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Chapter 2 :Unexpected Plans Of Destiny


Chapter 2 • Hangover Riddhima Gupta's P.O.V. I thought uncle had a meeting and here he is making me his signature coffee. He is very nice for a businessman. I just hope I don't crash into Armaan Mallik. I know we are in his office.
"Oh by the way! We didn't even introduce ourselves dearie!" He chuckled while he pour coffee into two cups. "My name is Raj Mallik and I'm the owner of this empire!" He said talking in a I'm-the-boss tone making me giggle. "My name is Riddhima Gupta and I'm an a engineer who works in a small garage." I said extending my hand which he gladly took and shook it. There are good people in this world, today only I realized it. I was so lost thinking about my past events that I never noticed him examining my bruise. "Dearie...what is that!" He touched the burnt bruise on near my elbow making me hiss in pain. "How did u burn that part of your arm?" Worried lines appeared on his head. My heart melted seeing the concern on his face which my own father never had for me. I felt like opening up to uncle Raj but the my inner voice spoke 'He is just a stranger! You don't open up to anyone Riddhima! Remember? You're strong!' "Uhh...Nothing uncle! Actually last week, I was checking this engine of a car, when My arm touched it and as it was burning hot it really burnt me badly." I weakly smiled at him, trying not to let my tears fall out. He seemed to by my lie and now he was telling me a few jokes, and my seconds my tears were vanished replaces by my laughter. He kept on cracking jokes when a handsome hunk dressed in a rich black armaan suit with dull blue tie, his hair styled, said "Dad!". Oh my god! Armaan Mallik! My heart skipped a beat as he kept on coming closer to us. Im feeling so nervous and shy, my whole clothes were stuck to my body tracing my curves. I've heard about his philandering ways but still his charm does work on me. "Oh Armaan! Meet her, Riddhima Gupta! Thank to her I got here in time or else you would have to handle the meeting alone. She is an engineer!" Uncle introduced me Armaan while his eyes kept shamelessly moving on my whole body making me feel like I'm one of those girls who he bedded. Please stop looking at me like that! "Nice to meet you...Ms Gupta!" He volunteered his hand for a handshake which I hesitatingly took not to make a bad impression on uncle about me or him. "I-I think I should leave now uncle! I'm already late!" I tried not to stammer in front of him. He still was holding my hand in his tight grip. Uncle patted my head and left the kitchen leaving us two. I tried to take my hand out of his grip but he wouldn't budge. He was staring at me and I glared at him making him frown. I pointed my eyes towards his hand and he quickly left my hand, looking down. I was about to leave when I was passing by him and he held my hand making stop. "Never walk away from me Riddhima, without listening to me!" He said in a low dangerous voice making my heart stop. "It was nice meeting you Miss Gupta!" I felt him speaking in a low seductive voice, his dry lips touching my earlobe, his warm breath fanning the side of my neck. I was already shivering from cold, and now this man is making me shiver more from his antics. He left my hand and went out the kitchen winking at me making me stare at him. What did just happened? ************************************* "Steve will I get my monthly salary today?" I asked my boss, the garage owner. He is a very nice friend of mine. I hope I get my salary today or else I won't get food tonight. I have to pay for my food every month, to compensate for the money that was wasted on my food by paying all my salary to MY STEP MOTHER. From the day I'm born, I've always faced the wrath of my family towards me, just because I am a girl. "I'm very sorry, Ridz! But I forgot my check book at home so I can't write you a check." Steve said making me smile sadly at him. "It's okay Steve I'll just go and try to reboot the battery of that car again." I said and took the battery booster with me towards Raj Mallik's car. I was waiting for the battery to charge again when I heard my phone vibrate in the pocket of my jeans. I took my phone to see 'Devil πŸ‘ΏπŸ˜‘' calling. Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you, Devil is my Step Mom. Actually she is worst then a devil. "Riddhima! Get your F*ucking ass home right now!" She screamed from the other side making me move my phone away from my ears. What does this women want from me right now? ******************************** "WHERE.THE.HELL.IS.YOUR.MONEY?" She grabbed my hair in the tight grip of her hands and tugged them. Her face twisted into an ugly grimace. Right now we are in our house's kitchen and I was preparing dinner when my step mother came and started interrogating me for the money. "I-I don't have it!" I said looking down, my eyes brimming with tears making my vision blur. Suddenly I was pushed forward, and I fell down, banging into one of the kitchen cabinet's handle. My lips and cheeks made contact with the sharp steel handle of the cabinet. I felt something warm, at the corner of my lips. I felt blood gushing into one place , near my lips. My glasses fell down from my eyes and one of corner of the glass broke into small pieces. I felt warm blood oozing out of my lips, and the cut burned like hell. "Get up and get lost! Go pack my suitcase! Your Father, my children and I are going on a vacation to India! Go get my bag ready! We'll be leaving by in two hours!" She said and marched out of the kitchen. Warm tears started to flow out of my eyes. I could barely see anything because of my blur vision caused by