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os 1 - "Ek Nano Si Luv Story..."

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meri harr khushi m
ho teri khushi...
mohabbat m assa zaruri nhi
tu jab milna chahe
na mil sakun

"yaar samajh me nai aa raha ki ...mai ye shirt sukhau kaise..Stupid waiter"Armaan muttered under his breath while opening his shirt's buttons in the Lift. Armaan is professional doctor and he came here for meeting one of his friend and accidentally a jug full of water fell on his shirt by the waiter and now he was trying to dry his shirt by his hands when suddenly the Lift opened and someone walked in the Lift
"haa...babu sorry bas aa rahi hu..Mwuhaa" she was busy on phone and he was facing her back and hearing her voice Armaan froze and looked at her back, same hairs, same height, same voice how can he forget her he moved towards her wd slow steps when suddenly the Lift stopped and she got scared and her cell fell from her hand she turned when wd sudden move the Lift jerked and Armaan fell on her and she was being sandwitched b/w him and the Lift wall

"Armaaan..." she whispered shockingly and her hands landed on his open shirt while he was just staring at her wd hurt look "Armaa.." she smiled wd moist eyes and moved to hugged him but he immidiatly moved back and turned hiding his tears
"Armaan meri baat suniye...plzzz " she spoke walking towards him

na milna mera koi duri nhi..
mohabbat h yeh jihazuri nhi (6)

"tch ! yaar ye Lift ku nai khul rahi" he ignored her and started checking the Lift's buttons while buttoning his shirt buttons
"I am sorry Armaan" she pleaded while holding his arm which he jerked
"open the Lift dammit.." he spoke irritadly
"kaise hai aap Armaan..." she asked in quivering tone to which he turned angrily and pulled her towards him by her shoulder
"tumhe kya farq padta hai...mai jiu yaa maru...mai thik hu yaa nai ...tum jao apni best friend k paas uski help karne...hume akela chod k gayi thi na... to jao" he blasted on her who looked at him scarcely

"I am sorry ab mai aa gayi hu hum saath" she spoke pleadingly but Lift opened and he jerked her and moved out leaving her standing there wd teary eyes
"mujhe nai pata tha Armaan ki aap wapas aa gayye...gussa to mujhe hona chahiye aapse" she whispered while clearing her tears and walked towards her scooty
"as always u r late Mama" Dhairya her little 4 yrs son looked at her angrily while correcting his specs
"sorry ...babu..vo actually mai late ho...gayi..vo actually traffic.." Riddhima tried to monofy him but he raised his hand in middle like his father
"no excuse...ab chale...mujhe bhook lagi hai" he spoke wd fake anger to which Riddhima shook her head
"bhook k mamle me apne Papa pe gaya hai ye.."she thought while Dhairya sat behind her and hold her waist tightly "babu bag thik se pehna hai na" She asked while inserting the key in her Scooty

hmmm meri harr khushi m ho teri khushi
mohabbat m assa zaruri nhi(2)

"Mama..don't call me babu...aur kitni baar kaha ki drive karte waqt Halmet pehn liya karo...chalo pehno" he scolded her she shook her head and fitting the Halmet on her head and started her Scooty remembering those dayz when she used to call Armaan "babu", he use to get annoyed n he use to react in the same manner like Dhairya did!
"babu jalebi khaoge" she asked while taking a turn
"no...Mamaa..." he replied
"gosh...agar sab chize meri hi tarah karni thi to ye b daal dete iske andar...pata nai meri ohnu kaisi hogi jarur Armaan k saath reh kar...unhi ki tarah khadoos ban gayi hogi" She thought while driving her Scooty
"Papa..." Ohaana his 6 years daughter shouted at the top of her lungs while running towards him
"sambhal k meri jaan" he stopped her in middle while lifting her up and making her sit on bed
"did u know ...Papa mai painting competition k liye select ho gayi" she spoke excitedly making him smile
"vo to hona hi tha..after all Armaan Malik ki beti ho...tum" he said wd proud and hugged her lovingly
"Papa.." she called
"haa Papa ki jaan" he replied
"aap kal chal rahe ho na Nano me" she asked to which Armaan pretended to think and she smacked on his arm
"aawww..lagti hai yaar Trishu...haa kal challenge tumhare Nano me" he replied wd smile to which her smile widened
"yeeyyy..." Ohana jumped wd excitement
"aree yaar Trishu...chillao mat badi ho gayi ho tum...shaant baitho" he made her sat on bed on his lap to which she giggled and looked at him
tu jab milna chahe na mil sakun

