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part 40 (last part) : Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdikiyaan,

So here goes the story...
Yeh dharavahik ek kalpanik katha hai, is kahani ke sabhi patra evam ghatnaye kalpanik hai,Aur isska udeeshya kissi bhi dhaarmik bhawnaon ko thes pahuchana ya ritee rivajon ka uphaas karna nahin hain,yaadi inka kisi vyakti ya vastu se koi sambhand hota hai to usse matra ek sanyog kaha jaye ga,iske liye authority yani ki writer yani ki main jimmeddar nhi hoon,Krippa karke sare galtiyaan maafi ki nazar se dekhiyega..

If u read till now so u obviously know what is happened
If u didn't then toh padke aao har part ka summery main hi du kya..

Part 40

2 years later
Dubai airport..
All gupta's and malik's are here coming out from airport without riddhima when everyone was searching for someone suddenly armaan come and standing infront of all lead them to a bus so they could all settle down on the hotel..

Well u all might be thinking what is happening well its armaan-riddhima's engagement today but riddhima have no idea about it as she is on paris again due to work and armaan arrange it as a surprise. all riddhima know is armaan is in Dubai for work and actually riddhima again forgot that it is there two year anniversary of saying yes but armaan remind her and as a punishment riddhima now had to come all way to Dubai but she had no idea about the whole family presence here.. Today armaan is gonna propose her in front of all
So let's see how's it going..
Riddhima arrived four hour later everyone armaan pick her up but took her different hotel so they all couldn't collide on other side all arrangement were done

At evening..
Armaan give riddhima a packet and giving her time to get ready told her she can meet him downstairs.

Armaan was talking on phone to check on the arrangements again but suddenly he feels a feeling which make him smile as it was the same feeling he feel whenever riddhima is near..
BG music start..
O karam khudaya hai [Scene shows armaan with a soft smile turn cutting off the phone]
Tujhe mujhse milaya hai [Scene shows as soon he turn to see riddhima coming down in a green and black mixed printed sari with little glittery work around the anchal with a halter neck blouse and a jorget cap adoring her shoulder and black hill adoring her legs with her hair open falling in one side just the way armaan like with only kohi and lipstick adoring her face giving a total natural look. Also a charm bracelet which armaan has given her on her birthday adoring her wrist with a hanging white gold earing adoring her ears and her left handful black and green bangles which keep jingling everytime she tuck her hair behind ear which is also one of armaan's most favorite noise that he make her jingle her payal bangle and same time giggling mix up and put that his ringtone every time she call and yea did I mention this dress n jewelries were given by armaan himself only as he also wearing black button up shirt with black jeans and a hat which is all are gifted by riddhima as her apology gift for today :p]
Tujhpe marke hi toh [Scene shows was awestruck looking at her as she oh so gracefully coming down by the stairs but she is all to nervous face trying to make sure she doesn't fall]
Mujhe jeena aaya hai [Scene shows in all this riddhima slowly step on floor as she look up she saw armaan all smiling looking at her fully awestruck ]
O tere sang yaara [Scene shows riddhima feel that ice-drop-vein feel as a whole shiver run through her body and she with flushed cheeks start to approach towards him]
Khushrang bahara
Tu raat deewani [Scene shows as riddhima came stand by him he bring a black rose to give it to her which riddhima smile and said: aj tak logo ko romantic occasions pe red roses dete dekha hai par yeh black rose kyun? Which armaan smile and answer: kyun ki wo normal log hai tum aur hum nhi, hum unique hai to har tariqa bhi unique honi chahiye na]
Main zard sitara
Main tera ho jaun [Scene shows hearing him riddhima just giggle as armaan took her hand kissing it making sure lingering his lips on her skin more more than seconds making riddhima shiver and armaan smile in between that small kiss]
Jo tu karde ishara [Scene shows riddhima shyly took her hand away and said ab chale. When armaan response with "tum kaho toh jaan bhi de du yeh toh bas chalne ki baat hai waise suno bas mangna mat ohkay" making riddhima giggle when he whisper in her ear"waise mangogi toh bhi de dunga wo line toh bas tumhari is hasi ko sunne k liye kahi thi" making riddhima all so shy again]

Bg music stop

They go on to take sit on their car armaan look at riddhima and said: Toh phir chale..
Riddhima look at him and nod while smiling when armaan start the car making it zoom off.

