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Chapter 4 :Unexpected Plans Of Destiny


Chapter 4 • Feelings

Armaan Mallik's P.O.V

"YOU FREAK WHAT DID YOU DO WITH ME?" She screamed at me making me closed my eyes. Her face was changing colours, red with anger and pale with worry.

"I-" I tried to justify myself but this girl would just not listen to me. For the next few minutes, my ears drums were numb listening to:


God! Seriously!

She got up from the bed and started pacing around the room, murmuring something to herself. I held my head in my hands hearing her mumble stuff to herself. Girls who wake up in my bed naked are more than happy and here I didn't even do anything to her yet she is wailing.

Complicated Girl

I grabbed her arm and pulled her to myself which only caused her to fall on my lap side ways.

Even better way to talk!

"NOTHING! Happened last night! So calm down!" I told her and she knitted her eyebrows together in confusion.

"Nothing happened?" She said making me smirk. I jerked her body closer to mine, making her gasp. Our lips were merely centimetres away.

I soo wanna kiss them!

She has no idea how perfect her lips are. They are the perfect kissable lips! I'm trying so hard to not kiss her and ravish her.

I closed my eyes, tilting my head moving into her direction. I was about to peck our lips when she interrupted me by getting up from my lap. The next thing she did was making me want to jump out the window!

She started sobbing loudly like a baby!

Like seriously?

Come on!

I though she was a mature girl but today...she proved me wrong! I told her that NOTHING happened last night then why the f*ck is she crying? Pardon my language, but I am kinda getting pissed right now!

" changed my clothes last night!!!!!" She sobbed throwing dagger at me making me gulp.

Wait! Why am I scared? It's not like I changed her clothes last night!

"Hold it! I didn't change your clothes my housekeeper did and-" I tried to tell her which came out more like a justification but this girl had the audacity to cut me.

" I DON'T FUDGING BELIEVE YOU?" She screamed, disgust spitting from the tone she was using.


"Fudging?" I knotted my eyebrows together in confusion while she abruptly and looked away.

"The 'F' word! Whatever!" She muttered and rolled her eyes. I bursted into laughter falling back on my bed and holding my stomach as cramps were causing due to laughing so much...but I just couldn't stop.

I loved her 'swearing' method!

"What is so funny?" She narrowed her eyes at me making me stop my laugh and I stared at her for a few seconds.

"Get a life you insensitive Jerk!" She threw a pillow at me, taking her clothes and running to the bathroom while I roared again in laughter.

This Girl is something!


"This is it?" I asked as my brand new Porsche pulled up in a driveway. After the morning drama, she requested me to drop her home which I couldn't deny!

"Yup!" She replied popping the 'p' and got the my car. She is wearing her dress from last night.

Well to be honest, I did offer her to keep my shirt as she looked so sizzling hot in it but she just used the 'fudge' word again and told me to 'fudge off!'.

She walked up to the porch but came back standing next to my window and eyed me to lower the window which I did.

"I NEVER want to see your face again!" She said in a deadly voice and before I could reply she disappeared.

Not happening baby! You are a piece of meat which I am dying to have!

No matter what she says or what she does, I will have my eyes on her! I don't know what this feeling is!

Infatuation? Love? Lust?

Whatever it is, now she has encountered the wolf, she won't be running away from him that easily!


"Where the hell were you Armaan Mallik?" Dad yelled on top of his voice while I my temple and sat down on the arm chair in front my dad's desk.

I flying newspaper came upto my face and smacked me into my nose and eyes. What the hell?

"Do you have ANY idea what is going on?" He continued to scream while I stared at the news paper in shock.


Riddhima Gupta's P.O.V

"Where were you Riddhi? Grandmother asked making my breath hitch as I took out black spandex leggings and a neon green sports bra.

" Muskaan's! She was very drunk so I stayed with her!" I hate lying to grandmother since she is a patient of high blood pressure.

Before she interrogated me any further, I went downstairs to grab my self a glass of lemonade to subside my painful hangover.

Two hours left till the mail comes.

I can't believe that guy took my virginity last night? I knew his ways then how could I have crush on him before? He did say nothing happened but still I don't believe him because of his ways!

To avoid his thoughts and kill time, I went in the basement and put one of step sister's Zumba dvd's.

2 hours later

My body was full of sweat and all I needed right now was a good cold shower. I had called Steve and informed him I wouldn't be coming today.

I walked outside and collected the daily mail and the daily newspaper. Putting the mail on papa's desk in his study I went into my room to see grandmother watching one of her favourite indian soaps.

I grabbed myself a burgundy hoody and black leggings and went for shower.


Argggh! My breath still stinks from the smell of alcohol! I went and sat on the bar counter in the kitchen and started reading the news paper. I was reading the daily headlines, plots of upcoming seasons of some shows, Kardashians' news, etc.

Suddenly.... my heart stopped beating!

"Last night, Armaan Mallik was seen with a beautiful girl in his arms dressed in a white dressed! Unfortunately, we couldn't make out her face as the young lady was snuggling her face into his well-built chest and they were last seen driving off too his mansion. Is he still on his ways or is he changing?"


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Is Armaan falling for her or is it just his lust kicking in? What will Riddhima do after reading this news? What will Armaan do?

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