked her up in his arms.

Bg- Bas haq hai ek mera

Tere Ishq pe, tere waqt pe bas haq hai ek mera
Teri rooh pe, tere jism pe bas haq hai ek mera
bas haq hai ek mera bas haq hai ek mera
Tere Ishq pe, tere waqt pe bas haq hai ek mera
Teri rooh pe, tere jism pe bas haq hai ek mera
bas haq hai ek mera bas haq hai ek mera

(Armaan carried her in his arms and barged out of the house. He put her in the car and drove fast towards the hospital. He kept on looking at her again and again.)



About two hours had passed since Armaan had brought Riddhima to the hospital. The doctor came out of the OT.

"She is fine. Aap unhe waqt pr le aye warna unki jan bhi ja skti thi.", The doctor infromed.

"Usse hosh agya?", Armaan asked.

"hosh to agya hai unhein... but aap kal subah hi unse mil skte hain. She needs to rest because abhi wo kafi weak hain.", the doctor advised and then went away.

Armaan stood there for a while. He then moved here and there in the corridor in restlessness. He suddenly flared up and pucnhed the wall and then made his way towards the OT where Riddhima was resting.

He barged in angrily. The nurse who was taking care of Riddhima tried to bar Armaan but he was way to angry to be stopped. Riddhima who was sleeping woke up because of the noises.

"Kya samajhti ho khud ko tum han? Kya sabit krna chahti ho?", Armaan shouted, "Yeh sabit krna chahti ho ke mujhse shadi krke kitni nakhush ho tum? han? Tumhari waja se pata hai kitni badnami ho rahi hai mere khandan ki han? Media hospital ke bahir khari hai ye janne keliye ke Armaan Malik ki bivi ne khudkushi ki koshish kyun ki... Koi andaza hai tumhe?"

He turned quiet for sometime and moved to and fro in the room. Then suddenly he held Riddhima by the shoulders. "Tumhe mein ne kaha tha ke tumhari zindagi meri hai ab se.... aur meri ijazat ke bagher tum khud ko chot bhi nahi pohncha skti samjhiii.", He concluded. He then moved back.

Riddhima's eyes were filled with tears. Her blood pressure had increased and she started suffering from breathlessness. The nurse immediately called the doctor and Armaan jostled out of the Hospital where the paparazzi was already waiting for him.

"Armaan malik... Sir apki wife ne shadi ki pehli raat hi suicide attempt kyu ki?", "Sir kya ye sab isliey hua kyunke aap waqai wo shakhs hai jisne Riddhima gupta ka rape kia?". THese were the questions the reporters asked.

"No comments." was all that Armaan could say before getting into his car.

To be Continued


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