Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Part 33 :Meri Pehli Khataa...

It had been quite some days since Arzoo was brought home and the paparazzi were still trying hrad to get to know who she was.


Armaan came downstairs to leave for office. He saw billy seated on the sofa. They were not speaking to each other and so Armaan made a move towards the exit but billy's voice halted him, "Ruko Armaan."

Armaan stopped and turned around to face Billy. "Tum sahi the." Billy's words came as a surprise to Armaan. Billy continued, "tum sahi the beta. Mujhe wo sab nahi kehna chahiye tha. Aur apni issi ghalti ko sudharne keliey mein ne Arzoo ke adoption papers tayyar krwa liey hain."

Armaan smiled and hugged him. Riddhim anad Arzoo had also been listening to the conversation from behind and when Billy broke the hug he saw them. He went near Riddhima and said, 'Beta mujhe maf krdo mene us din jo bhi kaha uske liey"

"Nahi uncle aap mafi mat mangiye. Aap bare hain ap ka haq hai." Riddhima said.

Billy then hugged her and Arzoo.


"Armaan aaj di aur jiju Singapore se agye hain to hum papa ke ghar ja rahe hain." Riddhima informed.

"Mein kahin nahi jaa raha." Armaan said.

"To theek hai tum mat chalo. Sirf mein aur Arzoo chale jain ge" She said holding Arzoo's hand.

"Arzoo kahin nahi ja rhi. Kisi ko khabar mil gayi a ke tum log wahan ho line lag jayegi reporters ki." Armaan declared.

"Par Arzoo ka bhi dil tha..." Riddhia argued.

"Arzoo tum jana chahti ho?"Armaan asked Arzoo.

"Agar aap mana karein ge to nahi jaungi bhai." She said.

Armaan thought for sometime and then said, "Mein bhi chal raha hun tum dono ke sath."

Both the girls smiled ear to ear.

"Arzoo tum jao tayyar ho jao. Hum do ghante mein nikalein ge." Riddhim told her.

Arzoo nodded and left.

Armaan resumed working on his laptop.

"Matlab Arzoo ke liey chal sakte ho. Mein kahun gi to kharoos si shakal bana sakte ho sirf." Riddhima said as she opened her cupboard.

"Tum jealous ho rahi ho?" Armaan smirked.

"Nahi!! Jealous aur main? Tumhare jese insaan keliye? Please! No. Kabhi nahi."

"Mujhe convince kar rahi ho ya khud ko?"

"Kisi ko bhi nahi."

With this RIddhima shut her cupboard and ran to the washroom whilst Armaan smiled slightly.


"Diii I missed u so much!!" Riddhima said as she hugged Anjali. She broke the hug and then introduced Arzoo, "Di jiju ye hai Arzoo meri nand."

Everybody greeted each other. Armaan too got off the car and came in. Atul, Shashank and he sat in the living areas while Anjali, Riddhima and Arzoo were in the kitchen.

"Armaan bhi aya hai?" An astounded anjali asked.

"Haan. Arzoo ke liey aya hai." RIddhima said.

"Haha are aisa nahi hai bhabi. Apke liey bhi ajate Armaan bhai aap keh ke to dekhtin." Arzoo said.

"Mere liye kyun ata." Riddhima argued and drank some water.

"Because he feels something for you!!" Arzoo said.

Riddhima spilled the water out of shock and it landed on Armaan who had just entered the kitchen. Arzoo and Anjali tried to contain their laughter whilst Riddhima with a tinge of fear in her eyes looked at Armaan. Armaan gave her a stern look as he made his way out of the kitchen. Riddhima just stood frozen at her place.

"Khari kya hai ridzzy jaa usko koi shirt dhund de." anjali said.

Riddhima ran out of the kitchen. "Arman kahan hai?" She asked.

"Wo ooper mere room mein gaya hai shirt change karne." Atul informed.


Riddhima slowly opened the door of the room and peeped in. There was no one in there. She moved inside. She knocked at the washroom door. "Armaan??" She called. There was no response. She knocked again. No response again.

Before she could knock for the third time, Armaan opened the door and pulled her inside the bathroom.

Both stood in the shower area. Riddhima was standing against the shower with Armaan in front. He was in his shorts. Proximity to him, for the first time made Riddhima feel something other than disgusted and perplexed. She was nervous. He was making her nervous.

"Armaan..." SHe tried to say something but her voice was just not helping her do so.

"Tumne mere ooper pani phenka tha na. To saza to milni chahiye na tumhe." Armaan said.

Riddhima just stared at him as he turned on the shower.

Soon enough both were drenched from head to toe in water. The water dripping off of Armaan's face made it first to Riddhima's body and then to the floor. They both just stared into each others eyes. For the first time both's eyes mirrored each other. Today there was no devil and no angel in anyone's eyes. Today they were both just humans. Confused, nervous and eager humans.

Armaan moved his hand towards her face and pushed the stray hair on her face behind her ear. He cupped her face with both his hands and leaned in. Riddhima too closed her eyes allowing him to continue.

Someone knocked on the door and both of them jerked away from each other.

To be continued..


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