During car ride
Armaan look at riddhima who is enjoying the view outside when armaan started to think how he had to keep riddhima a very long distance from the restaurant and keep the family member in the same hotel where the restaurant is situated so even with coincident she don't meet any family member and the way he make sure all are in restaurant even before they start the journey as he is gonna alarm them 10 min before they reach though he knows it gonna be difficult with riddhima with him but he always have a plan thinking all this he was smirking which he didn't notice is riddhima caught that smirk and she got suspicious that instant.
Ri(thinking whatever in his mind it not gonna come out easy if it is related to their dinner): Armaan kabse car chala rahe ho aur kitni time lagegi?hum ja kaha rahe hai?
Ar: Riddhima tum yaha pehle aye ho (riddhima nod) ohkay par main jaha tumhe leke jar hi hu wo naya restaurant hai tumhe shayed pata nhi hogi..
Ri: par me last month hi toh ayi thin a infact hum dono hi toh aye the wo bridal shoot k silsile me..
Ar(thinking ise agar place bata diya toh ise shaq ho jayegi akhir uska waha jane ka kabse mann than hi kuch karna parega soch armaan soch..then thinking something): riddhima last month gaye hue 30 days ja chuki hai and yeh month toh abhi shuru hua hai na.. ak minute me kitna kuch aadal sakta hai yeh toh  days pehle ki baat hai na
Ri(with suspicious glare): hum bas 20 days pehle aye the aur wo bhi 5 days stay ko chodkar waise tum restaurant ko leke itna kyun hyper ho rahe ho bata dene se kya jayega huh..
Ar(trying to think something quickly and saying in mind ise pakka shaq ho gaya hai aur jab bhi ise shaq ho jati hai pata nhi apni profession chodke Sherlock homes kyun ban jati hai kuch aur sochna parega.. and got an idea and said): acha tumhe restaurant se kya lena dena dinner karne ja rahe hai dinner karenge bas na waise ek baat batao waise toh tumhe date yaad nhi rehte par kitni din pehle yaha ayi thi wo yaad hai aur humare itni special din bhul gaye..
Ri(now stuck on guilt as she forgot like previous year): Wo.. wo.. toh bas kuch din pehle ki baat thi toh yaad tha jayada din pehle ki baat hoti toh yaad nhi hoti na aur main bas ajki date nhi check kit hi iske liye aur kitni blame karoge(now pouting her lips as that suspicious thought is all gone for now from her mind)I m sorry na..
Ar(taking a breath of relief as the subject drop): acha acha ab muh banana band karo.waise kya maine tumhe bataya ki tum kitni khubsurat lag rhi ho..
Ri(smiling): nhi ek baar bhi nhi..
Ar: Are phir toh kehna padega na u my lady is looking like absolute beauty in this whole world.. (riddhima blush)
Ri(cough slightly to decrease the blush that adored her cheeks and said): Tum bhi thik thak hi lag rahe ho..
Ar(acting shocked): Bas thik thak..
Ri(with nose whinching): Ok fine acha hi lag rahe ho(and watching armaan's expression laugh and pinch his cheeks making his dimple show in slightly when she kiss in his cheeks making the dimple go deeper) I love u..
Ar(look at her and take her hand which was on his cheek and kissing it said): I love u most..
Ri: are par u were supposed to say more
Ar(laughing at her childishness): are ab keh diya toh keh diya na ab yeh toh tumhe bhi pata hai main tumse zayada pyar karti hu so no argument there..
Ri: nhi main jayada pyar karti hu so I love u mostest..
Ar: Is that even a word..
Ri: Ab maine keh diya na so hai yeh word.. bas.. (armaan about to open his mouth but ridhima shout) armaan kya kar rahe ho itna baat karogi toh car kaise chala paogi ab agar tumhe pure raaat drive na karni ho toh alag baat hai but u know mujhe toh bhuk lag jayegi na tab main kya karungi baatao zara..
Ar(concentrating on driving said): I know tumne flight se utarne k baad se kuch nhi khaya na(riddhima frown as if what does this has to do with this when armaan continued) acha suno piche ek parcel hai zara wo lana(riddhima bring it) ism eek cheese burger hai with fries and do lemonade hai, now come on eat we still got time to reach..
Riddhima smile at him as she know he himself might not have eaten so she forward the first bite towards him and they share the whole thing..

