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chapter 46 : My soulmate my wife

Ridhima also softly but tightly
clutched his cloths on back… hid
her face into his chest and closed
yes to get a peaceful –sound sleep…

A new morning was waiting to fill up
the blank space of memory cell by
some blissful moments ….
Ridhima was the first one who rose
up…. She looked at Armaan… for first
time they slept together… It always
be the most memorable moment for
her… not for that they slept
together but Ridhima accepted Armaan
her husband long time ago….. today
she felt it also … from the core of
heart …. They didn’t spend enough
time together,,, if fact their
household hasn’t start yet in true
meaning but the sacred bonding
they were sharing was developing
day by day …… Ridhima was staring at him… in sleep
he looked so cute… no one really
could even imagine this man in real
utmost arrogant and angry man,
who’s anger always stay on his
nose…. When reality hit on Ridhima
… she hurriedly managed to make
herself free ,,,, she got down … took
bath , got ready and came out of the
room…She was hell scared if anyone
comes into guest room to call her
then will see Armaan sleeping here….
Ridhima just stepped out pulling door
behind her and that moment Ananya
stood before her… Ridhima gulped
down in fear…
Ri : mumma… a ..aap ..
Ananya : haan.. I came to call you … Ridhima make Prashad for Aarti …
what happened ? why you’re
sweating ??
Ridhima [ passing a fake smile] :
nahi.. nahi to… [ wiped her
temple ]..I just have bath mumma…
it’s it’s water…. Ok.. you go..I’ll
make Pashad …
As nodded and walked off…
Ridhima left relief breath then wiping
her sweat beads walked into kitchen
…. She started making Prashad but
perpetually peeping out to check
anyone is going into guest room or
not…. She called Mohan
Mohan : Ridhima Bhabhi.. did you call
me ?
Ridhima : yea… if anyone finds me
then tell I’m here, in the kitchen…
no need to go Guest room to check
me … got it ??
Though Mohan nodded but this order
was purely sounding queer .. Ridhima
herself understood that but can’t
help…. Ridhima finished making
prashad and came out… She knew
everyone will come down to attend
Aarti [ morning prayer] so then It’s
be very difficult to send Armaan back
in his room …. She was about to go
in her room but then Chachi ji
called Ridhima and send her out
house for some work…. Ridhima
helplessly looked here and there but
couldn’t deny …. She walked out
looking back on her room’s door….
Ridhima was going out house but
then she got an Idea ….. She
stopped in lawn and called Armaan’s
mobile…. To tell him that he should
go back in his room…. Armaan’s phone
was ringing but he didn’t answered
Ri : Armaan pick up the
phone… how long you’ll sleep …
She called 6/7 times but Armaan
didn’t answer as he left his phone
last night in his room …. Ridhima
hurriedly went to outhouse and
finishing work came back to main
house… She informed Chachi ji
then when she was walking to her
room she saw Nidhi just opened
the to enter in … . Ridhima's throat
dried there and legs glued with
floor….. Ridhima gulped lump of fear
and ran to her… stooped her to step
in the room hold her elbow from
Ri : Dii… what are you doing
here??? I mean why you walked
alone till here… tell me what do you
need ? [ Ridhima made Nidhi face to
her blocking door to go in]
Nidhi : Woo.. I’s looking for Ammy
[ interrupted]
Ri : Armaan !!! do you think he
is here ??? no.. No Dii… he is not
here Dii…. [ She replied which was
defensive more than an answer ]
Nidhi : Ridhima relax !!! [ she patted
on her cheek ] I know you and Armaan
aren’t sharing room …I went to his
room but he wasn’t in room… and I
hadn’t seen you anywhere so I
thought you may be in the room…
[ Ridhima sighed of relief ]
Ri : Dii … don’t worry.. he went
for jogging… will come back soon…
you go and sit in leaving area…
when Aarti will start then come in
temple,,,, but don’t roam around…
Nidhli smiled and walked to leaving
area…. Ridhima took a long breath
and checking around,,, she walked in
…. Armaan was sleeping like
Kumbhkaran [ a giant who sleeps for
6 months ] … Ridhima sat down on
bed beside him,, and started pulling
Ri : Armaan Armaan.... get up..
please…. Utho na … get up..[ she
as much pushed him or shook Armaan
shifted other side ] Armaan !!!
