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part 18 : Sirf Tum


@ Night 1'O' Clock

Yehi hota pyaar hai kya...

"Kyun phone kiya tune mujhe...bina bataye chala gaya fir kyun call kiya.." Dev scolded Armaan as he received his call

"Bakwas band kar aur Parking lot me aa" He almost ordered Dev who got confused listening this

"Don't tell me ki tu..nai gayaa" he asked in shock

"Tu aayga pehle.." Armaan spoke tiredly leaning against the cars door

"Aayaa.." Dev answered and cutted the call and ran outside from his room towards the Parking lot as he reached found Armaan leaning against the cars door while his eyes were closed "Idiot kaha gaya tha tu sab... kitna pareshaan the vo to Rehaan tu jaa chukka hai.." he panted and hit his head who made a face

"Abbe ruk yaar...bolne to de.." he defended himself but his voice was tierd which Dev can observe so he stopped and looked at him

"Wapas kaise aa gaya...flight chut gayi kya.." he asked worriedly following him who just sat on car's bonnet

"Chuti nai...chod di.." he replied slowly which made Dev's eyes wide and Armaan's head turned towards him "kya aise mat dekh...ab ho gaya..." he spoke seeing his expressions which was forming in grin "Stop it Dev..." he warned but Dev was already laughing

"Hahaaa...I don't believe this...tune flight chod di...Shi...Shilpa k liye" he spoke while controlling hi laugh

"Main chala jaunga wapas..." he warned which made Dev quite

"Fine...sorry...kaise mood hua aane ka wapas" he asked smilingly to which Armaan looked at the ground

"Vo...pata nai kya hua...acha khasa baitha tha flight ka wait kar raha tha...fir Bracelet k bare me sochte sochte...ajeeb sa laga aur jaana cancel kar diya.." he informed which brought a huge smile on Dev's face

"Crazily Madly in Love" Dev chuckled which made Armaan to glare at him "Acha Sorry...ab ye bata tu sabko kya kahega..." he asked

"Jo tujhe laga...flight chut gayi.." Armaan answered and bend against the car's front glass

" fir jaa...baitha kya hai" Dev lightly pushed him who glared "kya ? Shilpa ka haal dekhna chahiye tha jab...Rehaan ne bataya tha...sirf maine dekha tha uska chehra...hurt thi vo.." Dev informed making Armaan stunned

"Jata hu...abi thodi der ruk...relax hone de mujhe" he closed his eyes knowing very well what's her condition but he wanted to make her realize about himself

"pagal..." Dev shook his head and layed beside him


Sunta hu

Mai teri

Ye dastaa...aan...

"Calm down Shilpa...calm down.." she washed her face wd water and looked at her reflection in mirror which was dull due to constantly crying "bas bohoot ho gaya...chal aaram kar kal sube nikalna b to hai..." she took a deep breath and tried to smile which failed immidiatly she rubbed her face wd towel and looked at herself she was still in her lehnga and after composing herself she moved out from wash room

"Acha hua room k keys le liye the maine Bracelet se...varna aaj andar aane hi nai deti vo mujhe..." he slowly tip toed and looked all around the room which was empty right now "aree ye Bracelet kaha gayi..." he kept his bag side and moved towards washroom when he bumped wd Shilpa

"Aawww.." she whinced as she banged wd the wall where as Armaan's hands caged her while his head was buried in her hairs and an instant she felt it's him "Armaan..." she whispered slowly while he moved his head back and looked at her stunned eyes which was wide now he corrected himself and moved some steps back but her hold on his shirt did'nt let him

"Kya hua...Wify...shock ho.." he asked while trying to free her hand wd slow move "Bracelet..." he looked at her confused face but also he noticed her puffed eyes and a tug formed in his heart

"Armaaan...aap.." she fumbled and suddenly stopped looking down for some minutes "Kya Armaan sach me yaha hai...yaa fir main sapna dekh rahi hu" her heart spoke

"Bracelet...kya hua.." he asked narrowing his eyes making her come out from her thought

"Armaan aap I mean aap yaha kaise...aap to chale gaye the na" she somehow asked which made him to move some steps back loosing her hold from his shirt

"Actually Flight chut gayi liye aana pada...varna kabhi nai aata" he answered in fake stern voice while moving his hands in his jeans pocket where as a smile came on her lips

"Armaan.." she smiled wd moist eyes she didn't knew how happy she is right now she moved to hug him but his voice stopped her

"I know...but don't worry kal yaa parso chala jaunga.." he spoke sternly which was fake defiantly