Another half an hour later..
Ri(now irritated): Armaan aur kitna dur hai hum pass k koi restaurant me bhi toh ja sakte the na itni dur jane ki kya jaru..(before she could finish a ringtone filled the car riddhima saw it is atul so she just put in loudspeaker but before she could say anything)
From other side: Armaan tu aj hi a raha hai ya do din baad kitni time lagayega yaar yaha Anjali ne aur aida ne toh dhamaal macha rakha hai..
Ri(frowning look at the phone not understanding y would armaan go on other hand armaan's expression turned absolutely horrified): DR armaan aj kaise ayega uskoto do din ka kam tha na yaha wo khatam ho gaya kya (look at armaan in confusion who by now fix his expression and in head feeling like bang atul's head with a hammer)
Ar: Actually riddhima wo humare kuch urgent project thi jiske liye mujhe video conference me jani thi atul usi ka baat kar raha hai haina atul..
Other side(as mortified as armaan): ha wohi.. wo main wohi bol raha tha
Ri: phir tumhe meeting me honi chahiye tha na armaan..waise konsi client ki meeting hai..
Ar: are riddhima tum tension mat lo wo meeting cancel hogaya.. kya atul mujhe yaha se beith k pata chal gaya aur tujhe waha pe pata nhi chala waise meeting kal ki time 15:00 ko thik ki gayi hhai..
Before atul could understand that armaan is indicating they are gonna reach by 15min Anjali shout from other side: Armaan kab a rahe ho tum dono..
Riddhima with suspicion look at armaan and the phone and said: Di kaha araha hai armaan and Aur armaan k sath aur koun a raha hai?
Here armaan is feeling like banging his own head in steering wheel as those idiot forgot armaan is with riddhima but with a tight smile he said: Anji bas boht hogaya.. aur kya bologe pura surprise hi khatam kardiya..(then towards riddhima)actually riddhima main eek surprise plan kit hi but this idiots(where atul n anji was mortified that armaan is gonna reveal about engagement) wo kya hai na tum toh kal paris chale jate toh maine socha tha do din baad jab tumhare kaam waha khatam ho jati toh main tumhe waha jake surprise karta par in dono ko sare information tab hi puchna hoti hai jab tum meri sath hoti ho..(on other side anji and atul take a sigh of relief)
Riddhima look at armaan lovingly and said: isiliye tum wo pehle smirk kar rahe the na yehi surprise k bare me soch k..
Ar(with a tight smile): you caught me..
Ri: Armaan tumhe sach me itna sochne ki kya jarurat thi hum waha jake bhi mil sakte the na
From other side anji said: Are ridzi tu karne de na use jo karna hai itna pyar karta hai tujhe becha,..(before anji could continue aida cry and shashank call for anji)
Ri: Di papa bhi waha hai..
Anji tried to cover up saying: Wo ridzi kya hai na humne aj sabko dinner pe bulaya hai..toh baade papa bhi agaye..
Ri(frowning): Is time me dinner di waha toh din hai na aur papa ne toh bola tha wo do din k liye out of town jane wale the nhi gaye kya..
Anji from other side: Are ridzi tu bhi na jayada hi sochti hai wo toh bas sabko ek sath khane ko bulaya toh muh se dinner nikal gaya aur waise tum log enjoy karo mujhe janae bye..(hurriedly cut the phone to avoid more mess)
Ri(thinking something): ek min main na papa ko phone karke hi puch leti hu..
Ar(immediately stopping her): are riddhima kya kar rahe ho itni raat ko phone karogi..
Ri: Armaan yaha raat hai waha toh din hai na.. And papa di k ghar pe hi hai na toh pho..
Ar(cutting her and taking her phone): Are har waqt sabke tension karna band bhi karo mujhe unse baat hui thi bas car me uthne se kuch der pehle hi wo kuch emergency agayi thi toh unhe rukna pada aur waise bhi anji atul aur baki sab bhi hai na waha kuch important hoti toh bata hi deta ab kuch der k liye iss bebas insaaan pe bhi apna nazre niharo..
Stopping the car and immediately covering her eys: ummhmm abhi nhitum tab ankhein khulogi jab hum andar chale jaye..
Ri: Par armaan kya hai dekhne se kya hoga hum a hi gaye na..(Armaan pull out a fabric and tie her eyes) armaan kya hai ankhein bandh dogi toh chalungi kaise..
Ar(whisper near her ear making her whole body shiver): Kisne kaha tumhe chalne ki jarurat hai(and pick her up leading inside)
After a while he put her down and opening her tie he disappear from behind when she open her eyes and start searching in dark as in this whole hall area she was standing in middle in dark only a spot light on her: Armaan armaan kaha ho tum, Dekho samne aao, agar mere 3 ginne tak tum samne nhi ayi na toh phir dekhna..1, 2,
Before she could finish she heard a sound and look back as a dim light is start to appear making her visible the view she is standing on a undersea restaurant where there is thick glass around all way making the fishes and things under sea visible enough. The whole place is decorated with white and green orchid with lots of black balloons on ground.Riddhima look up when she hear her name to see a projector where lots of her picture started to show as the light is gone again leaving her in spotline again and a few seconds later all of her and armaan's moment were started in a slide show along there stupid prank videos but what capture her more is armaan's voice boomed through the whole area but he was nowhere to be seen..

