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part 38: Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdikiyaan,

So here goes the story...
Yeh dharavahik ek kalpanik katha hai, is kahani ke sabhi patra evam ghatnaye kalpanik hai,Aur isska udeeshya kissi bhi dhaarmik bhawnaon ko thes pahuchana ya ritee rivajon ka uphaas karna nahin hain,yaadi inka kisi vyakti ya vastu se koi sambhand hota hai to usse matra ek sanyog kaha jaye ga,iske liye authority yani ki writer yani ki main jimmeddar nhi hoon,Krippa karke sare galtiyaan maafi ki nazar se dekhiyega..

Kuch galtiyaan
Aur nadaniyaan
Rishtoon me nayi ehmiyaat layi
Aur kisine kahi pyar ka rang charai

Part 38

Scene start with both looking at each other and next second both started to say: Tum to mera naam lene wale the na phir apni kyun li/what do u mean by I love u??[Obviously by dialogue u configured who said which line]

Ar: kya riddhima tumhe I love u ka matlab nhi pata.??itni padi likhi ho yeh teen shabd bhi pad lete toh kya ho jata..
Ri: What kya bol rahe ho(with confused tone) mujhe pata hai I love u ka kya matlab hai..
Ar: Acha batake dikhao phir..
Ri: its simple iska matlab hai mujhe tumse pyar hai(and look at armaan after saying the word who was smirking first she didn't realize but the moment she saw his smirk she got what was he trying) no no no mera wo matlab nhi thi main toh bas translate kar rhi thi..
Ar(act as if he is reassuring her): I got it basket par u know I love someone main chahke bhi tumhara pyar apna nhi sakta I'm so sorry..
Ri(hitting on his arm): Shut up armaan..
Ar(laughing loudly at her which he was holding all this time riddhima hit him again n again on his arm): ri-ri-ddhi"ma--ma(laughing in between) k-kya ka"r ra"he ho yaar ouch..
Ri(keep hitting): are are yeh hai meri pyar..aww baby ko pyar acha nhi lag rhi(hitting more hardly that her own hand hurting now that she rub her own hand) stupid idiot tumhari chakkar me meri hattoon me dard hone lagi hai..arghh(hit him in leg by her leg n go sit on ground)
Armaan follow her behind and sit beside her and said: Are isme meri kya galti hai k tum mujhse pyar karte ho..(riddhima give a glare)okay okay but tum yeh toh man sakte ho na tumhare chehra dekhne layek ho gayi thi..
Riddhima laugh this time and said: Seriously mujhe ek minitue k liye lagi thi what's wrong with u I mean seriously tumne kya soch rahe the..
Ar: Acha agar who sach me hota toh..
Ri(look at him and saw him not so serious expression think to play along): ok let me think..(act like thinking)tch... nah I'm good as I m..
Ar(playfully): R u sure I mean tum is(pointing at himself) handsome,smart and such a genuine insaan ko mana karna chahte ho..
Ri(laugh): I think I can live..
Ar: Acha jokes a part socho agar sach me koi tumhe aise propose karta toh..
Ri(looking a bit lost watching the front view then hearing his question look at him): phir bhi main na hi kehta u know koi bhi mujhse aisa kuch puchegi bhi nhi waise bhi
Ar: Are tum itni bhi badsuraat nhi ho..(riddhima glare at him) I mean tum kafi khubsuraat ho u know.. chalo batao na(bumping his shoulder a bit with her which make her feel the all shivery though she didn't notice that armaan did notice that and smile)
Ri(smile): Tum mere love life k piche aise kyun pade ho..(armaan give a look) fine I don't know maine kabhi aisa socha nhi shayed isiliye boht ajib lagta hai.. I don't know actually..(with oh so unsure voice)
Soon they started to talk on different topics n its almost down time and after watching the sunset they were on the way back..
Though rym try to note if they have any different behavior I mean if armaan told or not but seeing none she was just keep curious thinking about what the hell happened though she keep it for a while thinking she is gonna just ask armaan directly..

