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part 37: Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdikiyaan,

So here goes the story...
Yeh dharavahik ek kalpanik katha hai, is kahani ke sabhi patra evam ghatnaye kalpanik hai, Aur isska udeeshya kissi bhi dhaarmik bhawnaon ko thes pahuchana ya ritee rivajon ka uphaas karna nahin hain,yaadi inka kisi vyakti ya vastu se koi sambhand hota hai to usse matra ek sanyog kaha jaye ga,iske liye authority yani ki writer yani ki main jimmeddar nhi hoon,Krippa karke sare galtiyaan maafi ki nazar se dekhiyega..

Dekho masti me
Ladti haste me
Kisine raat ki mayne badal di
Boring si raat ki andhera chamakti rangon me dhal di

Part 37

At riddhima's room

Armaan was about to go wake her up when he suddenly got an idea and smirking go away and back after a little while come back with a hot steamy cup of coffee..
Here riddhima was sleeping with all her sleeping beauty glory when something started to tickle in her face she tried to shoo it away but its keep disturbing her that she open her eyes a bit to see what is it or I would rather say who it is ;)
As soon she open her eyes she saw blurry someone standing there with a 420 bolt of smile with a steaming cup she groan but before she shoot any remark towards the person before the person started to speak: Hey sweetheart finally u are up and u know main kabse tumhare uthne ki intezaar kar rahe the taki hum sath me breakfast kar sake, (then started to act shy) u know kaal raat jo hua..(and he trailed off I guess u guys already know who it is ;) )
By now riddhima opened her full eyes with irritated sleepy look and when he mention about last time she tried to recall what happen as it took her a few seconds to remind but she indeed did remember and was suddenly feeling so embarrassed for acting like that around him but her sleepy irritated face did cover up that face that the person before her couldn't see it but she wanted to see what he tell her about last night and wait for him to continue when he didn't so she gt up and sit and now her embarrassed feeling turning into irritated one as the person before her was acting all weird kind of shy when she couldn't see him saying anything even after her look of asking y so she decide to say: Kya huaaa kal raaat, armaan jo tum aise beheave kar rahe ho..
Ar(more dramatically): Tumhe kal raat ki baat yaad nhi hai.. waise u know tum subah aur bhi jayada khubsurat lagte ho..
Ri(confused): tum bol kya rahe ho and wasn't that srk's dialogue from DDLJ..(Getting all he was trying to) are u kidding me now?? I mean seriously tum soch kya rahe the armaan (when armaan got confused and nerves as he got caught)I mean I know kal raat kyya hua tha and its not a big deal and meri saar pee koi chot nhi ayi ya I'm not suffering some brain issue jo main vul jaungi kya hua aur nhi and what was u even thinking dude..
With that she got up to go fresh and stop and come back to face armaan and said: and u know never try to act u r suck at this as like ur poor cheap pick-ups..
And again started to go and remember something and come back and taking the hot coffe and harshly put that on side table and said: & I don't like coffee
Again about to go and turn and this time took the water jar and pour it on his head when he said: What was that for..
Ri: that was for try to play those cheap prank and (shouting on his ear making him deaf for a while) for waking me up..
And this time she just walk off and  shut the washroom loudly making armaan's stunned expression back to normal and he just asked himself: what just happened? Armaan tu seriously kya soch raha tha (spat on his own head in back) idiot, dumb, stupid.. of course she remember after all she is RIDDHIMA (dreamily) my riddhima.. (and slight movement noise from washroom broke his imagine)and she is intelligent and smart and u r an idiot once again good luck.. for ruining all the left over chances u had. And now bhag yaha se isse pehle ki wo khud ake tujhe dhakke mar k nikal de..
And with that he run off from the room so she didn't come bck and kick him out once again this time with her own hand, as much tempting it was for him still it would b pretty embarrassing and also there is a huge chances she doesn't talk to him like anymore like she did last night and he doesn't wanna loose anymore chances like he already did..

