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part 17 : Sirf Tum


Tera banega vo jo tera nai hai

Aye dil bata ku tujhko

Itna yakeen hai...

"Toh...tujhe tere saare questions k answers mile.." Dev asked staring at Armaan who chuckled and looked up at the sky "bolega kuch...aur has kyub raha hai..." he frowned
"Kuch nai...aise hi.." he took a long sigh and stared at the water they both were sitting near the pool side while their legs were under the water

"Haan aise hi bas pagal ki tarah has raha hai...haina" he spoke sarcastily which made Armaan to shook his head

"Tune mera ek b calls...kyun nai pick kiye...gussa tha na..." he asked in serious tone

"Haan tha...kyun ki main nai chahta tha ki tujhe kuch ho..." he spoked gently which made him smile

"Toh fir maine b kuch pata nai soch k ki tu mujhe sab sach khud batayga...after all I trust u...and most important I am strong to handle anything" he said in honest tone which made Dev smile

"Itna trust thik...nai hai Armaan" he spoke wd slight mischief which made Armaan to look at him

"Kya karu...bhai k pyaar ne andha bana diya..." he spoke in dramatic way which made Dev chuckle

" nautanki...ka nautanki hi rahega.." he spoke while removing his one leg from water and bending back by his elbow "Chal thik hai..lagta hai ab batana hi padega" Dev spoke in serious tone

"I love u..." he spoke excitedly while kissing his cheek and hugged him tightly

"Abee pagal...Jaa agar kiss wiss karna Shilpa k paas jaa...mujhe baksh de" he rubbed his cheek and smacked on his head

"Teri to...chal ab bata meri background story" he hit his arm and spoke in warning tone which made Dev chuckle and he started narrating whole story which made Armaan stunned

"To isiliye maine tujhe nai...bataya.." Dev spoke after few min of silence

"Aur un dono ka kya hua??" Armaan asked narrowing his eyes

"Jo doctor tha use saza mil gayi...aur jo ward boy tha..bhag gaya tha...pata nai kaha hai vo..usine tera accident karvaya tha..isilye main tujhe vaha nai jaane dena chahta tha" Dev looked at him who immidiatly hugged him "Abbe oye...kya kar raha hai" he patted his back

"I am sorry...and thank u.." he whispered still hugging him who smiled and hugged him back

"Chal tu jayga wapas NY" Dev asked after they parted

"Pata nai..." he took a sigh and laid straight while his hands were under his head

"Kaam to khatam ho gaya tera...Rehaan ne bataya mujhe...fir ab kis liye..." Dev asked while lying beside him

"Pata nai..." he answered in lost tone which made Dev to look at him

"Kabse pata nai...pata nai keh raha hai...baat kya hai Armaan at least mujhe to bata hi sakta hai" Dev asked politly which made Armaan to close his eyes and he opened again

"It's complicated Dev..." He whispered looking at the stars which made Dev frown "Bracelet use jitna koshish karta hu samajhne ki...vo aur muskil bana deti hai...thak gaya hu...I need some rest" he said almost in tierd tone which made Dev smile

"To lele break...kisne roka hai...but pehle apni importance realize karwane k tu aaram se jaa sakta hai" Dev replied which made Armaan chuckle

"Akhir tu hai to mera hi bhai...ideas brilliant deta hai meri tarah" he spoke

"Haa haa jarur..." he spoke in sarcastic way and wd that they both were staring up looking at the sky where stars were shinning

He was tierd to make Shilpa understand about the thing called 'Love' but when he didn't get any response he felt hurted like when he called her and was about to ask about love but before he could ask her anything she kept her opinion about love and it made him disappointed

When he had called her he was in the same hotel and the bouquet was sent by him he wanted to give surprise to everyone but Shilpa's answer made him to think again about their relation is it on tracks or not? They had completed one year of their marriage and according to his promise he didn't crossed his limits whatever happened it was coz she agreed!

