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chapter 41 : My soulmate my wife

Armaan was surprised to know this as
Ananya was never involved with any
kind of office work then what it

could be … Armaan took the file and
looked at the name written on
it..Which simply took his BREATH
BEATHING… Armaan froze then and
Staff : No Sir !! .. Mrs Ridhima . Armaan Malik !!
Armaan gazed on brown packet for
couple of minutes…. Then he came
back in his sense when he heard her
voice…Armaan looked up and then
onward and saw Ridhima was walking
in and ordering one servant to keep
eyes on kids who are playing in the
lawn.. Ridhima saw Armaan standing on
door way almost blocking path …But
looked down and was passing away
him but then She stood beside him
when her eyes fell on that file… She
swooped the file and rushed toward
their room…. Armaan turned to her
and needless to say He strode
toward their room….
Armaan already left closet open…
Ridhima just opened her drawer and
kept the file just then She heard
someone slammed the door and She
could say without turning back It’s
HE… It’s obvious… Today or
tomorrow SHE has to face HIM when
once he came back Though Ridhima
was mentally prepared for that But
She didn’t expect this truth will
come out before Armaan so soon….
Honestly she didn’t want this
happen now…. She wanted all this
happen at least after Nidhi’s Baby
shower function …
Ridhima could predicated He was
standing on door way and his severe
gaze on her…burning her
skin..making a BIG hole… Ridhima for
few minutes stood like than as she
was working but she knew for long
she couldn’t pretend that…Armaan
was only could see her back from
sideway as closet open door’s part
had blocked her face , hands and
front side Ridhima’s six sense was
telling he hasn’t moved a whit from
his place…. Ridhima tool a long
breath and then slowly she stepped
back…closed closet and then Armaan
could see her full view ….
Ridhima slowly turned but didn’t look
up..She has to go out , So she tried
to show her normal and walked to
door…. She herself giving side to
Armaan tried to get out of the room…
But when she moved aside Armaan
also moved and blocked her path …
Ridhima look up now…. She tried her
best to look normal and not scared…
Ar: So Mrs. Ridhima Armaan
Malik.!!!… [Armaan closed door
behind him and walked onward and
Ridhima stepped back] what have
you said ? yeah , your husband has
no time for you,, well now standing
before you .. let’s spend time
together…. Biwi ho na meri !?..
C’mon …. Ridhima [with disbelieve expression
looked up at him] : don’t you dare to
touch me .. move aside … let me go
Ar : kyun ??? Patni ho na
meri ???… KYUN ??? bolo ??? [ he
shouted from lung and Ridhima jerked
up ] ….Kyun ?? [ He pressed her
upper arms ]
Ri: Ahha !! leave me… just let
me go…
Armaan [roaring- her eyes were red
due to anger] : I couldn’t believe
HOW??!!!! How could you do this to
me ? [ Armaan clung her upper arms
more tightly and shook her.. his nail
pricked her skin and stopped blood
circulation ]
Ri: what have I done to you ?
In fact It was, always you who never
bother to listen me, my say,
NEVER !!!. Ever you give any chance
to set up my words ???
Ar : How could you hurt me ???
Do you even know, I’s dying
everyday…… Every single
moments….. thousand times… I’ve
forgotten to breath… My heart
stopped beating…. Yeah, My
breathing was on but I’s not alive…
[Armaan cupped her face]……Do you
know there was not a moment I’ve
not thought about…. I tried not to
think about you….. to forget you……I
plunged myself into work… just to
forget you…… but no use…… when I
open my eyes….It’s always your
image stood before me….. when I
closed my eyes you face flashed
out……. What you’ve been doing ??
Are you ok ? Are getting sick ? Are
you down with fever in the
monsoon ?? Are you get hurt ? have
you eaten on time ? are anyone
troubling in work ? are you happy ?
are you crying ? are you
smiling ?.....Every single second just
these all thoughts crossed in my
mind……. I’s just thinking about my
salvation…. What to do as resilience
which will bring you back in my
life….I was thinking what would be
my redemption that will bring you
back in my life… .. I’ve forgotten to
live life….. Without you my life
became a living hell….and You..
[Interrupted…. Ridhima with her all
force pushed Armaan back and in next
moment clung her shirt on his
chest.. then cried out ]
Ri : To pher cchor kar kyun
chale gayethe ??? Bolo..Bolo na…
Chup kyun ho ?? bolo, Armaan
..bolo… [ Then you you’ve left me ?]
[ she demanded and started hitting
on his chest]
Ar : kyun ki Tum mujhe nafrat
karti ho ? kyun ki tum mujhe pyaar
nehi karti ho ? Tum mera chehra tak
nehi dekhne chahti hon ? [ Because
you hate me.. because you don’t
love me.. because you don’t even
want to see my face] [holing her
upper arms Armaan was shouting and
countered ] Why Ridhima ? Why this
much punishment ? If you wanted
to punish me than would have killed
me that will be more easy
punishment ..But why this one ?
Ri : how told you that ?
expected you preconceived it…
nothing new !!!
Ar: [ again clinging her forearms
and gnashed teeth but this time
Ridhima reacted in pain] : Then why
you didn’t tell me Damn it !!! ..Just
once … why didn’t call me ? why you
didn’t tell me for once ? why you
did rejected my alliance ?? why ??
Ridhima [ calm and clod voice] : now
you got how much you hurt me ?
How it was painful ? how did it
feel ?
Armaan [ beyond shock… he looked at
her with utmost disbelieve
expression ]: that means you did it
to take revenge but I love you and
you never[ interrupted by Ridhima]
Ridhima [ pushed him hard on his
chest] : YES !!! I also love my
husband, how he is- was never
matter to me. I’ve knitted dreams, to
live a happy life with him. But you
just demolished all. Without even