[ Ridhima shook Armaan now till he
opened his eyes]
Armaan [ sleepy voice]: Ridhima
let me sleep… Tum bhi soo
jao… [ Armaan pulled Ridhima
wrapping hand around
waist. Ridhima fell down on his
chest ]
Ri : no way…. Please get up…
and at first leave me..please.. why
you always put me in trouble… can’t
you help me ???
[ Ridhima sulked as Armaan wasn’t
opening eyes… she presumed now
she will be caught in red hands…
Ridhima got off Armaan hand and was
about to get up…Armaan pulled her
more and opened eyes ]
Ar : good morning , Ridhima at
early morning you sulked then what
you will do whole day ?
Ri : this is all because of you ….
Now you just get up at first ….
Ridhima pulled Armaan’s hand and
made him sat on bed ….
Ananya : Ridhima... Ridhima…. [Ananya was
calling Ridhima from temple area …
and to hear her voice Ridhima's
throat dried like wood…]
Ri : Armaan just get out…
before mumma comes in room to
find me… go.. [ in one pull She got
Armaan on floor ]
Ar : what??? , Ridhima’re
telling me to get out… Ok…I’m
leaving… but remember that…
Ri : I’ll but not this way… you’ll
go out this window,, and will go for
jogging… and within 10 minutes you
will come back from main door…and
remember you should look like
you’re coming from jogging…
Ar : what ?? I don’t go jogging
this hour,,, and how could I do
jogging only for 10 minutes…I need
at least 1 hour…
Ri : I don’t know
anything…..I’ve said to Dii you went
for jogging so.. now you’ve to act
like that… coming here at night you
put me in trouble… now you’ll save
me…. Come…
Without giving a chance to sat any
single word… Ridhima pulled Armaan till
open French window …and almost
pushed him and Armaan jumped
down…. Ridhima didn’t even stay
there for seconds ,,,she ran out of
her room ….stopped before Ananya…
Ananya [ frowned] : where did you
go ?? come soon…we’re getting late
… all were waiting for you Ridhima...
come otherwise lata Dii.. [ Chachi Ji]
will taunt you for late then you
Ridhima nodded and rushed to
temple… she arranged all stuffs
there to start Puja,,,, all gathered
Billi : where is Armaan ???
Nidhi : I’m also looking for him
Dad.... Ridhima said he went for
Ananya : no need to wait for him… If
he cares for Puja then will return
back till now….
Ridhima [ in thought] : Armaan where
are you ? ..come inside…
Dadi : Ridhima , you didn’t tell him
about Puja …
Ridhima i [ gulping ] :haa… Haan
,Dadi .I’ve said him to come back
soon ….
Akash : hey …. Here you go… bhai has
come …
All turned and saw Armaan was
walking in …. To see him back on
time they sighed of relief.. …Armaan
walked to there… he looked at
Ridhima … Ridhima through eyes asked
why you’re late to come back… but
Armaan glared at her…Ridhima pouted
and looked down …
Nidhi: Ammy… we all are waiting
for you …. Get fresh and come back
soon ….
Ar : no,, Dii… I won’t attend
Puja… you do … [ Ridhima looked up
at him but Armaan didn’t look at her
..She knew he was doing this just to
pester her as he was angry on her…
but she couldn’t help much now ]
Ananya : I knew it … unnecessarily
time waste…. [Armaan walked off
from there angrily]
Nidhi: Ammy… please… come ….
Ridhima glumly finished rest of
preparation…. She wanted to wait for
Armaan and go to call him but
couldn’t go… and she was now little
angry on him that he wasn’t ready to
understand the circumstance …
Chachi : when Armaan won’t come
then no point to wait for him…
Ridhima start Puja…. Really heard
true… he never cares for anyone,
Armaan angrily walked in his room ….
