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part 16 : Sirf Tum


Three days later

Kuch to hai tujhse raabta...

"Damm!! meri file nai mil rahi...hai Bracelet.." he shouted while opening his packed bag when Shilpa approached and forwarded his file towards him "thank u.." he smiled to which she smiled back and turned to go when Armaan grab her wrist and banged her wd his chest making her stunned "kya hua...meri Bracelet ko...aaj pure din jhagra nai kiya mujhse" he asked tucking her flicks behind her ear

"kkkuch nai...bas aise hi...vo aap jaa rahe hai na" She fumbled

"to socha aaj k din baks du...right" he completed her to which she smiled and gave a nod "kahi tum mujhe already miss to nai karne lagi.." he asked teasingly which made her to look at him instantly

"Nai...aisa kuch nai hai.." she freed herself from his arms "infact main to bohoot khush ab chize yaha vaha nai milengi mujhe...aur main sukoon se reh paungi" She lied while closing his bag again which made Armaan to shook his head

"to tum mujhe miss nai karogi.." he asked walking towards her who looked back at him and gave nod "par mai...apni Bracelet ko.." he took her both hands in his "bohoot miss karunga" he whispered to which she stared at him "infact main to abi se hi bohoot miss kar raha do din pehle hi kahi kho gayi..meri Bracelet" he spoke staring at her green eyes which were shinning now hearing this

Kuch to hai tujhse raabta...

"Armaan..." She whispered and hugged him who responded immidiatly while she controlled herself not to break infront of him

"See tum mujhe miss kar rahi ho... I knew it mera charm hi aisa hai" he spoke still hugging her who hit on his chest lightly chuckling"Bracelet..." he called softly to which she moved back and gave a nod in yes "mere saath chalogi.." he asked hopefully when she shocked her head

"nai..." She whispered looking down to which Armaan nodded sadly

"koi baat nai...acha hai ab mujhe pitna nai padega...roz" he joked to whick she hits him wd the pillow "Aaaww...Bracelet jaane se maar rahi ho..i hate u" he rubbed his arm

"Good..." she made a face and went from there

"I luv u Bracelet...kab samjhogi...tum" he whispered while holding the bag from one hand and walking out from his room


"Acha thik hai apna dhyaan dena...aur wapas accident veccident mat karwa lena apna.." Dadi scolded him

"haa baba dhyaan dunga.." he gave a side hug to Dadi and moved towards Ananya who smacked on his head "Aaaww...lag rahi hai yaar" he rubbed his head

"u deserve it...tumhare Papa sahi kehte the...tumhe doctor nai banana chahiye tha..." Ananya ruffled his hair lovingly to which he hugged her tightly

"Mom...plz ab aap unki tarah mat behave karo.." he spoke to which Billy smacked him behind his head "Aaawww...Daaad.." he whined

"Oye agar main nai kehta to tu aaj doctor b nai hota.." he gave him a side hug which made him to shook his head

"fine aap mahan ho.." he smiled and looked at Dadji who was angry "o come on Dadu...aa jaunga yaar...aur bich bich me aunga mai...don't worry" he moved towards Dadaji

"thik hai apna khayal rakhna" he hugged Armaan tightly who hugged back

"Aur tum apna khayal rakhna" he looked at Aditi who giggled

"pehle tum apna rakh lo...baad me mera bolna" she retorted which made him smile

"Dev kaha hai??.." he asked to his Mom

"usne kaha koi important meeting hai" Ananya answered but Armaan knew he was angry wd him that's why he didn't came to see him off in Airport from past two days he was ignoring Armaan it was very hard for him to make understand his family to agree for the work but after lots of emotional blackmailing they agreed

"baad me akar...use dekhta hu.." he thought and looked at Shilpa who gave a small smile "Oyyee Hoyyee yaar ise chod k to jane ka bilkul maan nai hai.." his heart craved to touch her but he controlled and winked at her who shook her head wd a smile "See u everyone...bye" He waved and walked inside the Airport not before giving a flying kiss to his family

1 Month later @ 12.15 pm in Jaipur

Uljhi si baatein dil

Mujhse b baatein

To meher...meher...meherbaani...