After they reach rym excuse herself making sure no one saw her and grab armaan after a while and gone to the loby and said: So..
Ar: Sooo..
Ry: kya hua ? tumne bol diya..
Ar: yea but I don't think riddhima ko main pasand hu or something..(trying to avoid looking in her eyes)
Ry(suspiciously): What did u do actually..??
Armaan then explain how he shout and note everyone this is the part u don't know.. so when he shout right after that he took a quick glance at riddhima and seeing her expression almost turn into something like someone just make thing worse he couldn't able to confess further so he just took it in other way making it a total joke..
Ry(face plam herself): Seriously man whats wrong with u .. its riddhima she is always like that u should hv atleast say and explain it properly..
Ar: may be hum dono..
Ry : really now r we back to circle now..
Ar: main toh bas waqt lene ki baat kar rhi thi not to forgot..
Ry: good for u waise bhi hum aj wapas jane wale hai I don't know isse jayada acha mouka tumhe kab milta but dude u lost the chance so next u have to make another..
Ar: I know and rym thanks..
Rym(shake her head): yea yea now go do something effective before someone else took her away..
With that she walk away..

Later they all got ready to catch flight..

Back at airport..
After their flight landed there was a car which is from heaven hill, billy sent that with driver so they can come home without difficulty of searching for cab or something while abhi who was supposed to came to took them also sent driver with a car while they devided and think to go on heaven hill or rangin ashiyana, like maddy yuvi naina chirag was with heaven hill and on other hand sid shilpa Rahul muski was with rangin ashiyana and they just gone after that

Back at rangin ashiyana
As they ring the bell someone open the door whom they didn't expect to be there when shilpa was the first said: Di tum yaha?
Yes guys its nikki here..
Ni: well maine socha tum logo k sath nhi ja payi tohh tum logo ko surprise karne chale aau..
Sh(hugging her): u r the best di..
Si: koi darwaje se hat jaye toh hum bhi mil le nikki se(when shilpa turn and glare at him but leave her anyway
Ri: waise bhaiya kaha hai unhe toh hume lene jana tha na..
Ni: about that when I come here I saw.. (With that she started to describe when she come here how she found abhi sick in fever and now he is in his room as he didn't want to make their fun less so they didn't inform and he was ill for last three days and almost in way of recovery)
Hearing the fever only riddhima run to his room..
But watching him sleep just quietly check the fever which is not much high but it was still there so she just come closing the door when others were still in living room and when she reach there nikki said: ridzi tum log jake fresh ho jao and mujhe pata hai wo so rahe hai sanjeevni se ek doc aya tha dawai deke gaye hai tujhe tension lene ki jarurat nhi hai..
Ri: thik hai but main aj raat ko bhaiya k sath hi rahungi..
Ni: nhi tu aisa kuch nhi karegi are ap sab log rest karo na kal se jisko jo karna hai kar lena but aj k liye yeh sab chodo itni badi journey karke aye ho jake rest lelo and mujhpe bharosa nhi hai kya? Main guest room me reh rhi hu from last two days as it's the room beside his room so I can take care and trust me he is much better than before
All nod when riddhima said: fine but kuch bhi chahiye ho to batana jarur..

After dinner
Rym was back to riddhima's room to inform she gonna spend the night in the guest room with nikki so she can go look after him
And after rym left riddhima started to unpack her things when her hand caught on one vintage diary she buy from goa and holding it she sit on her bed side as she grab a pen and thinking something she started to writing... lets see what she is writing..

On First page..

"If u holding this diary then u r making mistake
Cause u r not gonna able to read it unless u know the proper language
And even after that if u try to read it
and by god grace I got to know about it anyway then just wait
Cause I would make sure to make ur life hell
And that's just not a line of statement
It's a pure properly appropriate threat
Which u should take seriously.."

[and with that she draw an anger and fear from inside out and wrote bottom of fear-the sneaky person' and bottom of anger-Me' the sketch was like this..]

And with a smirk she turn the next page and this time started to write..

"Je ne sais pas pourquoi je l'cris ici quand je pourrais facilement dire quoi que ce soit bui ou papa, mais je ne sais pas pourquoi je sens juste comme garder ces penses et sentiments tellement prive juste pour moi-mme, je ne pensais jamais penserait comme a ..
Cet ensemble "shivery-feel" et ce sentiment "que-si-quelqu'un-goutte-a-ice-cube en sa veine Voyage-like-roller-coaster en lui-all-nerveux de -top-to-toe "est tout simplement puisant que je ne peux pas vraiment dcider pourquoi tout ce qui se passe si bui se rfrent comme fard joues, mais je ne suis pas d'accord ..
Je veux dire moi et rougir aucun moyen ni que je suis dans l'amour qui me ferait rougir
Pas moyen que je peux mme tomber car il n'y a pas un droit .."