Asmaan Pe Lipte Hue Shuruat Humari [Few of her still and fight with armaan on their first meet are shown when riddhima said yeh tasveer kaha se mili tumhe but armaan didn't answer just continue]
Jameen Me Hua Phir Mulakaat[some of their airport bickering pic was shown]
Jhagde Se Badhti Najdekiyaan[some of their holi pic and other bickering pic]
Jindegi Ko Mili Alag Hi Najariyaan[their first plan of making Rahul muski during pic]
Har Cheez Ache Lagne Lagi [Feew of their stills among family]
Pyar Cheez Hi Sachi Lagne Lagi [some goa pic shows]
Driyoon ne dilayi pyar ka ehsas [Some of single of them show]
Jo ab laye hum dono ko paas [Scene shows their dinner together where riddhima feed armaan first time]
bezubaan mohabbat aur thoda sath [Scene shows their one hand holding picture]
ab hum e is kadar pass laya [Scene shows their one pic of hugging each other]
Asmaan Se Jammeen Tak Sab De Rahe Is Pyaar Ki Gawah [Scene shows their goa pics]
Pani K Chaddar Tale Teri Dar Pe Di Yeh Dastak [light went of again appearing another spot light which is on armaan appear]
Kya Tum Doge Mujhe Tumhari Sath Jindegi Bitane Ka Hak [he started to come towards her slowly]
Kya Banne Dogi Tumhari Humsafar
Rehne Dogi Tumhare Sath Har Dagar
Subah Se Sham Aur Sham Se Savera
Har Jagah Mujhe Dena Hai Sath Tera
Rehna Hai Teri Sath Jindegi Bhaar
Bunni Hai Tere Hi Sath Sapno Ka Ghar[a dim light appear now riddhima can see the full family of her standing there]
Tumhari Har Sapna Karni Hai Puri
Kyun Ki Tumhare Bina Main Hu Adhuri
Dekho Aj tumne Yeh Kya Kia
Ek Beparwa Ladke Ko Shayr Bana Dia
Ab To Tumhare Bina Kuch Bhi Na Lage Thik
Ab Kar bhi do Ha For Being Mrs Riddhima Armaan Mallik [with that he stand on both knees as riddhima once said him she didn't like that one knee bending thing so he just stood on both legs]

