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part 9 : Carpe Life with Love

Part 9 – Our Happiness Awaiting For Us

Armaan sat straight to remember the importance of the date. He was murmuring all possible event “Your Birthday... No..!! Meet anniversary... No..!! First date day… No..!! Confession day… No..!!” exclaiming no for every possible event that strike in this brain he looked at her with cute pout “Sorry” but instead of getting any scolding he saw her smiling. “Happy Birthday Armaan”

Armaan widen hi eyes on realizing it his bday. “Ohh… my birthday. Thank you” hearing non exciting tone in his words she spoke. “What thank you…? I want Party” hearing her Armaan’s eyes pop out. “What lying on the ICU bed you want Party?” she instantly nodded. But before he can deny it “Don’t say no… this day held more importance now... First your birthday and even my second birth so celebration is a must call”

“We will party once you will be out of not just the ICU but out from the hospital fully recovered” Armaan tried to reason her “Who want party with more people. I want a party with my love only. Means you and me just with a small pastry cutting which we both will share then my boring diet dinner with your special dinner feeding each other.”

Hearing her small simple yet cute demand Armaan smiled with his heart. Armaan took hold of the phone and ordered the café staff in old building for placing order for both of them with one pastry and 2 plate of hospital diet food. Ridhima looked at him hearing him ordering boring diet food for himself even. She questioned him “Armaan why you asked for that boring hospital food. You can have anything you like from canteen”
“Yeah I can but I want to share food with you so we will have same food. And then for this cause I will also have some healthy food for change” knowing him she kept quiet as she know he will never change his decision but she love such small-small things that he did for her, for them.
It took few days for her to recover from her post surgery effects. All this while Armaan took great care of her feeding her from his own hands eating same food himself. Reading her love stories which she use to read back being his basket. Talking with her about anything that falls under sun. Making her feel loved even more counting the ties they lost on each other compensating for it without wording it out. Ridhima was now on her feet walking around after nearly couple of week bed rest with Armaan besides her holding her hands. Crying on her small painful expressions chiding her for not talking rest but talking more than needed according to him. After his chiding session ridhima chided him back for being such a cry baby over small issue and stooping her from walking if little pain flashed on her face knowing it’s necessary for her to walk around. But being hit by cupid’s arrow once he lost his mind totally.

Ridhima was back to her normal life after another week with Armaan too back to his duty. Ridhima Armaan reported back to the duty. “How are you Now Dr.Ridhima” asked Dr.Keerti passing her a warm welcoming smile to her getting a smiling reply from Armaan even before ridhima can utter a word “She is doing great now Dr.Keerti all perfect to start with but need little rest after every hour recommended” hearing Armaan babbling overprotective advise for her in front of all ridhima utter cutting his words. “I am perfectly fine ma’am and need no such resting schedule in routine chaos. Dr.Armaan is just exaggerating things as you know him being idiots of all”

Everyone around were very much surprise listening to the duo and seeing Dr.Keerti smiling towards them not punishing  them with her ever famous rectal exams what was happening here every single person tried to understand. But the most shocked ones were Atul and Anjali. They both shared a look before looking back at them. Armaan ridhima looked towards their friends with smile but before they can take a step towards them Atul left from there without wanting to talk with any of them for now. Anjali keep standing there while tapping her feet folding arms.
Every one disperse from there getting duties for the day. “Care to explain” one question from Anjali made Armaan gulp in fear. “Walk to café...!” Armaan exclaimed walking before she can speak anything letting ridhima Anjali behind to follow him. Settling down Anjali spoke up “What’s been up your sleeves since last month Armaan.” Armaan looked ridhima once then behind her he saw Atul walking out of café. He called for him which he wanted to refuse but seeing Armaan pleading look to hear him out Atul gave in settling down beside him. “Actually its long. Champ I know you loved care for me a lot but you know my lean towards ridhima. You know all my pain sufferings and cries but you, not only you but all of us failed to hear her cries, her pain, and her sufferings. I always claimed I know her more than anyone else but I too failed to understand her when it was most needed to read her.”
Armaan was getting emotional while saying all that all over again reliving it over and over again. Ridhima capture his hand that was kept on the table clapped together in a fits giving her support and confidence to him silently.  They were in the view of their friends but for now ridhima care less about it all she care for now is his pain that is affecting him and her badly.

“Champ you saw changed ridhima but never saw the reason behind her sudden change. The ridhima who use to make people around her smile even when it pained her in doing so she never stepped back even when the person in front of her meant nothing to her. Then a sudden transform in her came that she pained all people ever loved her and we believed she changed without any demanding explanation. Anjali even you went away after all that making her more shut into herself not confiding in anyone else. I am not blaming you but making you see what made her do all. Guys when we all went away in that lonely city ridhima started having blackouts one day she was in ICU examining the patient of hers when she was found unconscious on the floor. They admitted her run certain test and they came to result that….”

