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Chapter 3 :Unexpected Plans Of Destiny


Chapter 3 • In The Wolf's Den

Armaan Mallik's P.O.V.

Its been half and hour since I met her and just by thinking about her, my heartbeat runs faster. Argghh! Why can't I stop thinking about her? Armaan Mallik doesn't get swoon away by girls!

I called my P.A. in and she walked towards me seductively. If she was not my P.A., she would've got laid by me but I don't get into any kind of sexual relation with anyone in my office.

"I want you to find out every freaking detail about this girl! Her name is Riddhima Gupta! Every.Single.Detail! Do you hear me? Or else you are fired!" I spoke in a cold one while she nodded rapidly and took the picture from me. Earlier, when I came back from the meeting, I right away printed her picture out from my phone.

I want to know everything about her, from A to Z. Remembering I have her picture in my phone, I quickly took out my phone and opened my photo gallery. She is the only girl in my photo gallery apart my sister and my mom.

I clicked on her picture which I took and bam! I was getting turned on again seeing her in those black wet clothes, wet in my favourite colour. Why does she have to look so hot? Damn! I'm so whipped! No I am not! Its just my inner demon that needs to be calmed down.

I was staring at her picture for god knows how many minutes when I saw her picture disappearing and the shrill of my ringtone buzzing in my ears. I quickly picked the call to hear my best friend Rahul speaking.

"Dude! Lets go to pub tonight!" He said making me chuckle. I really need to get her off my mind. Just thinking about her makes me feel something different.

"Yea sure man!" I said and cut the call, going back to her picture and getting lost in it again!



"Sir the only details I've found about her is that she is the daughter of your father's previous business rival, Shashank Gupta. She is an engineer and works in a small garage!" My P.A told me and I nodded to her so she can leave.

I need to find more about Shashank Gupta. Now it is even more easy to find everything about her as her father had my dad's business rival in the past years, before even I joined his business.

I opened up my laptop and searched for Shashank Gupta and a various number of results came up.

"Shashank Gupta's downfall in business..."

"Shashank Gupta heading for India with his family..."

There were more but when I saw the second one, my heart stopped for a minute. If he went on a vacation with his family, then that means she also went? I quickly clicked on the link and a picture of Shashank gupta showed up with his family. There was a girl and boy with him, but she wasn't there. Is she even his daughter? If she isn't I'll kill my P.A. for feeding me the wrong information!

"Shashank Gupta was seen at the airport with his 2 children and his wife heading to India by Indian Airlines. Again the question is, where is his other daughter? Why is she never introduced to public media by Gupta?"

As I read that, I heaved a sigh thinking that she probably didn't leave. I need to find out more about her and her family.


Rahul and I are fully drunk but I'm still in my senses. We were sitting in the v.i.p. lounge when I saw two girls enter. There were looking damn hot with their long slender legs bare and short dresses. One had curly hair landing till her mid waist and the other—WAIT WHAT IS SHE DOING HERE?

That too dressed sexily like this. I saw them walking over to the bar counter and ordering drinks. After getting her drink, the girl with the curly hair left off too somewhere leaving her alone. I saw her gulping down her drink and she twisted her mouth after tasting it. I assume she doesn't like it or she never had alcohol before.

As soon as Rahul went away to hit on some girls, I instantly mde my way towards her. As I got close to her, I started to notice that apart being sexy, how beautiful she looked in the dress. She didn't have her glasses on. Usually, I don't find nerdy girl beautiful, but she looks a lot cuter with her glasses on. Better than the one I bedded yesterday night!

Her eyes got wide seeing me and frowned seeing me. She stepped a little closer and poked my cheek making me frown and glare at her. Before I could say anything, she fell straight onto me. My analysis was right, she never drank! And because of the heavily spiked drink, she fainted.

I didn't know what to do when the curly hair girl came and looked at us in confusion.

"Armaan, Armaan Mallik! Your friend just fainted on me!" I said and she giggled. Shouldn't she be worried about her friend? Awkward.

"Of course I know who you are! She probably fainted on you because she a had a HUGE crush on you since she saw you in a magazine." She giggled making me smirk. So this girl already had fallen for my charms eh?

"Can you do me a favour? Drop her at her house please! The address is written in a paper kept in her bag!" She asked making me dance in my head. You just gave me a golden opportunity!

"Sure! Nice to meet you ahhh...?" I said to her not knowing what her name is.

"Muskaan!" She said shaking my hand which I put forward for a goodbye.


Right now she is laying on my bed still dressed in her party wear dress. She looks so damn hot that its taking all of my will power to control the hungry awaken demon inside me.

Okay okay I know her friend trusted me to bring her back to her home, but I couldn't leave her like this. No one is at home. Who will take care of her?

Why am I Caring about her so much! I just need her for one night!

My hands made their way towards her ear and I ever so softly took out her earrings keeping them in my side table. I removed the tresses of her hair away from her forehead and caressed the side of her face, cupping her left cheek in my hand. It was like a perfect fit for the size of my palm. How can someone be so beautiful? I was about to open the zip of her dress but...


But I can't!

I can't take advantage of her! I just can't! I bedded a lot of girls but I can't! She looks too naïve.

I closed my eyes, clutching the duvet on the bed which was near her in the firm grip of my hands, trying to calm myself down.


"Sir I changed her clothes into the shirts you gave me! You can go back to your room now!" Annie, the 50 year old women, the care taker of my house said. She is the second motherly figure to me!

"Annie how many time I have told you not to call me 'sir'" I ask her getting pissed off while she didn't to anything but ruffling my hair and left making me sigh.

I went up to my room and my breath got hitched and feet got stuck on the floor like UHU glue to paper. She was looking smoking hot in my white button up shirt. The sleeves ended up till her elbows because of the folded sleeves. The hem of my short reached till her upper thighs exposing her white creamy skin.

My feet automatically went towards my the bed she was laying on. I sat next to her, taking her hand in mine. So soft! My other hand around her neck and my I bent my head down, voluntarily placing a feathery light kiss on her temple.

Good Night my queen!


I felt something stinging on my eyes, burning them. I lightly opened my eyes to see myself lying on the ground, sitting next to the bed, on the side where she slept.

What is this girl doing to me?

I never slept on the floor because of ANYONE, and I mean anyone! And today, I slept on the floor without even knowing, because of this ethereal beauty laying on my bed.

I sat next to her and stole a kiss on her cheek, lingering my lips there. I bent my head into her neck, breathing in her scent, lavender.

"Riddhima...Wake up!" I whispered softly into her ears kissing her there.

I went back into my sitting position and smiled as she stretched and opened her eyes. It didn't even take two seconds to make her eyes go wide seeing me.

Expected reaction!

She sat up immediately and glanced at her sexy attire that was making me go crazy again.



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