On the other side
As soon riddhima enter the washroom and closed the door she leave a huge breath which she didn't even herself know she was holding..
Then took few more breath to make herself more clam and look up to see herself on the mirror and said: Ohwoo u look horrible girl and did armaan just saw me like that.. Arghh .. (Looking at herself in the mirror then realizing and said to herself looking at mirror) Really girl.. what's wrong with u, in all this happened u r just thinking how armaan saw u in all this(showing herself in mirror with her hands) and now I'm talking with myself (then thinking something) ek minute I did that before I mean maine khudse toh humesha hi baat karte rehti hu na  so this is normal but thinking about how armaan saw me and being worried is not normal oh god.. I need papa now.. nhi main unhe call nhi karsakti kya pata agli plan leke tabhi k tabhi wapas a jaye.. no but it's an emergency and I need an expert but before that mujhe armaan se maafi mang leni chahiye mujhe uspar chillana nhi chahiye tha but main kya karu use bhi mujhe jagane ana nhi chahiye tha after I slept last night late but wait a min (thinking) how even he know I hv bad behavior in morning and I'm not a normal person I mean morning person.. What if wo (trying to almost pull her hair)not again girl main phirse uske bare me soch rhi hu (look right in mirror and trying to keep her head in focus motion said)focus focus .. now my problem is first I need to say sorry to armaan and then THE EMERHENCY.. lets do the first on first..
And with that she quickly get fresh and got out but armaan was long gone so was the coffee..
Ri: ok u got this I mean shayed it was in my luck that I need to go for the emergency first that reminds me to check my phone (and with that she pull out the phone to write when she end up writing a lyrics and started to sing) I need ya, I need ya, I need you right now
Yeah, I need you right now
So don't let me, don't let me, don't let me down
I think I'm losing my mind now
It's in my head, darling, I hope
That you'll be here, when I need you the most
So don't let me, don't let me, don't let me down
D-don't let me down
(Scolding herself) what's wrong with u not songs now.. u know what I don't need text I would just grab the expert myself(then realizing she already send) opps but I did send.. arghhh.. riddhima koi ek kaam toh dhang se karliya kar..
And with that she leave towards the place all rym leave a post it before go..

In the breakfast place
None armaan or riddhima was back yet and all were done so rym pack some breakfast for riddhima as they all were going back when they saw riddhima coming with a confused face and pacing looking at ground and as soon as she saw them it's like she saw some hope..
When atul who was on the front said cheerfully: Good morning ridzzziii(in a sing song from higher to lower point said the name as she pass him without even looking n he look back to see where is she going)
Riddhima just walk in front and grab rym's hand pulling her out of resort while turning bck said: Morning DR and u guys do whatever u plan and we'll meet u in two hours for lunch here..
And with that riddhima and rym was all going when riddhima took a water bottle from a table and told the water: they will pay for it (turning at rahul) Rahul pay..
And with that they were all gone..

