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Part 10 : Just a bend not an end

part 1- 9


RECAP: Ridhima's presentation is successful and they get the deal. Armaan and Ridhima's anniversary, Armaan plans a date at home and finally some very sweet Armaan-Ridhima moments.

PART 11:-
~10 Months Later~
Armaan stood leaning on the door of the huge room while his heart ached looking at the sight inside. A really vulnerable Ridhima sat on the far end corner of the room, her eyes devoid of any expression while she had her knees pulled up till her chest as she hugged herself as much as she could. A lone tear slipped of Armaan's eyes as he saw his princess in that condition, why was life so cruel to them he thought. 
Jaane kis modh pe le aayi
yeh zindagi main jaano na
He wanted to go in and just engulf her in his arms but he knew at this point it could only worsen the situation as she was not even willing to look at him for now and so with a heavy heart he held himself back and just stood there watching her, thinking over his decision that he took for her, for her well-being but then seeing her like that made him want to think twice.
dhadkano ki yeh bechainiyan
aye humsafar pehchaanun
Just then he felt a comforting hand squeeze his shoulder 'She will be fine Armaan, don't worry" said Rahul (NOTE:in the beginning itself it was mentioned that Rahul is Armaan's best friend) "How? " asked Armaan turning towards Rahul "How can I not worry, waha Ridhima...Rahul waha meri jaan pal pal apne aap se lad rahi hai and I can do absolutely nothing about it..." said Armaan  feeling utterly helpless. 'Now I feel I made the wrong decision, she hates me for this Rahul...nafrat karti hai mujhse Ridhima itni zyada ki she does not even want to see me anywhere close to her..." said Armaan with a chocked voice once again turning his head towards Ridhima. "Armaan...Tune kuch galat nahi kiya, what you did is absolutely right, you need to give her time Armaan...bohot jald woh samaj jayegi ki tune jo kiya wohi uske liye sahi tha, stop blaming yourself man...Halat hi aise ho gaye ke tu chahkar bhi koi aur decision nahi le paya so stop blaming yourself" said Rahul lightly patting Armaan' back who still stood in the same position making Rahul sigh, his two closest friends were going through so much and he really felt bad for them. They were the nicest people he knew and they had already gone through so much that even he could not help but ask why to the almighty, but that was not the time to sit and think about all this at first he was a doctor and he had to do what was right for his patient. "Armaan it's really late, I think you should leave now" said Rahul making him turn towards him. "But Rahul main aise kasie...waha Ridhima...she might need me Rahul I can't just go" said Armaan totally baffled with just the thought of having to leave Ridhima. Rahul shook his head for he knew this was coming up..."Armaan she is not alone, yaha main hu aur bahi doctors hai, nurses hai...don't worry she will be well taken care off" assured Rahul "But what if..." Armaan tried saying something only to be cut off by Rahul. "No ifs Armaan...dekh I know you are worried but Armaan I can't let you stay here it's against the rules you know that...Main janta hu it's a hard decision but ab liya hi hai so have some faith in yourself, in your love, in Ridhima" hearing him Armaan just stood quietly he knew Rahul was right this was really needed but how was he to explain this to his heart..."take care of her...pls" whispered Armaan after a few minutes "I will, I promise...Ridhima is like a sister to me, I will do all that I can for her you don't even need to say that" assured Rahul while Armaan simply nodded letting Rahul know that he did trust him. He then once again turned towards Ridhima and then closed his eyes tightly for a second trying to accept what their situation is, thereafter he opened his eyes and without giving a single glance back he walked out as fast as he could afraid that if he stayed any longer he won't be able to stick with his resolve. Rahul stood there watching Armaan leave feeling really bad for him, he then turned to go to his own cabin giving the nurse strict instructions to feed Ridhima and give her medicines as well.
Emotionally and physically drained Armaan somehow managed to drive home amidst his tears. Entering the lonely, dark house he robotically made his way towards his room, as soon as he entered the room he went and sat on the bed and was just plainly staring into oblivion thinking about their fate and the thought himself filled his heart with so much pain that his eyes began tearing on its accord.
taheri zameen tahera hai pal
mann mein machi kyun hulchul
 He picked up a photo frame kept on the side table that had a picture of the two of them. Ridhima, whose mouth was covered with chocolate, was kissing Armaan's cheeks while he was cutely frowning.  Those where such good times he thought, how he longed to see the same million dollar smile on her face and the magical shine in her eyes, how he yearned to hold her in his arms and shower her with all the love and affection in the world.
chuubti hai mujhko kyun dooriyan
koi na jaane majbooriyan...Majbooriyan
 How he wished that destiny would have been a bit more kind to them, how he wished that things would have not turned as bad as they were today, how he wished that she was with him there in their house at that moment...
 kabhi na sukoon aaya
kabhi na qaraar aaya
jabse hai tumpe mujhko pyaar aaya...