na milna mera koi doori nhi ...
mohabbat h yeh jihazuri nhi
jee haan...mohabbat h yeh ...(4)

"Trishu...ghar me itni cars hai par tumhe ...nano me hi ku jana hai" he asked to which she smacked on his head
"offoo mere smart+buddhu papa...aapne kaha tha na ki...Mama ko ye wali Nano bht pasand mujhe apne competition me use me jana hai" she spoke to which Armaan smiled sadly and hugged her from back
"did u know Trishu...tum bilkul apni Mom pe gayi ho" he kissed her on her temple
"par sab kehte hai mai aape gayi hu...infact Mama b yehi kehti thi" she asked confusedly to which Armaan hugged her more tightly
"tumhe pata hai...aaj mai aapki Mama se mila tha" he spoke slowly to which she turned her head towards him
"sach...kab aa rahi hai Mama.." she asked happily to which Armaan looked down
"pata nai...ku ki maine unhe ignore kiya" he informed, softly looking at her agreieved face
"ku??" she asked "kya unhone sorry kaha aapse" she asked to which he nodded"to problem kya hai" she glared
"problem..pata nai" he looked at other side to which she made him look at her by holding his cheek
"aap hi to kehte agar koi sorry bole to maaf karna aap kaise bhul gayye" she asked looking at him "aur vaise b mai aur aap hum dono miss karte hai...aur agar aap unko nai data te to vo nai jaati...right" she turned around and sat on his lap by crossing her arms opposite looking straight wd a pout

gamma pa ga
ni dha pa ma.. ga ni pa
mujhko ehsaas h par m kehta nhi...

"gusssa ho.." he asked from back to which she nodded making him smile "bilkul apni mom pe gayi hai..drama queen" he thought and hugged her from back "fine ab mai aapse promise karta aapki Mama aur Dhairya ko launga wapas" he spoke
"promise" she asked excitedly
"Mama wala promise" he kissed her on her nose to which she giggle
"vaise Papa Dhairya kitna bada hua hoga" she asked
"ammm..i think...jab gaya tha to 1 yrs ka tha aur ab 3 saal baad 4 yrs ka hoga"Armaan concluded
"Wow !! maza aayga Mama aap mai aur Dhairya yeyyy" she spoke happily while Armaan looked at their family pic where Riddhima was holding Dhairya in her arms on hospital bed and beside her Armaan was holding 3 yrs Ohaana while looking at Riddhima ,it was when Dhairya was born
They had an arranged mairrage where Armaan was a bit strict and Riddhima was completely opposite his nature, they took time to understand each other but fell for each other and after 1 year they confessed and this made them to change for each other accordingly to their mate. Armaan always call Riddhima basket coz she use to love playing basket ball and since then, Armaan n Riddhima wud togeher plan for a basketball match once a week

pass k pehle zitna m rhta nhi..
yeh takaza h mere halat k..
lena dena h nhi koi jazbaat k
yeh saach baat tujhse m keh rha
na ae h inme zara b kami...
mohabbat h yeh ...jihazuri nhi(2)