"Kyun..parso kyun...Armaan plz...mat.." she stopped as he turned towards her "I mean plz mat jaaiye.." she request slowly

"Kyun nai jau...tum raho na meri family k paas...aur vaise b tumhe meri kya jarurat hai...tum raho akeli" he taunted crossing his arms and staring directly at her

"Aap aisa kyun keh rahe ho...Armaan..main.." she sniffed while walking closer to him

"Main kya...Bracelet ...kya galat kaha maine...kabhi tumne aakar mujhe roka ki mat jao Armaan...nai na to fir" he spoke angrily walking closer to her who got scared seeing his anger

"Armaan...main.." she tried to say but his voice stopped her

"Let it be Bracelet...tumse kuch nai honewala...tum raho sabke saath mujhe chodke...right..and.." he spoke angrily but stopped as she moved and hugged him tightly while crying bitterly which made him close his eyes "Damm Armaan kya kar diya..." he smacked himself mentally but he didn't hugged her back and she was clutching his shirt tightly from the back making him desperate to respond but his mind stopped him

"Armaan...aap plz aisa mat boliye...aapko kyun lagta hai ki mujhe aapki jarurat nai hai.." she whispered still hugging him

"Kyun na lage...Bracelet..tumhe mujhe chod kar sab dikhte hai..infact shayad tum mere saath reh b nai sakti" he moved from the hug frustratingly making her scared

"Armaan aapko aisa kyun lagta hai..." she sobbed and moved towards him wd slow steps "Main nai janti ki aapko aisa kyun lagta hai...but sach to yeh hai ki..main.." she whispered while playing wd his shirt's button where as Armaan was only staring at her confusedly "Main aapke bina nai reh sakti..." she looked up at him "Aap jahan...main vaha" she sniffed and hugged him slowly moving her hands on his back who was totally confused whether to smile or cry

"Tum sirf keh rahi ho...agar main kahunga mere saath chalne k tum mana kar dogi.." he spoke innocently while hugging her back which made her shook her head in no

"I promise...main aapke saath hi rahungi.." she moved her head back and looked at his face who had a smile on his face


Ik din to

Ye dooriyaa...aan...

"Soch lo...koi nai hoga vaha pe...sirf main aur tum Mom-Dad na Dada-Dadi na hi Dev aur specially tumhari Aditi.." he spoke wd grin while tucking her hair behind her ear who looked for some minute then looked up at him

"Chalega..." she replied innocently which made Armaan chuckle

"Chalega.." he asked teasingly to which she nodded in yes "Oyyee Hoyyee...kya baat hai wify kuch hi pal me improvement...great.." he commented which made her smile "but ek problem hai.." he spoke slowly which made her looked at him

"Kya problem.." she asked worriedly

"Vo kya ab koi faida nai hai jaane ka...kyun ki" he wrapped his both hands on her waist bring her close to himself while her hands rested on his chest and she looked up frowning "kyun ki ab mera mood nai hai jaane ka...main yehi rahunga.." he answered wd a smile which made her smile too

"Kyun par.." she asked confusedly

"Kyun ki... Saas b kabhi bahu thi.." he answered which made her to smack on his chest lightly while dragging his name "Ok fine...aise hi mood nai hai jane ka..." he spoke while lifting her up in his arms

"Armaan.." she whispered scarily gripping his shirt tightly "Niche utariye mujhe Armaan plz..."she insisted scarily while hiding her face in his neck who was grinning

"Offo! Bracelet...darti kyun ho..isse pehle b utha chukka hu.." he spoke coolly while making her lay down on bed

"Kab??" she asked confusedly opening her eyes and looked at him who was now top of her

"Tumhe yaad hai...jab tumhara b'day tha tum bike pe so gayi...thi tab..mujhe tumhe uthake hamare room tak le jana pada..." he informed while playing wd her hairs "Baap re kitni bhari ho tum..vo to bhala ho mere gym jaane ka...varna koi aur hota to gir jata" he made his face in disbeilf making her mouth in 'O' Shape

"Haww...main bhaari kisne kaha tha uthane k liye...jaga dete main khud chali jaati" she hit his chest and tried to pushed him who was very strong comparing to her

"Masti kar raha tha Bracelet...sorry..." he defended himself which made her stop "Good girl...tumhe nind nai aa rahi hai..mujhe to bohoot aa rahi hai..." he yawned while lying beside her who giggled at this scene

"Kyun thak gaye..." she asked wd a giggle where as Armaan shook his head

"Vo kya hai na...tumhari tarah raato ko jaagne ka shauk nai hai mujhe.." he taunted cheekily which made her hit him again "Aaaw yaar kitna marti ho tum...chalo so jao chup chap I know tum b tired ho" he gripped her left hand and pulled her closer to him, who first tym in history didn't back off