After a while
In beach
Riddhima pulling rym towards some place while rym keep shut as she know riddhima would start to talk when they got the place she wanted or something and riddhima pull them to a seduced side of beach where there is lots off rocks of different size and riddhima pointed rym to sit on a big rock when she sit on a lower rock n said : y do I have to sit there? Main yaha tere pass kyun nhi beith sakti..
Ri: kyunki I can look up to u from here u know what I mean right.. (and her expression started to turn in all messed up so rym quickly set up)
Ry: Ok okay I'm sitting.. stop ur thoughts and cool down and here (passing the food packet which was in her hands when they were walking back to resort) take that and eat and cool down and bata hua kya hai?
Ri (taking that): aww u brought me food how sweet!! Well we r moving from the topic..
Ry(unsure): Well tune abhi tak topic bhi nhi batai toh main kaise kahu..what is the topic anyway?
Ri: Ok..(Taking deep breath) So I-got-a-sugar-rash-when-i-was-with-armaan (in one breath that rym could not even got any word properly and now riddhima was looking at rym for her to say something)
Ry: Well don't look at me like that cause I didn't got even a single word u say lady.. cause u know u really need to took break in between words..
Ri: Okay.. Sooo I(waiting for a while to pass) got..(again stop taking a breathily pause)
Ry: okay u know what u really need to stop behaving weird I mean aisa kya ho sakti hai jiske wajah se tu aise behave kar rhi hai..and now talk I m not gonna play gueses now..
Ri: I got a suger rash when i was with armaan..
Ry(confused): u did WHAT? And when was u with armaan last I remember I saw u go to sleep at night and all..
Ri: Well.. (With that she started to explain everything from ice cream to whole way back and her sugar rash and all and now she is explaining the whole feeling of "as-if-someone-drop-a-ice-cube-in-her-vein-to-travel-like-roller-coaster-in-her-all-nerve-from-top-to-toe") u know I just don't know whatss happening to me it never happened like before.. and I'm feeling like may b its bcoz I'm overworking on all things or worrying about how mumma-papa are or is just may b missing them so much tha..
Ry(till now she just listened and now cutting him in between): and now u r over-thinking urself.. u know the feel u call "as-if-someone-drop-a-ice-cube-in-her-vein-to-travel-like-roller-coaster-in-her-all-nerve-from-top-to-toe" it's a common thing when u started to get feelings for someone deeply and by feelings I didn't mean affection..
Ri: I don't have feelings for armaan, I don't even like him(rym give a look) fine but I don't like him that way u know.. bui mujhe kabhi pyar nhi hua par itna tohh mujhe bhi pata hai agar kabhi who hogi bhi toh.. I don't know.. I think I should talk with papa.. (in all so confused tone and trying to grab the phone)
Ry(when rym snatch her phone and said): Nope.. not a good idea, wo log apne vacation peg aye hai to let them enjoy and u my darling relax, give time everything will b fine
Ri: But what to do with armaan.. I don't know I was bit ruff in morning and u know that last night attempt I don't know should I apologize
Ry: I think u should after all all happen and other stuff just let it be..
Ri(not so sure): Okay if u say so..

When she saw riddhima finally let go leaving all things concentrate on her food she breath a sigh of relief as she know as soon riddhima tell shashank he will b all flying off here and next thing would b armaan wouldn't even dare to say anything even if back then riddhima have feelings or not and here comes the plus point riddhima is started to realizing her feelings and though she is not sure if armaan is literately trying to spent time with her or not but whatever it is, is working perfectly for them as much they know each other more..
And here comes her another idea..

They were back to resort when they decided to go on a lunch when all got to get ready when rym grab armaan taking him somewhere so they can talk..
Ar: Rym ap kaha le ja rahe ho..
Ry: tumhe kidnap kar rhi hu(stopping as they reach on a lonely lawn) tum kuch kar kyun nhi rahe..
Ar(confused): kya? Mujhe kuch karna tha? Mujhe kyun nhi pata?
Ry(hitting him arm making him whinch): don't try to make a fool of me.. tum riddhima ko kab bata rahe ho apni feelings k bare me?
Ar(Sigh): I don't know shayed yeh sahi time nhi hai waise bhi mujhe toh yeh bhi pata nhi riddhima mujhe like karte bhi ya nhi.. may be I should give some time then jab sahi waqt a jayega tab use bata bhi dunga apni dil ki baat...
Ry(amused): wow definitely something change(taking a round around him giving a good look when armaan cough to bring her attention back) I mean look at u last time we have a conversation about riddhima all I would able to heat is just denial and this time it definitely something change that at least I hear a little bit of acceptance., which is good enough then last time though it's a very little bit and definitely it would b great u go spent time with her and obviously this time make sure I don't have to come to talk with u about y u didn't say anything yet..
And with that rym walked off when armaan suddenly remember something so he run towards resort..
After a while
Riddhima was getting ready when there was a knock and when she open the door she was amused watching the person and said: Armaan tum yaha? Sab ready hogaye hai kya?
Ar: No..Actually main tumse baat karne aya tha u know about morning..
Ri(suddenly realizing): oh huh.. about that..(riddhima was about to apolized when armaan cut in)
Ar:Actually riddhima I'm sorry about morning..
Ri(Surprised): u r sorry..
Ar: yea I shouldn't have..
Ri(Smile and cutting him in): oh I'm sorry too (armaan look at her surprised) u know maine kuch jayada hi bol diya tumhe subah mujhe itna rudely baat nhi karni chahiye thi..
Ar: oh its ok.. u don't need too(when riddhima smile softly) so we r good..
Ri: yea absolutely..
Ar: okay then see ya at lunch..
Ri: yea bye..