And after 2 yrs Ohaana was born where Armaan decided he will call her Ohaana but Riddhima refused and she was adamant that they'll call her Trisha , wd d passing time Armaan started calling her Trisha and Riddhima Ohaana and after 3 years Dhairya was born completing their family
Everything was going good Dhairya was 1 yrs old when one day Riddhima's best friend Nupur got divorced from her husband Mayank and she decided to leave the city, Riddhima tried to stopped her but she didn't listened her and then she decided to move wd her for some time for the sake of her friend's broken state and she forgot to inform Armaan about that!
Armaan got to know this from his sister so when Riddhima returned back home he blasted on her, shouting at her she tried to make him understand, to convince him but he didn't listened her and loosing his temper he spoked that he regretted their wedding and left the room passing her in anger. She waited for him whole night but he did'nt came back so she decided to leave him...
After kissing Ohaana and whispering some sweet words saying her to take care of ur dad she left wd Dhairya coz she knew Armaan can't live wdout Ohaana and when Armaan came back home in afternoon after spending his time on beach calming himself and regretting for those words he spoked to her, he came back for appolozising but when he did'nt found Riddhima he was hurt,broken!
He searched everywhere in house looking for her . She didn't left any note or letter so , Armaan decided to leave the country and wdin two days he left the country wd Ohaana and when she asked, he told it was coz of her she left and after that Armaan couldn't lie to Ohaana and after 3 yrs Ohaana insited to see India so he didn't refused and they came here six months ago
And today when he saw Riddhima he was happy but he was also angry on her so, his ego came in between and he ignored her but he knows how he wanted to hugged her kiss her he had missed her like anything he want her back he want Dhairya back! his family back!
"Dhairya so jao sube hume nikalna hai...competition k liye chalo" Riddhima spoke while packing their bags,they'll b going for 3 days. Dhairya had participated in drawing competition and he was selected for Dehradun competition so they have to leave but this boy was busy in home work
"gosh...aaj tak maine apna H.W nai kiya aur ye ladka"she thought and smiled at her little angel who packed his school bag and cleaned the table which were scattered by him she smiled at this gestured of his coz it reminded her of Armaan who was a cleaned freak person "agar hospital me maine ise apne aankho k saamne nai dekh hota to ...jarur yehi samajhti ye mera beta nai hai.." she thought and lied on bed and after brushing his teeth he came on bed and hugged her tightly
"kya hua babu" she asked lovingly while caressing his head
"Mama...Papa aur Di b aayenge na competition dekhne" he asked innocently to which Riddhima hugged him back
"pata nai" she kissed his head
"to fir vo kab aayenge" he looked up at her
"jarur aaynge" she ruffled his head, he nodded and hugged her tightly " pata nai Dhairya ...kab aayenge vo I missed them too"she tought while hugging him
She knew she had made wrong decision by leaving him coz she knew when Armaan is angry he can say anything so she decided to move back to him and after 3 days of thinking she got the biggest shock that he had left the city wd Ohanaa she was hurt!
Then Nupur came and they both stayed wd their childrens two of Nupur and one her small angel but after 2 yrs Mayank came for forgiveness and Shilpa made Nupur to accept him so she agreed coz somewhere she knew it was coz of her Armaan had left Riddhima and then she moved out in Mayank's house but she requested Riddhima to stay back
Dhairya knew abt his father and sister coz Riddhima had showed the pics of them she had told Dhairya that Armaan left her coz she made a mistake but don't worry he will come one day she loved him like no one coz he is the only symbol of him
mohabbat h yeh ...jihazuri nhi(2)

