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part 3 & 4 : Beetein_Lamhe

PART - 3

He bowed down his head like a lill student caught by his teacher nd she looked away smilingly... Then very softly she asked..

"par aap mujhe doondh kyun rahe the??"

He looked at her nd smiled widely seeing her smiling like an angel..

"aapko nahi pata??"

She was still looking sideways escaping his gaze but he was admiring her only.

"didi?? ye sab kya ho raha hain?? ye CHOR aapko dhundh raha tha?? par kyun??"
poor bitto was trying hard to understand the situation but concluded with being highly confused.

She turned toward bitto.. "kuch nahi.. tu ja.. main abhi ayee.."

"par.." bitto tried to stay but she forced him to go nd finally he agreed.

"oye.. khabardar meri didi ko tang kiya toh... " Bitto threaten their CHOR.. on the other hand their CHOR wanted to smack bitto but controlled anyway..

"bittooo" She glared nd he flew from there.. Then turning to him, she said calmly..
"aapne bataya nahi aap mujhe kyun dundh rahe the??"

He smiled showing his cute dimples.. "sach kahoon ya jhoot??"

"mm... jhoot hi kahiye.. pata to chale aap ktne BADE JHOOTE hain" she said smiling widely.. her eyes were twinkling with the hinge of naughtiness..

He looked away smilingly seeing her cute nd naughty antics nd then clearing his throat, he turned to her..

"woh uss din to main aapka naam pooch na bhul hi gaya.. to socha jab dosto se kahunga ke ek soni kudi (beautiful girl) ki help ki thi to naam to bata hi nahi payunga... toh iss liye aapko dundh raha tha.. aakhir pata to chale ye neki (help)  kis dariya (river) mein gayee"

he replied cheekily but at the same time made a pure innocent face.. She laughed aloud seeing her equal competitor... and relaxed completely...

"aap ko bhuk lagi thi , na?? samne hi ek dhaba hain... aap agar chaho toh..."

He got her hint nd agreed at once.. "haan.. chaliye.."

"Woww.. naani... naanu simply rocked... Proud of u naanu.." junior gave a flying kiss to the picture of his naanu kept on the side table..

"haan armu.. aapke naanu ko harana mushkil hi nahi namumkin tha.. kyun mumma??" Arima asked remembering her papa's cute but naughty antics..

"bilkul.. poore pagal the tere papa.." Riddhima agreed smilingly nd brought junior on her lap.. he hugged her naani nd asked curiously...

"fir kya hua, naani?? naanu ne aapko propose kiya, na??"

They were walking along the narrow road without talking further.. He was badly wanting to start a conversation but didn't get courage to initiate. But suddenly she stopped midway...

"Jhoot to pata chal gaya.. aab sach bhi bata dijiye.." She asked shyly.

"aap boora to nahi manengi na??" he wanted to confess but he was uncertain.

"agar boora hi manna hota to itni door nahi ati.. woh bhi ek CHOR ke sath" she tried to lighten the situation..

He smiled nd started walking towards her fixing his gaze on her eyes.. She too was captivated with his eyes nd stood there spot rooted.. She was admiring his honest eyes nd some how she felt that his eyes were conveying  LOVE only!!
He kept on walking until he was just an inch away from her nd then he confessed closing his eyes..

"mujhe nahi pata aap yakeen (believe) karengi bhi ya nahi par sach to yeh hain.. uss din jab maine aapko raaste (road) ke pass khade hue dekha to dekhta hi reh gaya.. aapki aankhe jo dari hui thi .. aap ki hath jo kabhi aapki dupatta mein toh kabhi aapke baalo (hair) uljhi hui thi.. aapki honth (lip) jo dar se kamp rahi thi...

She gasped hearing his confession.. how well he remembered every single details of her... She wanted to see his eyes to check the truth behind his words although her heart was saying that he was telling TRUTH only. nd she became confirmed as he opened her eyes conveying his true feeling from those heaven blue pair..

... aapki masumiyaat ne woh kar diya jo aa tak koi bhi ladki nahi kar payi.. rab ki sau (god promise)... ye banda to ussi pal mein aapna dil har gaya...

her breathe got stuck in her throat.. She stared at him without blinking her eyes.

...mujhe nahi pata tha ke aap kaun ho, nahi yeh janna merey liye zaroori tha.. merey liye sirf ek baat ehmiyaat rakhti hain ke MUJHE AAPSE pehli hi nazar mein PYAAR HO GAYA HAIN... "


"Yeayyy... "
Junior jumped from her lap in happiness..
"yeay naanu ne keh diya.. naanu ne keh diya " nd started dancing on the bed.

"armuuu... beta..." Arima tried to stop him but he was very happy nd proud of his naanu.. :P :D


PART - 4

...mujhe nahi pata tha ke aap kaun ho, nahi yeh janna merey liye zaroori tha.. merey liye sirf ek baat ehmiyaat rakhti hain ke MUJHE AAPSE pehli hi nazar mein PYAAR HO GAYA HAIN...

He paused for her response. But where was she?? His confession just stole her from herself.. She simply stood like a statue... staring at him lovingly.. gradually lill smile started forming on her lips.. nd soon that lill smile became wider.. nd she turned her gaze away from him... it was impossible for her to keep on looking those heaven blue eyes.. his eyes were hypnotizing her... She moved from there juz a lill n whispered..