"Armaan...mera phone kyun nai receive kar rahe hai..." She whispered staring at the cell which she again dialed his number. today they completed their one year of marriage and here he is not picking her call

Well in this whole one month he always called her at nights they talked about their family and some random stuffs but they didn't talked about themselves sometimes Armaan flirts her or tease her but Shilpa didn't had dare to say him that she missed him badly

But from one week he didn't called her and that made her worried she thought to call him but feared that she is falling for him so she didn't called him but today she thought to wish him their first anniversary keeping her ego and negative thoughts aside but here he didn't picked her call from past 15 min she was trying but he still didn't picked

"Arrghhh...main hi pagal hu.." She threw the phone on side of bed and picked a pillow on her lap "Pata nai ye sab chize kyun ladkiyo ko hi yaad rehta hai...ladko kyun nai...hum hi pagal hoti hai sab stupid dates yaad rakhti hai.." She cursed while keeping her chin on pillow hugging it tightly

"Tu aaj kal bohoot sochne lagi hai...unke bare me...bhool ja...bhool jaa..." She closed her eyes tightly "kahi aisa to nai ki...Armaan ka vaha kisi k saath...affair.." She snapped opened her eyes "nai aisa nai ho sakta...Armaan aise nai hai.." She bit her nails wd her teeth fearing about him "kyun nai ho sakta...after all vo ek ladke hai...itna blind trust mat karna...bola tha na.." her mind scolded her when her cell's ring made her to look at it which flashed 'Mr.Supercool'

Khud hi samajh k

Mujhe samjha de

To meher...meher...meherbaani...

"Armaan.." She whispered while a small smile came on her lips seeing his name "Take a deep breath..." She took a long sign and received his call wd thudding heart "Hello!" She spoke slowly

"Sorryyy...Bracelet...vo main so gaya tha...sorry.." He apologized worriedly which made her smile wide hearing his voice

"It's ok...aap so jao...Gud night.." She spoke instantly and was about to cut the call when his voice stopped her

Hoo...meherbaani jo dil de zubani

Kehde vo jo na kabhi kaha hai...

"Bracelet...kya hai ye...ek to pehli baar tumne mujhe call kiya aur ab baat nai karogi that's strange...kahi tumhe kuch ho to nai gaya na.." he spoke in teasing voice which made her shy but she controlled herself

"Nai aisa kuch nai hai...main to bas...main to bas" she fumbled which made him smile and he laid on bed while picking a pillow on his chest

"Main to bas...main to bas kya.." he asked teasingly which made her blushed

"Armaan...main to bas...aapko ye puchne k liye phone kiya tha ki...aap aa rahe haina Avinash aur Shagun ki shaadi me...aur kal unki engagement me" she asked some random question which made him shook his head

Aise tera mai... Jaise mera tu

Aise tera mai... Jaise mera tu...

"Haa unka call to aaya tha abi 3 ghante pehle...but nai aa paonga...bohoot kaam hai...u know na aur mai free b nai hu...infact mujhe khud k liye tym nai hai" he kept his reason infront of her who felt sad after hearing this

"Koi baat nai...i know kaam bohoot zyada hoga" She spoke sadly which made him smile hearing her understanding tone

"Aur bolo tumne sirf isilye to mujhe call...nai kiya hoga...aur actually tumhe meri yaad kaise aagayi...tumhare phone me mera number kaise aaya infact kisine tumhe force to nai kiya na...mujhe call karne k liye" he taunted cheekily which made her giggle

Milte rahe jo... Aise hi dono

Lag na jaaye ishq ki nazar...

"Armaaan..." She drag his name "maine to bas Avi-shagun k bare me batane k liye phone kiya tha..." She lied feeling weird to wish him "ek min kya aapka phone thik 3 ghante pehle aapne unka call uthaya" She asked frowningly

"Haaa kyun??" he frowned

"Armaan...agar aapka phone thik tha to aapne kyun nai kiya...ek hafte se" She spoke authoratively which she regretted after a sec and here a naughty grin came on his face "nai I mean..." She fumbled but Armaan's laugh made her quite and she laid against her stomach while keeping her chest on pillow

"So...Mrs Malik hume miss kar rahi hai..." he spoke after he controlled his laugh which made her blush "Chalo...acha laga...par actually kya hai na main bohoot busy tha kisi kaam me so nai kar paaya.." he spoke wd slight mischief in his voice

Aye dil farebi... Tham sa gaya kyun

Aisi vaisi... Baat sochkar...