"Princess sambhal k" He shouted seeing Ohaana jumping on a roller coaster. They came here for shopping in mall before living for Dehradun competition and here his little angel requested him for ride so he has allowed her after failing in his convincing session coz that ride was small in mall and now he was standing looking at her when he turned and bumped on someone
"Aaaww.." the kind winced in pain to which Armaan looked at him and picked him up making him sit on a bench
"I am really sorry maine dekha nai.." he apologized while checking his hand which was hit by a vase
"no I am fine" he spoke while correcting his specs still looking down while checking his watch which had stopped working
"zyada to nai lagi" he asked worriedly
"I am a boy...or boys ko dard nai hota" he replied looking at him finally and his words came to a halt while Armaan smiled remembering when he was like him at his age he use to say the same lines to everyone
"so...tumhara naam kya hai.." he asked while correcting his hairs which was falling on his forehead to which the boy looked down
"Dhairya...Dhairya Armaan Malik" he said softly to which Armaan's hand stopped
"kya?" he asked wd moist eyes to which Dhairya looked at him "u mean...kya tumhari mom ka naam Rid..Riddhima hai" he asked again trying to confirm to which he nodded and Armaan immidiatly hugged him
"do u know mai kon hu.." he asked hopefully to which Dhairya smiled and nodded and Armaan smiled sadly "basket mujhe nai laga tha ki..tum Dhairya ko kabhi mere bare me bataugi...aaahhh I luv u basket plz wapas aa jao" he thought while ruffling Dhairya who irritadly looked at him while correcting his hairs making Armaan laugh
"Papa.." Ohaana ran towards him and looked at them confusedly "ye kon hai" she asked to which Armaan pulled her towards them and made them to stand opposite each other
"Dhairya tum jaante ho ye kon hai''he asked
'Di..' he whispered making Ohaana hugged him tightly to which Armaan laughed loudly
"so...finally tum log mil gayyee" Nupur asked from behind to which Armaan turned and looked at her surprisingly
je haan..
tujhko manna mujhe toh atta nhi
par yeh nhi k tujhe m chahta nhi

"Papa..." she called to which Armaan said hmmm.. while driving
"hum Dhairya aur Mama ko lene ku nai gaye..aapke paas to unka address hai na to fir" she asked while playing wd her chips
"kaise kahu Trishu ki..tumhare Papa k paas itna guilt hai ki vo tumhari Mama ko face nai kar sakte..isliye nai gayee hum" he thought while driving when Nupur told him everything abt Riddhima and apologized coz of her it happened but Armaan said it was their destiny and now he will make everything correct and after spending 1 hour wd Dhairya he assured him that he will come and take them back to which Ohana asked why so he replied her that they will surprise her
"Pap.." she called again while throwing chips on him
"tch! Trishu..bilkul apni mama pe gayi ho shararti" he said while driving wd one hand and wd other keeping her hands down from which she was throwing the chips
"nai...shararti nai hu...aur Dhairya kitna cute hai na Papa..meri tarah" she smiled widly to which Armaan also smiled
"haa...vo kitna cute sa shaant sa hai aur tum shararti yehi sikhaogi apne chote bhai ko" he hide his smile knowing very well that now she became angry
"mai aapse baat nai karungi...huh" she pouted while crossing her hands opposite looking straight
"typical basket.." he thought and stopped his car at one side of a road "Aree meri chirchiri..gussa ku hoti ho" he hugged her when she didn't responded he tickled to which she laugh loudly
"ok Papa peace ...dekho vo cab humse aage jaa rahi hai Papa..chalo race race"she pointed towards a white cab
"no ye road slipery..hai aur upper se Nano hai ye...kch b ho sakta hai' he spoke while starting the car to which Ohaana started her song "plz...plzz..plzzz" and finally Armaan gave up and started the car in full speed and started blocking the way of cab giving hi5 to Ohaana
"u r genius Papa" she spoke happily making Armaan shook his head when
"Excuse me..." a voice catched his ears to which he turned to look at it the source and saw the same white cab and at the back seat's window Riddhima was looking at him shockingly
"Mam boliye na gadi side lene ko" Driver's voice brought her back and composing herself she looked at him again who was already staring at her
" apni car side lenge hume block ho raha hai" she requested formally and closed her windows glass "ye yaha kya kar rahi hai" she thought while ruffling Dhairya's hair who was sleeping on her lap
"kon tha Papa.." Ohaana's voice brought him back
"k..kk koi nai Princess" he replied lostly and again started his car
"Papa...Mama.." Ohaana shouted making Armaan stopped the car immidiatly
"kya" he asked to which she pointed at other side of road where Riddhima's cab was stopped and she was standing outside the cab holding her closed umbrella she was wearing a baby pink anarkali and on her right shoulder the duppata was hanging while her hair was tied in a bun which he didn't like as always
"Papa Mama se mujhe milna hai...aur unhe help b chahiye" she requested to which Armaan nodded and moved outside the car following Ohaana behind him he folded his jacket's sleeves and coughed to which driver looked at him and Riddhima too looked but ignored him, Armaan felt a tug on his jeans and looked down where Ohaana was calling him
"yehi mauka hai..Papa sorry bolo aur le chalo Mama ko hamare saath" she spoke in Armaan's ear who was bending down his head
"I think u r right" he smiled and kissed on her cheek that scene made Riddhima cry in her heart after all 3 yrs had gone seeing her own daughter who was looking like a doll how she missed her small-small antics she turned and cleared her tears
"kya hua..bhaiyaa" Armaan asked in a very polite tone to which the Driver looked at him
"kch nai bhaiyaa..hamari taxi kharab ho gayi" and the Driver started his story making Armaan bored while Ohaana moved towards Riddhima
"Mama..." she called to which Riddhima bend down and kissed on her head "aap chalo na hamare saath...mera competition hai plz" she requested to which Riddhima nodded wd moist eyes and hugged her
"Nano.." she looked at the car which was a yellow color nano and then she turned to look at Armaan who was getting bore by the continuos blabbering of the driver she shakes her head she still remembered when she requested him to buy this same nano coz she always wanted to travel in nano but Armaan refused and after alot of pleading and requesting he agreed
She remembered this same car where she proposed Armaan in the car on his birthday when they were coming back home from movie and in this car only they had their first kiss on their long drive at 2 o clock night
"Mama chalo..." Ohaana pulled her hand making her come out from their flashback
"Driver bhaiyaa..aap hamara samaan inki gadi me rakh do" she spoke wdout looking at Armaan who was looking at her in surprised
"Mamaa.." Dhairya came out from cab while rubbing his eyes
"hey mera champ..kaisa hai" Armaan smiled walking towards him who smiled widly seeing him
"Papa...' he ran towards him happily making Riddhima confused wd the Driver who was already confused to see this family
"told u na ki surprise denge so aagaya" he spoke to which Dhairya & Ohaana nodded
"Mtlb aap b hamare saath aa rahe ho" he asked excitedly
"u mean mere champ ne b participate kiya hai" he asked to which Dhairya nodded
"to chal Dhairya gadi me chalet hai" Ohaana gripped his hand and they both ran towards their car ,Armaan turned to look at Riddhima who ignored him