He fondly stared at the picture gently caressing it as his mind began to drift to the time 10 months back, the time where everything was perfect yet imperfect...
~Flashback 10 months before~
It had been a month since Armaan and Ridhima's anniversary and life was going on beautifully for the two of them. Their anniversary night that had brought them closer after a long time seemed to have infused a sense of freshness in their relation, Ridhima was in a much happier and much more confident phase at least that's what Armaan thought so and looking at her being joyous was enough a reason for him to be happy as well...It was a Friday morning and Mr. Malik was fast asleep lost in his dream land while Mrs. Malik who just woke up a little while ago walked in the room, still clad in her lavender color night gown with a steaming hot cup of freshly made coffee. A wide smile spread across her face on seeing her hubby dearest sleep so cutely and so peacefully. He looked so tired and why not he had practically stayed up all night working on a new project, for once she really thought to let him seep for a little longer but he had a very important breakfast meeting which could not be missed under any circumstance and so having no other choice she made her way towards Armaan to wake him up. Keeping the mug on the side table she sat beside him and gently shook him to get him out of his dreamland "Armaan...wake up dekho its 7:30 already" she said in the softest tone while Armaan frowned and turned his face the other side pulling the blanket over his face and mumbled 5 minutes in a groggy sleepy voice. Ridhima shook her head for she knew what his 5 minutes actually meant and so without any further ado she pulled the blanket away making him whine grumpily. "No 5 minutes 10 minutes, abhi utho...its already late Armaan and tumne hi kaha tha na that this meeting is really important to chalo be a good boy and get up...chalo" she said trying her level best to coax him to wake up. Hearing her he sighed deeply knowing that she was indeed right and he had to wake up and so having no other choice he turned around to face her and opened his eyes lazily. "Good Morning" wished Ridhima while lovingly ruffling his hair. "Mmm Morning" he replied yawning and finally opening his eyes completely only to be greeted by the sight of his beautiful wife smiling affectionately at him which made him smile too. "Bohot thag gaye ho na?" asked Ridhima stroking his hair as he really did look very tired and she could see that it really took him a lot of self-convincing to actually open his eyes. Armaan looked up at her and smiled seeing how concerned she was, she always worried about the slightest discomfort that he had and this made him fall in love with her all the more. For a fact he knew that she too was very tired because if he was up all night then she was not sleeping either, she was right there awake with him, helping him wherever needed and otherwise just sitting by his side and being there for him, He tried his best to get her to sleep but she was just as adamant. So without bothering to answer her question he just took her hand in his and kissing it tenderly he mumbled an "I love you" which instantly managed to wipe out all lines of worry from her face. "I love you too...chalo ab utho aur apni coffee pelo, I'll get your clothes out and..." she went on rambling and just as she got up from the bed she was pulled straight back by her dear husband who was just not willing to let wifey go away from him. The sudden pull not only shushed her but also made her land right on top of Armaan making her eyes widen in shock "Just a second madam... may I know apko jane ki permission kisne di?" asked Armaan with a raised eyebrow as he held her closer to himself. "Ar...Armaan kya kar raho ch...chodo mujhe and what do you mean by permission, mujhe kyu kisi ki permission chaiye hogi" replied Ridhima trying her best to get out of his hold, but of course Armaan was way too strong for her he simply tightened his hold around her "Of course permission chahiye how could you just go like that without giving me my morning kiss...uhu not allowed. Sorry permission not granted" said Armaan shaking his head and making her turn crimson red at his demand. Just five minutes before he was not ready to open his eyes and now he was asking for a kiss, God she was really blessed with one unique husband she thought. However trying her level best to control the blush that was just not willing to leave her she once again tried her luck to free herself "Ar...Armaan dekho abhi no badmashi...its already late aur..." "Wahi to mein keh raha hu Ridhima, its already late isliye abhi aur time mat waste karo and just give me a kiss" stated Armaan shamelessly once again making her eyes