"For a change...mujhe b aaj nind aa rahi hai" she replied and turned her head towards other side which made Armaan to shook his head

"Main nai janta tum mere liye kya feel karti ho but main itna janta hu ki tum mere bina reh nai sakti...which is a good sign for me" his heart spoke and he looked at her who was sleeping according to him he was facing her back "aur ye pehli sidhi hai tumhara meri aage b pyaar ho hi jayga...dekh lena" he smirked

"bas ab Armaan Malik kuch nai karega...ab tumhe hi apna pehla kadam lena hoga...aur jab tak tum nai keh deti ki you love me...bhool jao main kahunga.." he smiled while moving his hands behind his head he turned to look at her again but his gaze landed on her back where two strings were hiding her back and a urge came to him to pull that strings and touched her back "Idiot tu pagal ho gaya hai..." his mind scolded him which made him to turn at another side "Soja chup chap..." he whispered and closed his eyes

He only came for her he only stop for her coz he love her and he wants she also love him back but wdout any force or burden and today's incident made him sure that she loves him but may be didn't know and her puffed eyes made him realise not to hurt her anymore he knew she was crying before he came that's why he got frustrated that why if she didn't want him then why she cried for him

That's why he made her lay on bed coz he knew she must be tired but for now he didn't want any problem b/w them so he decided let it be like this when the tym will come she also come to him till then he will love her like he does now and wait for her After few minutes Shilpa changed her side and her hand landed on his chest which made her to open her eyes

Umeed tune

Hai dil

Koi nai hai...

"Offo!! Ek to ye bina..baal khule mujhe nind nai aati..." she whispered slowly while opening her hairs from the pony "aur upper se jewelries..." she removed her all jewelries and put that on a side she turned her head towards Armaan who was sleeping peacefully while the cool breeze was making the atmosphere cold

"Ye" she picked the comforter and put on him who turned immediately while gripping her hand tightly which made her smile she pulled the comfortor on herself wd her other hand and laid beside him looking at his cute angelic face "Samajh me nai aata..kya karu apna...jitna sochti hu aapse dur rahu..utna hi karib aati hu...aap mujhe badal rahe ho Armaan..agar kabhi aap chale kaise rahungi mai aapke bina..." she thought in her heart

"Main nai meri badkismati ki wajah se...aapke upper koi musibat aaye...kyun ki meri wajah se mere Papa aise badle...agar ladki nai hoti to ye problems kabhi nai aate...apna sabse acha dost nai khoti...aur main aapko nai khona chahti.." she removed her hand from his and stared at him

"par pata nai kyun...aapke saath jeene ka maan karta hai...hasne ka maan karta hai...kyun aaj itni badi baat keh di mai aapke bina nai reh sakti..aur sirf aapke saath rehna chahti hu...kyun dar nai lagta mujhe jab aap chute hai mujhe...kyun acha lagta hai mujhe aapke karib...kyun main rokti nai aapko jab aap mujhe chute hai...Armaan mujhe dar hai ki main aapse pyaar karne lagi hu...aur ye maib nai chahti...kyun ki aisa hua to mujhe aapko khone ka dar hoga..." she moved her hand in his hairs making him relax

"Aur kya pata aapke dil me aisa kuch ho hi na...jaisa mere dil me ho...aapne to ab tak apna right b nai manga...jab ki hamari shaadi ko ek saal pure b ho gaye...main bohoot galat thi aapke bare me...aap mere liye duniya k best husband ho...aur main pyaar ko bich me laaker sab kuch khatam nai karna chahti...but main aapko rokungi b nai...apna haq jatane pe..." she caressed his hairs lovingly while putting her head on his chest as if scared he will leave her while her hand was on his waist where as his hand automatically landed on her and he hugged her tightly in his sleep as if assuring her he will b always wd her an instant smile came on her lips and she snuggled more in him closing her eyes and when sleep took over her she didn't knew


'3 days later still in Jaipur'

"Acha tum sab ladkiyo ka ho gaya ho to...koi batayega...kon kon is baar karva chauth rakh raha hai.." Ananya asked the girls who were sitting in lawn chating for sometym including other ladies also they all were still in Jaipur's palace enjoying the place and tomorrow is Karvachauth so they r discussing about the topic

"Main abi nai rakhungi...baad me kabhi jarur rakhungi" Shagun replied keeping her coffee mug a side she had came for two days 'pag phera'

