Monday, 13 February 2017

episode 21 : True Love Never dies

dr. shashank came outside opd and
asked dr. armaan r u ready?
dr. armaan as u r going to assist me first time is it okay?
for you i mean be relax

nd take a five min break as its a big responsibility
armaan nodded
and went aside
shilpa came holding armaan s operation clothes which he needs to wear to assist in suregery
shilpa came near armaan and kept her hand on his shoulder
armaan turned
shilpa: tum thik ho na?
i said na tum kar loge tension mat lo sab thik hoga
armaan : pta ni shilpa as u know kal jo sab hua use ek dum se bhula pana mushkil hai or uske upar se vicky ka hi case or mujhe assist krna hai
shilpa: mene pehle b kha tha ki tum kar loge mujhe tum par pura bharosa hai
armaan: hmmm
shilpa: dekho armaan hum doctors hai toh hume apna kam hi sabse pehle dekhna padega na?
armaan: haan.
dr. armaan opd me dr. shashank ko report kare
shilpa: he tied the knot of armaan s clothes from behind nd said best of luck u will do good dont worry
armaan pressed his lips and said thank you
smiling lightly
shilpa also smiled deeply seeing armaan smile lightly

in opd
dr. shashank: inhe stitches dene padenge forehead pe nd hand pe bhi lagta hai kafi ladai hui hai inki
dr. armaan aap mujhe sab hand over karte jaiyega or baki me kar lunga
armaan: ji
dr. shashank: anesthesia injection
armaan handed over and dr. shashank injected to vicky
and then dr. shashank continued the surgery for
two to three hours more
armaan came outside after two and half hours
he was washing hands
dr. shashank came and said
good job dr. armaan
u did very well
armaan: thank you dr. shashank apke sath ye meri first suregery thi it means alot to me
dr. shashank: i understand god bless you :)
armaan came in corridor of sanjeevani wearing labcoat
and came in canteen for relaxing him a bit
shilpa: armaan she came hurriedly
how was the surgery?
sab thik hua na?
i mean tumhari pehli surgery thi
armaan was rubbing his forehead
shilpa: kya hua sir dukh rha hai?
armaan: tum kitna bolti ho yar
shilpa shut her mouth realising she did nt even asked once about armaan
shilpa: m sorry me tumhari suregery ke lie tensed thi
armaan: sab acha gya
suregery was good
shilpa: woww that s great
armaan sipped his coffee.
shilpa: kya hua?
armaan: tum thik ho?
shilpa: haan mujhe kya hona hai?
tension me toh tum the
anjali and atul came
atul: hi anjali
anjali: we met in morning only atul
atul: me toh jab b tumhe dekhta hun mere lie ek nayi shuruaat hojati hai anjali
anjali: ya rite
by the way congrats armaan for ur first surgery
armaan : thanks
atul: congrats mere bhai atul hugged armaan armaan smiled a bit
anjali: wese vicky ko hua kya?
atul: kise pata kya hua or wo bister pe pada hai ab but armaan or dr. shashank ne use bacha lia mil ke
anjali: exactly kafi jyada lag gyi thi usko
itne me muskaan or rahul b ajate hai
muskaan: oye lagi toh armaan ko b hai
kahi armaan ne hi toh use ni mara
she started to laugh in her own style
all started to look at armaan suspiciously
shilpa: come on guys
armaan aisa kuch ni kar sakta.
usne toh vicky ko bachaya h
usne use mara hota toh bachata thodi
atul: haan ye baat toh hai.
muskaan: haan ye b hai
rahul: kuch b ho sakta hai rahul said making circles on his coffee mug s sides
anjali: jo b hai who cares
armaan went from there
standing abrubtly
in anger
shilpa: armaan
armaan suno toh

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