After a while
At launch
All were discussing what to do while eating lunch..
While all were started to suggesting it gone all chaotic that rym shout and said: Chup sabke sab chupp.. (muski try to talk)koi nhi bolega..(anji tried to say)shhh..(Rahul try to talk)zz..shhzzz no one...(all sush) good now muski u say..
Mu: kyun na hum ek barbeque party karee..
Ry: good idea but wo raat ko acha lagega abhi k liye kya kaarna hai uska idea do.. anji u say
An: I wanna see the sunset..
Ry: good but lots of time for that.. plan for now..(naina raise hand)speak
Na: Hum koi acha sa movie dekhne chaltte hai..
Ar: naina (in sing song) agar hum e movie dekhna hi hota toh hum yaha goa kyun ate wo toh hum waha rehke bhi dekh sakte the na.. (naina started to think)abe itna jayada zor mat de dimaag pe phhat jayegi waise bhi choti hai na..(naina glare at that)
Ry: okay anyone else have any ideas..(atul raise hand) yea bolo..
At: kyun na hum sightseeing k liye chale..
Ry: but humare tour guide toh kal se join karenge so..
Ra: who said we need a tour guy armaan ,atul, sid,main yaha kaam k silsile mee kafi bar a chuke hai, hume yaha ki rasta kafi ache se pata hai jo baki kuch jagah hai wo hum kal dekh lenge kuch ass pass ki jagah toh hum aj jahi sakte hai..
Ry: well its cool then we'll go sightseeing then divided in four parts so we don't get lost and then sham ko beach pe milte hai..
Ar: Cool then ab koan kiske sath jayega wo decide karlo ap log meri lunch hogaya main resort manager se car k baat karke ati hu..
With that he gone and all started to devide

Rahul- muski,shilpa, gappu
Sid- yuvi, naina,chirag
Armaan- rym, riddhima, minnie
Atul- anjali, aida, shanti

They tour a lots of place famous in goa and around afternoon all are in beach spent few time here before the sunset while its still full of lots of people..
 All spread like
Atul-anji was having a walk in beach, chirag-yuvi was gone to surfing when nani-aida-gappu is together as gappu is playing when nani is relaxing and rahul and muski was gone to some restaurant as muski wanted to eat obviously, Shilpa-Naina-minnie was gone to shopping with sid who was forced to go with them just for GPS coz as soon armaan heard the word shopping and shilpa with it the got remind with the dare riddhima gave her 6monthes ago and how bad his condition got so he got sweeped way immediately but sid couldn't and separating the love birds would b kinda cruel so atul and Rahul got off
And here rym was sitting on a wooden beach chair far from nani and riddhima sitting on sand beside her legs and looking at everyone in beach seems like having a deep conversation when armaan came towards nani and playing for a while with aida, stand up to come towards riddhima and rym..
He stop behind them to see what they were taking about as they didn't notice him..
Ry: well that one was hot.. (looking at some girl)
Ri: nah.. I saw more hotter then that.. watch out that blond one uski baal kitna khubsurat hai(rym nod and point at another guy)well that guy was doing a little more show off and now he gonna took his shirt off..
Ry: no he isn't but I don't know I feel he is kinda hot though..
Ri:bui u saw more better piece when u r in last show u remember and as I said here goes off.. n it is not that much to look for I found it quite gross
Ry(rolling eyes): coz u found every shirtless guy gross or not to look for
Ri: Well there's nothing to look for now saw that girl who just walk out, she really got some moves to walk..
Ry: But she looks like she really need some fun but she is hot though..
Ri: Don't judge emotion bu..
Ar(cant take anymore come forward and sit on beside chair cutting her in between): R u guys seriously rating people?
Ry(cheerly): oh armaan tum yaha.. and that was a pass time..
Ar: So u r trying to tell that u rate people on ur pass time
Ri: oh boy(almost "Oh god" typee phrasely said and look at him and staring at eyes said) we r not rating, we r just taking time admiring people around us.. and yeh boht hi important hai k hum humare aas pass ki logo ko obsrve kare(armaan pass a look like "Really") its fun okay, well don't judge now..
Ar: Well that guy really was showing off he didn't even got full packages.. and now I said it its really fun..
Ri: see told ya..
Ar: oh my lord what would have happen if u my dear lady wouldn't said me that..
Ri: wohi hota jo majure khud hota..
And with that three of them started to laugh and enjoy..