go wide and cheeks turn cherry red "Armaan yeh kya..." Even before she could frame her sentence she felt his manly lips on her soft feminine lips for a second she was to shocked to react but as she felt his lips probing her she too gave in. The kiss was deep, passionate and lasted for what seemed like eternity thereafter the two of them broke apart and rested their foreheads together catching their breath..."Now that's what you call a Good Morning" said Armaan winking at Ridhima making her blush a deep pink. "Tum na...bohot besharam ho gaye ho" she replied back smacking his shoulder in an attempt to hide her blush but that only made him grin wider "Ab jab meri biwi itni hot and sexy hai to kabhi kabhi like just kabhi kabhi mujhe thoda sa behsram bana padta hai " he said adding more color if possible to her already red face..."Armaan" she said in a voice as low as a whisper "Yes sweetheart" he replied..."Tum...tum na pagal ho" she said fiddling with his shirt buttons, too shy to look at him "Hmm woh to mein hu...lekin sirf tumhare liye" He whispered the last bit right in her ears making her close her eyes and involuntarily grip his vest tightly in response. Armaan smiled looking at the effect he had on her in spite of being married for such a long time already, somethings just never change he thought. She looked so beautiful with that flushed pink face and eyes closed and how he wished to just hold her in his arms for ever but the blaring alarm tone that had earlier been snoozed brought them both out of their lala land. Ridhima immediately stood up and without looking up at him she said "Uhmm you go take a shower till then I'll go make a fresh cup of coffee...this ones got cold"  she said passing him his towel and going towards the cupboard to remove his clothes. Armaan too stood up and quietly taking the towel he rushed to the bathroom without trying to do anything else as he was really getting late then...
After fifteen minutes Ridhima came back in the room with his newly prepared coffee only to find him standing near the bed in his black trousers and light blue shirt still unbuttoned reading a file. She shook her head looking at him get into work mode and walking towards him she snatched the file away from him making him scowl "Ridhima..." he said irritably "Don't Ridhima me...pehle ye coffee piyi phir jo karna hai karo, here" she said handling him the mug while she took it upon herself to button up his shirt. "Mmm this is amazing" he said taking a sip of the coffee, making her smile. "Acha suno Tumhara laptop maine tumhare bag mein rakh diya and I have also put the file having the quotations in it. Your wallet, car keys and cellphone is also kept out...and done" she said after buttoning his shirt and tying the knot of his tie as well. On getting no response she looked up at him only to find him smiling down at her..."Kya hua? Aise kyu dekh rahe ho?" she asked wondering what made him smile like that. "Dekh raha hu ki how lucky am I to have you in my life" he said tucking a lose tendril of her hair behind her ear. "Ridhima...I don't say this as often as I should but kabhi kabhi kehna zaruri hota hai and isliye aaj main tumse kehna chahtu hu...Thank You! Thank you for doing all this for me without any complains, thank you for supporting me in whatever I do...Thank you for being there with me through thick and thin...Thank You for being my best wish granted" said Armaan cupping her face with his free hand and looking deep into her eyes that had turned misty hearing his few yet heart touching words. "Tum hi to kehto ho ki humare realtion mein sorry aur thank you ki koi jagah nahi hai aur ab apna rule khud hi tod rahe ho" she replied in an attempt to lighten the situation as she could see that even his eyes had turned moist. He chuckled hearing her complaining tone and without wasting another second he took her in a warm hug which she reciprocated with the same amount of love...They stayed in each other's arms for a few minutes just basking in the warmth of love thereafter very unwillingly they broke apart keeping in mind that Armaan really had to leave. "Okay ab I really need to go, tum apna khayal rakhna, office to tum aekele hi ayogi so Pleas drive carefully or even better take the driver with you...and ha breakfast kiye bina to bilkul ghar se mat nikalna aur kuch bhi ho to mujhe phone karna okay?" instructed Armaan making Ridhima giggle at her over protective husband. "Aye aye captain" she said saluting him in mock appreciation making him shake his head "Pagal" he muttered then turned to place the empty mug on the side table. "Chalo Bye, love you" said Armaan kissing her forehead and leaving "Love you too...all the best" she yelled for him to hear as he had already walked out of the room...
