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part 3 : Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta,

This part is all about A and R clashing....pyaar ka pehla kadam hai ladhai



Riddhima arrived for the surgical rounds promptly at 6 in the morning. She hardly got any sleep as she was unpacking till 3 in the morning. She was pleased to see Sapna on the floor also. Armaan gave instructions to the 2 medical students posted under him, "Riddhima aur Sapna, I want you to check on these patients and report to me in 15 minutes as Dr Jain is on his way"

Riddhima was handed a list of 10 post-operative patients…there was no way she could check them out in a mere 15 minutes….. Riddhima liked to interact with her patients and that meant spending more time with them…..she would try her best.

"Aapka dard kaisa hai, amma?" she sat down beside a middle aged woman who just had gall bladder surgery 5 days ago. "Beti, bahut dard hai, dawai se bhi asar nahin ho raha…..tum nayi doctor ho kya?"

"Haan, amma mein abhi padhai karr rahi hoon." Riddhima replied as she checked her medication chart, "Amma, aap ko dard ki dawa tho poori mil rahi hai aur aapke operation ko bhi ab 5 din ho chuke hain…..hmm" She sat down and started talking to her to find out more details…. "there has to be another reason," Riddhima thought.

"Riddhima tum abhi yaheen ho? Dr Jain ney rounds shuroo karr diye hain." Riddhima's conversation with the lady was interrupted as she sensed urgency in Sapna's voice.

"Main baad mein aati hoon amma" Riddhima got up and joined the rest of the team.

Besides Sapna , Armaan and Dr Jain, there were surgical interns and residents at the rounds. Riddhima felt a little embarrassed at joining them late and when she looked up at Armaan, he was giving her dirty looks!

Dr Jain enquired about all the patients but when there was no information available on 9 of the patients, he got restless, "Armaan, I don't expect this from you….apne medical students ko theek se supervise karro….."

He walked over to the patient Riddhima had been talking to, checked her incision and said, "Amma, aapka operation bilkul theek ho gaya hai ….ab tho dard kum ho jaana chahiye…..let's go team" Dr Jain was about to leave when Riddhima interrupted, "Sir, actually mein this lady is very depressed, unki koyi family unhe dekhney nahin aati, wo bilkul akeli hain hospital mein….I think that is why her pain is not responding to medicines alone….may be we should contact her family and explain that she needs them more than any pain medicine…..Sir…"

"You have a good point, Ms Sharma……hum surgeons ko yeh samajhnaa chahiye ki har patient ki taqleef ke peeche koyi aur dard bhi ho saktha hai, that can change their perception to pain……good idea, why don't you contact them after our rounds….good job!" Riddhima smiled, as she was grateful that Dr Jain appreciated her extra effort.

She looked up at Armaan and saw him clenching his jaws in anger, as he ordered, 'Nurse, bed # 208 ko psychiatry consultation chahiye….." Riddhima thought that was an overkill, all the poor lady needed is someone to talk to and a phone call to her son and daughter-in-law- NOT A PSYCHIATRIST! She decided to stay quiet, as Armaan had already given her enough dirty looks that morning.

"We need to hurry up, warna hum Dr Jain ke saath operating room nahin jaa sakenge…" Armaan warned Riddhima and Sapna.

After the rounds, Armaan came over to Riddhima, "Tum aaj OT(operation theater) nahin jaaogi….you will stay on this floor and do all the scut work….GOT IT! Here is a list…..when I am back….report to me …here is my pager number…." Armaan turned around and followed Dr Jain and the residents, "Sapna, you can come along…."

Riddhima knew why she was being punished. Not that she was dying to go to the OT-she preferred awake and interactive patients than an unconscious, cut up body on the operating table! "This is going to be the longest month in my life….." thought Riddhima as she shuddered at the thought of facing Armaan's temper every day.


Riddhima and Muskaan had just settled to eat when Riddhima got paged, "Oh no….I need to go, Muskaan…"

"Khaana tho khaa lo"

"Nahin, wo Armaan waise hi gussa mein hai…" Riddhima apologised

"OH, tum Armaan ke under kaam karr rahi ho?…he can be a slave driver…good luck….just do what he says otherwise he will make life miserable for you…." Muskaan waved her good bye as Riddhima ran with her belongings. As Armaan was more interested in being in the OT, he usually had his juniors do the running around, gathering patient reports, checking their vital signs, giving orders to the nurses. Most junior students preferred to stay out of his way. Riddhima, being new was assigned to work with him for a month as part of her surgical rotation.


