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part 1- 65 (a)

Part 65(B)

The car took a steep turn and Armaan was jerked awake. When he looked around as to what happened, he found that they had almost reached the place they were supposed to. Abhi was still at the drivers And Atul sat with him The front seat. Rahul had slept with his earphones on and Muskaan n Anjie were still a sleep. Nikki was reading a book and Besides him Riddhima lay asleep her head on his lap.
Ar- A little less speed will do, Abhi.
Ab- Yea sorry about that a bear was crossing the road had to take a turn all of a sudden.
At- Haan
Ar- Abhi yaha se left le please.
Ab- Nahi baaye jaana hai.
Ar- Left.
Ab- Baaye.
Ar- left left left
Ab- Baaye baaye baaye.
At- Guys. Left Aur baaya ek hi hota hai. Left is equal to baaya.
Ar,Ab- Ohh sorry!
At- good boys!
Ar- OK after the left, first right Lena hai
Ab- No ways. Left hai na.
Ar- Surprise mera hai. Mujhe pata hai kaha jaana hai.
Without any questions Abhi took the next turn as Armaan had directed. Soon Abhi found himself parking a car in the middle of the forest. It was almost midnight. He turned off the engine and looked back at him.
Armaan could see the concern in his eyes and knee what was he thinking about.
It was midnight and it wasn't safe to take the girls inside the forest. Armaan knew that it wasn't safe of course. But that didnt mean that he didnt plan everything perfectly!
Ar- Just trust me on this.
He shook Riddhima awake.
Ar- Hey Shona,
Ri- mmm..
Ar- Hum pohoch gaye. Ri- Hmmm..
She hadn't opened her eyes yet. He placed a small kiss on her cheek and She smiled in response. He placed another kiss on her nose. Then another on her forehead and one on each eye. She snuggled closer to him. She was awake now and could feel his breath on her face. She held onto him. She felt him near his ears and then..
Riddhima opened her eyes all of a sudden. And got up with a jerk . in the process her head collided with Armaan mouth and he almost bit his tongue.Don't even try to figure out how that happened. It just did.
Ri- Ye kya tha Armaan?
Ar- Kuch nahi. Bas tumhe jaga raha tha. Oww..
Ri- Kya hua mere baabu ko?
Ar- lag gaya.
He said making a puppy face.
Ri- Acha hua.
Ar- Riddhima, tum itni insensitive kaise ho sakti ho? Tumhare boyfriend ko laga hai Aur tum khush ho rahi ho?
Ri- Bas karo apna drama. Tumhari saza hai yeh. Apni girlfriend ko koi aise uthata hai kya?
And she got down from the car. Everyone was already gathered outside. And waiting for Armaan to tell them all where the hell was the picnic.!
So when Armaan came out, this is what happened.
Mu- Oye, hero yeh kaha hai hum?
Ni- Jungle mein kyu hai?
Ab- Jungle mein mangal karna hain kya?
Ra- Dekh Armaan bohot Andhera hai. Apna plan theekse soch le.
Anj- Seriously Armaan. Hum aise beech jungle mein kyu hai? Voh bhi Aadhi raat ko?
Ri- Firse kuch gadbad ki hai kya tumne?
Ra- Kya? Armaan tu wapas Rasta bhool gaya?
Mu- Yaane fir uss gaadi main baithna hai??hey Babaji please bachalo mujhe. USS gaadi se durr le chalo!
Ar-Oh Shut Upp Guys! Tumlog ki Ye buri Aadat Kabhi Nahi Jaati! Kabhi toh baat sun liya karo ya dekh liya karo!!
Saying so armaan clapped his hands and something twitched in the woods. In No Time Everything Lit Up along With Riddhima's Smile.
Mouths of All the other guys were left open. In Front of Them Stood Two Big Wooden Cabins. Clearly being outlined lightly with Pink And Blue Each depicted the Guys and Girls Section. All Of Them huddled to the Entrance.
All of them picked up their bags. Meaning Girls walking in And Boys Strutting at back with all their Luggage along with their own.
The Interior of the cabin was really pretty. A huge drawing room with a pretty table and fire place and a big room like a dorm with Bunk Beds. Guy's had a Similar cabin. The cabins were surrounded By a Huge Garden and while the girls changed and got fresh. Guys arrange a Small Barbeque Party Outside. As it was really Cold. Warm hot Food was a good idea. They worked in good coordination. As the girls came back Boys went in to freshen up and Girls started making Preparations for their Meal. Atul quickly Came out after getting fresh to help the girls as the quality that Anjali had of Not really being good at cooking had to be filled in by at least Some one.
Atul had a good intention when he came out to help but the other boys didn't see it that way. Yes they knew Anjali wasn't a good cook but that didn't stop them from teasing him.