Well she did write in French so even if someone got a hold of it couldn't able to read it
Btw don't worry u people I m giving a little translate version of this here...

[I don't know why I'm writing it down here when I could easily tell anything to bui or papa but I don't know why I just feeling like keeping this thoughts and feelings so much private just for myself, I never thought I would think like that..
This whole "shivery-feel" and that feeling "as-if-someone-drop-a-ice-cube-in-her-vein-to-travel-like-roller-coaster-in-her-all-nerve-from-top-to-toe" is just exhausting that I can't actually decide why all this happening though bui refer it as blush but I don't agree..
I mean me and blush no way nor that am I in love that would make me blush
Am I?
No way whom even I can fall for there's no one right..]

After writing till now she closed her eyes taking a deep breath the face come in her mind make her open her eyes that instant..
Then she shake her head a bit for even thinking like that and then closing the diary putting it in a safe place out of anyone's touch she gone back to unpack..

Two more weeks passed

Everything is going just the way it was
Malhotra sisters are back to their home but when their dadi announced she found a perfect boy for shilpa when shilpa keep protesting about y not nikki first when she just said she will when she found the perfect one for her
And right after they go back the groom's family come to see her and Attention everyone here's come the shock " the groom's family" was none other than sid's family and the groom is sid himself.. 3:)
Both were quite shocked with the event that they never got the chance to protest and by the time they were about to protest they were already engaged though ,they can't able to do anything as most of people is already involved now through they make sure their friends have no information about that
On the other hand nikki is quite happy for her sister through but as she promised so she didn't tell anyone about their engagement though it was quite funny for her to see them trying to act civilized.. and another information to be shared when she was last time on rangin ashiayana and alone with abhi ,though abhi was sick but she bonded with abhi quite well both like each other but no one gets the audacity to say it frist..

In chadda sisters
They are more than fine.. Rahul and muski still fights but love each other also like anything..
and maddy is still the same..
In heaven hill..
Gappu is back to his boarding school and billy is gone also as others are all back to the places they work
Anji now come a lot in rangin ashiayana sometime just to drop aida as billy n bi r gone to their own places or just send time or in many excuse which I'm goanna explain in a little bit
In rangin ashiyana
Well let's just say everything okay here also
As a result of anji's several visit abhi bonded quite well with armaan n atul as they have to come to pick her up and anji on other hand make sure armaan is the one in that matter most of the time.. and most of the weekends they spend together that abhi got so close to armaan that he.. well what armaan did uspe kuch der baad ate hai..
Well in one word they are new founded buddy now
And now let's come to ur favorite pair
What do u think
What happened to them..
Well I'm not gonna skip it this time nor that I can't or something, it's just I've something better to make the suspense.. *evil smile*
Welll riddhima is being riddhima only nothing change much except the fact that her shivery feel or that feeling "as-if-someone-drop-a-ice-cube-in-her-vein-to-travel-like-roller-coaster-in-her-all-nerve-from-top-to-toe" is getting more stronger day by day near armaan which means she is also falling though she is not much aware about it
On other hand
Armaan never let any chance to be with her but still he couldn't confess more which is very irritating for rym as she is frustrated with him though armaan notice this changing feeling of riddhima and he did know that she is falling too but he is not sure enough about it..
Though rym, anji and Rahul keep him assuring that
Hey did I told u this knowing fact list grow a bit..
U wanna know who more know about all this..
Lets start with who they are and how they got to know..
Chirag, yuvi, ritu
Well when armaan was too busy reminting about her by incident or luck all the three were there well they were supposed to make some weekend plan but due to work naina wasn't able to come and muski who did come was gone to see her fianc first, and here armaan was all lost watching her picture that he forgot he did left the door open and when the three did enter they saw the scene and ritu who already know was hiding her smirk when chirag and yuvi almost shocked saeing the scenario before, ritu diid confess how she knows and armaan make all swear they are not gonna tell any other single soul not even muski and naina who are the first gonna shout it all ovr the world so now they make sure they took that opportunity properly and make armaan do anything by treating to tell them..
Well armaan becchara bhi kya kare use bhi manna parta hai pyar ne bechare ka haal hi bigar diya
And billy
Well he got to know becoz he just figure it out that armaan is in love and use the codde word to make him spill(well u might b thinking what is the code word well its easy "tell the mom")and armaan finally spill and billy totally appreciate it and assure him she will fall for him even if she didn't till now she definitely will as no one can resist malik's charm after all and before leaving make sure to assure that when riddhima say yes he is gonna make sure they have the happily ever after..

