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Intro & part 1 : Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta

New ARFF- 


DR ARMAAN MALLIK: Handsome 5th year Medical student

DR RIDDHIMA SHARMA: Charming new 3 rd year medical student

Rest of the characters will be introduced as story progresses



'Ms Riddhima Sharma'.hmmm'.. aapki mark sheets aur recommendations tho kaafi impressive hain. You are fortunate that we have an opening for a 3 rd year medical student. You are probably aware, how difficult it is to get admission to our medical program. Hamara attrition rate bhi bahut low hai, you are lucky ki abhi ek student 3 rd year chodd kar gayi hai. Welcome aboard, Ms Sharma. Dr Karthik Pandey, aapko orient kar dengey, unka office room 103 mein hai' Dr Shashank Gupta, Dean and chief of surgery at the Institute got up and shook her hands. Riddhima smiled and thanked him for his graciousness and left. 

Riddhima's dad had just got transferred from Delhi to Mumbai. Riddhima was a medical student in Delhi but her parents insisted that she move with them as they had found out about this opening at the Sanjeevani Medical Institute (SMI). SMI was a prestigious private medical college with one of the best surgery centers in India. In fact, some of its surgeons were renowned for their work world over.

Dr. Shashank Gupta's grandfather had started this institute 50 years ago and their family had churned out some of the best physicians in the country. Shashank was married to Padma, a former hospital nurse but now a fulltime housewife and socialite. They had 2 children, Rahul and Anjali Gupta. Rahul had inherited his ancestor's zest for medicine and was a final year student. He wanted to pursue a career in cardiac surgery. His twin sister, Anjali, also a final year student was at the Institute due to her high profile connections. She was more interested in gossiping and flirting with the interns and residents. She had finally latched onto another final year student, Aramaan Mallik, who was the brightest of the lot and was touted to be a future chief of surgery due to his talent. He was brought up in a modest family environment but was grateful to the Gupta family for giving him an opportunity to study at their institute on a scholarship. His goal was to become a famous Neurosurgeon, just like the current head of Neurosurgery, Dr. Mani, who was a world-renowned surgeon and had operated upon some of the biggest celebrities in the world.

Armaan helped Anjali with her assignments and projects and practically gave her exams every semester. Somehow, all the professors and attendings ignored Anjali's ignorance and lack of aptitude for medicine, and let Armaan help her out during patient rounds, exams and assignments. Armaan did not mind that, as he earned a favorable status with the Dean of the Institute for helping out his darling daughter. The rest of the medical college recognized Armaan as Anjali's boyfriend as she flaunted him to everyone. Armaan could care less, as he was very focused on building his career and making the right moves to attain a position in the coveted Neurosurgery program at the SMI. He hung out with his group of friends and had become a little arrogant lately, as the constant praise from colleagues and attendings had gotten to his head it seemed.

Dr Armaan Mallik was very very handsome too, that made him a favorite amongst all the female patients and doctors alike!


A number of medical students in their white coats, with PDAs in their hands were standing around a patient bed with an attending, who was explaining something about the patient.

'Sorry to interrupt, Dr Jain. Can I introduce a new 3 rd year student to all of you' Dr Karthik Pandey was standing with a thin, attractive girl in her early 20s.

'Sure, Dr Pandey. Please come and join us'.Ms''.?'

'Ms Riddhima Sharma' she said politely

Riddhima stood in one corner after nodding a friendly 'hi' to the other students. There were 6-7 students, some 3 rd, 4th and final year students. She noticed two male students whisper something in each other's ears and giggled. She ignored them and tried to pay attention to Dr. Jain.

Riddhima, being a bright student surprised everyone, including Dr Jain with her prompt answers and understanding of that particular case. She overheard the 2 men students say, 'arre, yaar. Yeh tho phataka lagti hai'.lagta hai iski kasske ragging karni padhegi'

'Haan, bahut impression jamaa rahi hai pehle hi din. Rounds ke baad isse dekh lenge'

Riddhima frowned at the last comment and went and stood next to a friendly looking girl, whose badge said, 'Muskaan Kapoor.' She wondered why the two men students did not have a badge.

After the rounds were over, Riddhima introduced herself again to 2 of the women students.

'My name is Muskaan, and this is Sapna. Welcome Riddhima. Aao hamaare saath cafeteria chalo.'

'Theroh. Yeh pehle hamaare saath jaayegi kyunki hum seniors hain' said one of the 2 men.

'Atul please rehney do. She is officially a 3 rd year, no ragging wagging, OK' Sapna tried to defend Riddhima.

'Isska decision hum lete hain, juniors nahin, samjhi!' the other handsome and fair guy with a wicked smile said.

'Sure, main aap logo ke saath chalne ko tayyar hoon' said Riddhima bravely.

'Wow, bahut himmatwali hai' winked Atul.

'Aap logon ko main kya address kar ke bulaoon? Aap log badge tho pehente nahin hai.' Riddhima looked fearlessly into the blue eyed fair man's eyes.

'Humein yahan sab jaante hain'.chaahe wo dean ho ya chapraasi'.GOT IT! Anyways, Mera naam Armaan Mallik hai'.yaad rakhna'.never try to act too smart with me. OK!' Riddhima returned his cold stare and thought, 'itni arrogance tho president Bush mein bhi nahin hogi'

'I am Atul Aggarwal' the other man said. He seemed a little mellower than this arrogant Armaan guy thought Riddhima as she walked with them towards the cafeteria.

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''to be continued'

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