By now everyone was looking at riddhima expectedly when riddhima look at armaan for a second than to her family all nod and she again look at armaan and was almost in tear..
Ar: Riddhima plz jawab de do dekho tum a bro dogi toh mujhe tumhare tears hatane k liye uthna hi parega aur main bina answer ki yaha se uthne nhi wala so plz..
Ri(myschievingly): Acha bina ans k nhi uthoge phir thik hai raho yaha main chali(act like walk forward when armaan hold her hand pulling forward and give a puupy dog eyes riddhima just nod when all cheer armaan get up and hug her when she whisper) u know tum agar india me bhi yeh baat puch leti toh mera jawab mil hi jati itni kuch karne ki jarurat nhi thi..
Ar(whisper in her ear): Tab tumhare favourite resrturant me sabke sath ana nhi hota na aur wo tumhare wo aqurioum wala dream bhi pura nhi hoti..
Riddhima breaking the hug smacking him said: stop reading my childhood diaries..
Ar: are meri kya galti sapna tumhara tha maine toh bas sach karne me madad ki.. ab tum tumhare childhood diary me wo likhke rakha isme mera kya galti
Ri(again smacking him on hand): Toh mat padha karo na wwo sab
When they were fighting all were watching that few minutes ago all sweet and now fighting when atul said: Yeh lo hum kuch na karke pita biwi k hathoon se aur yeh toh itna kuch karne k baad bhi pit raha hai..(as soon he finished he got an readymade smack from anji with a warning calling)
When all laugh all together and riddhima got embarrassed that she hide her face in hand when music start as shilpa,nikki,ritu naina stand in her either side taking her hand out of face and minnie push armaan slightly aside she is now in front of riddhima.

BG music start..

Chand tare tod k tere pyar me layega [Scene shows gappu come infront and started to sing as minnie dance with gappu in between]
Jis raha se gujregi wo ful bichayega [Scene shows both Minnie and gappu start to spread flower on the way riddhima walk as other keep push her forward towards armaan who is now standing towards armaan who is standing just near the glass of windshield aqurium]
Tere jhil si ankhon me wo sapne sajayega [Scene shows armaan look at her and hold his ear for u know that diary reading thing]
Aur tere un sapno ko wo sach kar jayega [Scene shows everyone started to sing along making riddhima realize how he just make her childhood wish of underwater view while having engagement make true with including her family and friends]
Baby he loves u [Scene shows riddhima look aside as shashank tap her shoulder and give her a white rose and walk in a side stand behind armaan]
loves u  [Scene shows Padma came and does the same and go stand beside shashank]
loves u so much [Scene shows nani di the same and stand beside padma]
Baby he loves u loves u loves u so much [Scene shows billy and arman's mom did the same as armaans mom touch riddhima's cheeks and billy kiss on riddhima's forehead then go stand beside other side of shashank]

Mehendi in hatoon me [Scene shows Minnie come and indicate riddhima's hands towards armaan]
Uske hi nam ki
Sita ho jayegi apni hi ram ki [Scene shows both Minnie and gappu stand beside acting in pose of sita-ram]
Yeh dil kyun dole hai [Scene shows all laugh when anji come forward and bump in riddhima's shoulder making her giddy slighty singing along]
Dadhkan kya bole hai [Scene shows ritu comes and indicate heart]
Chupkese dil ka yeh bhed khole hai [Scene shows rym hug riddhima and give her a white rose and stand before shashank but after armaan]
Baby he loves u [Scene shows anji did the same and stand beside armaan's mom]
loves u [Scene shows ritu did the same as she stand beside anji]
loves u so much [Scene shows shilpa and nikki also do the same and go stand other side of rym]
Baby he loves u loves u loves u so much [Scene shows all girls except aida and Minnie give her white roses and stand beside others also few others do the same as now only chirag,Rahul,atul,gappu,Minnie left beside armaan]

Milna milana hai pyar lutana hai [Scene shows chirag ,rahhul,atul,gappu and Minnie start to run in circle holding hand making riddhima center standing]
Do dilwale ko ek banana hai