~2 hours later~
Ridhima was all dressed in a powder blue color formal dressed and was all ready to leave for work. She was running a little late and happened to forget a file in the room so quickly leaving her other belongings in the living room she rushed up to get it. "Kaha rakhi thi file..." she thought searching for the file in the room and after a few minutes she found it and so without waiting another second more she grabbed it and ran down the stairs in such a rush that her foot twisted on the fourth last step and she fell down rather hard. She somehow managed to protect her head by putting her hand in between but it ended up hurting her right hand very badly..."Ahhh..." she cried in pain as it was really too much for her to bare. She tried her best to get up and at least make it to the couch but her twisted foot just would not let her. There was nobody to help her, their house help came in the morning and left early due to some work. She was hurting really bad and had no clue as to what to do her right hand was hurt so bad she could not even move it or touch it, she sat on the floor right before the steps where she landed and cried in utmost pain, feeling utterly helpless at not being able to help herself...She sat there for nearly an hour crying her eyes out in extreme pain and eventually fell unconscious there itself.
It was past 4PM when Armaan came to office after attending his breakfast meeting that was extended till after lunch. He had earlier tried calling Ridhima twice to inform her that he would be late but since she did not answer he assumed that she was busy and so he just dropped a message, but now did he was in office he really wanted to meet his wife and so immediately made his way towards her cabin only to find it locked. Confused as to where she was he looked around trying to find her and that's when he bumped into one of the marketing interns Yuvraj who was currently working under Ridhima. "Arey Yuvraj, thank god you're here! Have you seen Ridhima anywhere? I have been looking for her since a while now" asked Armaan. "Ridhima maam? Sir but Ridhima maam has not come to work today" replied Yuvraj in a factual tone. "What? Not come? But why? She was supposed to come and...did she call or something to inform why she is not coming" asked Armaan really confusing the intern "Uhmm no sir she did not fact we tried calling her a few times because we needed the details for Mr. Khanna's project but she is not receiving any calls" hearing this Armaan really grew tensed he knew for a fact that Ridhima was a thorough professional and she would never not just come to work without any valid reason plus the fact that she was not taking any calls just added to his tension "Kya hua hoga? Ridhima never does this and aaj subha bhi usne aisa kuch nahi kaha that she won't come to work or something..kahi use kuch..." the thought itself made Armaan shudder. Yuvraj saw Armaan's face turn white with concern and could not help but ask "Uhmm sir are you okay? I mean aap..." "I am fine Yuvraj...uhm pls do me a favor just inform Lisa (his PA) to cancel all my appointments for today...I have to go home urgently" said Armaan and without waiting for a reply he left just wanting to get home and check on Ridhima once, somehow he felt really restless and he knew only seeing her safe and sound would be able to calm him down. 
On his way home he tried calling her several times, he even tried on the landline but unfortunately nobody answered making him all the more anxious. After struggling for an hour in peak traffic he finally reached home and ran inside. He rang the bell several times but on getting no response he just used his spare keys and rushed in only to find the house dimly lit by the faint light coming from the setting sun..."Ridhima...Ridhima where are..." He called her name out but stopped abruptly as he her limp body on the floor beside the steps. "RIDHIMA..." he yelled and rushed towards her almost skipping a few heartbeats in between. "Ri..Ridhima...shit...Ridhima wake up...please baby akhein kholo" he placed her head on his lap and patted her cheeks repeatedly trying his best to get her to open her eyes. After a few minutes he felt her stir in his lap and that somehow brought some relief to his thudding heart..."Pa..paan...paani" Ridhima fumbled through the word in her meek voice as she slowly stared gaining her senses. "Ha...ha baby abh...abhi paani de rahu main apko...let me just take you to the couch phir paani deta hu apko hmm?, just a minute" said Armaan immediately getting up and carefully carrying her in his arms and taking her towards the couch in the living room.