But her answers made him to give her some more tym for him and he wants her in both ways physically or emotionally . He had craved for her in this one month but still he waits for her and decided to stay away from her for sometimes coz if he move little bit close to her he will lost it and he didn't want to force anything on her

That's why today when he came he tried to maintain a distance from her but all his efforts were in vein! after the engagement when she asked why he didn't inform her of his arrival and he didn't answered her instead he hugged her tightly informing her that how much he had missed her and now he decided to give all the tym which Shilpa wants he'll only wait for her 


~ Haldi Rasam ~ 

Dil-E...Dile bekarar


Dile bekar...aar...

"Dekho...ache se lagao mujhe" Shagun warned everyone whoever tried to apply the haldi on her face

"God!! O miss ajuba...lagana to padega hi" Aditi giggle while putting the haldi on her face and after few ladies done the haldi Shilpa's turn came she wore a yellow and white long dress wd hairs opened and in hands few bangles making her look more beautiful

"Dekho...tum ache se lagana..." Shagun insisted to which she giggled while giving a nod and wd slow moves she put a little bit of haldi on her face which made Shagun smile "l u yaar" she giggled

"Main b lagaun..." Armaan asked while coming towards her who looked at him scardly

"Nai Mom...ise keh do yaha se jaaye...plz" She spoke scardly and looked at her Mother who laughed wd all ladies

"Aunty plz..." he requested innocently making her Mother smile

"Kyun nai...jarur" her Mother replied which made Armaan happy and Shagun scared

"Dekh main warn kar rahi hu...ache se...lagaa.." She stopped seeing him who was putting haldi on her face very slowly making her stare at him in surprise

"Dekh...main kitna acha hu..." he smiled which made her smile when suddenly Armaan fisted all haldi and rubbed on her face which made everyone laugh and Shagun angry

"ARMAAAN..." She shouted and ran behind him who rubbed again the haldi on her face from behind and they both ran when Armaan hide behind Shilpa holding her from behind "Shilpa hatto tum saamne se...ise to main nai chodungi.." She spoke in warning tone

"Aree mai kya karu...Armaan chodiye...mujhe...offo" She replied while freeing herself from his grip

"O come on Bracelet kabhi to mere kaam aao.." he spoke while trying to defend himself and ran from there following Shagun behind him

"Bhagwaan!!" Shilpa put her one hand on her head seeing them running here and there


* Mehendi *

"Mr.Khan aap Rehaan ko boliye chale mere saath shopping" Surbhi requested nudging Armaan who is getting annoyed by her where as Rehaan who had kept his one hand on his head they both were sitting on pool side when Surbhi entered and started her demand

"Yaar tu ise leja...varna mujhe pagal kar degi ye" Armaan gritted his teeth frustadely which made Rehaan to look at him pleadingly "Chala ja...plz" he requested and gave a sympathy look to him

"Chaliye..." Rehaan spoke defeatedly which made Surbhi jump

"Yeyyyeee... Luv u Mr.Khan ..." she spoke excietedly which made Armaan to shook his head "And most important I luv my Rehaan" she hugged him tightly making his eyes big

"Surbhi kya kar rahi ho...sab hai yaha"Rehaan tried to push her lightly seeing the crowd

Yehi hota pyaar hai kya

Mere dile bekar...aaar...

"Rehaan tum mere fiance ho... Mere boyfrnd nai " she spoke chearfully which made Rehaan roll his eyes where as Armaan shook his head wd a slight chuckle and looked at another side of the pool where his eyes stopped seeing Shilpa struggling wd her sandal he removed his goggles and his eyes shifted on her hands on which she was holding a Thaal on which something was kept which he can't see coz of a red cloth which was put on it then his eyes landed on her hairs which were falling on her face irritating her he smiled seeing her cute face he looked at her shoulder from where her duppata is falling slightly revealing her neck fully in short right now everything was irritating her


"Ye naa... Ise ka kuch nai hone wala" he muttered under his breath and moved towards her 

"Offo ! Dress sambhalu? Thaal sambhalu? Sandal sambhalu? yaa fir in baalo ko sambhalu?...Arggghhh" she cursed under her breath struggling wd her sandal which made Armaan chuckle who just came behind her he bend towards her

Yehi hota pyaar hai kya

Mere dile bekar...aaar...