Are are kaha chaldiye that's not the end yaar
Most especial person is left yaar
Guess who..
Well I know ur guesses aren't correct so let me tell u..
Its none other than...
Abhimannyue Gupta
Remember I told u about them being best buddies and on some convo armaan spill the beans and abhi who is quite protective about riddhima got in a heated conversation with armaan though nothing like killing each other as by the end of it both came out as talkless, spotless and clean and clear and miraculously abhi told him about his little crush..
And did I mention abhi give armaan green signal to go after his beloved sister if only he can make her fall..
So that's what happened till now
Lets see what gonna happen next that made me come back from leap just to tell u all

So today they are all having a little dinner at rangin ashiyana..
So here's the thing
Anji and rym as always trying to make plan to make them confess..
And here armaan is planning something else..
Let's see how this evening end up like..

So riddhima was on her room when she was getting ready and guess who came to call her obviously armaan I mean rym and anji k hote hue aur koi kaise ho sakte hai right
So riddhima in washroom changing when armaan knock on door when he didn't got any response he enter to see her room is just clean n he hear the sound of shower so he shout: Riddhima r u there?
Ri(stopping the tap): Armaan tum mere kamre me kya kar rahe ho?
Ar: Wo sab dinner k liye beith rahe hai nani ne tumhe bulane bheje hai..
Ri: Thik hai main ati hu tum jao..
Armaan turn to go when something cought his eyes and he smirk..
Scene faded at his smirking face..

At dinner
Riddhima come to see almost everyone was seated on living area waiting for dinner to b served..
Ri(sitting beside nikki): nikki shilpa aur sid kaha hai?
Ni: Wo actually riddhima kya hai na wo log..baad me ayenge.. Ri: par tum dono toh yaha ek sath a sakte the na ek saath hi toh rehte ho..tum aur shilpa
Mu(joining them): ha nikki kyun nhi ayi wo tere sath.. ati toh kitna maza hote na,. dekho ab yeh log toh(pointing guptas and maliks) milte rehte hai par tum log toh mahine me ek ya do baar ate ho ab itna waqt bhi agar sath nhi rahe dostoon ki toh kya fayda.. waise aaye kyun nhi abhi tak..
Ni(stertting): Wo shilpa boht tired feel kar rhi thi isiiliye..bas..
Mu: yeh lo yeh bhi koi baat hui yaha ake rest kar lete kamse kam entertain toh ho jata..
Ri: Ha.. ruko main call karti hu..
Ni(stopping her immediately almost shouting that now all r looking at them): NHIII(riddhima look at her quiestionabley)Wo ate hi honge ab phone karke disturb ki kya jarurat..
Ri(again trying to call): Are pata toh karle kaha hai..(nikki snatch her phone almost making it cut and when riddhima look she started to say)
Ni: Wo actually..
Ab(covering up for her): ridzi chod na ake beith ja wo log a jayega(nikki give a grateful smile to him and armaan did saw this and shoot abhi a questionable look when abhi also do ishara to back him up)
Ri(not paying much attention to their expression who was looking at each other panicly):Aj kal yeh dono kuch jayada hi ajeeb nhi ho rahe..
Mu(agreeing): ha sachi bola tune ridzi by god kuch toh pak rhi hai..
Ri:i mean did u notice shilpa pehle ki tarah a..
Ar(whisper in Rahul ear): aja beta tere biwi ko sambhal le (then looking up at riddhima said)tum dono kuch jayada nhi soch rahe.. dono ek sath thodii hi hai jo aise soch rahe ho ajeeb ajeeb bate(abhi and nikki almost choke at hid words)
Ra: yea ammy sahi toh bol rhi hai jaruri nhi hai na bas wo der se aye toh usme bhi koi raaj chupa ho..
Ab: exactly...
(that's when doorbell ring and both abhi and nikki take a deep breath as riddhima got up to open the door)
Ab(smacking at armaan's head): seriously dono ek sath ho bolne ki kya jarurat thi..
Ar: are main toh example de rhi thi dono sach me ek sath thodi hi na hai..(look at abhi and saw him giving a knowing look)oh damn don't tell me..(abhi nod) WHAT.. kaise hua yeh..
Ab: unke muh se hi sunn lena wo khud hi aj bolenge..
Ar(look suspiciously at him): par tujhe pehle kaise pata chali..(abhi give a shy smile n look at nikki) oh boy u  rock (and fist bump with him)