tears. I couldn't even twist my face to cry, because of the pain on the corner of my lips. I picked up my glasses and tried to put the glass back in it but my attempt failed. "RIDDHIMAAAAA!" I heard her scream. I better get going! ******************************** It's been thirty minutes since they're gone. Now it's only my grandmother and me, left in the house. I was cleaning the kitchen when my phone rang. "Hi Muskaan!" I said when I heard my bestfriend speak from the other side of the phone. She was one of those people who actually knew me inside out. "Hey babe! Whats up?" She said in her usual chirpy voice. "Nothing cleaning the kitchen! They went for a vacation and its just Grandmother and me now!" I said while wiping one of the counters with lysol wipes. "That's awesome! That means Party Time!!!" She giggled making me chuckle. "Listen I can't-" I was about to refuse but she cut me off. "No excuses today! I'm coming to get you!" She said and before I could say anything else she ended the call making me frown. ******************************** "Come on Grandmother! It's your medicines time!" I said as I finally came up to our attic bedroom. Yes, not only me, but my Grandmother also lived here. I get that my father hates me, but what kind of a cruel son is he? Making his ill mother sleep up in an dusty, small attic bedroom I get that my father hates me, but what kind of a cruel son is he? Making his ill mother sleep up in an dusty, small attic bedroom. My grandmother is a heart patient. She mostly rests in our room because she runs out of breath is she goes up and down too much. The bell rang and I told grandmother that I'll get it. Running down the stairs, I opened the door to see my bestfriend Muskaan standing with bags. She was dressed in a dull white party dress. She was wearing beautiful oval shaped earrings with white high heels. Along with her outfit she was carrying a beautiful being clutch. "Oh come on! I told you I'm not coming with you!" I whined as she twisted her lips in a frown face and came in "Oh come on! I told you I'm not coming with you!" I whined as she twisted her lips in a frown face and came in. I closed the door following her to our bedroom. "Hi Grammy!" She chirpily skipped towards Grandmother and hugged her. Grandmother reciprocated the hug and kissed her on her forehead. "Look at her na Grammy! She is not coming with me to pub. After so many days she'll get to have fun and she is refusing the offer." Muskaan whined and Grandmother glared at me. "Riddhi you should go!" Grandmother high-fived Muskaan making me frown at both of them. "Look at my face! I have received a new, lovely and shiny red cut on the corner of my lips from my dear step mother! How can I go with that?" I pouted while they both giggled and Muskaan forcefully made me sit in front of the mirror. "We'll cover it up with make up! Don't worry babe! Better look sexy tonight!" She added the last line with a wink. She took out her make up kit and started to apply foundation matching my skin colour. I hiss in pain as she applied some on my cheek and the corner of my lips. "I can't see you know! My glasses broke!" I said and to that too she smiled. What is this girl up to? "Ta-daaaa!" She took out a box which seemed like my long lost lens. "You forgot them at my apartment last week!" I grinned and quickly put them on. After one hour we were ready to go and I was not looking like myself. I was standing in front of the mirror, looking at a girl was more beautiful than me. Her skin looked fair not like mine which was damaged from different bruises on my legs. I was wearing a golden dress covered with black net. Matching my dress I was carrying a golden shimmery clutch with golden shimmery heels and golden earrings. "Ridzi you don't need to check yourself out girl! 'Cuz boys in the pub will be checking you out! And do your satisfaction you are looking smoking hot babe! So let's go now and party hard!!!!" She giggled and jumped in excited making Grandmother ch... "Ridzi you don't need to check yourself out girl! 'Cuz boys in the pub will be checking you out! And do your satisfaction you are looking smoking hot babe! So let's go now and party hard!!!!" She giggled and jumped in excited making Grandmother chuckle and I shook my head. ******************************** Loud music was blasting in the pub as we entered. It's my first time here and seeing how people were stuck on each other dancing, moving their body, I was shocked and surprised how crowded it was. Muskaan led me to the stairs, to the top floor of the pub when we were stopped by a bouncer. Muskaan showed him two passes making me confused. "Why did you show him that!?" I asked her while she smiled pulling me along the bar counter. "'Cuz this is the V.I.P lounge and only people like businessmen and rich people who have passes come here!" She said and before I could say anything a guy asked her to dance and she left. Suddenly I felt my throat dry and I asked the bartender to give me some Coke. "Right away ma'am!" He said and gave me a glass of Coke which looked a bit lighter then regular Coke but I anyways drank it. Oh god! It's so bitter! Shit I drank? It was spiked! I looked around to find Muskaan, and I only see a man coming. I can't really see because my is head starting to spin. Oh no! It's Armaan! No it's not! I am hallucinating! He is 2 inches away from me and to make sure he is real I poke my finger on his cheek, AND HE IS REAL! Suddenly I saw everything black and that last thing I feel is falling on something. *********************** Hey people! I am back with the update! How was the update? VOTE(Like) & COMMENT ❤️Humaira

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