waqt badla h zara sa
m wahin hoon janejaan
kaise tujhko baat m yeh ye samjhaun

"ab to raasta b ek hai..aur...manzil b" he whispered to which Riddhima looked at him
"aap zara mere saamne se hatenge Mr." she replied in very fake sweet tone making him smiled while Riddhima walked towards their car
"ab pata nai kya hoga is safar me" he thought while looking up and looked at Riddhima who sat at back seat of car wd Dhairya " meri basket...still attitude " he smiled
"aapne...gadi yaha ku roki...aap jante hai na it's too unhealthy for kids" she asked angrily at Armaan who was looking at kids
"aur ye kon bol raha hai...tum ...don't tell me tumhe ye sab pasand nai...miss south Indian queen" he replied looking at her who looked another side "so kids taste it" he forwarded the Mendu Vada towards kids
"but it's unhealthy" Dhairya spoke while making faces to which Armaan looked up at Riddhima
"r u sure ye tumhara beta hai" he asked confusedly to which Riddhima glared and he smiled how he missed her these expressions "no champ it's healthy and tasty have it" he spoke while giving bite from his hand to which Dhairya liked
Armaan stopped his car in middle of the road where a menduwala on his cycle was going and he stopped him and now they were eating and Riddhima was stopping him that it will be unhealthy for kids but Armaan knew she loved these types of street foods that's why he stopped his car but Riddhima hadn't taken a bit from it and her kids were enjoying this
kaise khush tujhe rakhun nhi pata
par chahta hoon teri labbo pe hasi