On door
Anji open the door to see shilpa and sid standing there looking at each other..
Anji look at them and said : tum dono ko kya hua chalo andar ajao.. sab tumhare hi intezaar kar rahhe the..
And with that walk inside even without giving any headache at their stand position or anything..

On the other side
Let me rewind and go back few hours before
At Malhotra sisters flat..
U all can see a very well furnished living room with floor couch with mat and a girl
Sid was passing from one side to another when nikki was sitting on flour couch and watching him when shilpa come out from her room and saw him like that and ignoring it totally go sit with nikki and after a while nikki said while bumping her shoulder in her: oye isko itna tension ho rhi hai tujhe nhi ho rhi..
Shi (eating a sandwich that she bring): mujhe kya tension honi hai..
Ni: jis baat ka isko tension ho rhi hai..
Shi: Are di ap tension mat lo, ap jao jake ready ho and RA pe pohch jao and jab iska yeh irdh girdh ghumna khatam ho jayegi hum bhi a jayenge waise bhi ma ne jane ko bhi toh bola hai..
Ni: kabhi kabhi mujhe tum logo ka kuch samajh nhi ate abhi toh kuch der pehle use marne pe tuli hui thi jab usne aj sabko batane ki suggest ki then usko itna sunaya sare neegetive posivilities and then yaha se chali gayi n jab ayi tab itni shant hai aur iske mummy ko ma bhi bulati hai par isse problem hoti hai.. kya hogi tum dono ki..
Shi: Di ap na itna socho mat jao and waha k haal sambhal lena hume shayed der ho jay ma k sath par hum ayenge jarur..
And nikki got up and go to get ready..
Shi: Oye chini kam ki amitab bachan apna ghumna roko and jao apne ghar mujhe yaha tayar hona hai and thik adhe ghante baad ajana ma ko leke..abho dafa ho jao..
Si: tumne soch liya kya bolna hai..
Shi(try to act innocent): main kyun sochu, tum ho na hone wale pati parmeshhar ab apne hone wale patni ko sawal aur hamle se bachane ka responsibility tumhari so jo bhi kehna hai wo bhi tumhe hi kehna parega so main kyun tension lu..(looking at him) tum ho na..
Sid who was panicking till now lost at her words and they share a small eye lock which break as nikki call shilpa from inside..

After some time
Now both are standing outside rangin ashiyana as all their friends are inside. Sid was more panicking by now so finally shilpa took it on her hand and said they would stand close and holding hand when they ring the doorbell and whoever it would be will definitely question and they will tell them then but the thing they forgot is not everyone pay that much attention and when anji open it and didn't even notice their position who was deeply thinking about ar-ri just ignore it and their first plan in deep water
Lets see what happen inside..
Back to present..

They enter still holding hand which didn't unnoticed by riddhima when riddhima pass a look she saw armaan, abhi, nikki, Rahul are all have some knowing smirk when muski having curious look like her so they got up to charge on them..

