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Character Sketch : Ek Tha Raja....Ek Thi Rani


Character Sketch

Armaan Mallik-He is CEO of MALLIK ENTERPRISES.He is known for his success at a  very young age of 25.He is  very handsome and charming.He has a dimpled face ,blue eyes and well-built body.He is caring and sweet but short-tempered.He is Karan and Nandani's son .He is Nikkita Mallik's older  brother.

                    Busy karan singh grover ;):

Riddhima Gupta :She is princess of Rajgarh in Rajasthan .She is 23 year old girl.Her father is the king ,one of the biggest business tycoon:GUPTA  ENTERPRISES and well known politician.She is very  beautiful,caring,cute but too stubborn.She has almond green eyes.Riddhima has done MBA as she wants to join her father's business.Riddhima is a very good public speaker.She loves her family and friends,esspcially her father.Her besties are Muskan and Anjali.


Nandani Mallik-She is Karan's wife and mother of Armaan and Nikkita.She is a beautiful lady. She is in charity and is a house wife.she is friends with Rani Padma Gupta.

Karan Mallik-He is on of the biggest business tycoon-MALLIK ENTERPRISES.H e is Armaan and Nikkita's father.He loves his family.He is great friend of Raja Shashank Gupta.

Nikkita Mallik-She is a pretty girl .She is a doctor. she loves her family and friendsShe is Karan and Nandani's second child.She is Armaan's younger sister.Nikkita is madly in love with Abhimanyu modi.She is engaged to Abhimanyu.
                       Shweta Gulati

Shashank Gupta-He is Raja Shashank Gupta...the king of Rajgarh,Rajasthan.He is a well known business tycoon and a famous politician.he loves his daugher from his core of heart.he is very stubborn He is fluent speaker.He is great friend of Karan Mallik.

Padma Gupta-She is Rani Padma Gupta.She is Shashank Gupta's wife.
She loves her one an only daughter Riddhima.She is a housewife and does charity.She is a beautiful lady who carries herself with grace.She is a good friend of Nandani.

Anjali Sharma-She is riddhima and muskan 's bestie.She is beautiful,tall,confiedent and stylish.She is business
woman .She is madly in love and engaged with Atul Joshi.

                    Sunaina Gulia
Atul Joshi-He is Armaan 's bhai and champ.He is a doctor .He is very cute.He loves plants and Anjali.He is engaged to Anjali.

                            Pankit Thakker
Abhimanyu Modi-He is Incharge of Sangeevani hospital.he is handsome..but strict.he loves Nikki.He is Armaan's buddy.
                 Amit Tandon

Muskan Chadda-She is Punjab ki sherni.She is very pretty.She has curly hair and unique laughing style.She is Ridz and Anjie's bestie.She works in Gupta enterises.She can take panga fron anyone.

                         Drashti Dhami

Rahul Garewal-He works in Mallik enterprises.He is a handsome guy with sharp eyes.He is also from Punjab.his best friends are Armaan and Atul.
                            Mayank Anand

Siddhant Modi-He is also from royal dynasty.He is Riddhima's boyfriend.He is cute and sensitive .

Hello everyone..this is Priya.I  was a silent reader past one because of all of you I have got  inspiration..plzz like and comment!!!

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