Hoto se na bolo , toh [Scene shows chirag broke the circle and keeping a hand on her shoulder sing and then give a white rose to her and stand with all]
Ankhein toh kehti hai [Scene shows Rahul started to sing while making riddhima walk towards armaan and making them stand in front of each other but keep a minimal distance of two people to stand between them without touching]
Tu apni sajan k dil me hi rehti hai [Scene shows rahul walk behind her and keeping both hand on her shoulders indicate at armaan's heart ]
Jab tak yeh sasein hai wo tujhko chahega [Scene shows atul come forward and sing blocking armaan's view to watch riddhima but armaan try to peek]
tere bin Sach bolu na jee payega [Scene shows then he also stand like Rahul and both sing from each side of riddhima and giving white roses go stand with others while others keep standing behind armaan watching all this smilling,adoring,loving way]
Baby he loves u loves u loves u so much  [Scene shows Minnie and gappu give two roses and they also go back to stand behind armaan]
Baby he loves u loves u loves u so much [Scene shows they all turn in a whole military style facing their back towards Armaan and riddhima as if AR can do whatever they want they are not watching them as the second music stop]

BG music stop

Riddhima walk towards armaan and hold his hand looking lovingly at him and armaan with a smile hug her mumbling : I love u..
When riddhima break the hug and while findling with armaan's shirt button she said: armaan ii..tna kuch.. I don't know what to say.. kyun karte ho tum itna.. kitna takleef karni padi na
Ar: wo toh padi.. (smirking) but it was worth it
Ri(riddhima broke the hug and said): are see isiliye main bolti hu itni takleefen mat uthao.. waise meri diary kaaha se mili tumhe..
Ar: wo toh secret hai..
Ri: I don't like secret. Batao abhi
Ar: nope..
Ri: dekho agar tum tum nhi batai na toh..
Ar: Toh kya(looking at him a challenging way)
Ri: toh main..(trying to think somethingsmart when her ring come in her view) tumse shadi nhi karugi
Ar: Are kya matlab shadi nhi karogi abhi toh ha bola na tumne
Ri: ab na bol dungi..
Ar: Aise kaise tum aisa nhi kar sakte u promised
Ri: oh no MR. I didn't promise but ha bolo phir main sochti hu..
Ar: Main nhi bolungi..(armaan saw riddhima's smirk which she gave whenever she is in verge of winning a argue)aur tum yeh shadi nhi tod sakti..
Ri: are aise kaise nhi tod sakti meri shadi hai.. meri marzi
Ar: wo shadi jo hai na wo meri bhi hai so the answer is NO
Ri: Tum na.. arghh..ek dum idiotic brain ho kya bekar ki logic de rahe ho
Ar: aur tum tum..
Ri: Main kya huh..(almost threatening)
Ar: Stubborn
Ri: Idiot..
They keep bluntering
All sigh and looking at each other side and said: in dono ka kuch nhi ho sakta..
With that all spread in their own way to do something themselves for themselves when the scene faded at Armaan-riddhima's bluntering features.

Well yeh toh hua inki kahani
Aise hi chali inki kahani
Ab ap log soch rahe hoge phir yeh jo kahani keh rhi hai wo koun..
Are main toh hu wohi jise yeh pura kahani pata hai..
Are nhi samjhi
Chalo ek hint de deti hu
Phir sochte raho
Oh ha hint yeh hai ki mera nam hai Aruni
Waise aruni ka matlab pata hai na
Kya yaar itni bhi nhi pata iska matlab hai..
Are main kyun bolu yeh bhi khud socho..
Chalo ap log socho
Main chalti hu..
Are kitna kaam hai khamakha itni sari bulwai is inni si jaan se..
Aur der karwa di..

Main chali main chali
Apne hi gali
Main kyun batau main kaha chali

Lv  u all for all the support u gave and bearing me
Thanks a lot
Lv you all
Now no more need to wait as its all done now
Take care always

And REMEMBER never change for someone because you are great as you are
And Have a great life
*weaving hand then turning around walk away*

[note: Socha tha boht kuch likhungi kuch yaad nhi a rhi hai ab so maaaf kar dena jo bhi galti ab tak ki ho uske liye aur nhi bolungi is bar sachi me jaa rhi]

luv u all

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