Saturday, 6 May 2017

Part 35 :Meri Pehli Khataa...

Everyone stood in Armaan's ward. Everyone was surrounding his bed. Everyone except Riddhima who was standing just beside the door.

"Pata nahi kiski nazar lag gayi mere bache ko." Ananya choked on her words.

After that some more words of sorrow and relief were exchanged before the nurse chimed in, "Ab aap log please patient ko rest krne dein. Inke paas sirf ek ya do log reh skte hain."

"Mein ruk jaungi." RIddhima finally spoke since she entered the room. Everyone's attention turned to her. She left her comforting position against the wall, and came to stand in the middle of everyone. "Mein rukun gi Armaan ke sath. Aap sab ghar jayein."


Ananya was finally sleeping in the backseat of the car while Billy was staring into vacuum. Kunj was driving the car when he heard a sob, followed by another. He looked sideways to find Aarzoo on the passenger seat crying.

"tum theek ho?" He asked.

"Bhai par aisa hamla pehle bhi hua tha na? Unho ne btaya tha mujhe." She said and Kunj kept mum. "Ye kon hai? Bhai se kya dushmani hai kisi ki?"

"Tum.. tum fikr mat karo. Sir ko kuch nahi hoga. Ye jo koi bhi hai police usse dhoond rahi hai. Tum bas ro mat." Kunj pacified her. Aarzoo nodded.


It was late into the night. It was quite some light that the moon was throwing for a terrific night like this when the world was awfully silent. A thirst quenched Armaan woke up. He looked around. Riddhima was sleeping on the couch just beside his bed.

He tried to get hold of the glass of water kept on the table beside him but accidentally dropped it. The shrill woke Riddhima up. She looked startled for a moment but then realizing the situation she got up. She made her way to Armaan and poured him a glass of water. She held it out to him. Armaan looked at her. Her eyes were bloodshot. He was about to hold the glass with his trembling hand but Riddhima placed it on the table. She made him sit properly and then made him drink.

"Kuch aur chahiye?" She asked.

Armaan shook his head in a no. Riddhima turned to retreat but Armaan spoke. "Tum yahan kyun ruki?" She turned.


"TUm mere liye yahan kyun ruki?"

"Armaan tumhe sojana chahiye."

He let out a little laugh, "Pichli baar bhi yehi kaha tha tumne. Iss baar sach mang raha hun Riddhima."

She looked a bit perplexed for a moment before saying, "Koi sach koi jhoot nahi hai Armaan. So jao."

Before Armaan could say anything further, a thud was heard outside the room. Riddhima went out of the room.

The corridor was empty. Few of the lights were on. She looked around but saw no one. She embarked on her way back to the room but as she heard Armaan scream she ran to him. She entered the room only to find a knife planted in Armaan's leg. She gasped. She ran towards him and cupped his face. "Tum..tum.. tum theek ho? Kon tha? Kya hua? Oh my God mein mein doctor ko bulati hun."

As she turned to go, Armaan held her hand. She looked at him.

"Ab to btado kyun rukti ho hospital mein baar baar mere liye?" He said.

"Armaan please abhi nahi. Tumhara khoon beh rha hai let me call the doctor."

"Abhi nahi to kabhi nahi Riddhima."

Riddhima sighed and said, "Tumhare sath ruki hun kyunke agr na rukti to tumhare ilawa kuch soch hi nahi pati. Khoon pichli baar bhi tumhara nikla tha aur iss baar bhi tumhara hi nikal raha hai, par jaan katra katra meri jaati hai, tab bhi aur ab bhi."

Armaan smiled with tears in his eyes. He left her hand and she rushed out of the room and frantically called for help. A nurse assured her that she is bringing the doctor. Riddhima rushed back to Armaan again.

"Doctor a rahe hain. Tum bilkul theek ho jao ge. Tum tum fikar mat karo." She said this while crying profusely. It was not long before the doctor rushed in and the situation was taken care of.

To be continued...


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