He pulled towel from recliner and
walked to washroom… but stopped
and turned back …. He saw one pair
of dress of him foe Puja was kept on
bed … and then noticed his shows
and rest of stuffs all were arranged
there…. Armaan anger automatically
melt down…. He picked them and
walked in bathroom…
Ridhima felt so bad that everyone has
a negative thought about Armaan…
she couldn’t blame anyone as Armaan
himself earned this reputation….
She closed eyes not to drop tears
before everyone and stand before
embodiment…holing Aarti thaal…
she starting chanting hymn but
then her institution was telling
someone was beside her… Ridhima
opened eyes and Saw Armaan wearing
that cloths she kept for him … stood
beside her … Armaan was looking
onward but a broad smile appeared
on Ridhima's face…. Armaan followed all
rituals and fulfilled them along with
Ridhima....They didn’t know behind
them rest of family members were
Armaan was finding … but after
Puja he just saw her once breakfast
table ,,, after he hadn’t seen her
once glimpse …He was really pissed
off for her busyness … specially this
Atul & Anjali to arrangement their
wedding she has to be all busy….
Ar: Mohan..where is Ridhima ?
Mohan:Armaan bhai, Bhabhi , in hall
Armaan hurriedly climbed downstairs
and walked till living area ,,, then
he saw Ridhima's back … She was
sitting on floor before main
entrance making Rangoli and
decorating them with Dia for
Diwali… … Armaan sat down on floor
beside her… Ridhima ooked at her
but she showed that she was upset
with him …. Armaan was and
understood very well the reason …
Ar : need help ??? [ Ridhima
shaking head replied
negatively ] ..why ?? let me help you
… won’t you complained in morning
I don’t help you …..
Saying it Armaan tried to turn back
at Rangoli and but before that He
placed his one hand on it and
spoiled few part of it… Ridhima's jaw
dropped and irritation she held up
hands.. ,,
Armaan understood instead of helping
he ended up spoiling her hard
work… sheepishly he looked at him…
Ri : See…. You only know how to
trouble me… forget help… and again
it’s you who got angry on me…. You
go Armaan I don’t need your
help…I’ll manage alone just like
these two years….. [ she really
sounding so upset and Armaan felt
that ]
Armaan pulled back his hand and
surprisingly he drew Ridhima's
dupatta and wiped his hand on
it Ridhima with big eyes looked at
him…. And pulled back her
dupatta….Armaan moved a bit toward
him and lilted near her cheek…
Ridhima looked here and there if
anyone saw them.. but Armaan held
her waist by right hand… and
whispered ….
Ar : last night it’s you who
troubled me utmost… and I helped
us …. And also saved you… that’s
why you’re still Gupta otherwise …
you know what I meant.. Ridhima’s
face turned into Tomato red….
Armaan suddenly peaked at Ridhima's
lips without any warning… Ridhima
with saucer size eyes looked at him
but more that She was feeling
Ar : happy Diwali , Ridhima
Ridhima lovingly looked at him as
Armaan was the first one who wished
her Diwali …and she was happy…
above on sky …. This Diwali she will
celebrate with him… won’t have to
do all alone and crying out sitting
beside lonely at poolside … her
husband was with him..
Armaan brushed his cheek with her…
After two years Ridhima felt his
stubble brushed with her soft skin….
She was craving for this
gesture… Ridhima looking down and
smiled…. This was the best gesture
which always sweep her all tension,
pain and made her confident As if
she got her old Armaan back…. For
this Armaan she always craving….
Ridhima clutched Armaan bicep….
Ri : Happy Diwali…. Thanks to
come back.... I didn’t want to
celebrate this Diwali alone in the
Ar : I promise you never have to
celebrate any festival alone.. in
darkness…. I'll be always with you.
Ridhima looked into Armaan’s eyes…
the depth of love into his eyes spoke
rest of unspoken words …Needless to
say this Dawili will bang back lost
ray of happiness in their life.. will
lighten the darkness of loneliness of
their life…. Not only Malik
mansion but their life will shining
with lights of love.

To be continue……………

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