He looked so cute wearing that baby pink apron and kneading the flour with utmost care as if it would break anytime.
Armaan came out and pointed towards Atul. They all snickered. And went to sit outside where ArmChairs had been placed for everyone to sit.
Placing his leg on Rahul's chair, which Rahul kept pushing back down he ordered.
Ar- Atulbai, Ek plate kabab yaha pr bhi please. N side chutney mat bhoolna.
This comment brought a roar of laughter from boys side. While The girls just scowled at Them.
Ra- Haa Aur saath mein kuch samose ho jaae to aur badiya.
" Iski uski kaun kiski
Yaara da demand whiskey
Uspe chicken Ho to Aur vadiya! They sang.
When they realised that nobody was joining in they turned their head towards the girls. Atul Head had his head down not letting others show what he felt. But it was clear what he felt.
Mu- Guys! Yeh kya tha. Armaan tumse yeh umeed nahi thi
An- Ha Armaan, tumhe koi hakk nahi banta kisika aise mazak banane ka.
Riddhima went towards Atul and put her hand Around his neck
Ri- Atul at least humari help toh kar raha hai. Tumlog vaha baith ke bas gappe lada rahe ho.
Nikki- Don't worry Atul hum tere saath hai.
She turned towards the boys
Ni- Ab tumlog khana banaoge.
The boys groaned aloud while the girls accompanied by atul went to sit inside the cabin.
Girls had already completed half the work so the boys were in luck and then in no time prepared the sumptuous meal complete with a Thumps Ups cans for everyone. They quickly placed everything on the trays and took it in the cabin.
The girls were all sprawled on the floor while Atul was telling about his new child,a.k.a, the jasmine plant that he had planted just the previous. He had named it Aaladin because he didnt want jasmine to feel lonely in the new garden. The amount of childishness is Atul was really adorable and cute. Well that was what the girls thought but the boys just laughed out loud.
The girls glared. The boys ignored it.
Ar- Ta ta da daaa... khaana tayar hai.
They placed the food down and sat down. Rahul removed the lid off one of the items and the aroma spread throughout the cabin.
Stomachs growled loudly. Everyone looked at each other. No one had actually realized that they were hungry until now.
Ra- Iss laziz khaane ko chakhna chahengi aap?
Mus- Areh chakhna kya mein iss poora khaa jauu.
And she went to take the plate but was stopped by Armaan
Ar- Aa..a.a aise nahi. Hum serve karenge , banda apki khi. Khidmi. Kidney.... nahi kya tha voh.?
At- Khidmat kehena chahte ho?
Ar- Haa khidmat. Thanks champ. Banda apki khidmat main hazir hai .
Soon the meal was all served and over in 5 minutes time. Not one morsel left behind every inch of their plates were cleaned up to perfection.
It was just about 3:05 in the morning. While everyone was deep asleep, Armaan had been wide awake the whole night in spite of being tired after driving. He toyed with the box in his hand waiting eagerly for the sun to rise. When he couldn't contain his excitement anymore, he decided to come out of the trailer. Trying his best not to wake anyone up he came outside. The air was cool and he could feel the dew drops on the grass. The sun wasn't really up yet. He could see the purple streaks of the night sky. Armaan kept the box in his pocket and took a deep breath. It felt like he inhaled a pure blast of oxygen and he was suddenly not so tired anymore. The girls were sleeping peacefully in their trailer and he didn't really have the heart to wake Riddhima up. So deciding against it he began walking back to his trailer, when suddenly the door to her trailer opened up and she came outside. Rubbing her eyes and even in her bed hair, to Armaan, she was the most beautiful person ever and he was grateful that she was his. Hr could never really image his life without her. Even though they really had some or many ups and downs in their relationship, their love for each other survived through each of it. Even if he had been given a choice to change certain parts of his life, he wouldn't have it any other way.
Riddhima opened her eyes and looked around experiencing the serenity and tranquility of her surroundings when her eyes fell on him. His blue eyes shone with an intensity that held her captive and she felt herself moving towards him. With every step she took her heartbeat accelerated and her breathing ragged. A small smiled played on his lips not at all deteriorating the intense gaze.
" Good morning, beautiful" he greeted her as soon as she reached him.
Riddhima: Good morning. Itni jaldi uth gaye?
Armaan: Tum bhi. Missed me?
She blushed.
Riddhima: Aisa kuch nahi hai.
Armaan: Sach mein?
Riddhima: Sach mein.
Armaan: achaaa. Ok before you distract me, let's go.
Riddhima: ohh I distract you, Mr. Malik?
Armaan: yes you do. No come on.
Ri: Hum kaha jaa rahe hai?
Ar- Sab abhi bata du?