 He gently sat her down placing pillows all around her and then ran to the kitchen to grab a glass of water for her. He came back in less than a minute and offered her the water to drink  "Ridhima yeh lo baby paani peelo" he said trying to hand her the glass but as soon as he touched her right hand she shrieked in pain making him draw back his hand immediately. Ridhima started crying real bad all the physical pain being really too much for her fragile body to handle. Armaan on the other hand panicked way more to see her crying like that and in a flash placed the glass on the center table and took her in his arms..."Ridhima kya hua baby...why are you crying so much sweetheart?" he asked swaying her in his arms but she continued to sob hiding her face in his chest to suppress the pain which did nothing but increase his anxiety. "Kya hua baby kuch to bolo please...did you slip down the stairs? Are you hurting somewhere?" he asked to which she slowly nodded her head while she still kept her face buried in his chest. As soon as she nodded her head Armaan was alarmed, he had somewhere guessed that she must have slipped down the stairs but what? Where? How? and how bad was she hurt he had no clue, but now that she crying her eyes out he was sure that she was really hurt bad and that really scared him. "Rid..Ridhima listen...suno baby mujhe batao kahal laga hai apko, where are you hurt sweetheart?" he asked gently prying her body away from him and cupping her face in his palms but she just continued to cry making his heart sink all the more but he knew for a fact that it was not the time for him to be weak, he had to first take care of Ridhima and so he tried asking her again "Ridhima please baby...tell me where are you hurt bacha, aap kuch bologe nahi to how I will know...pleas batao baby" "Ha...han...hand" she said between her sobs in an almost inaudible voice. "Hand?" he asked just to confirm if what he heard was right since her voice could barely be heard, she nodded at his question still sniffing in between. "Acha...acha don't cry lao dikaho mujhe ...let me see it" said Armaan consoling her and trying to take her hand in his but again just as he tried to take her hand in his she screamed in pain making him take his hand back "No...nahi pleas it hurts really bad...don...don't touch pleas" she said and continued to cry hysterically. "Ridhima baby mujhe dekhne to do...I need to see it once na sweetheart" he said in a cajoling tone but she was just not ready to listen and shook her head adamantly making him sigh hard "Please bacha...I promise I will be gently...but mujhe  dekhne to do, how will I know what the problem is if you don't let me see na?" he tried his level best to convince her just like one convinces a child and finally after hesitating a bit Ridhima nodded making him sigh relief. He very carefully lifted her right hand and could see that that her hand really swollen up, specially her wrist which had also turned slightly blue."Shh...shhh its's okay" he tried calming her down as she cried and hissed through his examination. "Ridhima are you hurt anywhere else baby?" asked Armaan worriedly, her hand did not seem all that fine and he was most probably sure that is was more than just a sprain and they would definitely need to go to the hospital to get it treated but before that he had to know if she was hurting anywhere else so that he could at least try and comforting her. Ridhima nodded her head meekly hearing his question making him all the more restless "Where? Where baby?" he asked trying his best to keep the panic away from his voice so as to not stress her any further. "My...My le...left foot'' she replied in such a weak voice that literally stirred his heart, however keeping his emotions aside he at once got down from the couch and bend down to have a look at her foot, it did look a little swollen not as bad as the hand though, he tried to rotate her ankle but her painful cry made him stop there and then. He carefully placed her foot down and getting back on the couch he cupped her teary face in his hands "'s okay baby, hum abhi doctor ke pass chalte hai you will be absolutely fine okay" he said wiping her tears with his thumb and assuring her to the best that he could "Na..nahi no doctor please" she said amidst her sobs making him rub his face in frustration. He knew she hated hospitals but this was really not the time to be stubborn for once he wanted to scold her for even denying to go to doctor but looking at her sate he thought otherwise and trying his level best to keep his anger at bay he said in a voice as calm as he could manage. "Ridhima this is really not the time to even think of saying no to the doctor...apni halat dekho bacha you really need a doctor...and no more arguments on this". Ridhima wanted to refuse but hearing the finality in his tone she knew he would not budge come what may and to add to it she was too weak to really argue so having no other choice she just nodded quietly making him smile lightly and kiss her forehead "Good girl...first have some water phir chalte hai" he said taking the glass of water from the table and making her drink it. Thereafter he cautiously carried her in his arms and made his way towards the car where he guardedly sat her down on the passenger seat that was slightly reclined to make her feel more comfortable after which he too got in behind the wheel and drove as fast as possible to the hospital.
It had been 20 minutes since Ridhima was wheeled in and brought to the emergency room and was being examined by the doctor while Armaan was with her all the while soothing her..."Well looks like Mr. Malik has fractured her wrist" said the doctor grabbing both Armaan and Ridhima's attention. They looked so worried and so without bothering to wait for them to ask the doctor spoke up himself ..." Don't worry she will be absolutely fine, we will have to put a cast and she will have to be very careful for the next two-two and a half weeks making sure to apply no pressure on it at all and ill also prescribe some pain killers that she can take as and when needed. Also she has sprained her ankle but that should get better within a week just be sure to avoid straining it too, much...Other than that she is okay and I must say it was lucky safe, had she not put her hand in between and hit her head things could have turned out really bad so..." Hearing the doctors words somewhere Armaan was relived at least he knew she would be okay, though seeing her in pain nearly killed him but like the doctor said things could have really been bad and he should be grateful that they were not. "Thank you so much doctor'' said Armaan while the doctor nodded in acknowledgement and soon enough got into the task of putting Ridhima's hand in a cast. She kept hissing in between while Armaan tried his best to comfort her "Shh...shhh...bas...bas ho gaya baby" said Armaan while caressing her hair as the doctor continued with his work..."And it's done..." said the doctor as he finished putting the cast. "Uhmm when can I take her home?" asked Armaan while rubbing Ridhima's back as she hiccupped a little due to her constant crying "You can take her home now itself... There is no need for her to stay here, just take the precautions I told you and she should be fit as a fiddle and if anything you're free to call me anytime" said the doctor smiling at the couple who looked so much in love, he could clearly see how worried Armaan looked while Ridhima too was just not willing to let him go away for even a second. "Don't worry Mrs. Malik the pain injection that we gave you should start showing its effect now and you will surely feel some relief...Anyway I'll take your leave now, the nurse will get the discharge papers and there are a few more formalities to be done thereafter you can leave and I'll see you next after two weeks hopefully till then we can remove this cast" said the doctor as he saw Ridhima silently sobbing in pain and thereafter left after instructing the nurse to help the couple. "Shh abhi theek ho jayega hmm...bas shh" said Armaan taking her in his arms and caressing her head to calm her down...
