Thursday, 4 May 2017

Part 34 :Meri Pehli Khataa...

Shashank had gone to sleep. Anjali, Atul and Arzoo were seated in the living room. Armaan and Riddhima came down and everyone looked in their direction.

"Armaan ho gaye fresh?" Atul asked.

Armaan nodded.

"Arre ridzzy tujhe kya hua? Nahai hai kya?" Anjali asked.

"haan di woo kapre kharab ho gaye the." Riddhima replied.

"Oo to aap ke kapre bhi khrab ho gaye the? Aap par bhi kisi ne pani phenk dia hoga na?" Arzoo chimed in.

Riddhima got anxious and stuttered, "Naahi.. paa.. pani nahi tha wo.. wo.. juice.. han juice gir gaya tha ooper glass mein para tha na to wo gir gaya tha."

"Achaaa... juiccee gir gaya tha.. tch tch.." Anjali said mischievously. RIddhima glared at her.

"Aa.. kisi ko coffee peeni hai?" Riddhima asked.

"Han sab ke liye hi bana do." Anjali said.

This was all Riddhima needed to escape all the hushed giggles and unwanted tension in the room as she rushed to the kitchen. Entering the kitchen she breathed heavily.

"What the hell was that Riddhima? How could you let him near you? Ye theek nahi hai. Just because usne Arzoo ki help ki iska ye matlab nahi ke tum wo sab bhool jao jo usne tumhare sath kiya hai. Tumhara na dimagh khrab ho gaya hai. Stay away from Armaan. Avoid him and everything will be back to normal."


Everyone was drinking coffee and chatting. Riddhima could feel Armaan's constant gaze on her.

"Bhabi cup do mein rakh ati hun" Arzoo said.

"Nahi!" Riddhima said while looking at Armaan.

"Nahi?" Arzoo asked confused.

Riddhima looked at her and said, "Nahi mera matlab hai mujhe do mein rakh ati hun."

"Nahi bhabi it is okay mein rakh lungi."

"Aarzzooo mein keh rahi hun na mein rakh lungi. Please mujhe rakhne do."

"Uh okay?!"

Arzoo handed over the tray of cups to Riddhima.

Everyone eyed Riddhima with a tinge of confusion as she made her way towards the kitchen.


RIddhima came back. She was about to sit down when Anjali stretched her legs. Riddhima stumbled upon them and fell on Armaan who was sitting on the couch. While the duo were in an awkward position the trio laughed and cooed.

Riddhima tried to get up. Armaan turned his head to the side so as to avoid looking at her and make it anymore awkward for her. But as he did so he saw someone in the window holding a gun. Armaan pushed Riddhima off of him instantly and was hit by a bullet followed by another bullet.

Everyone was horrified. Armaan was immediately rushed to the hospital.


"Ek goli unke dil ke bohat paas se guzri thi. Agar dil par lag jati to case aur complicated hota. And dusri goli arm par lagi hai." The doctor informed after long hours of surgery.

"Par wo theek to ho jayega na?" Ananya asked.

"Abhi kuch kaha nahi jaa sakta. Unko abhi hosh nahi aya. Agar 24 hours ke ander ander hosh agya to all is well." The doctor stated.


"Bhai theek ho jayein ge na?" Arzoo asked Riddhima.

"Tum fikar mat karo wo bilkul theek ho jayeinge. Itni asani se haar nahi mante wo. Don't worry." Riddhima soothed her.

Suddenly the nurse rushed out of Armaan's ward and moments later rushed back in along with the doctor. Everyone suddenly became alarmed. A while later the doctor came out and announced, "Congratulations! Unko hosh agya hai."

To be continued..


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