"Pehle khud ko sambhal lo.." he whispered slowly in her ear which made her startled

"Huh ! " she looked back at him while her heart skipped a beat where as he raised his eyebrows

"Mai help kar dun" he whispered huskily bending towards her who moved her head a little back controling her heart beat

"Nai main kar lungi" she replied softly battling her lashes down making him smile

"Yaa rite...dikh raha hai" he spoke sarcastically while putting her duppata back on her shoulder making her stare at him quitely "Vaise isme hai kya??" he asked about the thaal while tucking her hair back which made her more nervous

"Vo...isme mehendi hai" she replied gripping tightly the thaal it was slipping from her hands coz of his touch

"Ooo...ise mujhe do aur sandals pehnlo fir le lena" he spoke while taking the thaal from her hands to which she gave a silent nod and started wearing the sandals on her feet while keeping her one hand on his shoulder for support he was staring at her wd full of love forgeting his decision that he have to stay away from her he bend his head and directly kissed on her cheek making her startle who had just wore her sandals

"Armaa..aaan...dijiye" she spoke blushingly making him smirk and he gave another kiss on her another cheek " Armaan...aap na" she blushed looking here & there and took the thaal from his hands and tried to go but his hold on her waist stopped her "Armaan chodiye..." she whispered slowly looking down which made him smile

Yehi hota pyaar hai kya...

"Acha pehle ye batao tum mehendi lagaogi na" he asked while tucking her hairs behind her ear to which she nodded her head in no "Acha...kyun" he asked teasingly moving closer to her

"Armaan Mummiji.." she spoke scardely which made Armaan to look back while she ran from there wd a giggle

"Bracelet ki bacchi..." he looked back at her but she was no where in sight "Fir se bhaag gayi..." he shook his head wd a smile


Khwabo me koi ku... Hai yun rehta

Aye dil tu ku mujhse... Hai ye kehta

"Ye Armaan kahan hai... sab khane k liye wait kar rahe hai... aur ye pata nai kaha hai ..pata nai kuch khaya b hai ya nai" she thought while searching for him in the palace she rubbed her arms coz of wind which was chilled now she wore a navy-blue saree while her hairs were left opened "Vo rahe...vaha akele kya kar rahe hai...vo b itni raat ko" she whispered seeing him sitting at the edge of railing in the garden's tent house she walked towards him wd slow steps "ye Armaan k paas jaate waqt itni ghabrahat kyun ho rahi hai mujhe..." she thought in her heart and stopped at the entrance of the tent "I think tu chal yaha se...haa ajeeb hi lag raha hai" she thought and turned to leave when Armaan automatically turned

"Bracelet..." he called from behind where as she closed her eyes tightly "Kahan jaa rahi ho...vo b bina kuch kahe.." he asked confusedly which made her to turn 

"Nai...vo bas..aap kuch soch rahe socha.." she fumbled making him frown

"Socha..." he asked slowly while walking towards her whose heart raced

"Ammm..vo socha disturb nai karu..." She manage to complete which made him chuckle

"Kya tum b yaar...Tum kab mujhe disturb karne lagi" he spoke staring at her who looked down "Vaise Bracelet...jab se mai aaya hu..humne baate to ki hi nai" he said which made her head snapped to look at him

"Haan...vo shaadi me busy the na..." she answered looking here and there which made him to nod "Kya ho raha hai ye...sab kuch ajeeb kyun lag raha hai...Armaan itne strange kyun behave kar rahe hai...may be shayad itne din baad mile to thoda...apne track se hat gaye..." she thought in her heart

"Yaar samajh me nai aa raha ki Bracelet ko kaise shaadi k baad ki flight hai...kash Bracelet mere saath aati...kash.." he thought looking at the sky

