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chapter 42 : my soulmate my wife

Ananya: It’s supposed to be happen
…. So it’s happened… You don’t
have to wait for him ..He has done

what he thought is right..Never try
to know what we feel… leave him
alone… he need to know how does it
feel…. And If Again he takes any
decision or leave You or us then ..
then consider him .. he doesn’t exist
for us anymore…. [Ananya felt tug into
heart when she said it but she’s
right ] You go to sleep…You’re tired
and has to get up tomorrow early….
Come with me…. [Ananya dragged
Ridhima with ]
Next day in the morning…………..
Ridhiima was arranging table for
breakfast… Her face was dry … She
got to know Armaan hasn’t returned
home at night…. Neither She could
call him nor Ananya would let her to
do that…. She tried her best to be
look very normal… Ved came there
… He was supposed to come later at
noon time… will have lunch together
and then will attend her Godh
bharai function ….. But when late
night after his return at hope from
Pune , He called Nidhi to know how
she was doing and then Nidhi told
him at first Armaan was back… He
could patently understand what’s
Ridhima going through… He was just
waiting for morning and to come
here…..Ved didn’t bother to
meet anyone elder first and greet
them rather He directly walked to
Ridhima, who was standing beside
dining table arranging plates for
Ved: Ridhima!! [ he tapped on
her shoulder… Ridhima looked back
and in no time she hugged him]
This is the man she never felt to
hide her grief…. Never think twice
ask anything …. Ridhima clung himself if she was waiting for her
bhai and vent out her pain
transforming into tears…. Ved
caressed on her head by one hand
and held her by left hand..…She was
weeping silently….
Ved: husss… don’t sister
was never weak… listen to me… This
is what you wanted… waiting these
years…. Now don’t cry anymore… I
can’t see you in pain anymore…
Ridhima look at me… [ He forcefully
pulled up her chin.. wiped tears and
kissed on forehead] ..You cried a
lot.. not anymore… It’s time to
settle down… Mumma, bua all
became ill to see you in this state…
they were craving to see smile in
your face… How long you’ll punish
yourself like that and also us….
Enough …. If I see you cry for once
then I swear I will do what I think
good for you…I won’t hear once
Ridhima composed herself little and
stood straight…
Ved : did he tell anything to
you ? I mean had you talked to
him ? [ Ridhima nodded ].. Alright…
what he replied ? [ Ridhima wiped
her tears for last time and looked
here & there ]
Ri :bhai, he hasn’t returned
home back last night … not mumma
let anyone to call him … She is still
angry on him so much ….Can you
check whereabouts him ?
Ved smiled on her… how much
Ridhima shows everyone she doesn’t
care for Armaan…She is angry on him
but her first priority is always he….
Ved : It’s obvious he hurts his
mother also a lot…. Ok..I’ll … Don’t
worry.. He will be ok..He needs time
to digest all specially his mistake…
I’m seeing him …
Dadi : kya baat hai.. sirf
behen ko hi milne aye ho Ved
and we’re not anyone to you ??
Dadii saw Ved and walking toward
here… Ridhima wiping her face
stepped back ….Ved passed a
smile and walked to Dadi ji….. Rest
of family members one by one
approached to dining area to have
Ved : no.. Dadi ji..I’s just asking Ridhima where is the most beautiful
lady on earth ? [ everyone laughed
out ]
Dadi : no need to buttering me… I
know when your wife stands before
you there is nothing you can see
else her ….
[ Now Dadi ji was pulling leg of
Ved… He felt little shy , looked
down and then saw Nidhi was
coming toward them …Ved walked
to her and held her hand…. Pulled
chair for her and made sit beside
him and he also sat down ]
Nidhi [ now it’s her turn ] : Dadi
won’t you find out anyone else to
flirt .. why you always behind my
husband….See .. Ridhima is also
here… do flirt with her husband..He
is also dashing … mere Pati ko
choro …
Now all burst out laughing ..It’s very
regular part of this house….
Dadi : wao to main baad mein
karungi….but that doesn’t mean I’ll
leave your husband [ Nidhi’s jaw
propped and rest of family members
finding it so hand to stop their
laughing ]
Ri: Dadi this age it’s not
go to run behind several boys…
choose one and settle down …
Should I talk with Mr. Chadda !!!
[ she winked ]
Ananya & Atul & Ritu [ together] : I
agree.. [Akash & Atul whistled]
Mr. Chadda 75 years old man and
who came to do exercise in same
nearby park of Malik Mansion
where in the evening Dadi Ji , Ananya ,
sometimes Nandani used to go for
evening walk … to hear Ridhima Nandani
& Ananya hid their face… and Dadi ji’s
jaw dropped and Nidhi started
clipping hands…. As she got her
supporter …. Chachi ji, Billi,
Ved were just smiling and
enjoying these moment..
Chachi Ji: Ved beta.. see your
presence bring lot of happiness
here… used to come frequently ….
Otherwise all of these house only cry
and roam around with sulky face
[ she meant to Ananya and Ridhima]
Ved : I’ll try ….
Nidhi : BTW, where is Ammy ? I
haven’t see him after afternoon …
