Saturday, 11 February 2017

Part 13 :Meri Pehli Khataa...

"Zyada deep cuts nahi aye. zakhm jaldi bhar jayenge.", the doctor informed.

Riddhima nodded and the doctor went away. Armaan was awake and fully in his senses. He looked at Riddhima. He did not know what to do or say after his little stunt of confession while inebriated.

"Mujhe pani chahiye," he ordered.

Riddhima gave him water. "Doctor ne tumhare liye bhi yehi kaha hai. Kuch kha kar dawai le lena." She said. She had some new conviction in her.

"Farq sirf itna hai ke tumhe apne liye khana khud lena tha lekin mujhe khana to meri bivi lakr degi,", he said smirking.

Riddhima just looked at him with a glum look and then went to the kitchen.


Riddhima was doing some household chores when her phone rang.

"Hello di,", Riddhima answered the call.

"Ridzyy tu yaqeen nahi kare gi.. I have a good newss...", Anjali said in an excited tone.

"Kya hua di?"

"Guess whatt!! Mera Rishta pakka ho gaya!"

"Reaallyy? Di congratulations..."

"Kal engagement hai."

"Itni jaldi??"

"Han ... aree dad unse kafi dino se baat kr rhe the... and abhi kal hi bat final hui... and unko jaldi hai so yeaah.."

"Di mein kal sbah subah ajaungi ap fikar mt karo..."


Riddhima went to a temple the same day to pray for Anjali. She stood in front of the idol and prayed with her eyes closed. But her prayer was interrupted by some whispers. She opened her eyes and looked around only to find a mob of people around her.

"Ye to Riddhima hai na?". "Apne gunahon ki maafi mangne ayi hoig." "Aur nahi to kya Armaan Malik jese insaan par itna bara ilzam jo lagaya tha."

These were some of the things the people said.

Riddhima's eyes were already filled with tears. She left the temple without another word.


"Kal anjali di ki engagement hai." Riddhima said.

"Good for her.", Armaan said and picked up his jacket to go.

"Unhon ne hum sab ko invite kia hai."

"Please, just because mene tumse shadi ki hai na mujhse kuch expect mat krna. Meri zindagi mein tumhari aur tumhari family ki koi importance nahi hai so quit."


"Ek aur lafz kaha to tumhe bhi nahi jane dunga."


It was the day of Anjali's engagement. The guests had arrived. Riddhima and Anjali both were ready. Anjali was getting engaged to a guy named Atul Joshi who lived in Singapore.

Riddhima and Anjali came down the stairs. Everybody started talking. Some positive while the others talked negative.

Anjali looked at riddhima and asked, "Tu thik hai na?"

She smiled and replied,"Di aap fikar mat kro... logon ka to kam hai batein krna.Mujhe ab farq ni prta.."

Anjali smiled.

Riddhima in her heart knew how much she was affected by what the people said. But she had to be strong. She had to be strong for herself and her family.

"Arre Armaan kahan hai?", a woman asked Riddhima.

"Wo aunty g... unhe aa koi kaam tha business ka."

Riddhima went away but could hear the woman talk to another woman.

"Arre ana bhi kyun tha usne. Riddhima ne itna bara ilzam lgaya uspe aur iske family ne isse support bhi kia. aise logon ki khushi mein kyun shamil hoga wo?"

To be Continued..


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