Riddhima walked in to see Armaan talking to someone on the phone, "Haan Anjali, aaj shaam ko dekh lenge…theek hai hostel mein milte hain." Riddhima figured he must have been talking to his girlfriend.

She presented all the reports and case summaries to him as she had been ordered.

"Achha, room 203 ki biopsy report kahan hai?" he asked

"Wo, Mr Verma ki?…yeh rahi…looks like he has 3 rd stage cancer…." Riddhima always preferred to address her patients by their names rather than room numbers.

"Haan, tumney unhein bataa diya?"Armaan asked rudely

"Main? Main itni badhi news kaise de sakthi hoon? I am just a 3 rd year medical student."

"Tho kya hua, Dr Jain and I have no time for this. It is better you get used to giving bad news at an early stage, warna tum doctor kaise banogi?" he smirked

"Parr this is big news for the patient, kum se kum residents hi baat kar saktey hain" she asked

"They are even busier….don't ask too many questions…this is a very busy surgical hospital…..tumhare Delhi jaisa nahin hai yahan….you need to be more efficient here.. our job in surgery is to CUT AND CURE, we don't have time for chit-chat- GOT IT?"

Riddhima just nodded and looked down at her notes. She knew this was going to be a very painful month indeed! How she longed to go back to Delhi or work in medicine or pediatrics, where people were more "human."

"What about the blood tests on that kiddo in 210?" he asked

"You mean, Gappu? Wo lab ney uskey test ki tube kho di hai," she answered.

"Tho phir se bhej do blood test…" Armaan said angrily; he was beginning to lose his patience with this new student!

"Kal ki reports tho sab theek thi naa, aaj wohi repeat karne se kya faida? Do you think it will change Dr Jain's decision to take him in for surgery?…. Wo becharaa needles se bahut darta hai" she hesitated.

Armaan got a little flustered, "uh…uh… tumhein kahaa jaye, wohi karo…samjhi!"

After he said that, he thought about what Riddhima had said….she was probably right…there was no new information they would get by drawing more tests on that poor boy.

"Riddhima, on a second thought……leave the boy alone" he said as he walked off. Riddhima smiled and tried to catch up with him; she knew he expected that she follow him around everywhere while he was in the ward.

"OK, main waapas OT jaa raha hoon….tum aur Sapna shaam ke rounds ke liye 5 baje pahunch jaana…GOT IT?" he spoke as he took the elevator. Riddhima finally sighed as she could get a little break from MR. RUDE AND EFFICIENT!


They had a bigger group of residents and students with Dr Jain at the evening rounds. Evening rounds were generally held at a more relaxed pace with Dr Jain and the senior residents finally taking time to teach their students and interns some pearls of wisdom.

Dr Jain was fond of quizzing his students and taking them by surprise. Armaan was usually very confident and had an answer for every question asked. But today for some reason, Dr Jain caught him unaware as he asked him a difficult question, more related to basic sciences rather than clinical medicine. "Hmm Armaan….I expect you to know this….after all you should be preparing for your finals now….."

Armaan was embarrassed, this had never happened before. He looked up and saw Riddhima scribble something on her notepad and hold it upright behind Dr Jain. Armaan read what she had written…"Good job…Armaan….I knew it, you would know that" Dr Jain patted his back and moved on to the next patient. Armaan just looked away sheepishly as this was the first time a junior student and that too a woman had come to his rescue.

After the rounds, as the students were wrapping up the last details on the patient charts, Armaan came upto Riddhima, "By the way, there was no need to help me….mujhe answer patha tha"

Riddhima rolled her eyes and turned around, "Armaan, I can understand….tum ab 5th year mein ho….basic sciences kabhi kabhi bhool jaate hain uss level par aate aate….mujhe yaad hai kyonki main abhi 3 rd year mein hi hoon… the way, you are welcome if that is your way of saying thank you!" she turned around without waiting for his response and resumed writing in the chart. She thought, "why can't he ever accept that he is not perfect?" Armaan was a little embarrassed, as he knew Riddhima was right but his ego could not admit to it. He turned around and walked away.

……to be continued

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