turning up , without even giving me
chance to say anything… without
giving me any reason…
Ar : I never ..
Ri : I never what ??? [ she again
pushed him hard and this time
Armaan stepped back]… Who the hell
are you think yourself ??? Who gives
the permission to take my decision
of behalf me ? Tell …. I never
what ?? I always..I always love you ,
before as my unseen husband , and
after as my new hope of life. But as
always you decide that we won’t be
right for eachother , so you divorced
me, Then again you decide I don’t
love you and you left me…. Actually
you know, you really don’t deserve
me , not anyone’s love …. [ pause-
she took breath]
How could you just predetermined
that I don’t love you… to give
divorce you’ve your own thought and
you presumed your thought was
right ??? I ask you Armaan Malik why ?? Why you don’t feel at
least once cross check my opinion ??
But Nope …You thought you never
wrong… So just divorced me… Then
what have you done ??? When I
rejected you , you just abducted me
and said your words… Then again
you proclaimed a decision… Again
You didn’t bother to listen me…
Again you without giving me any
single chance to set my words you
just left me in my house and then
left country… Never felt necessity to
call back… blocked all way to
contract with you… isolated yourself
from your family… …
[Ridhima again clung his collar]… I
asked you who gave you this rights
to take all decision ? what made you
thing that your precognition won’t
be wrong ?? WHY It’s always you to
take all decision ? Why I don’t get
floor to say my words ??? Why you
never listen to others ?? Why you
didn’t not stop when everyone
called you from back ? Why always
I’ve to accept your decision ? How
long you’ll try to change our destiny
.. defy to fate..It’s our life.. then
why I never get space in your
life ??? answer me ??? [ Ridhima
wiped her tears herself now… ] ….
You asked me why I didn’t let you
know ? because to prove you …
you’re wrong… what you think is not
right always…..You won’t get
everything in your life as per your
wish…I’m not any play-toy when you
will fell to play , you’d do and when
not just throw me out… When you
want you’ll come close to me,,, in my
life… and when you want can go
far… NOPE….. it’s won’t happen… ..
I’m waiting here for you… but I
never wished to let you know from
my side….Because you left me
alone….I never did it… You only will
get to know I’m waiting for you when
you will turn back and come to me…
If you didn’t come this time or never
then I’ll wait till my last breath but
never let to know from my side….
Tum jab chaho meri jindegi mein
nehi aa sakte ho.. Jab chaho mujhe
akela cchor kar nehi ja sakte ho…
Samjhe !!!! [ whenever you wish you
can’t enter in my life.. whenever you
wish you can’t leave me alone
it !!] you tell me why you left me ??
why ?? 2 years and never feel just to
check once weather I’m alive or
die..Why you’ve done this to me ?
Why you hurt me so much ???
What’s my fault ?
Tears rained down her eyes… but Ridhima didn’t try to wipe them… she
let them flow today which she has
withhold in these two years… ..
Ridhima slipped down slowly sliding
her hand down.. losing her grip…
She collapsed down on ground,
touching her head on Armaan’s knee
Armaan without interrupt hearing
Ridhima's words… He couldn’t think
more…. He couldn’t see her like that
plunged into pain and only for
him.. Armaan just turned and walked
off… Ridhima herself didn’t know how
long she was crying sitting on floor
but then she regained present…
Good part was due to function and
noise, loud music, no one heard
Armaan halt his car , got down and
bending his over car he was
recalling Ridhima's allegation…. It’s
100% truth… He never thought to
cross Ridhima's opinion..Everytime
what he thought good for them he
just did that… On divorce time and
second time also left her like that….
He bang his fist on car…. He wanted
good for them but his decision just
brought torment in their life… Armaan
sat down on road hugging knee,
bending head….
Armaan didn’t know what answer he
should give to Ridhima... how he will
face her… He wished he could bring
back this 2 years… washed out her
pain… to see Ridhima's greif his pain
faded… He was the reason her all
pain….Now how could he will face
her and what will say her … How
he’d rectify his all mistakes…. OR
what she said “ you don’t deserve
anyone’s love” that’s the truth…
Ridhima has started working after few
hours… but she manage to keep her
busy in otherside that no one could
see her or get to what happened…..
But It won’t work for long ………….
It’s more 10 hours…. Armaan went
out…..but still he didn’t come
back… Ridhima became restless ….
It’s 12.30 am…. All guests slept
off…. But Still Ridhima was sitting on
living area and knitting sweat for
Ridhima’s baby… Ananya who checking
all was about to went her room then
noticed Ridhima and came to her…
Ananya : Ridhima , what are you doing
here ? still awoke ??
Ri : nothing mumma.. just not
asleep…. [Ananya took her hand and
made her look at her]
Ananya : what happened ??? where is
Armaan ? [Ananya stopped calling Ammy
to Armaan after his divorce ]
Ri: don’t know mummma…. In
the afternoon he went out still
didn’t return back…. He..He got to
know all..
Ananya : It’s supposed to be happen
…. So it’s happened… You don’t
have to wait for him ..He has done
what he thought is right..Never try
to know what we feel… leave him
alone… he need to know how does it
feel…. And If Again he takes any
decision or leave You or us then ..
then consider him .. he doesn’t exist
for us anymore…. [Ananya felt tug into
heart when she said it but she’s
right ] You go to sleep…You’re tired
and has to get up tomorrow early….
Come with me…. [Ananya dragged
Ridhima with ]

To be continue……………

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