Something has changed she can feel it coz this type of awkwardness was never in their life Specially from Armaan's side which build up some unknown fear inside her heart she looked at him who was looking outside the tent the chilled weather was making the atmosphere romantic where as this couple was lost in their own thoughts

"Armaan...kaisa tha..aapka Singapore ka case" she asked after struggling to herself which made him smile

"It was good...tum to janti hi ho" he replied putting his hands in his jeans pocket to which she gave a silent nod he looked at her "Enough Armaan...chal chup-chap Bracelet se puchle ki kya vo tere saath aaygi...aur ye awkwardness khatam kar" his mind scolded him to which he agreed

"To fir mai chalti hu.." she spoke after seeing the atmosphere so quite and turned to leave when

"Bracelet..." He gripped her wrist which made her to turned and looked at him who moved closer to her "Vo mujhe tumse kuch puchna aur kehna tha.." he asked hesistatly where as she was just staring at him "Bolu..." he asked looking at her

Vo mera rasta b hai

Aur vohi manzil...

"Haaa kahiye..." she replied where as he still held her hand

"Vo...main kal thik shaadi k baad wapas jaa raha hu..." he spoke and looked at her face who was totally shocked to hear this

"Kya.?? Par kyun..i mean abi to aap aaye the...aur abi.." she asked immidiatly not giving him chance to answer

"Ssshhh...Yaar mujhe bolne to dogi..." he gritted his teeth while controlling his temper which was making him angry

"Kya bolne du mai aapko Armaan kya..." she yelled on him wd moist eyes "aapko kya lagta hai..aap jab chahe tab chod k jaa sakte hai aur jab chahe tab aa sakte hai...mera kya..Armaan..." she sniffed which made him to move closer to her and looked at her

"Mera kya Bracelet.." he asked making her to look at him by helding her chin "Kya tumhara.." he whispered on her face a tear eacaped from her eyes which made him to wipe wd his thumb "Bologi nai..." he again asked which made her to close her eyes and he understood her silence he remove some flicks from her face and bend his head towards her face and took her lips into his.

She clutched his shirt tightly wd her fist which was on his chest pulling him closer to her where as Armaan moved his one hand on her bare waist pulling her closer and his one hand on her cheek they both kissed like craving from ages her hands lightly tried to pushed him who understood and he left her lips slowly making her head fall on his chest while taking long deep breaths wd her eyes closed where as Armaan's hands automatically circled her and pulled her closer still wd closed eyes both can feel the heartbeat of each other

"Bracelet..." he whispered in her hairs which made her eyes opened and she moved back from the hug and looked down wd shyness "Main janta main tumhe akela chod k gaya tha..but maine tumse pucha b tha" he slowly said while taking her hands in his "Aur main aaj b wohi puchta hu...kya tum mere saath aaogi..." he asked hopefully staring at her who was totally confused

Vo mera sagar b hai

Aur vohi sahil...

"Bracelet...isse pehle tum bohoot kuch socho...let me remind tumhari sabse pehli priority main tumhe mere saath aana padega" he pointed his finger at her stubbornly making her looked at him

"Par Armaan.." she whispered slowly staring at him

"Par var chodo...bolo tum aaogi ki nai" he asked while entwining their fingers making her gasped "bolo.." he probed further

"Armaan..yaha par Mummy ji Daddiji hai...Dada ji - Dadi ji aur Aditi - Dev hai unka kya...main aise kaise jaa sakti hu...sabko chod k.." she answered softly which made him to leave her fingers

"Yaa rite aur main kuch nai...hai na?" he asked staring deep at her

"Nai aisa nai hai...vo sab kya kahenge Armaan...I mean main aise kaise jaa sakti hu...sab yaha par hai..aur main vaha...nai kabi nai..." she spoke which made him angry and he jerked her angrily towards him by her shoulder who gulped seeing his anger for the first tym

"Main to tumhare liye kuch nai hu...hai na" he gritted his teeth "Tumhe sabki parwa hai...but ek main hi to hu jo tumhare liye koi importance nai rakhta...u know what let it be..mat aao" he lived her slowly and moved some steps back

"Nai...Armaan..main to bas sabke liye soch rahi thi...vo aapki family hai...aur agar main b chali gayi to unke saath kon rahega...bas" she spoke wd fear and gripped her fist tightly and hearing her voice Armaan cooled down his anger and rubbed his face wd his hands

Kaisi bata ye

Betaabiyaa hai...

