Friday, 26 May 2017

part 1& 2 : Beetein_Lamhe

PART - 1

"Didi.. didi.."

"kya hain chotu??"

Chotu gulped some oxygen as he was lacking air due to running a long way..
"didi... woh chor..."
he paused to gulp more air..

"phir se aya hain!! chal.. aaj to usse maza chakha ke rahungi..."
She said in her FULL PUNJABI KUDI avatar nd holding bitto's hand dragged him to their kheth (field)..

"haan didi.. fir aya hain.. maine kaha tha na aapse ke jab taya ji (uncle) dopahar ke khane (lunch) ke liye aate hain.. ye chor har roz aata hain peechle ek hafte se.."
Bitto said nd his didi frowned more.

"koi gal nahi bittoo... aaj to isse maza chakha ke rahungi.. mere papa ji ke kheth se chori..."
she messaged her fists angrily.

"haan didi.. chod na maat..."
then looking at a particular direction...
"didi... woh.. wahan pe..."
he pointed his finger where some movement was seen in the field..

his didi shushed him nd took a stick from the ground..
"aaj to iss chor ki khair nahi.."
she handled the stick to bittoo nd tied her dupatta around her waist nd then again took the stick in her hand nd...


Their chor held his head in pain nd turned around... she shouted crunching her brows..

"AAP ???"


"naaniii??? dnt tell me woh aap the??"
the lady smiled.

"yes.. my baby.. it was ur naani nd guess woh chor kaun tha??"
Arima asked hugging her confused son.

"no ways!!!" he declared.. nd looked at his granny.. who was herself embarrassed 2 accept that.

"sach mein... woh chor NANU the???"
Armaan asked his mom nd she nodded.. Poor armaan who was juz hell confused a while ago .. now stated laughing like maniac turning his granny in2 scarlet...

"hahahaha... i still... ha ha... cant blve... ha ha... naani .. aapne.. haha.. nanu ko.. hahahahaha..."
Armaan was laughing nd saying all these nd his darling granny was becoming embarrassed like hell..

His granny said turning her face as she too started smiling.

"aww.. naani.. u r blushing... aap aaj bhi blush karti ho... woww"
armaan jumped to his naani's lap nd pinched her cheeks.


"ok ok.. no more teasing... par aap ye to bataiye ke naanu chori kyun kar rahe the??"
he asked nd his granny smiled nd confessed


PART - 2

she handled the stick to bittoo nd tied her dupatta around her waist nd then again took the stick in her hand nd...


Their chor held his head in pain nd turned around... she shouted crunching her brows..

"AAP ???"

He messaged his head but smiled anyway..

"Sach hi kehte hain log.. pyaar mein kya kya papad belna padhta hain!!"

Her chor thought but said politely..

"Haanji main.. woh hum uss din miley the jab aap school ja rahi thi.."

He tried to remind her about their 1st meeting.

"Woh to mujhe yaad hain par aap chor ho??"

She asked all shocked.. He's the guy who helped her two weeks before when she was going to school riding her bicycle.. suddenly the tire flattened nd her bicycle stopped moving.. She was running late for her exam nd also there was no garage nearby.. she was all panicked as it was about her whole year.. nd moreover ghar jane pe papa ji ki daant to alag baat hain.. her face fell.. she was biting her nails in tension when this CHOR came there all of a sudden like an angel... he dropped her at her school in his bicycle.. although she didn't agree 1st time as they were in village nd sitting in a boy's cycle wasn't a good idea in such small villages but she didn't had time.. so, she covered her face with her dupatta listening to her CHOR nd he drove her carefully to her school in time nd wishing her best of luck for her exam he also promised to bring her bicycle after getting changed its tire.. nd wen she came out of the school after exam, she found her cycle with air-filled tire. she smiled nd searching here n there she found her CHOR behind a tree at a lill distance.. she went there smilingly, thanked him nd he handing over the keys left from there... & after that day she found him now.. but she thought him a nice guy .. par yeh to CHOR hain!!! her face fell thinking this.. but before she thought more her CHOR answered..

"ji.. aap mujhe galat samajh rahi hain.. main chor nahi hoon!!"

"oyye.. roz chori nahi karta hain tu?? (then turning to her didi) didi.. aap iss chor ko jante ho kya??"

Bitto asked but riddhima asked her CHOR directly without answering bitto..

"toh aapne papa ji ke kheth (field) se ganna (sugar-cane) kyun liya??"

She asked indicating the ganna in his one hand.. nd as soon as he heard he left the ganna nd held his hands high..

"arrey nahi.. maine ek din bhi ganna nahi toda (pluck)... bas yahan jhari (bush) mein jan bujh ke hulchal (movement) machai (created) ... [She frowned but didn't said anything just let her continue]... taki ye (pointing at bitto) jake aapko bula laye... [she stared at him questioningly]... woh uss din ke baad aap mili nahi.. main aapki school gaya tha to pata chala aapki chootti (holidays) chal rahi hain.. uss din aapki aakhri exam tha... fir mujhe pata chala ye kheth aapke papa ji ki hain aur dopahar ko uncle ji ke khane ke waqt aap dekh bhal karti hain toh... "

He paused saying all in a go... "baba ji ki kasam.. ek din bhi chori nahi ki.. bas aaj bahot bhuk lag rahi thi toh..."

He bowed down his head like a lill student caught by his teacher nd she looked away smilingly... Then very softly she asked..

"par aap mujhe doondh kyun rahe the??"

He looked at her nd smiled widely seeing her smiling like an angel..

"aapko nahi pata??"


"OMG naani... that's sooo sweet of naanu... aur apne unhe mara??? hawww!!! very bad naani..."

junior armaan complained pouting...

"toh main kya kar ti?? aapke naanu the hi pagal to mera kya kasoor..?? ... aisey chor o ke tarah aata hain kya koi??"

His granny tried to justify her..

"woh jo bhi ho mumma.. par aapko papa ko marna nahi chahiye tha.. pata hain Armu , aapke naanu humesha mujhse ye complain karte the ke mumma ne itniii (stressing the word intentionally to tease her mother) zor se mara tha ke unhe to dar tha kahi yaadaast (memory) na chali jayee"

Arima said agreeing with junior to tease her mother..

"arimaaa... "

Riddhima sang her daughter's name to hide her embarrassment ..


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