"u know what u r useless" she spoke angrily to which Armaan rolled his eyes from front seat
"o really...mujhe samajh nai aa raha ki tum itna overreact ku kar rahi ho" he also spoke in same tone where their kids had put their hand on their head coz of constant fight over a small thing coz Armaan stopped his car on a Dhaba where some drunken people tried to tease Riddhima but Armaan rescued and after that she was yelling at him and he was getting pissed off
"u know what jab tumhe aana hi nai aayi ku car me" he yelled making Riddhima shut
"ok fine...gadi rooko" she spoke while controlling her hurt voice
"kya" Armaan and both kids asked in shock
"maine kaha gadi roko...hume nai aana aapke saath" she said to which Armaan closed his eyes and stopped the car
"ok fine...go plzz" he spoke in rude tone and wdin a second Riddhima was out from car wd Dhairya and Armaan started his car he turned to look at Ohaana who was looking outside the window angrily "plz I am sorry" he whispered and kissed her on her head while driving the car to which Ohaana ignored and he took a long sigh
"Mama...don't cry plz" Dhairya pleaded coz Riddhima was constantly crying since the time Armaan left from here and she was standing on same spot and Dhairya was consoling her and hugged her tightly to which she also hugged back when suddenly Armaan's car came wd a halt infront of them and Armaan moved out seeing him Dhairya ran towards him
"Papa...dekho na Mama kabse ro rahi hai" he hugged Armaan who kneled down and kissed on his cheek when Ohaana came
"Papa go..and say sorry aur ek huggy dena jaise mujhe dete ho" she whispered in his ear who nodded and moved towards Riddhima following kids behind him
"I am sorry" he whispered to which Ohana hugged him from down and Dhairya cried he pick him up to which Dhairya hugged him "mera mtlb..." but Riddhima put her head on his shoulder making him shut and he looked at his perfectly family
mohabbat h yeh jihazuri nhi (2)

"ab tum dono so jao...masti bht hua chalo" Riddhima spoke in her strict tone to which both kids laughed
Armaan had booked a resort which was beside the competition hall which had two bedrooms where Riddhima and kids were staying in one after that incident Armaan didn't spoke anything he was out till the time they reached here and
Now her two kids were doing masti n all so after making them sleep Riddhima waited for Armaan who is still no in sight she moved towards window when she saw Armaan was out while kicking a stone wd his leg lost in his thoughts

"aap yaha hai" she called him ,who did heard her but didn't dare to look at her. The competiton was going on inside the hall and parents were requested to wait outside Armaan who took a corner's bench looking lost while Riddhima searched but didn't found him so she came here and saw him seated at a corner but in very good place she sat beside him who stiffened for a seconds but didn't spoke anything she knew what he must be thinking
"toh..." she started and Armaan looked at other side "chal na kab hai hume..." she asked while hiding her smile
"tum jaano" he replied wd moist eyes
"aree jab jaana saath me hai tab...mai ku janu" she spoke in fake anger to which Armaan looked at her
"yaaa rite...taki backout karlo hai na" he taunted making her smile
mohabbat h yeh jihazuri nhi (2)

"Armaaan.." she called from behind and he stopped in his tracks and turned to look at her
"hmmm..." he managed to ask this only they were standing infront of each other and seeing everywhere but not looking at each other
"I am sorry.." they both spoke at the same time and on an instant looked at each other
" meri gal.."she spoke nervously
"Ssshhh..." he put his hand on her lips making her quite
"it's all my fault...agar maine us din jald baazi nai karta to aaj tum aur Dhairya mere saath hote...haa Nupur ne mujhe bataya" he getting closer to her "ki tum aayi thi..i..i am sorry basket" he whispered softly making Riddhima closed her eyes hearing basket after so long time she missed him!!
He moved closer to her and pulled her by her waist their lips were inch apart which Armaan reduced immediately and her hands landed on his hairs ruffling them they kissed hungrily after all staying away from 3 yrs it's not easy for them physically or emotionally they needed each other their foreheads touched after coming out from their kiss they were panting when Riddhima suddenly moved back and ran inside the resort making Armaan to think that she regretted this moment