After sometime the injection showed its effect and Ridhima felt slightly better, just then an  nurse entered with Ridhima's discharge papers and asked Armaan to go to the reception to complete the rest of the formalities and although unwillingly but Armaan had to go...After twenty minutes Armaan came back to Ridhima's room after completing all the necessary paper work and found Ridhima chatting randomly with the nurse who was tying a crape bandage on her sprained foot. He just stood leaning on the door of the room silently watching her, God such a relief it was to see her (Ridhima) smiling and not crying. The last two hours had been hell for him, how his heart shattered to see her cry in so much of pain, she still looked pale and very weak but she was undoubtedly in a better condition than the last few hours and that somehow managed to cool down his thumping heart. "Arey Armaan, waha kyu khade ho come na" said Ridhima breaking his chain of thought as she saw him standing at the door of the room, hearing her call him he straightened his body and smilingly walked towards her "Ab kaisa lag raha hai? Ab zyada dard to nahi hai na?" asked Armaan as he lovingly kissed her forehead and brushed her fringes away from her face "Hmm...Abhi dard kam hai" replied Ridhima with a smile making him smile more. 
Just then they heard a slight whimper from somewhere near the door and on turning towards it they found a small baby who could barely walk on his own sat near the door with tears streaming down his face. He was probably just crawling around and lost his way and since the door of Ridhima's room was opened he must have entered. Armaan at once went to pick the baby up and console him "Ale ale...kya ho gaya baby ko? Why are you crying sweetie...shhh" he cooed swinging the baby gently in his arms. Ridhima and the nurse smiled looking at how nicely Armaan was handling the child..."Ek baat bolu Ridhima ji?" said the nurse while Ridhima nodded "Aap na bohot lucky ho...Your husband is really good with kids, I am sure he will make an amazing father. Woh to is bache ko jante bhi nahi hai par phir bhi kitne pyaar se use chup karwa rahe hai to apne bacho ko to kitna pyaar denge nahi?" said the nurse. Ridhima once again turned towards the door to see the baby who was now much more calm resting his head on Armaan' shoulder while Armaan patted his back to soothe him and all of a sudden a feeling of guilt surrounded her. Had things been different she would have been four months pregnant today she thought...All of a sudden everything came in front of her, her baby, her taking those sleeping pills, her miscarriage, everything...But the worse thing was that she still did not understand why? Why did she have to take those pills? All she knew was that she killed her child, she was the reason of that void in their life and that very thought left a very bitter taste in her mouth...Her chain of thought was disturbed by the mother of the child who came running towards the baby all panicky and worried as she could not find the baby anywhere, she took the baby from Armaan and thanked him profusely for taking care of the child who had actually lost his way while crawling while he brushed it off saying that it was okay and he was such a cute baby he  loved to have gotten the chance to meet him, the lady finally left thanking him once again. Armaan waved to the baby till he was out of sight then made his way towards Ridhima with a wide grin on his face "such a cute kid na" he said while Ridhima nodded with a small smile. "Kya hua? What are you thinking about?" asked Armaan as he found her a little lost to which she just shook her head saying that she was just tired and sleepy probably because of the painkillers. Armaan instantly bought this excuse as it did seem very valid and so not bothering to dig further or read between the lines he just nodded and without wasting anymore time he placed her on the wheelchair and made way to finally exit the hospital and go home completely unware of the havoc going on in her mind.

PRECAP:- More of flashback and maybe a glimpse of present as well ;)    

-Tanishka (Tani)

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