"Kyun nai rakhegi tu.." Shagun's mother hit her head lightly

"Kynu ki..main nai believe karti in sab me aur na hi Avi to fir kyun rakhu mai ye vrat...and now plz don't force me" she kept her answer infront of all ladies who shook their head Shagun's Mom about to scold her but Ananya's voice stopped her

"Rehne do Naina...jab usko nai rakhna to mat force karo use..." Ananya spoke to which Naina shook her head

"Vaise Shilpa beta is baar to vrat rakhogi na tum...agli baar to nai rakha tha tumne..." One of their Bua asked in taunting way which made Shilpa to nod in yes

"Vo is liye Didi kyun ki..agli baar sirf inki shaadi ko ek hafte hi hue the...aur Armaan b bahar ye dono ek dusre ko jante hi kitna maine hi mana kar diya tha" Ananya took Shilpa's side to which Bua give her a small smile

"Vaise ye in dono ki...pehli karva chauth hogi..." Aaysha spoke excitedly which made Aditi giggle "Tujhe kya hua...kyun has rahi hai tu..." she whispered in her ear

"Bas aise soch k ki ye Madam reh b payengi ki nai" Aditi answered which made Aysha shook her head and after lot's of chating and discussing all women's leave for their rooms except Shilpa and Aditi who were arranging the things properly in lawn "Acha sun tu ye vrat rakh to payegi na..." Aditi asked Shilpa who thought for sometym and then shrugged her shoulder "Fir b try karna..." She suggested gently making her smile "pata nai ye vrat ladkiyaa kyun rakhti hai...ladke kyun nai" Aditi asked tiredly

"Pata nai...bas ek tradition hai jise sab follow karte hai...bina ye soche ki ye to dono k liye equal hona chahiye...akhir shaadi kya ladkiyo ne akeli ki hai.." Shilpa answered instead got confused where as Armaan who just came to meet them stopped at the entrance hearing her answer

"Haa actually..after all hum ladkiyo ko b lambi umar chahiye.." Aditi replied making Shilpa smile

"Nai nai...mujhe lambi umar nai chahiye infact mujhe to aur kam umar chahiye..." she replied which made Aditi giggle "Aur agar ladke fast rakhenge to unki shaan kam ho jaygi na..." she taunted boys in sarcastic way which made Armaan chuckle

Teri zid pe

Mere aye dil

Sab akhiri hai...

"To tum ladkiyaa...b mat rakho...kisne kaha ye faltu rules ko follow karne ko" Armaan came towards them who looked at him where as Shilpa got embarrassed

"Kya tu b...kuch b bolti hai agar Armaan ne sun liya hoga to...kya sochenge mere bare me vo.." she smacked herself mentally "ek minute tujhe kyu farq padta hai vo kya soche aur kya nai.." she asked herself in her heart confusedly when Aditi's voice brought her back to reality

"Vo kya hai na...tumhara pura khandaan follow karta hume b karna padega.." Aditi answered Armaan who sat on table looking at the two

"Mat follow karo...yaar jab main khud keh raha hu.." he spoke proudly

"Haan haan tum to king ho na..." Aditi spoke making him smirk proudly while Shilpa move out to put the mattress on store room when Armaan called her

"Bracelet kaha..." he frowned which made Shilpa to show the mattress which is in her hands "Ohh...acha plz mere liye coffee bhijwa do...plz" he requested cutely making her smile

"Laati hun.." she replied wd a smile and moved out from there "Pata nai Armaan ki har ek baat achi kyun lagne lagi hai...infact ye vrat b main khud uske liye rakhna chahti hu.." she thought

"Acha to ye vrat ka matlab to yehi hota wife apne husband k lambi umar k liye rakhti hai.." he asked Aditi who smiled at his question

"Haan...aur ye b ki vo dono janmo tak saath rahenge" she spoke to which he nodded his head "tumhe pata hai last year jab tum NY me sabne kaha tha...Shilpa ko fast rakhne k liye...but Mummiji ne mana kar diya...kyun ki tum dono saath me to thae hi nai" she informed pinching his nose lightly who rubbed that

"Acha kiya...Mom ne...aur tum batao tum to har saal rakhti ho Dev k baar kya plan hai...kyun ki har saal to vo jaan bujhkar late karta hai...but ab lagta hai bohoot jaldi aayga...u know kitna badal gaya hai vo" he spoke in teasing tone making her glare at him

"Armaan plz...stop it" she pointed her finger which made Armaan more mischievous

"Kyun...batao na..." he asked teasingly while Aditi ran behind him to beat him who laughed at her blushing expressions

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