"Aisa kuch nai hai...bas vo.." She didn't knew how to change this topic "Armaan...aapko yaad hai aaj kya hai..." She asked as it clicked on her mind which made him frown

"Aaj kya hai...mujhe kya pata Bracelet...haa kal to Avi ki engagement hai...bas" he tried to think but nothing came on his mind but here this made Shilpa a slight angry

"Kuch nai...aaj kuch nai hai...mujhe nind aa rahi hai...Gud night" She spoke after controlling her anger and cutted the call which made Armaan confused

"Hello! Bracelet...hello.." he spoke after the call disconnected and he sat on bed "ise achanak kya hua...aaj hai Bracelet gussa ho gayi...kahi Bracelet ka birthday to nai...nai vo to 10th Dec ko kya???" &he scratched his head when his cell again rang he picked instantly not even seeing the name "Hello! Bracelet.." he spoke immidiatly as he received the call

"Offo! Yaha maine socha ab tak tum dono baat kar b chuke hoge...tabi to abi call kiya...aur yaha fir b Bracelet.." Aditi giggled hearing his voice Armaan instantly checked the name of the caller which showed 'Aditi'

"Hey Aditi...kaisi ho.." he asked tiredly while walking towards the window

"Main to thik hu...tum batao...kal aa rahe ho ki nai.." She asked

"Nai...impossible hai" he replied still thinking about Shilpa

"KYA?? Armaan at least do din k liye aa jaate...after all ye tum dono ki pehli anniversary hai...tum dono ka saath me hona chahiye tha" She frowned

"Haa...vo to hai...Kyaa??" he asked shockingly "Anniversary kis chiz k liye...aur kis ki??" he asked still in shock

"Aree bhai...tum dono ki...shaadi ki first anniversary...isliye to maine tumhe abi call kiya...socha shayad tum dono baat kar rahe hoge" She informed narrowing her eyes which made Armaan to put his one hand on his head "don't tell tumhe yaad nai tha" She asked unbelievingly

"Yaad kaise hoga...jab shaadi hi yaad Anniversary kaise yaad hogi" he thought in his mind "Aree haa yaar...mujhe yaad nai tha..he answered

"tum sab ladke na...same hi hote ho...huh! Happy Anniversary aur Gud Night" She spoke angrily and disconnected the call not giving him chance to say anything

Bas me na mere ab ye raha hai

Tujhpe aake dil ye ruk gaya...

"Adi...ti...lo ye b gayi.." he smacked his head lightly on wall "to isi liye Bracelet gussa ho gayi...aur ye Dev ye b nai bata sakta tha day ko hamari Anniversary hai...Argghh" he folded his arms crossed and leaned against the wall "Bracelet to rahi mera call receive karne se...kuch karna padega.." he thought

"Kitni pagal hai...tu tujhe kya jarurat thi...vo sab kehne ki...jab unhe yaad nai tab tujhe kaise yaad hai...bhul ja ki kal kuch hai... vaise b konsa bada kaam hai ye shaadi sirf ek compromise hi to hai" She cursed herself and closed her eyes when her cell vibrated poping Armaan's message she looked at it for sometyms "ab iska kya matlab" She whispered and opened the message

Aise tera mai... Jaise mera tu

Aise tera mai... Jaise mera tu...

"Happy first Anniversary Bracelet...i know bhool gaya tha...aur abi b mujhe yaad nai hota...agar Aditi phone nai karti...So Sorry"

"Armaan..." She whispered as small smile formed on her lips she read it again and again "jab b galat samjha...aapne kuch aisa hi kiya..." She giggled "kya ho gaya mujhe mai kyun itna khush hu.." She thought when suddenly her cell's ring made her look at it "Armaan...kyun call kar rahe hai mujhe..kya karu" She spoke while bitting her nails when the call stopped and a message came from Armaan

"Abi b gussa ho mujhse...Bracelet" She readed "Armaan...kya karu mai aapka..." She chuckled and texted him

"agar gussa hoti to is message ka reply nai karti..." he smiled as he read her message and called her again which she received after 4 rings making him frown "Bracelet...koi itna tym lagata hai call pick karne me" he complained as she received his call

Fariyaad karti... Fir yaad karti

Sochti hu tumko baar baar...