Two days later
There are only one day left for them to go back and today they are all on their own as atul took Anjali and aida out, yuvi took naina out, shanti gone some maandir with chirag and the kids as they have nowhere to go ,Rahul took out muski with other girls without riddhima and rym as they pass didn't want to go made just shopping trip in this last day so they decided to go some sightseeing with armaan who was supposed to meet up with sme friends there..
Oh by armaan and riddhima did I mention in this two days lots of things changed they got more and more close and thanks to rym that she make sure whenever they are together no one dare to interrupt and lucky for her she never really needed to plan something for them as it's like nature itself making all the good moments altogether.. and now armaan is quite sure that riddhima also feel something for him but he didn't tell her that yet.. lets see how long it gonna take to say him that loud enough to make her hear I mean he did say it to her but not making it obvious well let me phrase the event a little bit..
Well one evening they were on the evening market all were walking on their own riddhima was walking with rym when armaan passed by with Rahul and whisper while passing "I love u", like a electric volt riddhima turn but she saw armaan pass out with just a smirk but not to mention he did turn after a while to see riddhima's expression who was still couldn't able to process what just happened was stunned and now having a doubt is he really said what she think he says when armaan wink at her and walk away and Rahul was all smirking beside armaan..
Rym keep asking her what happened but she just said it with nothing though it create her feelings turn in strom inside but she let herself think it was an imagination..
So that's how it gone and now back to present they are doing some mountain climb with one of armaan's friend [I have no idea if Goa consist this kind of view or not it's just my imagination so don't go all abroad over the fact]
Now they are climbing up with the soil made stairs which is done by cutting the mountain side armaan's friend on it frist and then rym right after her is riddhima and then armaan
After a while rym announced she cant walk anymore she need a rest when they all sit and rym finally said she don't wanna go up anymore they should continue without her she wwould just wait there without moving till they come back so they can go back but armaan's friend also stay back while saying it would b totally rude to leave rym alone..
They started to go up when armaan look back and saw rym wink when his friend give him a thumps up and he just shake his head..
Well let me tell u one more information which I forgot to tell last night rym again have a small talk with armaan about riddhima where armaan tell rym that today he gonna tell her how he feel and so with that rym help them to got away from others with the sightseeing idea and armaan's this friend also know about this..
As they were up in hill point it was such a beautiful view that whole infront of them all they can saw is fog covering the other mountains which is all green making it look more like heavenly..
Ri: Wow kitna khubsurat hai yeh jagah..
Ar: not more than u.. (Whisper but loud enough to riddhima to hear)
Ri(look back at him with that feeling of "as-if-someone-drop-a-ice-cube-in-her-vein-to-travel-like-roller-coaster-in-her-all-nerve-from-top-to-toe" more stronger with her heart beat got more faster,she don't know why but she is feeling something gonna happen today but ignoring it as much as she can she said): Tumne kuch kaha?
Ar(acting as if nothing happened): nhi toh kyun tumne kuch suna?
Ri(still heart bit so faster she afraid even armaan could hear it): nhi main toh bas.. kuch nhi..
Ar(his own heart bit was on a high that he couldn't able to decide what he decide to do today is even going to do any good for him or not but certainly he couldn't wait for anymore perfect moment and leaving it aside he try to make him loose for a bit): u know yaha se if u shout toh wo reflect hoke tumhe bar bar sunai dete hai..
Ri(trying to keep control on her own not to make herself a fool to herself): Really.. then lets shout..(next second she shout"riddhima" which come reflecting all over and over again and stand holding in the francs of the side)
Ar(suddenly something come in his mind and he said): let's shout each others name together on count of three..
Ri: okay..let's do it(with a smile)one..
Ar(take a glance at her for one last time with a smirk): Two
Both didn't know y but their heart was beating like anything though armaan had the idea anyway..
Ri(look at him in mischievous way one last time as she look forward): three..
With that both shout together: I love you[a]/Riddhima[r]
Which come out reflecting like I love you riddhima..
Both were little bit caught off guard with the shout..
Scene stop at their faces..


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