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Chapter 1 :Unexpected Plans Of Destiny

Chapter 1 • First Meeting

Armaan Mallik's P.O.V.

My beauty sleep got disturbed as I felt something hot piercing into my skin. I tried to block the warm thing but my luck wasn't playing along.

I slowly say up on my bed, holding my forehead which was throbbing with pain. I got wasted too much last night I guess. I need an Advil or Aspirin to kill this deadly headache. My vision got clear as I saw my boxers lying on the floor and a shimmering black dress lying next to it. I took my phone from the side table and checked the time to see; 9:30 am.

I felt a hand moving on my waist and the next moment, a girl was clinging to my shoulder and kissing it with affection. Eww women! Doesn't she get the meaning of one night stands!

Last night my friends and I were partying when my best friend Rahul bet on me that I can't get a girl with glasses on my bed. To be honest it was a piece of cake. She easily fell for my charms and in the matter of no time, she was under me.

I don't like girls. Most of them are gold digging whores and sluts. I always loathed them but flirted with them since high school, except the nerdy ones. Only last night was the first time I ever bedded a nerd. She was good I must say!

"Mmm last night was the best might ever Armaan! I love u" She mumbled still kissing my shoulder.

What the fuck?

I love u?

Seriously there is nothing called love!

I pushed her off me and threw 10 000 rupees on her. "It was a one night stand! U can go now!" I said in monotone and quickly wore my boxers.


I took a long, nice and soothing shower in hot steamy water. I really don't feel like going to my office right now! My head is aching terribly.

I step out of the shower, a towel around my waist, and another hanging around my neck. I really hope that whore is gone by now! She was one of the most annoying ones. I walked out into my bedroom to see she was gone, finally!

Taking out my suit, I quickly dressed up for office. I was tying my red tie when My phone rang. I went and picked up to hear my dad on the other side. "Armaan, I will be late to office today because my car broke down and write know I'm in the middle of nowhere and it's raining."

"Seriously dad! You know there is a meeting, I can't handle it all alone now!" I frowned as dad justified himself over the phone. I mean. I mean come on! I have a headache already and last thing I wanna do is attend a meeting all alone.


Riddhima Gupta's P.O.V.

It's raining heavily outside! I don't even know how I'm going to get to my work. I'm an automotive engineer. I check engines, motor and all that stuff related to cars and I actually know how to fix cars.

Right now I'm driving towards the garage where I work, when I saw a man dressed in a business suit, which is now fully drenched. The bonnet of his car is open and he is observing his car's engine.

I put double indicator on my car and got off, walking towards that man. He had dark grey hair, and was maybe in his mid fifties, to my estimated guess.

"Excuse me do you need help?" I asked the old man while he turned around and smiled at me.

"Ah thank you dear but I don't think you can help me with this." He sweetly replied and I chuckled.

"Actually uncle I'm an engineer so I might probably know how to fix this" I said and he smiled and patted my head.

I started to check and after I few minutes, I figured out the problem. That battery of his car died.

"Uncle when you started the car did you wait for it to heat up before you drive?" I asked him and he nodded negatively.

"See that's the problem. You started the car before waiting for it to heat up in this cold chilly weather" I told him while he chuckled and patted my shoulder.

"Thank you dear! Actually I didn't check the weather this morning so I just came like this! Now how am I gonna reach before my meeting?" He said making me smile and he frowned rubbing his temple.

He started to take out money from his pocket making my eyes wide. "Nooooooooooo!" I screamed making him flinch and look at me.

"Uncle I won't take money from you!" I said and he try to protest with a frown, but I cut him off "no butts uncle! It final and fixed! I won't be taking any money from you! I'll drop you off to your office, and i'll call people from my garage and they'll come and fix your car!" I said and he nodded. By the we got to my car, we were fully drenched, from head to toe.


I parked outside a huge building, in the central downtown of New York. Wait a second? He is the owner of Mallik Empires? Father of Armaan Mallik? The famous eligible bachelor? He is one of the sexiest well known bachelors in New York.

He is the cover page of almost every business or celebrity magazine with a new girl in his arms every single time.

I was about to drive away when uncle invited me inside for coffee as I might catch cold. "No uncle I'm already late" I said but he gave me stern look.

"Dearie you helped me and refused to accept money from me, but atleast have a cup of coffee from me as a thank you!" He pouted. Armaan Mallik is lucky to have such an awesome father. I wish I had my parents too.


Armaan Mallik's P.O.V.

Where the hell is dad? The meeting started already and everybody is asking for him. Seriously! Can't he call another car from his mansion or call mom and ask her to come.

I barge out of the meeting room and took my phone out and was about to call him when I heard a couple of my employees gossiping.

"Who is that girl for whom Mr Raj Mallik is making coffee?" One of the girls said.

Dad is making coffee for a RANDOM girl when I'm waiting for him?

I took the elevator down to the 35th floor where the office's kitchen is. I heard giggling of girl as I walked into the corridor where the kitchen was located. For some reason, my heartbeat went fast hearing the sounds of those melodious giggles.

I was about to enter the kitchen when I saw a girl drenched in water, her clothes stuck to her body, tracing all her curves. She was breath taking. She was wearing almost everything black, my favourite colour. She had greyish eyes, covered with black rimmed glasses, small pink lips, and red blushed cheeks. Her hair were died into brown-blond ombré.
She was looking so breath taking. I've never found a girl this hot. Whoever she is, it won't take long for me to get her in my bed. I smirked to myself and took out my phone, I clicked a picture of her.

I walked into the kitchen and the more I went closer to her, the more my friend down there got excited. She was laughing on dad's lame jokes. How did she even find them funny?

"Dad" I said in a stern voice making them look at me and that girl's cheeks turned into a darker shade looking at me and she lowered her eyes.


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