Muski stand beside riddhima while they both look suspicious to them and walk to them as they were still standing together and holding hands so muski and riddhima exchange look and both walk to straight on their hand and both hold one hand of them each and make that holding hand up and said together: What is it..
Both sid and shilpa leave hands as soon they touch when muski said: oye kya hua tum logo ko lad nhi rahe,..
Ri: sath bhi khade ho..
An(who notice it now): Aur hat bhi pakde ho..
Ri: yea aur toh aur rupanzel..(surprisingly) tu sharma rhi hai..
Now all r standing around them and looking at them suspiciously
Si: Wo actually..wo..
Mu: abe wo actually k bache iske age bhi toh kuch boll.. shilpa tu bol..
Shi: actually mujhe I mean hume I mean hum dono ko..
An: ha samajh aya tum wo aur tum dono ab age bhi kuch bolegaa ya nhi..
Si: wo hume kuch bata na tha ap sab ko I mean shilpa ko bata na tha..
All almost shocked as rather than saying any gali or other name sid said shilpa's name when he never did so before...
Shi(glare at him): actually wo mujhe nhi sid ko baatana tha..
All got more shocked as rather than saying anything..As shilpa did same..Said sid's name :p
Rym: Oye ab isko usko chodo aur bolo hua kya hai..
Ni(shake her head at them and said): Main batati hu..
With that she explain their engagement and all which made all more shocked..
When she was finally done with that rym was the first one to break the silence: congrats to u too though its quite unbelievable but iit happens..
Ri: Tum dono hum e pehle kyun nhi batai..
Si: Actually shilpa I mean hum dono chahte the tum sab ko face to face bole bas isiliye..
Ri(still in awe): Wow its indeed a news not just u guys are engaged u r acting civilized rather fight..
With that they go to eat dinner when girls keep asking shilpa if she is okay or not when she assure that she is fine with it..
All settle on dinner table..
Rym and anji make sure armaan and riddhima sit beside each other on the other hand in all this armaan was keep glancing at riddhima in every now and then when riddhima notice it she give him a what look when he just act oh so innocent and shake his head saying nothing
Ri(in between eating but concentrating on food): Really tumhe kuch bolna ho toh bol sakte ho u know..
Ar: are mujhe kya bolna hoga..
Ri: Wohi jiske liye tum bar bar idhar dekh rahe ho..(armaan look at her surprised as not even once riddhima look at him)itni hairaan hone k koi jarurat nhi hai I can feel someone looking at me..
Armaan smirk thinking that even not looking riddhima can sense him so he whisper a little: Actually nothing much its just tumhara kuch hai mere pass..
Ri(eating n looking at plate): acha kya hai..??
Ar: hai kuch..
Ri(stop eating and forword her hand): do phir..
Ar: are aise kaise boht hi khaas cheese hai aise thodi hi na de sakta hu..
Ri: thik hai mat do..
Ar: tumhe nhi janna kya hai..
Ri: actually nhi.. kyun ki mujhe lagta hai aisa kuchh bhi nhi hai tum bass hawwa me chakke udha rahe ho..
Ar: aur yeh bhi toh ho sakti hai sach me kuch hai..
Ri: agar sach me mere koi chese tumhare pass hoti toh phir mujhe pata chal jata u see..
Ar: really aur wo kaise..
Ri: bas yuhi pata chal jati ab kyaa hai tumhare pass bolna hai toh bolo warna muh band karke beithe raho..
Ar: are muh band kar dunga toh khana kaise khaunga..
Ri: usually log khana muh me dene k baaad muh band karke hi khana khate hai.. so khane k liye har waqt muh khule rakhne ki koi jarurat nhi hai..
Ar: but that's beside u don't want the thing..
Ri: so it's a thing now.. is it a gift or something
Ar: Aisa hi kuch samjho..
Riddhima look at him this time and saw him smirking thinking something..

After dinner all sit for a while
While every girl corner shilpa and guys corner sid to take details and all make sure they didn't doing it for any pressure...and after a few time all left..
In all this armaan make sure to take small glances towards riddhima who did feel it but didn't make armaan realize that..
Riddhima was going inside as she just bid bye to everyone and was going inside when suddenly someone pull her making her bump to them
Tune of piya o re piya from tere naal love ho gaya plays
As riddhima look at the person before who is none other than armaan
She was surprised than suddenly realizing her position let go but armaan was still holding..
She cough a bit to get his attention so he can let go and when he still didn't let go
She started to break it herself which she was failing miserably but the thing she succed is her movement break his trance and he let go..
Riddhima stand properly and said : tum yaha kya kar rahe ho.. I mean I thought u leave already with others..
Ar: wo bas ek cheese reh gayi thi use hi wapas karne aayi hu..
Ri(confused): kya??
Ar: Are aiise nhi pehle ankhe band karo phhir deti hu na..
Riddhima give a bored look when armaan give her an insisting look that she finally give in and close her eyes when armaan bring something out from his back and put it on riddhima's hand and said: abhi ankhein mat kholna bas kuch der baad kholna..
With that armaan leave from there..
Scene faded at armaan leaving and riddhima's closed eyed face..


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