Thursday, 2 February 2017

Part 10 : Meri Pehli Khataa...

Armaan comes home around four in the morning. He enters his room only to find Riddhima sitting awake on his bed. He was drunk and stumbled towards the bed. He put his jacket on the bed and looked at Riddhima.

"Kar aye ek aur larki ki zindagi barbaad?" she asked even when she thought she knew the answer.

Armaan looked at her baffled for a second and recalled the events of the night.


Armaan got up from his seat and stumbled towards a girl and kissed her. The girl was trying to resist him but Armaan took her to a room.

He closed the door and kept on kissing the girl. The girl pushed him and tried to run away from him but he caught her.

Girl: Chorroo mujhe... please jane do mujhee.....

Listening to her words Armaan's grip loosened on her. His eyes shot open and he just stood there like a statue with a bewildered look on his face. He recalled the time he was doing this to Riddhima and she had said the exact same words. He shook his head trying to avoid his thoughts and turned back to find that the girl had already gone.

He laid on the bed in the room out of frustration holding his head. Riddhima's tear-filled eyes played in front of him. He could only see her face, full of agony. He picked up a vase from the bed side table and threw it on the floor.


Armaan stood in front of Riddhima perplexed by her question. He did not know what to say. He could not say anything. He was confused at what had happened a few hours ago with him. So he tried to change the topic, "Tum.. tum mere bed pr kya kr rhi ho? Utho yahan se aur ainda se mere bed pr mat ana?"

"Par hum mian bivi hain Armaan. Mein aur kahan soun?", she said.

"Armaan Malik ek baar jis cheez ko use kar leta hai usse phenk deta hai utha kr apne bed pr nahi rkhta. Samjhi?", he said in a slithering way.

Riddhima pursed her lips and tried to suppress her emotions. She did not let the tears fall from her eyes and quietly made her way to the couch.


"Riddhima beta, aaj hmare ek bohat hi close friend ke ghar unke bete ne party rakhi hai and tumhe and Armaan ko invite kia ha. To tum jao aur ready ho jao.", Ananya informed Riddhima.

Riddhima nodded.


Riddhima came out of the washroom wearing a red saree.

Armaan was sitting on the edge of the bed wearing his shoes. He dropped his shoe that he was about to wear as soon as he saw her. Riddhima noticed this and got nervous. Armaan got up and slowly moved towards her. Riddhima moved backwards until she was barred by the dressing table. Armaan came near her and pushed some strands of her hair behind her ear. Riddhima closed her eyes because she him touching her made her remember the purgatory experience of that treacherous night. But her chain of thoughts was broken by Armaan's voice.

"I understand ke tum ek middle class larki ho jo ye sab saree and salwar suit pehnti ho. But Armaan Malik ki ek class hai jo bht hi gir jaye gi agr tum ye third class chamakti damakti saree pehen kr mere sath party pr jaogi. To sweetheart go and change." He said.

"Pr.. wo pr mere pas aise hi kapre hain.", she replied.

"I should have known." he said and sighed.

He called kunj and told him to bring some dresses. Kunj reached in about twenty minutes with many dresses. Armaan took out a black short dress and handed it over to ridhima.

"Mein aise kapre nahi pehenti.", she said while examining the dress.

"I don't care. Go and change right now.", he ordered.

About fifteen minutes later Riddhima came out of the washroom feeling uncomfortable in the dress. Armaan looked at her and was for a second shocked but then quickly averted his gaze.

"Ahm.. wo heels pari hain pehen lo aur jaldi karo." he said.

Armaan went down. Riddhima wore those heels and walked with difficulty but nevertheless came down. Armaan was talking to some worker of the house. Riddhima sat down on the sofa. "Han Peter me jab wapis aun to meri puri closet saaf honi chahiye and," He laid down a long list of instructions. While Armaan was ordering him Peter kept on stealing glances at Riddhima. Armaan noticed that Peter wasn't paying attention and was looking at something behind him. He turned around only to find Riddhima sitting on the sofa. Because of her sitting position her tight short dress had been pulled up a little bit and a huge part of her legs was bare. Armaan could easily tell that she was trying to avoid Peter and was feeling uneasy under his gaze. Armaan looked at her and said, "You're fired."

Riddhima's eyes shot up and she stared at Armaan's face blankly. "Sorry sir?", Peter uttered confused.

Armaan turned his face back towards him and said, "You're fired Peter."

"But sir.."

"Get out." Armaan said. Peter looked at him. "Right now!" Armaan growled.

Peter went away. Riddhima stood up and asked innocently , "Tumne usse meri wajja se job se nikala?"

He turned towards her. "Mein koi bhi kaam tumhari waj se nahi karta. Mein ne usse fire kia kyunke wo kaam sahi se nahi krta." he stated.

He turned around and started checking his phone.

Riddhima's heart fluttered a bit at his action. Somehow her heart forced her to believe that what he did was for her. And funnily enough she was slightly happy to believe that. A little and slight smile formed on her lips.

Armaan turned back towards her and saw her smiling. He was confused. "Khare khare has kyun rahi ho chaloo.", He said.

Riddhima moved forwards but her foot twisted and she was about to fall but Armaan secured her in his strong manly arms. Both looked into each other's eyes for a brief yet desirable moment. "Party mein agar aise giri na to wahin chor kar ajaunga warna kal ki akhbar mein yehi khabar hogi ke Armaan Malik ki wife ko sahi se chalna tk nahi ata." he said.

"Giri kahan. Tumne bacha lia mujhe." she said.

"Agli baar nahi aunga.", he said and made her stand on her feet.

To be continued...


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