Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Part 39 : Meri Pehli Khataa...

"Sir ye Abhimanyu ussi college mein prhta tha jisme Riddhima ji prhti thin. Par usse expel kar dia gya tha for stalking and harrassing some student.", Kunj informed Armaan.

"Konsa student?", Armaan asked. Kunj shrugged and Armaan immediately took off.


Riddhima was getting something from the almirah when Armaan's fist made contact with its door. "Oh tum ho?", she said after jerking back.

"Kyun tumhe kya laga Abhimanyu hai?", Armaan said. Riddhima stood there for a moment, studying his face. His countenance did not hold anger, rather it held discomfort. And she knew that.

"Di ne kuch kaha na tumse? I knew she would."

"Riddhima just tell me uske sath kya hua tha."

"K-kuch bhi nahi hua tha. H-he just kind of stalked me all the time."


Her gaze dropped. "Annndd usne mujhe aur khudko college ke store room me lock kr liya tha because he "loved" me and wanted to spend time with me." She looked back up again, and this time his face held anger.

He clenched his jaw and held her by her shoulders. "Usne.. tum-tumhare s-sath.."

"No Armaan. He just told me how obsessed he was with me. Tch, just stop mujhe nahi baat krni is bare me." Saying, so she went off.


"Sir, kal raat ki footage me humne ksi ko break in karte hua capture kia hai." A guard informed.

"Footage lekar ao." Kunj ordered.

Minutes later everyone in the house was seated in front of the t.v seeing the footage. When the footage ended, no expression in the room was as mortified as Riddhima's. She quickly went to her room. Armaan noticed this episode, and went after her.


Armaan entered the room to see Riddhima shaking terribly while sitting on the floor. He quickly went to her. "Riddhima-Ridhh.. RIddhima are u alright? Kya hua?"

"Armaan us video me wo admi w-woh Abhimanyu tha."


"Armaan mujhe bohat darr lg rha hai."

Armaan hugged her and pacified her.


It was the middle of the night, and the moon shone bright. Riddhima stood by the window of her room.

"Tum itna darr kyun gayi thi usse dekh kr Riddhima?" She heard Armaan say. She turned around, surprised to see him awake at this hour. He came and stood beside her.

She stared at the moon. "Jab usne humein college me lock kiya tha, he locked us for an entire day. Usne mujhe blindfold kiya hua tha aur bandh dia tha. A-and he kept saying weird stuff. A-aaj jab usko itne salon baad dekha hai to, mujhe.. mujhe wo sab wapis yaad agya tha. Aur.. shaid ab bhi arha hai because.. becuase I'm scared. Aur wo kal break in kr ra tha...Agr phir wesa kuch..."

"Aisa kuch nahi hoga Riddhima. Mere hote huey to bilkul nahi. Tum meri zimmedari ho, Armaan Malik ki."

He held her hand and they both stared at the moon. A peaceful moment passed between them, but it was gone too soon. Riddhima turned to him and said, "Do you think that it is possible ke tum pr wo attacks bhi usi ne kiye hon?"

To be continued...



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