"Mai soch rahi thi ki mujhe aapka call uthana chahiye.." She spoke in fake serious tone towhich he shook's his head

"Vaise Bracelet tum mujhe directly bata sakti thi ki aaj hamari First Anniversary hai...fir b tumne nai bataya infact tumne to mujhe wish b nai kiya" he complained while keeping his head on pillow

"Kyun main kyun aapko batati aapko khud yaad hona chahiye" She also spoke in same tone

"Yaar tumhe kaise batau wohi to yaad nai...pata nai jab tumhe pata chalega tum kaise react karogi" he thought in his heart and shook his head "ok fine...but tum mujhe wish to kar sakti ho na..." he spoke and pressed his lips together waiting for her reply

Na chahte hai... Par chahte kyun

Tumko yuhi mere... Aaas pass

"Vo...ammm..haaa.." She fumbled and wd thudding heart spoke "Happy... First... Anniversary.." She closed her eyes as if feeling him near her

"Baap re itna tym Bracelet ne...Happy Anniversary bolne me I luv u bolne me sadiyaa na laga de..." his mind spoke when his heart shouted "No Armaan tab tak shayad mai mar jaunga plz kuch kar" his heart spoke in fear which made Armaan to nod "Hmmm Bracelet...aur Jaipur kaisa laga...aur is waqt tum kaha ho.." he asked trying to know where was she

"Jaipur acha hai...aur maim to apne room me hu...kyun??" She frowned while pulling the comfartor up

"Aree nai aise hi..." he replied seeing his wrist watch "Acha Bracelet...ek baat puchu" he asked hesistatly

"Haa puchiye..." She replied when a knock came on her room's door

Kuch b nai hai... Kch fir b hai

Tumko milke dil ko... Yu lagaa hai...

" you believe in lo.." he asked wd thudding heart when she stopped him

"Armaan rukiye door pe koi hai..." She stops him and moved to opened the door where a room-service man was standing wd a bouquet of flowers in his hand which made her frown "Yes..." She asked

"Mam aapke liye..." the Man forwarded towards her

"Nai...I think aapko koi galat fehmi hui hai...engagement girl yaha nai...vo samne wale room me hai..jaaiye" She spoke pointing towards Shagun's door

"Nai Mam aapke liye hi hai...plz lijiye mujhe jana hai" he kept on her hand moved from there leaving her confused she closed the door of her room and again sat on bed while picking the call again

"Kya hua Bracelet..." he asked wd amused smile

"Pata nai kisine mujhe bouquet bheja hai...vo b sunflowers ka jo sirf aap dete hai.." She narrowed her eyes and picked a card from the bouquet where multi colours of sunflowers were smiling at her "Armaan kahi aapne...par aap to vaha ho phir kaise" She frowned and was about to open the card when his voice stopped her

"Bracelet maine bheja nai bhijwaya hai.." he chuckled hearing from her. "Armaan" as always she dragged his name "Aree ab gussa mat hona ok..." he spoke in fake scared tone

"Ye aapne kaise kiya...aap to vaha hai... aur abi 1 baj rahe hai kaise.." She asked and laid on bed

"Aree meri Bracelet...Rehaan vahi to maine use call kiya aur tumhe bhijwa diya...aur" he informed when her voice stopped him

"Par itne kam tym me aur Armaan itni raat ko Rehaan ko flowers kaise mil gaye" she asked worriedly which made Armaan to slap his head

"Aree meri shaadi wala ghar hai...yaha to mil hi jayga..tum vo chodo...aur bolo Aditi-Dev kaise hai...kya haal hai unka" he changed the topic which made her quite

"Haa vo jaise the vaise hi hai..." She informed but stopped at his word 'jaan' and her heartbeat started beating where as Armaan was constantly saying something which she didn't heard "kya maine sahi suna...Armaan ne mujhe jaan kaha" She thought


"To tumhe lagta hai Dev sahi hai apni jagah.." he was talking about Dev's behavior and situation but when she didn't bugged to reply he called her again "Bracelet...tum sun rahi ho na" he asked which made her come out from her thoughts

"Amm...Haa bilkul sahi kaha main b hoti yehi karti.." She answered blankly wdout thinking which made Armaan stop