Ridhima where is he ? don’t say still
sleeping ?
Ved and Ananya instantly looked at
Ridhima... Ridhima’s tongue tide..She
felt her heart tighten….How could
she tell Nidhi that her brother
didn’t return home last night..She
will fell bad surely… now all were
looking at her for answer….. when Ridhima was struggling for Answer
..Then Ananya on behalf of her…
replied to save her from this
awkward situation as except Nandani
none of relatives knew the fact
between Armaan and Ridhima...
Ananya: he went out….
Chachi : out ???.. at early
morning !!!
Nidhi haan,, where he went
Ridhima ?? [Ved brought out his
mobile to call Armaan and he was
about to get up from his seat then
Akash spoke up ]
Akash : hey, bhai is here…
All turned their head and looked at
Armaan Who was walking toward
them… Ridhima looked once to him
and before Armaan noticed in next
second she looked down ….while all
were looking him and when he stood
before table He saw her at first..
..She was looking down….. cutting
fruits …. Armaan was looking extremely
Atul: Armaan where you
have been ?
One by one started asking his
questions but he avoided all….
Ridhima walked back in kitchen when
she her intuition was letting her he
was starting at her…. She was hell
angry on him..How could he just
spend whole night out of house
without bothering to call anyone…
He knew everyone will be tensed for
him but he never cared for anyone…
Armaan only replied to Nidhi…
Ar : I’ve some work .. that’s why
have to go out..You have your
breakfast with Jija Ji..I’ll talk to you
later….. [Armaan looked at Ved
then] Good morning Jija Ji….
[ Ved just nodded won’t say
anything ]
Armaan passed greeting smile to rest
of relatives and walked to kitchen ….
When all saw his walking there
none of them called him from back
….but Ananya was tried to get up but
Billi held her hand and pressed
her to sit back….
Billi [ whispered] : let, Ridhima
handle the rest of situation… don’t
interfere in between them…. Ridhima
knows what is right and what not if
though Armaan doesn’t …. [ Ananya
wasn’t happy with Billi’s
suggestion but She didn’t feel to
interfere kept quiet]
In the kitchen…………
Armaan was Ridhima was stirring Kheer
.. He walked to her and stood beside
Ar : we have to talk… come with
me…. [Ridhima didn’t look at him
rather he passed a bowl to servant
who was standing behind her
Ri : take it there…. [ Armaan
became angry when Ridhima avoided
him ]
After Servant left the kitchen He
gripped her forearms …
Ar: I said I need to talk with
you.. so come with me in the room
… I’m giving you two option-- either
you come with me willingly walking
on you foot OR come with me –when
you’ll be carried by me ….. So which
one ? [ he raised his eyebrow]
But to his surprise Ridhima shoved off
his hand and pointed finger toward
Ri : But ,I’m giving you only one
option.. go back your room, get
fresh..I’m sending you breakfast
there…. Go !!
Shock will be underestimate for
Armaan…He never knew when Ridhima
gained these much courage to order
him … but somewhere He didn’t get
angry for first time when someone
was back answering him..challenging
him… giving order him… Armaan just
looked for few minutes at her face
then walked out… Ridhima took long
breath when he walked out and she
also noticed he didn’t get angry or
shouted on her…
After having bath when Armaan got
out from washroom , his breakfast
was already on table…. He looked
around but Ridhima wasn’t there…
He was as much tired and as
hungry…. Without wasting much
time he started having foods and
without any doubt he could
presumed these delicious foods
made by his wife… As Armaan was so
much tired so after finishing
breakfast he fell fast asleep………
Armaan got up at noon………. He
walked out to finding Ridhima . He
tried to search her in the crowd of
relatives…. At after noon ..Nidhi’s
Baby shower function will start…He
could understand It’s next to
impossible to get her free now….
After few hours……..
Armasn saw her before to start
function…She was wearing a pink
Aarankoli… looking so cute just like
a doll…. They both saw each other
but when Armaan openly looking at
her, starting at her then Ridhima
stealing glances….
Later Armaan became busy to pass his
gift Nidhi and then rest of people…
for then he couldn’t buy anything as
He wasn’t aware of this function He
gifted them envelops of cash to buy
what they like…….. during entire
function all were busy so both didn’t
get option to even come close ….
Only few times Ridhima crossed Armaan
and walked away attending
They only came close when Ridhima
was gifting Nidhi She gifted her on
behalf of them…Armaan felt so nice……
He understood how till there days
she took care of all in his absence
when It’s purely his duty …………
It’s late night…..
Function was over… few guests left
few stayed… all went their respected
room…. Ridhima opened closet to get
her change …. She brought out her
night dress …. She turned back to
head door sliding sound…. Armaan
walked in and closed the door…. She
walked toward door to go out…. But
Armaan blocked her path….

To be continue……..

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