"I am sorry..." he whispered and walked closer towards her "thoda u know gusse me aagya tha..." he spoke gently and took her hands in his

"It's ok.." she whispered and hugged him tightly who hugged her back

"Soch baar to sahi salamat aa gaya...but kya pata agli baar...aau to affair waffair ho..." he spoke wd grin still hugging her who moved back staring at him

"Chalega...kya pata mera b koi affair ho yaha.." she spoke wd light smile on her face

"Yaa rite Affair vo b tumhara..." he shook his head

"What do u mean.." she smacked on his arm who rubbed and pulled her towards him playfully

"I mean to say...agar hamari shaadi nai hui hoti...yaa fir karayi nai gayi hoti...tum to zindagi bhar knuwari rehti..." he answered giving her fake serious look who hit him again "Awwe Bracelet lagti hai yaar..tum na" he pulled her by her hands who giggled seeing him "bohoot hassi aa rahi hai na tumhe..." he asked

"Haa to aapne jo bola...uske liye u deserve it..." she freed her hands from his grip and crossed her arms which made Armaan to shook his head and he pulled her towards him by her waist who gasped and stared at him "Armaan.." She whispered but he didn't spoke anything to her he only hugged her tightly where as she frowned seeing his action

Hum chalte chalte

Aaye kaha hai...

" Bracelet plz chalo na mere saath...plz.." he whispered in her hairs and hearing this she closed her eyes and moved her hands on his back

"Armaan plz...main nai a sakti..." she replied still hugging him who gripped her tightly after hearing this

"Fine..." he moved back from the hug "but jab mere affairs honge don't u dare to complain anything" he pointed to which she crossed her arms

"Sochungi..." she relpiled wd fake anger which made Armaan to kiss her on cheek making her startled when

"Shilpa..." Aditi called her name loudly making both to look at her direction who was searching her everywhere Armaan looked at Shilpa

"Jao tumhara bulava aa gaya..." he spoke in very calm voice to which Shilpa gave a nod and moved towards Aditi "Kyun nai samajhti tum Bracelet...mera jaana to sirf bahana hai..main to ye jana chahta tha ki...kya tum mere saath aa sakti ho...ya fir kya tum mujhse pyaar karti ho..." he looked at her from far who was talking to Aditi and disappeared in Palace and Armaan kicked a stone through his leg

"Par main haar gaya...aur mera viswaash...ek saal ho gaye hamari shaadi ko...fir b tum mere liye kuch nai feel karti..kya karu main.." he took a long sigh and looked at the sky


~ Wedding Time ~

"Yaar kya dikh raha hai tu.." Armaan commented which made Avi smile who was sitting in Mandap waiting for Shagun's entry

"Sun maine suna tu jaa raha hai aaj" Avi asked Armaan whose smile faded

"Soch at least teri shaadi me aa to gaya" Adi took his side which made Avi shook his head

"Haan ehsaan kiya na..." Avi replied in sarcastic way

"Oye zyada mat bol aaj teri shaadi hai...kuch to sharam kar" Dev spoke which made the boys laugh

"Sharam hi to nai hai.." Avi answered

"Oye hil mat mera video kharab karega tu..." Armaan scolded while moving his camera towards Avi who shook his head

"Aap sab zara chup ho jayenge...kanya k aane ka tym ho gaya hai...unhe bulaiyee" Priest interrupted in b/w them which made the four of them quite!