"U mean u still don't believe..." he asked softly to which she said "yes" unknowingly and Armaan's heart sank hearing this "ab kya karega tu...use to believe hi nai kaise vo tujhse pyaar karegi..." his heart complained which made Armaan to shook his head

"Armaan... are u sure ye bouquet Rehaan k haato aapne bhijwaya hai" She asked frowningly seeing again in the card

"Haa baba..but usme jo note hai vo maine likhwaya...hai that's it" he answred still thinking about her words

"Jhut bol rahe hai Armaan..." She thought and looked at the card where it was written

Aise tera mai... Jaise mera tu

Aise tera mai... Jaise mera tu...

"Happy First Anniversary Bracelet...I am happy to have u in my My My Soulmate...and want to stay Forever wd u" She smiled again knowing very well it was Armaan's handwriting and the words made her kiss the card wd moist eyes

"kya hua...Bracelet kuch bologi nai" he asked while blinking his eyes

"Thanks Armaan..." She spoke heartily which made Armaan's eyes snapped opened "is note k liye..." She smiled

"Oh...tum note ki baat kar rahi ho...vaise isme thankx ki baat nai aati...kyun ki jo sach tha maine vohi likha" he replied wd closed eyes which made her chuckle

"Likha..." She spoke smilingly which made Armaan to smack himself mentally

Jaise mera tu... Na na ne

Jaise mera tu... Heyy

Jaise mera tu...

"I mean likhwaya...chodo vo sab tumne mere liye kuch nai kaha.." he asked teasingly

"Aap duniya k Best Husband hai Armaan...main apne aapko bohoot lucky samajhti hu...but pata nai kaise kahu aapse aap forever ka soch rahe hai...usi se mujhe bohoot dar lagta hai" She thought when again Armaan called her "I think aap duniya k sabse ajeeb Husband hai..." She spoke wd slight giggle which made him smile

"bol b kon raha khud bohoot ajeeb hai..." he retorted and wd that they talked till the sleep took over them while the phone was still beside their ear

Avi and Shagun were getting engaged tomorrow and they had chosed Jaipur's palace for their wedding which is after one week and Shilpa was in her room where as others were in their perspectives room


"Engagement Day"

"Aaaj to double dhamaal hona chahiye...ek to in dono ki Engagement aur dusri Aaj Shilpa-Armaan ki Shaadi ko ek saal ho gayye.." Aaysha spoke which made others laugh and the newly couple blushed they all were seated on big table waiting for Rituals to begin which was handled by their Parents

"haa dekhna us idiot ko...hamari Engagement aur Shaadi ko chod hi do at least apni Anniversary pe to aajata" Shagun spoke angrily

"aree par kuch kaam hoga tabi to nai aaya na..." Avi took his side

"Kaam ka to pata nai...but vo apni khud ki Anniversary bhul gaya" Aditi spoke which made everyone frown and she narrated about her conversation wd Armaan last night

"Shit! Armaan ko uski Shaadi ki date yaad dilana to bhul hi gaye" Dev whispered in Aditya's ear who shook his head

"Par jaruri yaad ho...bhul gaya hoga...aur vaise b kaam tha usko" Aditya spoke in calm voice

"Haa par Mr.Khan ko to aaj hona chahiye tha na...Shilpa ko akela chod diya" Surbhi spoke which made Shilpa shook her head wd a smile coz she is the only girl to whom she was enjoying this wedding she loves her company and Surbhi likes Shilpa

"Par Bhaijaan...ka kaam b to jaruri hai...infact unse baat kiye to teen din ho gaye hume..." Rehaan shook his head which made Shilpa's head snapped to look at him

"Haa haa tumhare Bhaijaan to mahan hai.." Surbhi mocked to which others giggled

"Rehaan ne aisa kyun...kaha ki use Armaan se baat kiye...teen din ho gayyee...jab ki kal khud Armaan ne kaha ki Rehaan ko unhone bola bouquet k liye.." She thought and was abt to ask Rehaan when

"Meri itni taarif mat kiya karo yaaro..." A deep voice made them to turned their head towards the voice

"Armaan..." they all spoke in surprised tone where as Shilpa was shock to see him here who moved towards his friendz while winking at Shilpa.

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