Ri- Haan.
Ar- toh surprise kya rahega? Chalo jaldi.
Ri- ohh surprise.
He held onto her hand and began pulling her after him. Luckily the place wasn't that far away.
Soon Riddhima could hear the sound of water flowing and her happiness knew no bounds. She somehow had a weird connection with water. Everytime she was near it, she felt everything was just too beautiful and happy. Armaan could see her face lighting up and he knew she had heard the flowing water as well. He smiled.
Not much later, Riddhima found herself standing in front of what she could imagine was one of the biggest waterfall she had ever seen. The moon still up and the waterfall shone in its light giving it a silver color. She couldn't really stop the smile on her face as she went ahead and held her hand below the flowing water. The force was strong but she couldn't care more. She took some water and sprinkled it in Arman's direction. He merely chuckled and then splashed her with water as well. She was completely drenched but the smile never left her face.
He just stood there admiring her as she enjoyed herself. She looked at him and he motioned her to come towards him. As she began walking towards him, she saw him getting down on one knee and her eyes widened. She began walking faster and reached where be now kneeled.
Ri- Armaan.
Ar- Shh..
He reached into his pocket and took out the velvet box. Tears threatened her eyes but she controlled her self. He opened the box and turned it towards her. What she saw was one of the most beautiful bracelets in the world. It held a small message that said " You are always in my heart" instead of the word heart a heart was engraved into it.
Ar- Riddhima, aaj ki date kya hai?
Ri- Umm 24th July?
Ar- that's right. Aur aaj kya hua tha?
Ri- Umm...
She tried a bit too hard but nothing, came to her mind.
Ar- Main batata hu.. Today is that day, jab tumne humesha mere saath Rehene ka vada kiya tha.
Omg!!! How had she forgotten such an important day!! She went back to the day when Armaan had asked her to be his girlfriend. The day she had found out the singer that she had been hopelessly in love with was none other than Armaan himself. She smiled.
Ar- That's right. Jab tumne mujhse kaha ki you love someone else, mera dil toot gaya tha.
She could here the disbelief in his voice. She never knew what Armaan had gone through in that small amount of time.
Ar- Par phir jab mujhe pata chala ki tum meri hi baat kar rahi ho. Toh I was the happiest person in the world. Isiliye yeh din mein kabhi nahi bhoolunga. Riddhima, we have been through a lot. Bohot si misunderstandings huyi. Bohot sari galtiyan huyi hai mujhse. Par mera tumhare liye pyaar kabhi kam nahi hua aur na hi kabhi hoga. I didnt get you a ring because it would have been a bit too early. So yeh bracelet . This is my promise to you that i will never leave you alone ever. Do you promise to stay with me forever?
By now tears had begun streaming down her face as she nodded vigorously.
Ri- Of course, Armaan. I promise.
Armaan got up and tied the bracelet on her left hand and kissed her forehead. She wouldn't take her eyes away from the bracelet and in order to distract her, he placed his left hand on her waist and pulled her closer. She jerked her gaze towards him and the love for her in his eyes made her heart beat faster and she held onto his shoulder for support.
Riddhima: Armaan, kya kar rahe ho? Koi dekh lega.
Armaan: Yaha koi nahi aane wala jaaneman.
Ri- Achaaa.
Her attention now solely on him. Her hands slowly reached the nape of his neck and she began playing with his hair. This made him close his eyes and she smiled at seeing the effect she was having in him. He pulled her even closer and his hand slid just a tad bit inside her top and made circles on her waist. The contact between his hand and her cool skin sent shots of pleasure to her body and her legs turned into jelly. She pulled on to his hair tightly and snuggled close to him with literally no space between them. His right hand slid up her shoulders ever so slowly taunting her as she moaned softly. He placed his hand on her face and pulled her face towards her. She felt his breath on her lips. He stayed just like that. Not being able to control herself anymore she crashed her lips on his. The kiss was intense and passionate. Armaan smiled through the kiss and kissed her back with the same ferocity. Her hands tangled herself in his hair and she pulled him a bit more closer. This only deepened their kiss. They continued kissing only breaking it for the much needed oxygen before kissing each other again.
Both breathing heavily, Armaan finally broke their kiss and placed his forehead against hers.
" I love you" he whispered.
" I love you too, Armaan" she whispered back.
They stood there gazing in each others eyes as the sun rose over the horizon. The waterfall playing a soft lullaby for them and the birds chirping as if the whole world was celebrating their love story.
The end.
I can't really believe the story has actually ended. *Sobs*
We had an awesome time writing it. Though I admit the wait for the final part was a bit too long >_<
But thanks for being patient you guys! We both love you and your comments really did and will always matter to us!!
So this is it, our final goodbye. Will meet you again

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