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Friday, 12 May 2017

Part 38 :Meri Pehl Khataa...

Armaan and Riddhima were in their room sitting on the couch. Riddhima was still sobbing slightly.

"Riddhima yaar ab to media bhi chale gayi. Ab to rona band karo." Armaan said.

"Ukta gaye ho mujhse to kyun bethe ho yahan, jao so jao." Riddhima said.

"Ab mene ye to nahi kaha." Riddhima stayed mum. Armaan sighed and said, "Riddhima tumhe rota hua dekh kr mujhe acha nahi lag raha." Riddhima looked at him and then looked down giggling. "Ab kya hua?" He asked.

"Tum par ye senti hero vala role bilkul suit nahi krta. Tum logon par hukum chalate huey hi ache lagte ho." She answered. Something turned, at first the crook of Armaan's lips and then both of their's fate. He smiled, at first only an uplift of the side of his lips and then a full smile.


"Sir ghar ke har room mein and bahir bhi CCTV cameras lag gaye hain." Kunj informed Armaan.

"Good. Ab dekhte hain ke kon mere hi ghar me akr mujhe hi nuksan pohnchane ki koshish krta hai." Armaan said.


Riddhima and Anjali were talking in Riddhima's room. Armaan came but stopped at the door overhearing their conversation.

"Tera aur Armaan ka rishta bilkul badal gaya hai ridzy", Anjali said. Riddhima stayed mum but smiled slightly. "Tujhe yaad hai Ridzy tu college mein kitni mischievous hoti thi, har kisi ki naak me dam kr ke rkhti thi. Par phir wo Abhimanyu and all." Anjali said. A frown was visible on Riddhima's face. Anjali continued, "Tu aaj phir se college wali Riddhima ban gayi hai ridzy. Ussi tarah bolne lagi hai. And you know what, I think this is all because of Armaan."

Before he could listen to more of the duo's conversation, Armaan left to find Kunj. As soon as he did so he said, " Kunj Riddhima ke college ka pata lgao aur wahan se pata kro ke uske batch mein Abhimanyu kon tha."

"Yes sir." Kunj said and went off.

"Mein bhi to dekhun ye abhimanyu kon tha. Aur isne Riddhima ko kese change kia." Armaan mused.

To be continued..

Sorry for the extremely short part.


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