"Haa abi Shilpa aur Aaysha laa rahi hai use.." Shagun's mother answered to which everyone waited for Shagun's arrival when

"Aree waah Aditi tumne to aaj sabko piche chod kuch kaho mere video k liye..." Armaan commented Aditi who was holding the thali in her hands while he was taking her video

"Offo!! Tum na hatoge saamne se...mujhe kaam hai..aur vaise b tum to jaane wale ho...baat mat karo mujhse tum" Aditi taunted him who made a face

"Kya yaar aise farewell dogi mujhe...too baddd.." he spoke in dramatic way to which she rolled her eyes

"Hatto phek dungi...tumhare upper.." she pointed


Dile bekarar

Haa dile bekar...aar... 

"Cool...phoolo se farewell dogi...sounds intresting" he teased her who glared at him

"Dekho...plz hat jao saamne se...ab to Shagun b aa gayi hai..hatoo.." she whined which made him smile and he turned towards the bride and stopped seeing the scene infront of him

Where Shilpa is holding Shagun from one side wd small smile on her lips she wore a peach and baby pink lehenga her hairs were tied in a pony wd gajra on it he was mesmerized by her beauty she was walking wd slow steps towards the mandap as if coming towards him coz his heart beat was at fast speed like doing any race

Yehi hota pyaar hai kya


Mere dile bekar...aaar


"Agar ye aise hi dikhegi to main jaa kaise paunga...god" he was staring at her who was smiling seeing the wedding couple she was standing infront of him and he was lost in her he gave the camera to Rehaan and was just staring at the couple and then at Shilpa

"Kya hamari shaadi b aise hi hui hogi.." he thought in his heart "Nai Armaan tu to alien hai na...offcourse dude aise hi hui hogi..." his mind spoke "kash yaad hota ki hamari shaadi kaise hui thi...he thought and stared at Shilpa who was only looking down staring at the fire remembering their marriage

Yehi hota pyaar hai kya

Mere dile bekar...aar... 

"Kabi socha nai jis shaadi se dur bhaagti thi aaj use hi yaad karke acha lag raha hai.." Shilpa thought staring at the fire remembering her marriage "ajeeb sa hi lag raha hai...agar aaj aap chale main kaise rahungi..." she wiped a tear from her corner of eyes which can fall anytime "hum ladkiyo ki problem hi yehi hoti hai...ek chote se rishte ko apni puri duniyaa samajh lete hai..aur phir wohi rishta dhoka dena shuru karta hai.." her mind reminded her when she felt a movement beside her she didn't turned but she knew it was Armaan ,she can feel it!

"Achi...lag rahi ho.." he whispered and turned his head towards her who smiled hearing this but didn't turned to look at him and seeing this he also looked at front, as if she wasn't in peace then his condition was worst of it! They both didn't turned at eachother,they stood just like that watching the marriage quitely and after that Shagun's bidaai came she walked towards Armaan after meeting wd her family

"Promise me tu jaldi wapas aayga.." she looked at him who hugged her

"Aaunga yaar...tu jaa aaram se" he cupped her face "take care.." he moved some steps back and wiped his tears and his gaze landed on Shilpa who was looking down, not at him "Lagta hai tumhe ab b farq nai padta mere jaane thik hai" he took a sigh and moved some steps back and left the place immidiatly wdout meeting anyone


"Armaan bina mile mujhse kaise jaa sakte hai" she was constantly crying since the tym she found he left the place wdout meeting anyone she was still in her lehenga Rehaan informed everyone about Armaan's exit coz he informed Rehaan before leaving the place "Tu b pagal hai...jab tu khud unke bina nai reh bola kyun nai saath jaane k liye.." she cursed herself gripping the bedsheet tightly and cried more she was sitting down while holding the bed just like her wedding night!

"Main kaise rahungi aspke bina Armaan..." she sniffed and turned her head infront looking outside the window "plz aajae ye Armaan mai...nai reh sakti aapke bina.." she pulled her knees closer to her chest like a ball and started crying more


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