"aap yaha hai" she called him ,who did heard her but didn't dare to look at her. The competiton was going on inside the hall and parents were requested to wait outside Armaan who took a corner's bench looking lost while Riddhima searched but didn't found him so she came here and saw him seated at a corner but in very good place she sat beside him who stiffened for a seconds but didn't spoke anything she knew what he must be thinking
"toh..." she started and Armaan looked at other side "chal na kab hai hume..." she asked while hiding her smile
"tum jaano" he replied wd moist eyes
"aree jab jaana saath me hai tab...mai ku janu" she spoke in fake anger to which Armaan looked at her
"yaaa rite...taki backout karlo hai na" he taunted making her smile

je haan...meri harr khushi m ho teri khushi...
tu jab milna chahe na mil sakun na milna mera koi doori nhi..

"Backout kab kiya maine" she asked to which Armaan looked at her in disbelief
"nai...tum to kabi kch aisa karti hi nai...vo to mai karta hu" he spoke sarcastically and she giggled
"Shut up!! Basket" he spoke and looked at other side
"I...Love...U..." she whispered in his ear to which he looked at her in surprise to which Riddhima blushed and looked down
"kya...par...tum...kal..vo" he fumbled she immediately hugged him tightly
"I am sorry Armaan..mai dar gayi thi kahi mai aapke fir karib aau aur aap fir chale jao tb" she whispered hugging him who hugged her back and kissed her on her hairs
"I luv u too basket" he whispered
mohabbat h yeh jihazuri nhi (2)
je haan...meri harr khushi m ho teri khushi...
tu jab milna chahe na mil sakun na milna mera koi doori nhi..
mohabbat h yeh jihazuri nhi...

2 weeks later...
"vaise Armaan us din aap Nano ku laaye the aapko to vo pasand nai" she asked hitting him wd pillow
"aahhh...basket sone do na" he spoke tiredly
"aree utho na mai kch puch rahi hu aapse" she smack his head who tiredly woke up and hugged her from behind
"aree kya hai na...tumne mujhe to bigad hi diya tha...aur maine Trishu ye atrangi quality ...jab use pata chali tumhari usne zid ki use sirf Nano me hi jaana hai" he informed while kissing her on her cheek from behind to which she giggled
"beti kiski hai.." she replied
"aur jo tumne mere champ ko bana diya uska kya...log kahenge ki baap kitna handsome aur cool hai aur beta champu.." he spoke when she hitted him wd her elbow on his chest
"bhulo mat aape hi pe gaya batati thi ki aap school me bilkul padhaku the" she spoke to which Armaan pecked on her lips
"mtlb bada hokar mere jaisa handsome hunk banega" he spoke wd proud to which they laugh together
"Mama...Papa" Ohana and Dhairya ran towards them
"haa bolo Mama Papa k jaan" Armaan asked
"Papa...aap batao...hamare paas ek aur bhai aayga na" Ohnu asked making Armaan smiled and Riddhima got confused
"nai...ek aur behen" Dhairya spoke and wd that they started arguing
"ok fine dono aaynge" Armaan spoke cheekily making Riddhima looked at him wd open mouth
"yeyee..."they both hi5 each other
"kya tha ye" she asked angrily to which Armaan hugged her from behind
"yehi ki I want more kids" he put his chin on her shoulder
"yaha ye dono mujhse handle nai hote aur aap ...kon kahega aap doctor ho" she pouted to which he kissed
"ku doctor's ko bache nai hote" he asked when Ohaana turned
"to hum kya naam rakhenge un dono ka" she asked innocently
"jao ek kaam karo ek list ready acha lagega hum select karenge"Armaan replied to which kids ran outside for the list while Riddhima hide her face in her hands
"" she asked blushingly to which he nodded hiding his smile
"" she fainted on his chest fakely who laughed while hugging her back


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