“That I was having a spinal Tumor… the bullet that hit me back then left its poison stick with the spinal that by the month time developed into the tumor. Doctors run more test sending my reports to every single doctor in the words famous in the related cases. But every one raise their hands up giving up upon me. They tried certain methods by which it can be controlled but nothing was successful anyway, it was getting worst with every test that they needed to do every week. Later they gave up last hope to with mine hope already dead from the start only.  That’s when dad called me here for inaugurating that abdomen part of Sanjeevni once again. I came after lot of persuasion from him to know that all the words that papa said about Armaan were fake and a drama to keep him away from me as they never liked him as I thought. But latter when I go searching him he left me again…”
Ridhima too was no lost at words just like Armaan was when she started so this time Armaan started again narrating them every single incident. “So when I left her she took it as a sign that her never-existing-God did it on purpose so that she didn’t get to tell her illness to anyone. And when she came back she develop a story in her hand to make everyone hate her not wanting to have any sympathy. But the letter I left for her when I was leaving never received by her. Later Dr.Shashank arrange Sid and ridhima together for wedlock. She agreed to marry him knowing she will be anyway day…”

“I knew it was almost the end of my life so I took papa’s words seriously but I asked Sid to give me time to move on in our relation as it will be all new for us he agreed with me being the gentle person he is. But none of us told him about Armaan and me. While no one knows about my illness except me. So it’s not a chance of that coming out since we share separate rooms even after wedding. Days were passing till the day Armaan walked in again. He came making me afraid of all my resolute of nor breaking down so I blamed him for everything did he never, accusing him so badly so that he started hating me.”
“But you failed to remove your name from my heart and even your concern that clouds my mind 24*7 never got replaced by anything or accusation of yours. I just tried to divert my mind but…. Then one day I got call from another hospital for helping in a case when I was walking out of the hospital I saw her walking out of the same hospital with few reports in her hand. I called her but she failed to hear me walking like blinds on the middle of the road she was about to hit by a car when I pulled her with me. Later we went to my house when I read the report and her break down happened. Her resolute broke. Then I discovered every single thing. Thinking of every single past event and her changed nature I came in conclusion that this was all going from long time and it got confirmed when I saw every single report of her from start till end.”

“And this idiot fall more for me and me for him. He make every single things around me like I am in fairytale land for a week time we both stayed at his old residence for which he gave excuse of under-construction to Atul. In that week Armaan was working on all reports while I was working here but when I step inside home he made me feel as a princess. Then he suddenly told me I will be operated day after tomorrow after all test to be done. Knowing him, his love and his achievement I knew he will do it. So I let him take over the charge of everything supporting him silently. He locked himself with me for a month taking care of me eating every boiled food as I did all month long not expressing me his dislike for the food in first bite. And he finally emerge out to be successful after whole month lock down.”

“We emerge successful” Armaan corrected her ridhima too looked at him. He bend a little kissing her forehead expressing his love all over again with simple cute gesture. Finishing their side of story they looked Atul Anjali sitting silently while interns standing behind them with Dr.Keerti and Shubhankar. Every single person was having tears witness the love their most favorite couples have for each other.

Atul stood from his chair walking beside ridhima he kneeled down holding her one hand he kept in Armaan’s hand.  Then looking at her he said “I am so sorry ridhima. I never knew that you were suffering so much for so long. I left you behind in more pain instead of supporting you cheering you I blamed you for all his sufferings. I abused you so badly but you never spoke a single word why u were silent all this while, we all loved you but you made us hate you. But today I am hating myself for not understanding my best friend when she was in need of loved ones most we abdomen her. I am so sorry ridhima I am very-very sorry today I am not able to raise my eyes to meet yours. I failed in every single relations I have in my life. As a son, as a doctor, as a lover and even as a friend. I failed in every relationship I use to adore from bottom of my heart.”

Ridhima looked at Armaan helpless to hear Atul. Armaan nodded silently getting up from his seat he settle beside Atul. Holding on to him Armaan gave his support. “Champ it’s not your mistake you are meant to behave according to the circumstances. It was all meant to happen so it happened. Forget it all now everything is back to normal. See ridhima is back as her old self and now we all know the reason then the remaining things too will fall in its place. And see the bright side Na. You say you failed in every relations but see from my view you were a top achiever in every relation. Being here when every one of us left you proved your relation with Sanjeevni. You proved to be a great son to Dr.Shashank and Padma aunty when none of us were here. You when against your best friend supporting me you proved as a wonderful brother to be one would ask for. And then being in contact with every one even when we moved to resident doctors you remained Intern still you never cocooned yourself proved what a great human you are that never took failure in bad way but learns from it. I proved much more to be then any of us did Atul. You are such a lovable person we have in our life and the person on whom one can trust with close eyes, on whom we can depend any day. And don’t forget you were my love advisor so how can you fail in anything being all that.”

Atul looked at him in surprise then being all emotional he hugged him dearly. Today not even Armaan pushed him away as earlier times saying gay things. They both were hugging when Armaan looked ridhima too getting emotional so he opened other arm welcoming her in the hug to which she obliged with all her heart. “That’s not fair guys. You forgot about me.” Ridhima Armaan smiled hearing her. Anjali too joined the hug hugging ridhima from behind while her one arm rest behind Armaan and other one on Ridhima’s shoulder.

Looking at their interns back to themselves in a group again keerti Shubhankar hugged each other side ways with smiling lips moist eyes. Inters to cheer for gang. Suddenly an announcement was made reminding them they all are doctors and are present in hospital with demanding attentions from patients. Soon everyone was back to their duties.


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