"chalein?? dhaba aa hi gaya hain!!"

He was examining each n every minute change of her expression nd he was sure she liked him too.. but she needed time to accept.. nd he had no problem to wait.. at least she didn't refuse him or misunderstand him.. that was more than enough for him then.. He agreed smilingly n both started walking for the dhaba..

"wat??????????" junior shouted at his naani...
"were u mad naani?? naanu ne itney pyaar se aapko aapney dill ki baat kahi aur aapney unhe reply bhi nahi di?? (then melodramatically he said).. hey bhagwan... bechare mere naanu ko kaha phasa diya.. tch .. tch.. "

"armuuu" riddhima shouted in astonishment nd junior poking his tongue , jumped from the bed...

"thik e to kaha naani.. u were slower than tortoise... i hope mujhe itni slow gf na miley" nd he ran towards drawing room as soon as he saw his granny cuming down from her bed as well..

"naanu ke chamche... rukho... main abhi batati hoon aapko.."
nd she too ran behind him..

"mumma.. dhyaan se... armuu beta... "
poor arima tried to stop both her mother n son but it was impossible for her to stop them... sighing, she too followed them... but reaching the drawing room she saw an adorable sight nd smiled widely seeing the two most important persons of her life so happy...

Riddhima caught junior armaan.. nd placing him on sofa, started tickling him... nd poor junior was laughing hysterically... he was laughing so much that his eyes started flowing...

"hahaha.. naani.. baas.. pl... hehe..zzz.. hahahaha... naani.. stop na... "
he was laughing like maniac nd also jumped on the sofa whenever his naani tickle him more... he was being out of breathe due to continuous laughing n same went for his naani.. due to running behind her naughty grand son , she too was out of breathe bt she didn't stop tickling him..

"why should i stop?? haan?? bahot masti ho rahi thi na naani ke sath.. now its masti time for ur naani.."

nd they continued. Finally Arima intervened nd stopped them.. junior sat back on the sofa normally, panting desperately. where as arima gave a glass of water to her mumma to calm her down... After some time arima scolded both of them..

"poore pagal ho aap dono... (looking at armu)... armuu... naani ko itna bhagatey hain kya?? unki tabiyaat kharab ho jati toh?? (poor armaan bowed down his head being scolded by his mother nd whispered.. sorry mom.. but arima didn't stop there.. she looked at her mumma nd said..)... aur aap mumma?? aap ko bhi yeh batana padega ke aapke liye aisey bhagna thik nahi hain!! kuch ho jata toh?? (riddhima also bowed down her head like an obedient mother being scolded by her daughter nd said.. sorry na ari beta.. but hearing his naani's sorry junior giggled nd riddhima looked side ways, indicating him through her eyes to stop as she knew it will make her daughter more irritated nd as expected she was right..)... uff!! kuch nahi ho sakta aap dono ka.. main hi pagal hoon jo aap dono ko samjhane ki koshish karti rehti hoon (arima got annoyed seeing her armu giggling nd her mother trying hard to stop her smile)..."

nd as soon as arima stopped junior burst out into laughter...
"momm... u're chooo chweettt..."
he got up on the sofa nd pinched his mom's nose which was now red due to frustration but as soon as her armu did that she couldn't help but smile nd hugging him, she said...
"nd u know very well how to manofy ur angry mom, no??"
and the trio laughed their heart out... then junior broke the hug nd said cheekily..
"uff.. kitna bhagaya aapne naani.. meri sari energy khatam ho gayye.."
Riddhima smiled getting the hint nd arima raised her one eyebrow knowing her son, too well..
"no ways armu... its too late"
"plsshhh mom... "
"aarggg... don't make that face... (then turning to her mother).. remember mumma, papa alwaz made such puppy faces nd made u agree for watever he wanted.. (riddhima juz smiled remembering those days)... nd u r juz a replica of papa.. (arima said lovingly, ruffling her son's hair)... sach mein,, kabhi kabhi tu papa ki bahot yaad dilata hain.. (arima said being lill emotional nd junior hugged his mom at once.. on the other hand riddhima juz adored the scene in front of her eyes)"

but soon junior whispered near his mom's ear... "kabhi kabhi emotional hona acchi baat u know it cleans our eyes... (he said like an expert n then paused a lill) ... but that dusn't mean that aap merey chips ke barey mein bhool jaao.. (he was back to his cheeky replies nd succesfully diverted his mom's thoughts)"

nd arima made an O-shape in her mouth nd junior came back to his darling naani breaking the hug...
"mumma.. that way.."
he indicated kitchen with his fingers blinking his eyelashes... nd that wasn't enough as riddhima to joined her grand son to tease her daughter..
"aur jab tu kitchen ja hi rahi hain toh... (stealing a quick glance of junior who winked his naani nd assured her to carry on )... merey liye ek cup coffee bhi... bahot din ho gayee late night coffee nahi pi.."

both her mumma n son gave their order bur poor arima was still in shock nd then getting senses she said pouting..
"this is sooo not fair..."
but left for kitchen to fulfill their orders.. on the other hand both granny nd junior burst out into laughter...
"ohh naani... its really fun teasing mom.. isn't it??"
naani nodded her head laughing more nd ruffled junior's hair..
"yess.. he is just ur carbon copy" riddhima thought nd kissed junior's forehead softly nd junior smiled warmly to his granny in return.



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